The 49ers’ relationship with Kaepernick becomes even more bizarre


When the 49ers hired Chip Kelly to coach the team, many assumed that he’d want to try to make quarterback Colin Kaepernick into the star he was becoming under Jim Harbaugh. If that’s what Kelly plans to do, he has a strange way of making his intentions known.

Kelly has tried to deflect any and all comments about Kaepernick, citing the prohibition in the Collective Bargaining Agreement on communications with players before the start of the offseason program. Kelly twisted that rule to the point of implausibility in a Wednesday interview with CSN Bay Area.

“I’m not allowed to comment about [Kaepernick] in terms of how he fits into any system because of the CBA rules of we’re not allowed to discuss football, I’m not allowed to say who fits where and how they fit,” Kelly said. “So I’m gonna wait until April 4 to discuss Kap and the offense.”

First of all, Kelly is allowed to talk to the media about players under contract with his team. Said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy via email, “Not an issue here for a coach to talk about his own players.” Likewise, the NFL Players Association pointed to no provision that would extend the rules limiting communication with players prior to the offseason program to communications about players prior to the offseason program.

Indeed, Kelly had plenty to say about quarterback Nick Foles when Kelly was introduced as the head coach of the Eagles.

“In terms of Nick, I know him because we played against him [at Oregon],” Kelly said in January 2013. “I’m a huge fan of his. He’s tough. It’s an attribute that I think a lot of people don’t understand of how hard it is and what toughness means to the quarterback spot. To just be able to stand in the pocket and throw the football [is tough]. We hit him as many times as we could hit him and he just kept getting up and making plays. He completed a 13-yard pass left handed against us once and I remember just standing on the sideline shaking my head [saying], ‘What do we have to do to stop him?’ He’s a competitor, he’s accurate, so I’m excited about that.”

Making the situation with Kaepernick even more bizarre is that Kelly plans to not even begin the process of talking to or about his quarterback until April 4 — four days after the team has to decide whether to allow Kaepernick’s $11.9 million salary to become fully guaranteed or to trade or cut him.

If Kelly doesn’t want Kaepernick, this is the smart way to play it, since it allows the 49ers to try to make a team that wants Kaepernick think he won’t be cut. If Kelly wants Kaepernick, it’s a weird way to go about making him feel welcome.

Consider a new coach saying these same things about Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton or any other clear-cut franchise quarterback. If it’s a no-brainer that the quarterback is staying, the comment would be, “Of course he’s our quarterback. Why are you even asking that?”

Kelly’s remarks create the impression that Kaepernick won’t be the quarterback, and that Kelly and the 49ers are holding out hope that they can get something of value in return for the balance of his contract.

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  1. I can’t believe the interviewer let him get away with making a statement like that. There’s nothing smart about playing any situation this way. Kelly looks like an idiot or a liar.

  2. Bah. if you are the coach and your position is the Kaepernick will have to win an open competition for the job, you probably want to wait until you have said it to Kaepernick’s face before he reads it in the paper.

  3. Or Kelly has learned that the media is evil and will twist what ever is said. Kap is the man and our QB haters step aside. #GoNiners. #Youalreadyknow

  4. Kelly is nothing if not bizarre. The freakshow apparently will start immediately in Santa Clara.

    Gonna be a helluva ride!

  5. There’s a good chance Kelly doesn’t want Kaep as his QB. While in Philly, Kelly repeatedly remarked that the #1 attribute for his QB is decision making ability. The media and fans ran with the idea that Kelly’s QB needs to be mobile. Sam Bradford, Kelly’s QB of choice in Philly, is not known for his mobility.

  6. I don’t think any trade offers will come in, but I do think Kaepernick will be released before any money comes due. A lot f Kaepernick fans worship the ground he walks on. Reality is, he isn’t very good and will be lucky to be on an NFL team roster next season.

  7. Kelly said he couldn’t talk FOOTBALL with Kaepernick, i.e. the new offense, etc. Not that he couldn’t talk with him (he has) or talk about him (he has).

