Lawyer seeks investigation of Lawrence Phillips’ death

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Former NFL running back Lawrence Phillips recently died in prison under circumstances suggesting suicide. An attorney representing his estate hopes to launch an investigation regarding the question of whether Phillips actually killed himself.

Josh Peter and A.J. Perez of USA Today report that attorney Dan Chamberlain believes the situation is “highly suspicious” due to a note found in Phillips’ sock.

Some familiar with Phillips’ handwriting believe he didn’t write the note, which said (according to the best recollection of Clayton Campbell, one of his defense lawyers), “‘Did you hear the one about the football player who hung himself from the TV mount in his cell?’ And where it said football player, it looked like somebody after the fact put the letter ‘X’ before ‘football,’ so it said ‘X-football player.'”

A spokesperson for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation told USA Today that Phillips was in single-cell, segregated housing, to which only corrections officers have access.

A coroner has ruled the death a suicide, but an autopsy is pending. Chamberlain hopes to hire attorneys who will explore the situation.

Phillips, 40, was facing the death penalty for allegedly killing a cellmate last year. A top 10 pick of the Rams in 1996, Phillips died after a preliminary hearing in court found probable cause to believe that he has committed murder.

21 responses to “Lawyer seeks investigation of Lawrence Phillips’ death

  1. That Nebraska team was one of the best I’ve seen to this day. Tommie Frazier was a dual threat beast, NFL superstar to be Ahman Green was Phillips backup and they averaged…..this is ridiculous, but the averaged like 400 yards a game rushing, WOW!

    I’ll try to remember him that way I guess, instead of how people today wanna trash guys even after a guy was so depressed he decided to take his own life.

    RIP LP

  2. File this under most of us don’t care what happened to this scumbag and aren’t in favor of his family profiting off his death at the taxpayers expense

  3. I had a feeling he was murdered. I would also bet his cell mate was not murdered by him . Just like I’ll bet we never find out the truth. R.I.P. Lawrence

  4. This is merely an attempt by lawyers to profit off of Phillips’ death. The longer they can delay execution of the will, and the more hours they can bill for, the more they (the lawyers) make….regardless of the outcome.

    THAT is why lawyers are reviled.

  5. Follow the money—nothing but an attempt by an ambulance chaser to shake down the state of California—who will probably allow itself to be shaken down given that settlement with the previously mentioned ambulance chaser will be cheaper than dealing with him.

    Phillips was a criminal and a murderer–the world is better now that he is gone

  6. Even if something DID happen nothing will ever come of it. You need someone who actually cares about the man leading the charge like a sister. Not some lawyer.

    You think the blue wall is strong? Corrections is worse. You no longer have rights in there, you are an animal. They do whatever they want to you.

    Why I will never do anything on purpose that will land me inside. Life is too good!

  7. See if you can find a pic of him looking up. I heard there is a scar across his neck. Rumor is he tried to kill himself by slitting his on throat.

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