Danny Kanell: Broncos should hit Tom Brady after the whistle

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The first time a Tom Brady-led Patriots team won in Denver, the Broncos’ starting quarterback was Danny Kanell. Now an ESPN Radio host, Kanell thinks that if the Broncos want to avoid losing to Brady on Sunday, they should hit him late.

Kanell said on his radio show that he thinks the Broncos should set the tone for the game by hitting Brady late a couple of times, and that it would be worth losing 15 yards to get a couple of extra shots at the other team’s star quarterback.

“I think they have to have two personal foul calls, like 15-yarders against Brady,” Kanell said, via Awful Announcing. “Like, they’ve been talking about him crying, I almost feel like this is the type of game where you have to send a message like in the first and second quarter, the first half, hit him a couple of times where it’s a little past the whistle. Like, let him know you’re around. Get those knock downs, get those hits on him, make him aware that you’re coming after him.”

Kanell stressed that he wasn’t saying the Broncos should intentionally injure Brady, just send a message. But, of course, the whole reason that late hits are illegal is that they could injure a player. There’s no way to hit a player late and not risk injuring him.

And so Kanell is, obviously, wrong. The Broncos’ defense should try to hit Brady and hit him hard, but do it within the rules.

252 responses to “Danny Kanell: Broncos should hit Tom Brady after the whistle

  1. I am not a Pats fan, and not that I wouldn’t like to see Brady get hit, but this is a pretty stupid thing for someone in his position to say.

  2. Kanell stressed that he wasn’t saying the Broncos should intentionally injure Brady, just send a message.
    If the Broncos really believe that they cannot beat this Patriots team fair and square on their own home field, then these idiotic comments from Danny Kanell make sense. As a Patriots fan, I’d like to think that the Patriots are in the Broncos heads. That’s always been a big advantage the Patriots have had except against the Giants and Ravens.

  3. I would say I’m surprised, but it’s been pretty clear for a while that the anti-Pats crowd has completely lost their minds. Mr. Kannell seems to represent this mentally deranged horde perfectly.

  4. If you want to destroy Tom Brady, bring an air pressure gauge out on the field.

  5. Kanell sucked as a player and he sucks as a commentator. Hes like a poor mans Trent Dilfer.

  6. TebowedOutOfThePostSeasonAndNeverToReturn says:
    Jan 23, 2016 7:15 AM
    If you want to destroy Tom Brady, bring an air pressure gauge out on the field.
    NFL already proved that doesn’t work. Pay attention.

  7. Does Kanell think no one ever trie this before? It happened last week against KC and that didn’t seem to work out too well.

    But if that is indeed the strategy, I’m sure NE would be delighted to return the favor and lay Manning out a few times “just to let him know they’re around”.

  8. TebowedOutOfThePostSeasonAndNeverToReturn says:
    Jan 23, 2016 7:15 AM
    If you want to destroy Tom Brady, bring an air pressure gauge out on the field.


    Because that worked out so well for the rest of the league since halftime of last years AFC Championship.

  9. Kanell is absolutely right, and all the players know that. Everybody knows that. They already try to do it, but Brady gets rid of the ball so darn fast. J.J. Watt stuck Brady right in the ribs with the crown of his helmet, the last time they played, and it was a late hit. The refs didn’t throw the flag, but I’ll bet Watt was expecting one. He was more than willing to take a 15 yard penalty too. It was a smart play by Watt. It was well worth it. If Brady has to leave the game, your chances of beating the Patriots go up about a thousand times. Even if you don’t put him out of the game, if he’s a little sore, your chances increase too. Kanell is just saying what every player that doesn’t have an ESPN microphone in front of them is saying. And it’s not a secret. This isn’t anything new. Parcells’ Giants gave Montana the same treatment. I’d like to research how mant late hit penalties Parcells’ Giants got when facing a star QB. Actually, Belichick was the defensive coordinator for those Giants teams. It’s called football.

  10. Maybe Kanell can team up with Cris “get a fall guy” Carter for a new radio show. Call it the Late hit and run show with K/C.

  11. Yes the Broncs should give the best QB in NFL history (and one of toughest ever) 30 free yards and 2 first downs in a game where they are underdogs at home.


  12. Roger Goodell has a team of high-powered lawyers scrambling, to see if there’s any way the League can fine Kanell.

  13. This is what`s wrong with sports, politics and life in general anymore. In these days of 24/7 news and sports. It`s become a competition to be the most outrageous. Most shows feature two hosts taking opposite points of views and shouting each other down. Most times they are not even convincing in supporting their statements. It`s neither entertaining, nor informative. Kanells statement is living proof of this. He should be severely reprimanded, but this is unlikely to happen as he is not a league employee.

  14. I get what he’s saying. Saints did this to Favre when he was with the Vikes & it worked out pretty well for them. Bunch of sissies on this site. I doubt he means hitting him 5 seconds after he throws but if it’s borderline go ahead & take the shot. You’re naive if you think this doesn’t happen with every team already. And yes, Pats should do it to Manning also.