    But beyond that, if you think Kelly is going to give away anything, you’re kidding yourself. Everything he said about Kaepernick was nothing more than smoke-and-mirrors for you, or anyone else, to use as grist for your own projections.

    Kelly will have to watch a lot of film before he can make that decision.

  8. My two-pesos worth makes me think this is trying to prop Kap up to create some interest from teams who already concluded the 49ers were just going to cut Kap and move on and for that reason a trade would be unnecessary. But this creates the microscopic concern that maybe they’ll have to trade for him.

    Chip or any other coach *cannot* fix Kap’s inherent issues which are (1) mechanical flaws which deeply affect his accuracy (2) zero pocket awareness (3) his mobility can only be utilized IF he can be in open spaces but ref. #2 which usually means he doesn’t get out of the pocket (4) highly erratic in being able to consistently throw a receiver open/anticipate receivers ————–these aren’t issues that Chip or any other coach can fix.

  9. Honestly, this is a huge reach IMO. I get you guys are supposed to try and read between the lines, but youre suggesting a press conference is more scripted than Monday Night Raw. What I read was a guy who was fired from his last gig for having some strange relationships with players, and trying not to to the same here. You also have to remeber Gabbert finished the season as the starter, what happens if Kelly “gushes” over Kap, he’s traded, and he’s stuck with Gabbert. I believe Kelly is just trying to walk the tightrope as best he can here.

  10. Chip Kelly has done nothing to show that he has a clue about how to be a head coach in the NFL. This isn’t college where you control the flow of players coming into your system. In the NFL there is a certain level of respect that a players need to have for a head coach to make them want to play for them. Chip seems to have little regard for that.

    I think the 49ers will fire him within two years and he will go back to college with his ego properly damaged.

  11. Kaep has played poorly over the last two years. Tomsula should not be blamed for his regression. Started under the final year of harbaugh moving away from the power running game and attempting to make kaep a pocket passer. The 49ers tried to simplify the offense for kaep this year, results were still poor. Gabbert came in and played much better than expected. Kaep is in the doghouse with the front office and several 49ers players. Hard to believe he’s coming back at his current price tag, or be given the starting job back from Gabbert. Time for the 49ers to move forward without kap.

  12. And the Chip Kelly BS Train starts to roll in SF.

    He says he just wants to coach football, but when asked about football he skirts the question.

    Can’t wait to watch another dumpster fire starring Mr. Kelly.

  13. The conclusion after hearing his remarks and even before seemed to point to them having to keep Kap because of the dates you point out if you technically can’t talk football with him until four days after his contract cut off date. There’s also the fact that every time Kap was brought up Chip made it a point to mention Gabbert. Yep, it’s anyone’s guess right now what their plans are.

  14. I think he’s just doing the Belichick thing. I’m going to say as little as possible, at times give a lame excuse and then that way I’m not talking myself into a corner. Now no one knows if he wants Kaep or not which from a trading point of view could be good.

    I mean does anyone who has watched both a Chip Kelly team and Kaepernick play not know how it would work? The reporter was fishing for more information about Kelly’s views on Kaep. Maybe Kelly is high on Kaep, maybe he’s low on Kaep. Chip Kelly is keeping that info on a need to know basis… maybe even Kaepernick doesn’t even know yet.

  15. Yep, Kelly sure sounds like he’s learned form his mistakes and is now prepared to be a completely different person than he was in Philadelphia.

  16. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…

    Just like Dorothy in the Emerald City, we don’t actually want to see the man behind the curtain. Because, when we do……we know that he can’t transport us anywhere, that he’s just a man and not really a wizard at all.

  17. The fact that Chip Kelly crashed the Eagles into the ground over 3-4, and has a gig RIGHT AFTER, is a testament to the state of the NFL right now. The whole process is clown car from Rules Committee on down to the gate harassment, and everything in between.

    Kelly is obviously a numb nut and he gets TWO cracks at the NFL?


