Cardinals arrive in Charlotte despite storm


Displaying the same stubborn resolve that has made Bruce Arians one of the best coaches in the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals didn’t change their travel plans in the face of a snow and ice storm that hit Charlotte on Friday. And it worked out perfectly for the visiting team, with the Cardinals arriving on Saturday afternoon, as scheduled.

Team spokesman Mark Dalton called the flight “as smooth as [G.M.] Steve Keim’s scalp.”

The Cardinals now hope the game will be nearly as smooth. That’s not likely with a Super Bowl berth on the line. Which should be great news for anyone who tunes in to watch the Cardinals take on the Panthers on Sunday night.

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  1. I’m expecting a close game. As a Cardinals fan for 45 years (I’m a slow learner), I really do think this is their year. But, win or lose, it’s been a great season. A relative rarity for any Cardinals fan.

  2. Dioalice- I’m pulling for you guys big time man . I think you guys can take down the panthers as long as Johnson can find a way to get through that run defense of the panthers . Having the clear advantage out side with fitz and brown you guys should be able to open up the pass and get Johnson going since they’ll have to stay honest .

  3. Three reasons why I’m rooting for the Cardinals:

    1. Larry Fitzgerald absolutely deserves to have a SB ring.
    2. The Cards are representing for the NFC West.
    3. To shut Cam Newton’s pie hole.

    Go Cards!

  4. Thank goodness no one was hurt or worse. 14 dead from the storm already. I wouldn’t glorify that call.

  5. I like the Cards in this game. Two heavyweights for sure. These two teams remind me of the old NFL, before the merger with the AFL. Brady and the Pats remind me of the old AFL.

  6. It’s been a great season for both teams. I expect the Panthers to win but I can honestly say,out of every other NFC team, the Cardinals would make a great NFC Champion.

    Just not a better Champion than the Carolina Panthers!
    Keep Pounding!

  7. Welcome to the jungle we got fun and games! At least when you go home even though it will be a sad flight it will be warm when you get there…..Too much front seven and too much #1……Keep Pounding!

  8. @nflofficeadmin says:
    Thank goodness no one was hurt or worse. 14 dead from the storm already. I wouldn’t glorify that call.
    Flying conditions were perfect today. The storm cleared well ahead of time, as per the forecast. Absolutely safe to fly/land at CLT today. Nothing to “glorify” here, just solid planning for a safe journey.

    Cards will curb-stomp Cam tomorrow.. 14-point victory.

  9. CARDS WIN! Take advantage of a weak Panther secondary. Palmer on target as Fitz, Floyd an company light’m up. D does its job, Peterson stops Olson, Bucannon stuffs the run, frustrated Cam forced into turnovers, game over. On to SB 50.

  10. I think the Cards win outright, I hope so anyway. They’re my kind of team. I like Cam, I think he’s the future, but he needs a few big losses to come off his high horse a little.

    Don’t play timid like against Green Bay, attack through the air, and when they figure it out, keep going.

  11. ariani1985 says:
    Jan 23, 2016 8:21 PM

    And yet packer fans still think that they won the game.
    And why do you as a Viking fan always have to go into other teams posting and bring up crap about the Pack? This should only be about two good teams getting ready to play for the NFC Championship. I as a Packer fan going to be cheering for Larry F to get SB ring, But if Carolina wins I will cheer for them to win SB.

  12. Thanks but I won’t take safety tips from anyone advocating “curb-stomping”. 15 dead now.

  13. I like the Cardinals, and I just don’t get why the Panthers seem to be universally loathed. Because the quarterback smiles and celebrates? Lighten up people. Come tomorrow there will be one NFC team left standing, and that team will be the Carolina Panthers.

  14. I see no reason for all the Cam Newton hate. I think he’s a great QB and I’d like to see him go to the Super Bowl and win.

  15. Crazy decision to come in today with that forecast and they were lucky to get away with it.

    Just as easily could have been delayed or diverted for hours and hurt their chances in the biggest game of the year.

    Why not fly in Thursday and practice at a facility in NC?

  16. NFCW has been a participant 6 times in the past 5 NFCC games. South has 2. Eat and North each have one. Wow.

    West represents the NFC again. (4th straight)
    Go cards


    Please tell me you aren’t an “SEC fan” too…cheering for a Divison? Come on man! (All in fun, hehe)

  17. Panthers will win due to weather issues. Cards play in a vanilla conditions. I would have flown the team in earlier to get used to the weather conditions. I will be surprised if the Cards only lose by 10 pets

  18. The weather in Charlotte Saturday was clear and cold, no rain or snow, sunny skies. The storm had passed. Roads were dry. Very dramatic write up though

  19. I wouldn’t worry too much about all the hate for Cam. There are 14 NFC teams and their fans sitting home today on the couch and some of them are butt-hurt(Sea hawks).

  20. I cant wait to come back to this thread later tonight when the Panthers and Cam’s PIE HOLE put the smack down the cardinals!!!! The Hateration is real and welcomed!!! GO PANTHERS!!!! GO CAM NEWTON MR. MVP!!!!! And by all means #KEEPPOUNDING!!!!!!!

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