Gase: Support from coach is key to quarterback confidence


Dolphins coach Adam Gase got the job in large part due to his ability to get the most out of a diverse group of quarterbacks, from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning to most recently Jay Cutler. Gase joined Friday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio for a conversation that touched in large part on his work with quarterbacks.

“I think it starts with the group of guys that you’re working with,” Gase said when asked about his ability to work so well with quarterbacks. “I feel like lucky enough to be around some great staffs. The head coaches that I’ve worked for in the past were guys that were very personable and quarterbacks gravitated to as far as creating an environment where they feel like the head coach had their back. And I really think that helps when you’re going through adversity, [with] John Fox being a great example. You always felt like he was always right behind the quarterback. He always made sure that the quarterback knew that no matter what happened he was side by side with them and then when you’re the coordinator or the quarterbacks coach, when you’re head coach has that aspect you know that really helps the confidence. It helps you sustain that fight that you have to have because it’s not always going be good. And as the season progresses you just see guys get more confident.”

Gase’s next challenge will be to get the most out of Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. So I asked Gase what Tannehill does best.

“We’re still in that evaluation process,” Gase said. “I know that’s not really the answer you’re looking for right now but we still have a lot of time to really build this thing. We’ve got some time before players are going to be in here. So we’re finishing up getting our staff together. We’re still going through that process and then we’re going to be able to sit down [and] kind of formulate our plan, what we want to do with the guys that are here and then once we kinda get through free agency, get through the draft, we really can tighten that thing up. So we’re still a ways off from actually being able to say here’s exactly what he does well. Or here’s our group does well so we’re still in that process right now.”

Since it will be a process to get to that point, Gase then was asked to elaborate on the process itself.

“You take a look at his mobility, look at the throws that he does well,” Gase said. “Some play-actions, naked [bootlegs], drop backs. What does he do best? You know, the screen game, how does that fit in there? The run game, what does our line block well? What do our running backs do well? What do our wide receivers do well? So it all kind of fits, ties together and you have to kind of piecemeal that together and figure it out. It takes a little time. You do go through the spring and you try to figure out what everybody does best and hopefully by the time you hit training camp and preseason and the regular season you really have a good bead on it.”

Gase’s explanation underscores the reality that it’s not about imposing any system on his players, but about assessing his players and figuring out what they can do and what they can’t do before figuring out what the Dolphins should and should not do. It’s the smart way to coach players, and it explains why Gase has been successful with such different quarterbacks in playing style and personality.

And it suggests that Gase will get the most out of Tannehill, whatever that may be.

For the full interview, check out the podcast from Friday’s show.

17 responses to “Gase: Support from coach is key to quarterback confidence

  1. It Jay Cutler how long to get this support? Took the Bears management even longer. He was throwing to a flipping glorified cornerback (lord know Hester couldn’t run a route or catch) for God’s sake!

  2. I’ll wait to see the results of this this team before believing Gase is the guy. I have my doubts. Ross has done nothing to give me any confidence in the Phins.

    -Disappointed Phin Phan

  3. Joe Philbin plain sucked as head coch….. , he should have admitted his failures…. But he’s going captain hindsight, swearing that everyone else lead to his downfall, ensuring he’ll never be a HC again,

  4. He sure talks like he has a lot of confidence in his approach to turning this team into a possibly contender. I wish him success.Bill

  5. Ryan is one of the most athletic QB’S in the NFL roll him out he’s one of the best throwing QB’S on the run , let him drop the ball and run hardly ever see him take off when wr’s are covered . How bout a QB sneak from under center when we need a yard we have not seen him run a qb sneak in 4 YEARS

  6. Miami notoriously loses players that do well with their new team. I believe this is large in part due to molding players to a system, not the other way around. Hopefully Gase makes the most out of the skill players we do have like Landry, Parker, and Ajayi. (Miller will be gone.)

  7. Take notice Philbin. You handcuffed Tannehill by not allowing him to audible cause you didn’t have faith in him.
    Im not trying to say Tannehill is a great QB, but Philbin failed him as a coach.

  8. Dolphins fans act like there a qb away from playoffs. There a corner away. 2 guards away. A safety away. And 2 linebackers away. I wish you guys would hold your roster to the same standard as tannehill. Get a good roster then judge the qb. Not mention a bum coaching staff(philbin) first time oc (lazor gimmick offense) tannehill is in the top five best players on the team. Have you guys forgot about the last years 15 qb’s the team has had. I just wish they would just cry about the rest of the garbage 45 other people in the roster.

  9. Maybe to weak minded QBs. The best know they are the best and don’t lack confidence. They understand the game and improve their knowledge over time. They know they can overcome even when they have multiple poor performances over a season.

    There is a reason why guys like Tannehill and Culter will never truly be franchise QBs (a term thrown around way too much when there are like 5-6 real ones in the league) and this is a big part of it.

  10. At this point I’m hoping he can do anything with Tannehill. I’m tired of the excuses fans make for him and every other QB that they’ve had since Marino. First he was lacking playmakers, now it’s the OG positions, next year it will be “it was his first year in a new system” I just want to see results that lead to WINS or send him packing and let the next man step up.

  11. Considering how this union happened with both sides coming together without seeking most all options. It seems odd that Gase has little knowledge of Tannehill.
    Speculation has it that the reason they went with Gase was building Tannehill up. It has also lead to some speculation. How they do/don’t pick a QB in the draft will also lead to more.

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