Bears hire Dave Ragone as quarterbacks coach

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After Adam Gase left the Bears to become the new head coach of the Dolphins, they promoted quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains to offensive coordinator in his place.

That left the team in need of a new position coach and the Bears filled that vacancy on Friday. The team announced that they have hired Dave Ragone to fill the position.

Ragone was the offensive quality control coach on Jay Gruden’s Redskins staff in 2015 and spent a year as the Titans quarterbacks coach in 2013. He was a three-year starter at quarterback for Louisville and made two starts for the Texans during the 2003 season.

Ragone and Loggains will be charged with keeping Jay Cutler playing at the same level he was at with Gase calling the plays on offense last season. The Bears ended the season with David Fales as the backup and signed Matt Blanchard to a futures contract to round out the depth chart.

13 responses to “Bears hire Dave Ragone as quarterbacks coach

  1. Usually the good players dont make good coaches, so hard to fault this guys coaching ability because of his skill set as a player. They are two different things that require different tools to excel in. Just saying.

  2. Best wishes to Dave Ragone. Also, I think you mean the 2003 season. How could you not mention he was the 2005 Offensive MVP for the Berlin Thunder!?!

  3. I’ve heard this discussion before but as a coach you have to tolerate mediocrity. Players like Peyton Manning or John Elway won’t tolerate it, hence will never be coaches. Players like Jim Harbaugh know that every player is not elite and you have to coach as such.

  4. It’s funny, I’m not a Houston fan but every once in a while I think to myself I wonder what happened to Rangone. Last I checked a few years ago he was selling insurance. Guess he got the itch.

  5. Rod Carew was one of the best hitters ever to play baseball; and a terrible hitting coach. Guys with undeniable physical gifts often (wrongly) expect others to be able to do as they did. Rarely do they make good coaches. The guys that make good coaches are the guys that got the very most out of limited physical gifts… by applying smarts.

  6. Bill Walsh , Belichick , Jon Gruden, chip Kelly , Andy Reid, m Shannahan , tomlin, m Lewis, j fox, John harbaugh, s Payton , b Arians , Rex Ryan, to name a few all sucked as players. Your point?

  7. That’s a name I haven’t heard in a while…hope he does well.
    And yes, Manning and Brady types will probably never coach bc they can’t stand imperfection. They’d piss off their teams in about half a season. Above posters are correct, the guys that made the most of their limited talent usually make the best coaches.

  8. Dave Ragone was not as bad as you folks say. He was behind David Carr who was terrible in his own right, but Ragone played well when the Texans sent him to NFL Europe one year. He was player of the year, set some passing records came back and back to the bench. Kubiak cut him because he didn’t want a lefty QB throwing to his receivers… by then a 4 or 5 yr vet with little playing experience in the league and labeled a career backup…..

  9. As usual during play-off time not much to post at the Bears site unless you are really into minor details on assistant coaching in the NFL.

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