Ex-Dolphins GM among candidates for top role with Browns

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Former Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey is among those who have interviewed for a top personnel role with the Browns, Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com reported.

New Browns vice president of football operations Sashi Brown said Thursday that the team will hire a top personnel executive — not a general manager — and that a hire should be made soon.

Hickey was fired by the Dolphins earlier this month after two years on the job. He previously spent 18 years with the Buccaneers, three as the team’s director of player personnel. That’s the kind of role open with the Browns; owner Jimmy Haslam gave Brown control of the 53-man roster when Brown was promoted from general counsel.

The Browns previously interviewed former Lions general manager Martin Mayhew, and Cabot reported that former Eagles executive Rick Mueller is also on the radar.

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  1. If it wasn’t for Tannenbaum Hickey would still be with the Dolphins I would think. I wish him luck if he goes to Cleveland, he will need it.

  2. That would be a solid hire as he was the person making progress with that Dolphin roster before the team obliterator, Mike Tannenbaum, came in and pushed him out the door. Are these the Browns we’re talking about? They need to do something stupid like hire Martin Mayhew instead to bring me back to reality.

  3. I don’t know the Dolphins players too much but Jarvis Landry in 2 drafts is still better than Farmer’s track record. Best thing Farmer had to hang his hat on was Duke Johnson in the 3rd and Isaiah Crowell as an UDFA. It’s an upgrade either way. Sad life for us Browns fans.

  4. He was good for Miami. Of course, Ross and TannenBUM didn’t see it and now he’ll help another team.

    The Brown will out preform the Phins this year. You can take that to the bank.

    -Disappointed Phin Phan

  5. Had Farmer taken the job in Miami, this would have been him interviewing in Cleveland with a good chance of getting the job assuming he would have done as well as Hickey. The NFL is screwed up in how it hires people and their organizational structure.

  6. This is hilarious!!!! Leave it to the Browns to hire a discarded GM from the Dolphins and Buccaneers!!! Have they not watched the last Ten Years for those horrible franchises???

  7. Okay, look at the facts from this Bucs fan. Hickey is a Mark Dominik protégé, Dominik’s understudy in Tampa Bay. He was involved with hiring head coaches like Raheem Morris and Greg Schiano. He was involved with free agents like Eric Wright and Dashon Goldson. Don’t for a minute think that the debacles in both Tampa and Miami are not his fault at least partly. Don’t forget, he got fired in both places and both places are still digging out of a huge hole. Hiring him would be such a Cleveland Brownish thing to do. You have been warned!

  8. Picked the best WR duo Landry/Parker the Fins have had Going back to the Marks Bro’s. Then was shown the door?

    If you get him expect to see better draft picks should the wiz kid let him work his magic.

  9. Wow. The Browns will take absolutely anybody. They suck now, and they will suck forever. Kind of like Cleveland.

  10. Hickey didn’t suck, he actually did a good job for the Dolphins. Tannebaum being hired made him irrelevant. Dolphins have good young talent, need coaches that can develop it.

  11. Horrible acquisitions in free agency and the draft under his tenure, whether you want to blame him or not.

    Jarvis Landry, DeVante Parker dont excuse the slew of other crap brought in.

  12. All I can say is in the only draft where he had full control he gave Miami 3 starters, with one of them going to the pro bowl and 2 back ups. That is one hell of a draft. On the down side, none of his FA signings panned out.

  13. Good for him! I don’t think anyone knows if Hickey ever conducted a draft without intervention from Ross, Apponte Philbin and Tannenbaum. I remember reading right here, “If you really suck – you get a Hickey!” Apparently, that is true.

  14. As usual you guys literally know nothing about what goes on in a Front Office of an NFL team (neither do I for the record). You can’t judge a guy from the W-L record of a team in 2 years. Hickey is a solid hire. In a short time he did a great job Drafting and unfortunately was overruled by the Ross/Tannenbaum tandem and forced out.

    Losing teams stay losing because they turn over too fast. Just today read that Gus Bradley got an extension. It sucks for the Jaguars fans, but they will be the first out of misery. I guarantee it. This is why the Top 10 stable teams are the best and the bottom 10 teams keep trucking along at max of 6 wins.

  15. Hickey was a class act and handled his “demotion” professionally when Tannenbum came to Miami. This is a good hire for Cleveland, he did a good job in Miami with his hands tied and all of Miami cap issues are related to moves Tannenbum made. I wish Dennis all the best if he gets the job in Cleveland, where with Hickey and Jackson you may finally have found the personel to move this team out of the gutter.

  16. All I can say is in the only draft where he had full control he gave Miami 3 starters, with one of them going to the pro bowl and 2 back ups. That is one hell of a draft. On the down side, none of his FA signings panned out.

    He got Albert.

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