  18. Kap sucks!


    So the 49ers need to make some Kap room?


    I’m here all week.

    Please tip your waitress.

    And leave her some money, too…..

  19. Kaep isn’t reading media spin…and Kelly is playing it cool within the PR aspect. Don’t show your hand. Leave it to the media to make something out of nothing. (Go Lions)

  20. I’ve been saying since fay one. There artificially inflating his value (which is non existent) in an attempt to trade him before (or immediately after) that contract kicks in for the year April 1st. Being that Chip knows Gamble, he knows the ins, OT would not take him long to understand A to Z behind the scenes.

  21. so in chipperish, which is a form of jibberish…

    kaep is toast.

    same old Kelly…insulting everyone’s intelligence. have fun SF. and get ready for a physically soft team who gets beat up by ariz and seattle and whose defense runs out of gas by game’s end due to hurry up 3 and outs by the offense.

  22. They hired Kelly without even informing Kapernick after the fact. He found out the same way the rest of us found out. So things started out bizarre from the jump.

  23. Who really cares? Chip Kelly’s “genius” doesn’t work in this league. Let’s not let it make us crazy.

  24. This has all the signs of an early disaster. 49ers will hit rock bottom and be in the NFL cellar with a 2-14 season. Just watch.

  25. “Consider a new coach saying these same things about Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton or any other clear-cut franchise quarterback. ”

    I am not sure what part of that is more comical. Comparing Kaepernick to Brady, Rodgers or Newton or insinuating that he is a franchise QB never mind a clear-cut one

  26. Maybe ownership and GM told him they want to move away from Kap but don’t want it out as a public fact yet.

  27. The Niners and Chip will have the last laugh PFT nation…… will only realize that once it is painfully obvious (to you that is)….. Niners will be back soon deal with it!

  28. Kelly said he couldn’t talk FOOTBALL with Kaepernick, i.e. the new offense, etc. Not that he couldn’t talk with him (he has) or talk about him (he has).

    Don’t bring facts into this

  29. Well, the stipulation that Kelly must defer to Baalk on personnel decisions (as much for Kelly’s protection, in light of his history in Philadelphia), just seems to be playing out. It would make sense that Kelly is still feeling his way around the dynamic and his relationship with the front office, so (at least for now) he’s making excuses not to talk about players without throwing his new bosses under the bus. It’s likely the front office hasn’t even decided what to do with Kaepernick, given that the free agency market hasn’t been established yet.

  30. You sight Kelly having plenty to say about Foles as an example of the difference between that experience and this one with Kaepernick, in order to try and highlight some awkwardness (that might not even be there) and build a story. When it might all boil down to Kelly being a new coach when he talked about Foles, unaware of the rules, and eventually learning that he wasn’t supposed to say anything about Foles. In other words, Foles could have been a learning experience and therefore, the reason why Kelly isn’t saying anything about Kaepernick now — he learned his lesson.

  31. Literally… Just got there. How about giving him a minute to get situated. Did well in Oregon. Took an offense that ranked 29th in the NFL and turned it around. Ranked 5th, 3rd and 13th. It would be foolish to come out making concrete statements at this point. If he did make a statement, this same site would be the first to crucify him if things didn’t pan out.

  32. As the 2011 class’ Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker and Christian Ponder were going further and further into the bust tank with each passing season, Gabbert was the last one I would’ve predicted would turn things around. … And yet, here he is … the current and future starter.

  33. Why does the media keep talking about Kaep? Gabbert is the better QB. He’s younger. He was drafted higher. Why switch to the older backup at this point? Gabbert is clearly the guy there until they draft someone else.

  34. philipdebin says:
    Jan 21, 2016 1:01 PM
    Why does the media keep talking about Kaep? Gabbert is the better QB. He’s younger. He was drafted higher. Why switch to the older backup at this point? Gabbert is clearly the guy there until they draft someone else.
    What the hell are you talking about? Kaep’s only 28 and Gabbert is 26. So what if he was drafted ahead of him? Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round, and in that draft Chad Pennington was the first qb taken. I’m trying to understand your point, but you didn’t really make one.

