No hometown discounts for Jermaine Kearse

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Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin is set to become a free agent and said recently that he’s open to taking less money to remain with the team rather than signing with the highest bidder on the open market.

The concept of a hometown discount is less appealing to one of his teammates whose hometown qualifications run a bit deeper than his time with the Seahawks. Wide receiver Jermaine Kearse is from Lakewood, Washington and went to the University of Washington, but told Adam Schefter of ESPN that he’s not approaching free agency with the idea of taking less to stay at home.

“I love my hometown, but I’ve put in too much hard work to give a discount,” Kearse said. “My number one priority is to take care of my family’s future, so I will consider all opportunities.”

Kearse closed out his season with a flourish by catching 11 passes for 110 yards and two touchdowns in last Sunday’s 31-24 loss to the Panthers. He had 49 catches for 685 yards and five touchdowns during the regular season, all of which represent career highs for the four-year veteran. If someone other that the Seahawks is interested in adding that production to their offense, it sounds like they won’t have to worry about being underbid for his services.

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  1. I’m pretty sure no one will pay him more than the seahawks. He’s an avg WR so I’m not sure what he expects. Maybe his agent in the same as Sam Bradfords.

  2. “My number one priority is to take care of my family’s future…”

    I am so tired of this crap from professional athletes regardless of the sport. As if the millions he has already made won’t ‘take care of his family’, call it what it is GREED! Thats all it is pure and simple.

  3. How much money does an average (at best) receiver think he should make? Sure, take what you can get, but I don’t imagine a big difference in pay for an easily replaceable player.

  4. For someone who isn’t that great I’d keep my mouth shut.
    Plenty of receivers go to other teams, crash and burn and are cut after a year. Let your agent do your talking for you, and remain silent.

    “Talk to my agent. I love it here and hope to remain here, but we have to see what happens.”

  5. I don’t blame him at all. The dude has been working his butt off making very little money as an undrafted free agent. I’d love to see him stick around but if he has an opportunity to make some major bank elsewhere then you need to do what’s best for your future.

  6. He’s one of those sorts of players who is going to get the same mediocre offer from any team (unless they’re stupid). He should be set for life even if he gets a low to mid-tier offer.

  7. This annual ritual of discussing the “will he or won’t he take a hometown discount” is tired and needs to be put to rest.

    Free agent players need to maximize their earning potential and should not ever willingly say they will take less from one team than others. Even if he is willing to take less from his current team, there is no reason to SAY that. Bruce Irvin’s agent probably taped his mouth shut after that last interview.

    What good would come of saying in the media that you would willingly take less money to do the same job? It is bizarre we think statements on this even mean anything.

  8. Irvin was talking about taking maybe a few million less over the life of the contract to stay. Considering he has already out earned Kearse more than 2 to 1 the contrast is hardly fair.
    This is the flip side of the ‘new’ rookie wage scale contracts. Since they can’t be restructured the way previous contracts could targeting who to keep early in the contract has gone out the window. The Hawks are really the first very successful team built largely under this CBA to get to this stage so how this plays out now that some of them have had to be paid and others are coming up will be fascinating to watch.

  9. Let’s see how fast the “great” Seahawks community turns on him. I’m guessing it’s in 3, 2, 1…..

  10. I am so tired of this crap from professional athletes regardless of the sport. As if the millions he has already made won’t ‘take care of his family’, call it what it is GREED! Thats all it is pure and simple.
    This guy only made 2.3 million so far over his career. When you factor in taxes and the fact that he probably doesn’t have any other job skills once he retires, he’s going to need as much money as he can get in order to retire. You would do the same thing if you were in his position. We all would. These guys don’t really care THAT much about who they play for.

    That said, he’s a pretty scrubby WR, so nobody is going to offer him much.

  11. Greed?
    So if you have the opportunity to make millions you wouldn’t take it? He was undrafted so I doubt that his rookie contract was very lucrative. I say athletes should maximize their earning power in the average 10 year careers they have. No one should pass up a chance to be financially set for life. Are you nuts!!?!!

  12. gopackgocausecowboysblow says:
    Jan 21, 2016 9:13 AM
    “My number one priority is to take care of my family’s future…”

    I am so tired of this crap from professional athletes regardless of the sport. As if the millions he has already made won’t ‘take care of his family’, call it what it is GREED! Thats all it is pure and simple.

    Of course, because if another company offered you twice as much money to whatever it is you do for a living, you would turn it down.

  13. Write this down, so you can save time by applying it to any/all Seahawks FAs.

    John Schneider will offer the player what he and Pete Carroll believe to be a fair contract based on their philosophy for the team, then allow them to shop themselves around the league. They are welcome to find a better deal or return. It’s that simple, no matter what drama the media would have you believe.

  14. He’s making $2.4 million now. He’s probably not worth much more than $3.0 to $3.5 million. Amendola has the same problem in New England. He’s due to make $5 million next year and has to know that if he doesn’t reduce it to $3 million, he’s gone. There are too many of these decent, but not very good receivers, out there.

