Report: Pat Shurmur to interview with Vikings

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The Rams are interested in getting Pat Shurmur back on their staff, but they aren’t the only team that wants to talk to him.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Shurmur will interview with the Vikings in “the coming days.” The only opening on the offensive staff is at running backs coach with Kirby Wilson making a move to the Browns this week and that’s not an position group that Shurmur’s worked with directly during his coaching career.

He’s been a quarterbacks coach and an offensive coordinator in addition to his stint as Browns head coach during his NFL career, so the Vikings could have another title in mind. Shurmur also spent one game as the interim head coach of the Eagles after Chip Kelly was fired, but was let go by Philly in the changeover to Doug Pederson.

Rapoport adds that two other teams have interest in bringing Shurmur aboard their staff. Given all the interest, it seems likely Shurmur will have a brief period of unemployment.

35 responses to “Report: Pat Shurmur to interview with Vikings

  1. Pleasant surprise!

    It was a bummer to lose Kirby Wilson but I’d be happy to have Pat Shurmer on the offensive staff in any capacity.

  2. Well, this is interesting. It seems like this might signal some dissatisfaction with Norv Turner’s offense on Zim’s part. Norv isn’t going anywhere, but Zim might think he could use some help. I couldn’t agree more.

  3. Dead last far from it whatever. Pat knows, like others that this team is on the rise. Winning the NFC North division in only Zimmer’s second year as head coach they are ahead of schedule.

  4. Obviously this guy isn’t interested in winning Super Bowls. Heck even Kirby Wilson thought the grass was greener in Cleveland. Cleveland!

  5. I didn’t think the Vikings were going to let Wilson go. I must have missed something here.
    I really don’t understand why so many are down on Norv Turner….It is not his fault….IMO the lack of production on the offense is predicated on the play (or better stated lack of play) from the offensive line. That said, I am not adverse to adding Schurmur, to the coaching staff. A man with his coaching pedigree would be an asset, in any capacity.

  6. Norv was WAY too conservative in many situations.

    We understand, when you have Peterson, you are a run first team.

    Problem was, that Norv has not been creative in other areas of the offense to support Bridgewater’s development.

    Where are the rollouts, the slants, the quick passes???
    The 3 and 4 receiver sets????

    My guess is this that 2016 could be Norv’s last year as OC in Minny, unless Norv turns the offensive playbook to the 2nd page…….we call it a PASS!.

  7. Pat did yeoman’s work in the final game as Eagles interim head coach. Not an easy task, given the steaming pile Chip left in his wake.

    I hope Pat gets employment soon. He seems like a quality guy and a good coach.

  8. Vikings continue to make improvements, Packers, not so much. NFL Network should rerun some 70s and 80s Packer games to get their fanbase ready for the next several years….

  9. Minnesota? That is the witness protection program for football players and coaches. It is where old players go to play out the string, and where coaches go to generate enough income to pay alimony and child support when contenders won’t hire them.

  10. sdsmooth says:
    Jan 21, 2016 2:19 PM
    Obviously this guy isn’t interested in winning Super Bowls. Heck even Kirby Wilson thought the grass was greener in Cleveland. Cleveland!

    Yep the same team Truman Willams fled to

  11. With being a former head coach and having just come off a title of OC and interim head coach I seriously doubt he would be interested in Running Backs coach. Clearly Zimmer is not happy with the offense. Shurmur is known for developing QB’s and running very efficient offenses.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear an announcement that Norv has retired and Shurmur is the new offensive coordinator. Zimmer and Spielman can promise to give him most of the draft picks to get players he wants and potentially turn around Teddy’s future in the NFL. Cause we all know his current path took a wrong turn this year.

  12. Norv retiring is a possibility, but I doubt it. Shurmur may be considered for passing game coordinator. Norv’s vertical passing style didn’t suit Teddy this year (primarily because the offensive line couldn’t hold up long enough to go downfield with regularity), and he was slow to adjust to quicker, shorter passes. Shurmur is more of a west coast offense guy who could bring in more of that type of passing. I would love to see a blend of the two once we have a requisite offensive line and Teddy develops enough to consistently make all the throws.

  13. This isn’t for anything less than OC. No way Shurmur would make the trip to Minnesota if it wasn’t when he’s got other teams interested in him as OC.

  14. My hope would be that maybe he takes the QB coach job and they movie Scottie Doo to RB coach.

  15. Fisher is staying in LA, but you can bet Ole’ Stan isn’t going to put up with another losing season. If Fisher can’t turn it around, he’s fired and LA gets a new coach. Does anyone think Shurmur isn’t looking at that and realize he’ll be out of work again in a year tops? He knows Zimmer is safe in Minnesota and wants to be able to have continued employment. Maybe Turner is retiring or maybe Shurmur comes in as the RB coach, passing game coordinator, etc. with the promise he’ll be promoted to the OC in a year when Turner retires. This is most likely the case. Continued employment for Shurmur and Teddy gets to keep doing what he learned with Turner while learning Shurmur’s ways too for the future.

  16. I wonder if Pat would have taken the job if he’d known that the Vikings starting running back tied his own son to a log and sent him down the Mississippi river!

  17. Now that the Packers choked in the playoffs, again, I see their bandwagon fans are back to trolling Vikings articles. This will be more common as the Vikes are on the upswing and the Pukes are going down, down , down.

  18. pzebich says:

    Now that the Packers choked in the playoffs

    Most people don’t define choke as losing to the #2 seed on the road in OT missing your top 3 WR’s but if that’s your definition, it says more about your football knowledge than anything else. On the hand, shanking a game winning FG from 28 yards might qualify for the choking term.

  19. Look, even if you speculate he has no intention of taking such a gig (and that is pure speculation), when you’re in this situation, you go do the interview. Its common sense, if nothing else it helps you with other interviews and also gives you leverage when negotiating for a different gig. And who knows, you might like what they have to say, interviews are also about you interviewing them.

  20. Lot of fear from Packers fans as they see Zimmer and Spielman building a Vikings juggernaut while the Packers slowly fade into another quarter-century of irrelevance.

  21. Sorry Pat, these Vikings don’t have a Reggie White like your uncle Fritz had in GB. Hope you’ve refreshed yourself in doing the Heimlich maneuver if you get a job there.

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