  35. Sometimes the media asks questions it doesn’t need to know the answers to and then complain when people do the right thing which is not to answer them. He did the right thing.
    Same thing in Cleveland with Johnny Football.

  36. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Jan 21, 2016 12:07 PM
    I can’t believe the interviewer let him get away with making a statement like that. There’s nothing smart about playing any situation this way. Kelly looks like an idiot or a liar.


    Maybe he is both or maybe he is a genius and got out of answering the question.

  37. The Chipsters M.O. says he will trade Kaep and a 1st rounder for Weeden…or maybe Cassel.

  38. Let’s not be stupid people. If the 49ers are planning to draft a QB in the first round this year, why on earth would they want to tip their hand? Of course they’re acting like they love Gabbert and Kaepernick. If anything, that tells me they’re drafting a QB. If they were acting as if they didn’t like Kaepernick, that would mean they really love him. It’s pre-draft strategy. That’s all. They don’t want someone else to jump in front of them and take they QB they want to draft, so they’re just not tipping their hand. Kelly and Baalke are not as stupid as some of you think.

  39. I see now that Chip’s problem is how he deals with the media. He creates controversy when there is no need for it.

    Just say: “Yeah. He’s our QB, looking forward to working with him”.

    I don’t get it.

  40. One thing I’ve observed is that everyone assumes something about Chip, but he does it differently. They thought he was going to plug and play his Oregon offense, but that didn’t exactly happen. They thought he was going to get Mariota, but that didn’t happen. They thought Tebow was going to be the guy but he was cut. They thought Chip was going to Tennessee, but nope.

    Give him a chance to see if he’s changed.

  41. “We need you, Chip. Hell, I need you. I’m a mess without you. I miss you so damn much! I miss being with you. I miss being near you. I miss your laugh! I miss your scent. I miss your musk… When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together!”

    — Peter King

  42. He said the same thing about Carlos Hyde but keep chasing your agenda:

    On Carlos Hyde:

    “I’m not being evasive but I can’t tell how a player fits into our offense, because if I do the league will fine me. But I am a huge Carlos Hyde fan. He had a tremendous career at Ohio State, was very coveted coming out. He was a great pick by Trent and he’s got a bright, bright, bright future here.”

  43. The dumpster fire of the west will be so much more entertaining with the addition of the Chip Kelly Circus. For non-Niner fans, anyway.

  44. Looks like Chipper is taking an obnoxious page out of the Donald Trump playbook.

    Came into Philly, and we were excited, but I guess that this guy is an “I tell you… my way or the highway” person, i.e. a super control freak. Might work in college, and for Trump who doesnt’ have a CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) to deal with.

    Eventually it went downhill here, with the wacky releases and trades of players who did quite well at the next stop. His press conferences were difficult.

    Have fun, our friends by the Bay.

  45. Well I’ve seen many reports that say the 9ers chose Kelly over Shanahan because he wanted to keep Kaepernick, but Shanahan wanted to cut him and draft a rookie QB

  46. Maybe because Kaepernick isn’t going to be their QB. Anybody thought of that? Everyone keeps saying he fits their system, but guess who else does, Jared Goff, who I’m not convinced the Browns would take at 2, especially since their new coach has mused about Kaepernick as late as a couple of years ago as a guy he’d love to work with. If you look at it through that lens, Chip bringing up Blaine Gabbert in his press conference makes a whole lot more sense rather than him just preaching competition when 1 guy has a $100 million contract (I know it’s team friendly, but it is still large), and one guy is Blaine Gabbert on a minimum deal. Maybe that was mentioned because Gabbert will be starting while Goff sits for a few weeks behind him.