  15. If he does leave we have WR Paul Richardson waiting in the wings or we’ll draft the next Tyler Lockett.

  16. Kearse was an UDFA. Sure, he made a lot of money during his four years there (2.4 million total) compared to you and I but, this could be his best chance at making good to decent money per year when compared to NFL standards.

    He’ll never be a number one receiver but, with the right team, he might be able to slide in as a solid #2 receiver in a couple of years. Who knows.

    Also, just as in life, your only worth what others are willing to pay you.

  17. Why can’t Dean Spanos give San Diego a “hometown discount” and build them stadium with his own money.

  18. Anyone who suggests greed by Kearse hasn’t bothered with anything like facts….an undrafted free agent who has never had anything resembling a big payday clearly needs to make this contract work for him. Conversely, Irvin had first round pay, and while he has played fine, he could afford to take a discount. Kearse has played at Irvins level since they joined the team.

  19. biggerballz says:
    Jan 21, 2016 9:06 AM

    I’m pretty sure no one will pay him more than the seahawks. He’s an avg WR so I’m not sure what he expects. Maybe his agent in the same as Sam Bradfords.

    He’s not worth more than Baldwin. Watched Jermaine his entire college and pro career thus far, and biggerballz is correct in those first two sentences.

  20. I don’t blame him for not offering a hometown discount. He’s not a star so he has to maximize his earning potential in this short window of opportunity. Plus it’s good to live elsewhere to experience new perspective and “culture”.

  21. The Seahawks have about 5 or 6 players who are free agents who will probably fall some where in the $3 or 4 mill range. Kearse is one of those. They will probably only to be able to afford to keep 3 of them. I’m sure they would love to keep them all but that’s the reality of today’s NFL. I’m sure one of the deciding factors with these players will be what kind of offers they get from other teams. Of someone decides to pay them, they’ll be playing for someone else next year.

    Then it will be up to John Schneider again to do what he does best. Find quality players in the draft or free agency to fill those gaps. He hasn’t let us down yet and I’m not expecting him to start now.

  22. He’s pretty much your typical NFL possession WR right? I doubt he’ll hit it big, but someone will pay him. Who can blame the guy for seeking a payday in a league where the average player lasts 3.5 years?

  23. I don’t even think it’s a sure thing that the Seahawks are going to make him an offer.

    In this salary cap era, he would be fortunate to be retained at his current salary, which is $2.356 million. A good 4th or 5th round prospect could probably duplicate his production at a much cheaper price.

  24. ……..someone will overpay for him…like the Eagles , Ravens or the 49er’s. For the folks getting upset he’s overrated, lets see what the market says …I bet he will be in high demand. Look what Torry Smith got last year.

  25. No Seahawks fan hates Jermaine Kearse or will blame him if he finds a big payday somewhere else. Some of you guys are dreaming up this so called hate from Seahawks’ fans. There hasn’t been any hate from fans for any of the former Seahawks players who have found big paydays and moved else where the last few seasons. We just know that for the most part they are not worth big bucks some of your teams have decided to pay them. Even with Golden Tate I don’t believe any of us hate him like many of you think. He’s kind of a knucklehead so we had mixed feelings toward him when he still played for the Seahawks but I still root for him and other former Seahawks when I occasionally see them play on TV. And Red Bryant, we all still love that guy. Wish he could have stayed a Seahawk for life.

  26. gopackgocausecowboysblow ..I don’t blame him. His career could end just as fast as it started so he has to take what he can get.

  27. I read a lot more comments of people thinking us Hawks fans will hate Kearse for saying this then Hawks fans who hated on Kearse at all.

    He’s a pretty good receiver, worth 3-5 million and considering his undrafted status he should make as much as he can while he can. Hopefully its with the Hawks.

  28. Very avarage WR. But still Seattle’s best. Nobody on that offense deserves a lucrative contract. Seahawks would be smart to keep the majority of their money on the defensive side of the ball.


    On the surface, and even “on paper”, he seems average at best. Some people even feel that he’s earned a reputation for dropping balls.

    BUT THE ODD THING is that there is something curiously CLUTCH about him. And I say “curiously” because it’s hard to even think of a better word for it.

    He’s just one of those guys who just comes flying out of NO WHERE to do the craziest things.

    And I’m not talking about just “pretty good” stuff, I mean this guy goes from being INVISIBLE to doing what seems like the IMPOSSIBLE in about half of a second…..after doing almost nothing at all for weeks at a time.

    For example: End of the NFC Championship game against Green Bay last season. OR that catch towards the end of the Super Bowl against NE (before “the pass” that should have gone to Lynch). That would have gone down as one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history had it NOT been immediately followed by the stupidest coaching decision is Super Bowl history.

    So: What do you do with a guy like that? I say you keep him. Definitely. Pay him well, but he has to be reasonable about it too.

  30. Jermaine Kearse is not the #1 WR for the Seahawks but a solid 3 since Lockett emerged. He probably can make more elsewhere and rarely drops passes and is good at high pointing the ball.

