Texans hike ticket prices by nearly six percent


The Super Bowl is coming to Houston, the week when the local hotels and other businesses that cater to tourists jack up their prices. The local football team is getting in on the act early, increasing ticket prices for the privilege of attending the team’s regular-season games.

The Texans have announced — after 5:30 p.m. local time on a Friday — a price hike of 5.9 percent for general-admission seats. The average cost will increase to $97.32 per ticket from $91.87 in 2015.

“NRG Stadium has earned its reputation as one of the best gameday experiences in the NFL and Texans fans are a major reason,” Texans Senior Vice President of Ticketing and Event Management John Schriever said in a press release. “Our fans give us a tremendous home field advantage, and this pricing structure will allow us to continue to remain competitive on the field and deliver an even more compelling fan experience.”

Whether the price of general-admission tickets increases or decreases has little to do with remaining competitive, but everything to do with maximizing profit. With 143 straight sellouts and a team that secured an unlikely playoff berth in 2015, the Texans believe that can set a higher price point while still moving all of the merchandise.

It would be nice to see someone explain it that way: “Businesses hope to make the most money they can, and we’ve decided that we can make more money by raising ticket prices, because we think that we’ll still sell all of the tickets at the higher price.”

The quality of the schedule for 2016 won’t help much; the Texans host the Bengals, Chiefs, Bears, Lions, and Chargers, along with the Colts, Jaguars, and Titans. The excitement of hosting the Super Bowl will, and the prospect of playing in the game will increase if the Texans can find a franchise quarterback.

41 responses to “Texans hike ticket prices by nearly six percent

  1. things like this, the league screwing over San Diego and St. Louis, the ridiculous rule changes, and the constant barrage of commercials are the reason I’ve virtually stopped caring about the NFL. It would seem Mark Cuban was right!

    Of course, if a couple playoff wins in close to two decades are enough to keep Texans fans buying overpriced tickets, more power to the sheep.

    How much longer until pitchers and catchers report? Go Astros!

  2. I live less than 100 miles from the stadium and would much rather watch all NFL games from my house instead of being trapped in a money pit with no real access to the other games being played.

  3. Great thing to do after getting shutout in the playoffs. Also seen some stadium rankings and Texans always seemed closer to the bottom, so i dont see it being one of the best gameday experiences.

  4. Hiked by one percentage point for each point the offense puts on the board per game. Sounds about right. eyes rolling….

  5. 4D TV will kill ticket sales in 5 years…. Watch it go strictly PPV in years to come… Unaffordable seats as greed continues

  6. I hate McNair. He is happy being middle of the pack with an awful QB. In fairness, we have 4 winning seasons out of the last 5, with three home playoff games (5 overall), but the product still sucks. Get a freaking QB already!!!!

  7. The NFL has gone downhill quickly. I remember when Ravens tickets used to cost $40. My same seat is a $100 now. Surely, inflation did not go up that dramatically. It’s really sickening nowadays. A family of four spends hundreds of dollars to be surrounded by a bunch of drunks and people talking about their fantasy football teams nonstop. I miss the 90’s.

  8. The Dolphins, who did not go to the playoffs, or even put a competitive team on the field, raised my tickets by about 80%. That’s eight–zero. EIGHTY PERCENT! NO LIE. $250 per seat to $450 per seat. NO LIE. 5.9 percent is not even worth this article.

  9. I’m with most everyone commenting here and because the NFL is all about the $ above all else, including the game itself, I no longer care about watching other games outside of my home team, nor do I care to buy NFL merch or frequent multiple pro football sites on line like I used to; this is one of the remaining ones. But here’s the thing: Houston and the rest of the league know that the real money and the money that rolls in tomorrow doesn’t come from the die hard, pro football talk frequenter. They know that all that money will come from the “casual fan.” The casual fan out numbers the die hards and traditionalists and won’t mind paying that extra 6%. These teams and the league hire smart people who do the numbers and know that in the end, they can pull this crap and it will fatten their bottom line. See you next Sunday.

  10. 2 seats (upper bowl) and a parking pass were around $700 in the 1st year (2002). Now the same seats are north of $1600 and next year will be north of $1700. Those single digit increases add up…..

  11. It’s been 10 years since I’ve been to an NFL game. I see no reason to change that.

    Give me my house or a bar any day over the parking, concession prices, and ticket prices.

  12. Step 1 – sell over priced PSLs

    Step 2 – once all the checks have cleared begin raising prices every other year, at a pact that exceeds inflation and the salary cap increase. After several years the PSL holders realize they are paying a very high price for tickets, far more than they expected. They will try and sell the PSLs but no one will offer them much.

    Step 3 – keep raising prices until the number of unsold tickets exceeds a threshold, like 5%. Then hold prices steady for a while.

    I’m more than happy to watch at home on my widescreen. I DVR the game and watch it 2 hours into the game, finishing up when the game ends. Time spent watching = 90 minutes.

  13. This team is more then a QB away from a good playoff run. They barely won the South, aka the cupcake division. They hosted a pretty beat up Chief team and got blown out.

  14. I am not willing to fork over the additional cost for the NFL network, I sure as hell won’t be spending over a hundred bucks to attend a game. Sorry NFL but you have priced me into Sunday afternoons in my own living room.

  15. For all of you who think that people won’t keep paying and paying and paying to watch them, raise your hands!!!!

  16. Bad move in a town that is being beaten hard by the drop in the oil price. This just shows how, sometimes, these teams don’t have a real connection with the community. It’s all BS..

  17. As a season ticket holding Texans fan since day one… actually, I’m tired of the team “remaining competitive.” I want the Texans to dominate. That’s the whole reason we get nowhere in the playoffs – that mindset in the building. Organizations get their mindset from the top. I want GM Rick Smith and Owner Bob McNair to decide to dominate and finally commit the resources to make the pick or pay the man who can be our franchise quarterback. Just do that.

  18. You forgot to mention that last season they ranked 13th in the NFL in ticket prices, around the middle of the pack. With this rise this puts them at the same rank, 13th. So it’s not just the Texans.

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