  47. Dumpster Fire in Santa Clara will continue to burn out of control. (With empty seats everywhere)

  48. I feel sorry for RG3. It is pretty obvious (to me) that RG3 will be playing for the 49ers in 2016. So, RG3 is going from the NFC LEast to the NFC W(B)est. RG3’s knees won’t last long against the Cardinals, Rams, and Seahawks.

    Gregg Williams alone should be enough to scare Griffin.

  49. After news about Chip’s hiring I was thrilled and over excited to see what he can do with Kaep because it looks like a perfect fit, but after the intro conference my excitement has dropped to boredom. Seriously, this team loves the drama and controversy. Chip is now Baalke’s muppet and is getting his strings pulled. This has turned into Keeping Up with the 49ers and it’s making me sick to my stomache. All I can do now is wait until 2016 and watch this team dig a deeper hole for themselves. Would love to see Baalke gets fired. He is cancerous to this team.

  50. I would love for them the give Kaepernick another chance!

    But then again I am a Seahawks fan 🙂

    The poor 49ers are decimated and I think Chip is not the answer for them, sorry to say but I think they are years away from having a competitive team especially with York at the reins

  51. Funny when you see Raider fans talking about a dumpster fire? First off they play in the biggest dump in all of sports stadiums and there the only team in the NFL to not have a winning record since 2002 lol

  52. In Chip Kelly’s press conference he said he doesn’t read or pay attention to what the media says. After reading this article I see why. Media put these labels on people and try to make perception become reality.

    There’s nothing bizarre about this. The comments about Nick Foles are the comments of a green NFL coach, and comments about Kap are the comments of an experienced NFL coach. Plain and simple.

    Also genius is always considered bizarre until it unfolds. Like the Hershal Walker trade was considered bizarre. In a world of average thinkers and media manipulated minds. The intellectual vigilant genius is always considered the crazy one.

  53. Just maybe this guy has figure out that he shouldn’t tip his hand before the draft? If you are trying to move Kap, making him seem needed could help get a 3rd or 4th instead of a 5-7 pick. Maybe there keeping Kap and creating a QB controversy as he did with Vick and Fowles. Just maybe York and Baalke told him to keep everything under wraps…use their playbook and lie! IJS

  54. I agree with the author. Sounds like Kelly is following orders from above to NOT commit to Kaep. The 49ers are leaving their options open for now. But to give a phony excuse? That is lame.

  55. This is a smart move on Kelly part, he wants to keep potential suitors guessing how much he wants him, this will keep his options open….he would be a fool to take a position on the kid before reviewing film and talking to potential trade partners….any Kaep is far from the Brady, Rodgers Cam comparisons, its foolish to think otherwise…..

  56. Kelly and the 49ers are playing this smart. If even 1 team is stupid enough to offer anything more than a 6 round draft choice for a 3rd string QB like Kaepernick the 49ers will jump all over it my bet is he ends up like Jamal Russell And out of football. Or maybe comes back as a running back.sadly he’s just not smart enough to be an NFL QB.

  57. If you can’t talk to your QB about football, why talk to the media about your QB? Al he said about Foles was what is was like playing him in college. He didn’t say anything about how Foles would fit into his offense on the Eagles

  58. greg3117 says:
    Gotta love Chip! What’s the over/under on his time in SF?


    I’ll set this 3 seasons. And I will take the over.

  59. Kelley just walked in. He hasn’t had the chance to evaluate anybody, yet.

    He’s not going to answer Q’s about the makeup of the team until training camp, and even then he’ll dodge QB questions to try and gain a competetive advantage for the opener.

  60. I bet Kaepernick can’t wait to get out of town as fast as he can. Does anyone really think he has not talked to people who know Kelly about his issues with African Americans? I literally can’t believe how people continue to slam a great young talent, that has already proven himself, like this. When his woes were 100% not of his making. Okay: a totally lousy team played better for Blaine Gabbert! So too did a lousy one in Jacksonville! That joker hasn’t made any team better he’s been on except Missouri. A great team played better for Kaepernick. And came up short by on last second missed end zone completion to winning a Super Bowl. And that was a Crabtree mistake! If an owner and GM completely blew up teams and coaches around Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger, wouldn’t everyone expect the same thing to happen? I would or worse. Just look what happened to Drew Brees after the NFL dropped the hammer on Sean Peyton and his team!