  15. If the Broncos really believe that they cannot beat this Patriots team fair and square on their own home field, then these idiotic comments from Danny Kanell make sense. As a Patriots fan, I’d like to think that the Patriots are in the Broncos heads. That’s always been a big advantage the Patriots have had except against the Giants and Ravens.
    let’s see… we kicked your ass in the 2013 AFCCG and beat you this year with a back up QB playing his second NFL game. Yeah, they are really in Denver’s head.

  16. Every team knows that the best way to win is to take Brady out with a legal or illegal hit – who cares about 15 yards – fans of 31 other teams would applaud such cheating

    The Broncos are the best at cheating – heck the only reason Elway and the Broncos have their Super Bowl rings is because they cheated the salary cap and still hold the record for the biggest fine in the history of he NFL

    Goodell would likely reward any player who did what his fabricated scandal (asserting the Laws of Physics don’t apply to the NFL) couldn’t do – get Brady off the field

    Certain owners would be ecstatic if it were a career ending injury since Brady is on the cusp of going to his 7th Super Bowl in 14 years

  17. If you want to win, in theory this makes sense despite all the outrage. The reason why it’s a bad idea though is that you’re talking about TOM BRADY. Pissing Tom Brady off is the last thing you want to do.

  18. Oh, the things people say in an attempt to become relevant.

    As the old saying goes, better to keep your mouth shut and have everyone think you are probably an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.

  19. The only reason this is even here is because it comes from a member of the media — and it stimulates clicks.

    Just another talking head making gurgling noises and the author of this piece sees a “byline”. Games like this get so beat to death by the media as a whole that there just are not any new “real” stories to write about…and it will get worse and worse over the next two weeks.

    Whatever … and then Journalism professors around the country are at a loss to explain to their students why they can expect to command ZERO respect once they graduate.

  20. So just cheat away then according to Kannel

    Can you inagine if a Patriot or former Patriot suggested this ? The insane hater crowd would expect them to be arrested and put on death row

  21. The world is divided into two groups….those who acknowledge and embrace the greatness they are witnessing, even if it is not their team, and those who continue to fight it….but it’s a Patriots World folks,and we’re all just living in it !

  22. Kinda reinforces the belief that the Donkeys are the dirtiest team in the league, doesn’t it? Just like everything out of their mouths this week?

  23. I like Kanell as an announcer but this comment is pretty outrageous. Should probably offer an apology and cancel all public appearances scheduled in New England.

  24. Not a Pat or A Broncos Fan! But Danny my man I understand whatcha saying.Dont hit him low or in the head run Puss him hard as hell off his feet twice in the 1st Quarter. A ya GOT: Gregory Hines!
    But understand this Danny Boy: It caaaaan go Boooth Ways!

  25. This week reminds me of the ‘Republican congressman’ phenomenon. Whenever we’re approaching an election you notice an uptick in national news stories about what some clownish GOP backbencher in Idaho said about President Obama or women or whatever. Danny Kannell is the Broncos’ clownish Idaho backbencher

  26. So…Kanell wants the Broncos to play like Vontaze Burfict. Sounds like a very reasonable suggestion….coming from someone that should know much better being an announcer on ESPN radio.

    He should get the Jimmy The Greek treatment.

  27. It’s easy to incite others to be bullies and beat-up someone when you are safely out of reach in a radio studio, really courageous tough guy…

  28. Kannell, plain and simple, you are a MORON. You sucked as a QB and your worse at giving your STUPID opinion.

    Here’s a tip Broncos, the more you piss Brady off the better he plays. All the trash talking being done by the Broncos as usual.

    Patriots win a close game and move on to play in SB 50 with a chance to make history.

  29. I def agree w Danny Kanell. No harm, no foul. Oooops in this case a 15 yard foul. Brady will cry about being hit whether legally, after the whistle, or if someone makes fun of him. Tom Baby!

  30. He’s right. The Dolphins did it in Week 17 and in Week 1 last season and it rattled him. Teams do it all the time to opposing QBs.

  31. with the qb wears a skirt rules I have long anticipated NFL keeping young players around just to use as hired goons like the NHL used them in the past . The NFL fine amount goes up to and include game checks and the established guys making huge amounts cannot give up a game check just to get a couple late hits on the prima donna qbs . But a young rookie on the minimum could blast away for 10 K….. the teams could pass the hat after the playoff checks clear . Bounty you say .. I say just helping the rook pay his rent and car payment through the off season charitable NFL man of the year nominee.
    Ugly but effective.

  32. Hmmm…..I see the Donkey strategy.

    Donkeys take a cheap shot on Brady.

    Next Donkey possession, Patriots retaliate and knock Manning and his forehead out of the game, effectively finishing his career.

    Osweiller comes in and will do a better job than Manning. Instead of a 33-16 Patriots win against Manning, it’s a much more respectable 33-23 loss for the Donkeys.

