Earl Thomas bowing out of Pro Bowl

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Seattle Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas will not play in the Pro Bowl.

Thomas wrote on his instagram page that he will not be attending this year’s game in an attempt to get his body fully healthy.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the players, coaches, and most importantly, all of the fans who voted me into this year’s Pro Bowl. I have always considered being selected as one of the highest honors bestowed on any player in the league. While I value the significance of being named to the Pro Bowl, I unfortunately will not be able to participate in this year’s upcoming game. It is without question that I will miss taking the trip out to Hawaii and enjoying the festivities with my fellow NFL brothers and all the fans, but I look forward to getting my body fully healthy and working to bring another Super Bowl home to Seattle!”

Thomas has been named to the Pro Bowl in five of his six seasons in the NFL, but has been unable to play in the game since after the 2012 season.

Thomas suffered a left shoulder injury in last year’s NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers and managed to play through Super Bowl XLIX with the injury. Thomas had surgery ro repair the shoulder and was limited through training camp and didn’t play in the preseason.

Thomas matched a career-high with five interceptions this season for Seattle. He also had 64 tackles, a forced fumble and nine passes defended.

16 responses to “Earl Thomas bowing out of Pro Bowl

  1. Yeah, why set back your injury rehab for a silly exhibition game. Get your body right in the offseason. For a playoff dynasty in it’s prime, makes all the sense in the world. Go ‘hawks!

    (But huck the Fuskies! Lol)

  2. When I was a kid i used to love seeing all the helmets on the same field. I don’t guess it’s ever been relevant, but now it just seems like a bad joke.

  3. Other than first timers Michael Bennett and Tyler Lockett, I wish all of the Seahawks would bow out of the Pro Bowl. They’ve played more football in the last four years than ANY team in the league. They deserve a rest!

  4. Rest Hawks! Pro Bowl is a joke. Let’s be sure to let injury prone bum Harrison Smith a shot at Hawaii. Rest boys, running deep in 2016!
    Go Hawks!

  5. He will have lots of more opportunities to play in the pro bowl in the future, because the Sea Squawks are not going to make another Super Bowl run. They need to rebuild, and the only way to rebuild is to get rid of those big contracts worth $10 million or more. Jimmy Graham, Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Earl Thomas, and Richard Charmin all have big contracts paying each of them $10 million or more per year. Michael Bennett and Kam Chancellor want to be paid a similar amount.

  6. E.T. has been there,done that in regards to the Pro Bowl.. after a mad season like this last one he SHOULD pass on the bowl game if he feels he needs to

  7. That is pretty funny Viking fans. Harrison Smith had a great year but no GM with half a brain would trade Earl Thomas for Harrison Smith.

    Offenses don’t even attempt certain passes because Earl Thomas is on the field. He has plays football at a different speed and makes breaks on balls he should have no chance at. I think this year may have been Earl’s worst in his career but his impact is key on the top rated defense in NFL.

    I have no doubt he will be fully healthy for 2016.

  8. I’m sorry, as a Seattle fan I don’t see all the hubbub over Thomas’ play. Why is Seattle paying Thomas so much money. Where’s his production on the field?

    Mediocre in interceptions, for a safety

    Disappears in playoff games

    Doesn’t control or threaten the middle of the field

    Fails to read QB’s eyes and failure to anticipate where the QB is throwing the ball…Think an anti Ed Reed

    Is too slow in response to passes thrown to receivers in center of field – See Amendola in the SB

    I’m sorry, what does Seattle see in Thomas other than a “defensive play caller?”

    Did ET even play in the Carolina matchup? It was as if he was a total no show in that game too…I just don’t get it.

    Truth hurts, but necessary…save those dollars and place a lesser salaried player in Thomas’ position…pay Kam!

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