    Kaepernick knows he is still a few good pplayers and coach away from greatness again. If Kelly has ANY SHOT at all of being successful in San Fran, it is through a reborn Colin Kaepernick. Seems to me like he is off to a very poor start. Because he does seem to be plagued by the issues that drowned him in Philly. Good luck to him and the 49’ers with Blaine Gabbert. That is fool’s gold if I ever saw it. And I’m sure Kaep will gladly move 1 state down the road to Arizona to continue his rehab for 1 year behind Carson Palmer. Then light it up when called upon by Bruce Arians after Palmer retires in 2017. Or is injured in 2016.

  61. Well it hardly seems surprising. Gabbert beat him out for the starting job clean and simple. Blaine is two years younger and earns about 1/7 the salary. Gabbert is a better fit for a Chip Kelly offense, and a MUCH better spokesman for the team off the field.

    There is no mystery, they’ll take anything this side of nothing for Kaepernick in trade, but he’s jacking them around with the “injuries” and surgeries. Hopefully he’ll get some work done on that nose.

  62. It’s going to be Gabbert – the younger, smarter, more repetitively accurate, and surprising mobile QB – that keeps the job. It’s not as crazy as it sounds, but I do feel they’re going all in with Blaine. A reverse Alex Smith situation.

    Draft him a top O-Line prospect and rebuild that depth. Keep the QB protected. The wideouts and running backs they have in place have talent. The pieces are there, they just gotta build a wall in the trenches to keep those skill players healthy.

  63. Chip could have had Tyrod Taylor for nothing and would have given him $12 MM more in cap room.

  64. Kelly needs to drill Kaep to understand his football IQ, and can’t do that right now because of the CBA. So he can’t say whether he will fit or not.

    Pretty straightforward to me. What’s the problem?

  65. I think it’s funny that everyone says Kelly is going to make the Niners worse when he took a 4-12 team to back to back 10 win seasons. Niners went 5-11 last year with arguably the worst staff in Niners history. If you idiots don’t think there’s talent on this team just looked how the defense played at home this year. Young teams play worse on the road and better at home. Geep Chryst was the worst OC I’ve ever seen. Horrible schemes, route concepts, play design, etc. now that we have someone that can run an offense and our D is so young and will get better. Last game of the season we had 6 of 11 starters that had started 16 games or less and held them to 16 points and won. Brooks and Bethea will be gone and our oldest defensive starter will be 28 years old in Bowman. Everyone else will be 26 or younger. Add in 12 picks in the draft and $50 million in cap space and the Niners can turn it around in a hurry. He will take them to 10 wins this year and every hater, especially Philly fans, can be pissed off about it!

  66. He just got there and is getting the gist of the situation with the QB and his future or non future in that organization. They are going to evaluate him, that’s no secret so course he shouldn’t comment at this time. Move on.

  67. Don’t care about kaepernick. In my eyes he’s a bad QB.
    Hopefully baalke doesn’t blow it if given the chance to draft a good QB.

  68. Ya non of you in the NFL are allowed to talk football at all. The NFL wants everyone in the months ahead to forget about football and concertrated on NASCAR, Golf, the Up coming baseball season in the Spring, anything but football.

  69. Jan 21, 2016 4:21 PM
    He just got there and is getting the gist of the situation with the QB and his future or non future in that organization. They are going to evaluate him, that’s no secret so course he shouldn’t comment at this time. Move on.

    He could of said just that. ‘I just arrived here and am putting a staff together. We need to evaluate everything and look to the draft ahead’.

  70. Unfortunately, Kaepernicks greatest time as a Niner was when they had the best o-line in football and subsequently struggled mightily under any kind of pressure. His inability to go through his progressions, in spite of K. Warners assertions that he had dramatically improved, will doom him with Chip.