    Baldwin is the teams CLEAR #1

  31. mufcronaldo9 says:
    Jan 21, 2016 10:58 AM
    Two words to think about… Byron Maxwell…. Lmao
    Makes me laugh, too. But to be perfectly honest, I doubt Kearse is going to get $25M guaranteed like Maxwell did.

  32. He has been working at a discount price his entire career. It is time for Mr. Clutch to get paid. The Seahawks will take care of him in my opinion.

  33. More power to Kearse, whether he returns or lands somewhere else. Dude worked his way onto the roster, worked hard to overcome some drop issues from last season to be one of the top-ten most efficient receivers in the NFL this year.

    Whoever signs him will get a hard-working receiver dedicated to his craft, a very good run-blocking WR, and a guy who can come up with a big play when the team needs it.

    If he leaves, we have Kevin Smith, Paul Richardson, and Kasen Williams all waiting to get a shot at his reps. Baldwin and Lockett will be the core of this WR group next year, but there’s going to be plenty of room for more contributors.

  34. Good luck. Here are the free agent WR’s for 2016. See you back in Seattle.

    Anquan Boldin
    Malcom Floyd
    Percy Harvin
    Rod Streater
    Jermaine Kearse
    Brian Quick
    Mohamed Sanu
    Andre Caldwell
    Andre Holmes
    Rueben Randle
    Alshon Jeffery
    Travis Benjamin
    Jordan Norwood
    Marvin Jones
    Rishard Matthews
    Seyi Ajirotutu
    Brandon Tate
    Jason Avant
    Brandon Gibson
    Lance Moore
    Darrius Heyward-Bey
    Ricardo Lockette
    Marc Mariani
    Josh Bellamy
    Chris Owusu
    Nate Washington
    Stephen Hill
    Jaron Brown
    David Nelson
    Kamar Aiken
    James Jones
    Chris Hogan
    Russell Shepard
    Bryan Walters
    Marlon Brown
    Dontrelle Inman
    Corey Fuller
    Adam Thielen
    Brenton Bersin
    Bennie Fowler
    Matt Hazel
    Seth Roberts
    Myles White
    Kenbrell Thompkins
    Brian Tyms
    Kyle Williams
    Travis Harvey

  35. something to think about the seahawks have won zero super bowls since blood testing began. Guess that dynasty was never meant to be

  36. Well Golden Tate said the same thing. LOL! How many times has seen the playoffs since he left? Good luck to you. Next in line please!

  37. all the Seahawks FA’s have that choice to make either “chase the money” and risk going to a so-so team OR “chase the ring” and stay with a team that’s proven to be a winning organization.. regardless JKearse I hope you stay but if you go good luck to you

  38. Hometown discounts should never come up. Fans should never expect a player to earn less than they deserve.
    Seattle Fans also need to realize, Kearse and Irvin already have their rings and have been to two Super Bowls.
    Why not chase the money at this point?
    That said, I am not sure Kearse will see much on the open Market, while the bidding war for Irvin is about to get revved up.
    Seattle Fans need to realize in today’s NFL it isn’t about keeping a team together, but successfully bringing in a supporting cast to it’s core players. Core meaning top dollar guys like Wilson, Graham, Sherman, Thomas, Wagner, and deciding on Bennett, Avril, Chancellor, and Mebane.

  39. I always see the players who come out right after the season ends with a “hometown discount” statement as someone telling their current team that they are open to discussions on getting a contract done before March and the open market……..Irvin is saying, come talk to me…..and Kearse is saying “I want to test the market” to see what’s out there. Don’t blame him. I would likely do the same……..

  40. Irvin would be a nice addition for Raiders hopefully Ken Norton JR can talk him into signing …I know he said he would take the home discount but if Raiders sweeten up the pot maybe he would reconsider and think about it..if he stays with home town then hey good for him but I hope Raiders at least try

  41. The Sea Squawks are unlikely to pay market price for Jermaine Kearse. They have Jimmy Graham coming back next year, plus pro bowl rookie Tyler Lockett, and they also have speedster Paul Richardson returning from the IR. That is pretty good depth at the WR position. They also have more important players to re-sign, such as DT Mebane and Rubin, LB Irvin, OL Okung and Sweezy, and CB Lane. They will suffer more losing any of these players than they would losing Kearse.

  42. I wish Jermaine the best, but I’ll never forget the game changing SB catch that wasn’t…when Seattle had their foot on NE’s neck and threatened to blow open the game in the 3rd quarter if only Kearse makes that over the shoulder catch from Wilson placing Seattle in near position to expand its already 10 point lead in the SB. Expanding that lead, who knows how that have impacted the end game. But Kearse didn’t make that catch, which is routine for many receivers…and Kearse allowed several interceptions in the NFC Championship game against GB.

    He’s clutch, until he isn’t. Baldwin’s the closest thing to “clutch” in Seattle’s receiving corp

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