  71. Kapernick rubs me the wrong way when he brags, but I respect what he can do with his legs (remember that game in Green Bay). I miss the Harbaugh rivalry. Good luck Chip and Kaep. Bowman is a beast.
    -Hawks fan

  72. So maybe he/they are looking to swap QB’s. We all know who tops the list. They could even offer a 2 for one deal.

  73. There are good and sharp-minded QBs: Gabbert w/Jags, Alex Smith-Early 49er years, Kirk Cousins-WASH (while RG3 started) who were stuck on bad or drama-filled teams. Then there are QBs who never had pro level skills or the required mental acuity (hyped-gimmicks) BUT still got elevated to starter or teams otherwise wasted valuable time on them: Kaepernick, Manziel. I can’t imagine the 49ers wasting a single second more on Kaepernick. Kelly is supposed to be this great intellectual so he and Kaepernick are done before it’s even started since he can NOT retain info. 49ers would have done much better going with Gabbert from the start of this season.

  74. Kelly is a college coach. Period. He has no place in the NFL. As a Giant fan I was sorry to see him get the boot in Philly. Have fun 9’er fans. You may wish Tomsula wasn’t sent packing. Ouch! That must be a misprint.

  75. Wasn’t the Eagles 4-12 before Chip got there? Eagle fans should worry about there new coach that wasn’t even the primary play caller lol Good luck with that!

  76. I don’t think that Kelly’s statement was a ploy to gain leverage in some trade. Kelly would have made comments that would lead a GM to believe that the 49ers were going to use Kaepernick as their starting QB. This nonsense speak tells me that he will be cut before the bonus money kicks in. If I were a GM, I would inquire and then set back and wait for them to dump the guy.

  77. Quoting vancouversportsbro:

    “But, but I thought he was going to turn Kaepernick into a pro bowler!”

    What are you complaining about? Kaep said his average is up nearly 20 pins per game; just last week he rolled a 190!

    He would’ve cracked the 200 ceiling for sure had he ordered something besides greasy french fries.

  78. This is also what you say when you haven’t yet figured out what you’re going to do with the QB situation.

  79. bocadiver1 says:
    Jan 21, 2016 6:57 PM

    Kelly is a college coach. Period. He has no place in the NFL. As a Giant fan I was sorry to see him get the boot in Philly.

    Yeah, right.

    Kelly was 4-1 against your Giants (5-1 if you include the last game of last season with Pat Shurmur filling in for Chip a few days after Chip was fired), including a 27-0 shutout in 2014. Your Giants got whupped by a “college coach”.

  80. I wish the 49ers all the best with their mediocre coach Chip Kelly. It seems the 49ers failed to do their homework and rwash carefully what mediocre coach Chip Kelly did to the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Sad that they will allow Chip Kelly to ruin a legendary franchise. So sad.

  81. If Kelly proves the system can work on a consistent basis, that it’s not a gimmick or fluke system other coaches will begin to feel comfortable with it and begin to blend it in. Even in Cincinnati. And Seattle.

    But, I don’t think read-option is going away anytime soon. I believe, should Kelly show it works and is practical for any team, that a coach can use it for an advantage that it will stick around for a long time. Many players coming out of college in the next decade will have played in a r-o system which will create and advantage to the teams that use the r-o. I think that will be the key part of this. When Kelly figures out how to actually draft players he wants to run it he will have a big advantage drafting or even trading for players since the other teams just aren’t there yet. If it works, and he pulls this off, SF stands to profit from its Kelly hiring.

    I’m glad he didn’t get thrown out (of the NFL) with the bathwater. I hope he makes a go of it out west. And, be able to stick Roseman’s nose in a big pile of revenge.

  82. Shanahan didn’t want Kaepernick. Shanahan wasn’t hired. Kelly wanted Kaepernick. Kelly was hired.

    Why is anyone still talking about this?

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