  33. No, they didn’t…that was the problem…every other scientist proved it but not the NFL 😉

  34. The NFL has gone downhill quickly. I remember when Ravens tickets used to cost $40. My same seat is a $100 now. Surely, inflation did not go up that dramatically. It’s really sickening nowadays. A family of four spends hundreds of dollars to be surrounded by a bunch of drunks and people talking about their fantasy football teams nonstop. I miss the 90’s.

  35. it show what kind of glass he has, he be the first to complain.,I guess he has nothing else to say.

  36. Sounds to me like Kanell wants to duplicate the NFC Championship game of the 2009 season.

  37. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If a broadcast journalist said this about any other NFL quarterback, they would be called out, ridiculed, suspended, and possibly fired. But I’ve a feeling this will blow over fairly quickly. It’s another clear case of PDS: Patriots Derangement Syndrome.

  38. Another NFL journeyman turned broadcaster trying to get his name in lights. Hits after the whistle typically end with an injury since the recipient, thinking the play is over, lets his guard down a bit. I hope someone hits Danny Kanell when they go to commercial break.

  39. Danny Kannel is a nobody and a nothing. Whatwver station hires thia no talent should fire him on thw spot for suggesting this. What a loser.

  40. What an idiotic comment from someone in a position he is in…. But he could not help himself because that’s what coaches were teaching players at FSU to do.

  41. Teams have always been allowed to tee off on Brady after the whistle and well after he’s gotten rid of the ball. Other teams are allowed to take liberties against NE receivers that they aren’t against other teams.

    Now the NFL has their Donkey stooge Hochuli as ref. The penalties in this game are going to be so one-sided with Ed on the fiels and Blandino whispering in his ear.

    The fix is in!

  42. All players want to win at almost any cost. Winning is the only bottom line for them. If they have to stretch the rules, they will. Kanell understands this. Hitting someone a little late doesn’t destroy the integrity of the game.

  43. The garbage flowing out of Denver and its media supporters has been amazing. It does not exude confidence.

    As for late hits, two could theoretically play at that game, which is why teams don’t generally do it. Want to see how Manning’s neck and foot hold up? I didn’t think so.

  44. Well I know that there are at least some fans who wish harm on opposing, elite players. They are generally the ones with no hope of winning legitimately, that cheat on their driving tests, steal from their kids’ piggy banks and work for ESPN. Pretty low life people really. Obviously Kanell falls into that category. Sadly there are a few posters here that are even lower than that – they don’t even work for ESPN.

  45. This is the type of thinking we would expect from Von Miller, but Wade Phillips is not cut from that cloth.

  46. And when the Pats score two touchdowns on both of those drives to win by 7, Denver fans can thank Kanell for his insight into the game of football.

  47. If Kanell got hit like that in his playing days he’d of whined all the way to the sideline. Hits got inside his head & affected his play so he thinks it’ll work on Tom Brady? Danny, you are no Tom Brady.

    Not a fan of the Pats whatsoever, either.

  48. Worthless nobody watching from the sideline wants the greatest QB of all time to get beat up after the whistle. There’s something at work in this country to make greatness and achievement into bad things that are subject of suspicion and jealousy. Mediocre, incompetent people somehow became the most favored in our country, because they’re all “equal.” What’s the end game of that, anyway?

  49. Kanell is a joke, just like most of the other announcers on ESPN. I’m a Pats fan but even the Broncos don’t want comments like this.

    The last thing their defense needs is a heightened awareness by the officials when it comes to calling penalties. But maybe I am wrong because they are bringing it up themselves with the “hitting low comments”.

    I just hope this game is better officiated than the last time these two teams played.

  50. When asked if something is OK Always ask yourself this one question:

    How would you feel if you were in the OTHER persons position

    Would it be ok if the Patriots took 2 roughing the passer penalties on Peyton Manning? Or maybe a head shot on their receiver, such as Emmanuale Sanders.

    If No, then don’t do it to Brady.

    PS – I’m a Jets fan and hate Brady, but don’t violate the rules to hurt him. Sack him within the rules of the game.

  51. You don’t have to hit him. Usually just looking at him the wrong way will draw a flag.

  52. The Broncos are so damn scared which is no surprise as only the Giants and Ravens know the recipe to beat the Patriots. It is truly hilarious. They and their fans continue to make the dumbest comments.

  53. Good idea, Danny. No wonder you’ve been relegated to the radio when everyone is watching the games on TV. How many times have we heard that mistakes in the playoffs will kill a team. Modify that to read intentional 15-yard penalties in the conference championship game will not only serve to accelerate your movement in the wrong direction, it will also piss-off and motivate the opposing team. Who will withstand late hits better, the brittle Manning or a fired-up Brady? I hope Belichick posts Kanell’s words on the bulletin board.

  54. So its OK for the Broncos to cheat with more of the typical cheapshots the Broncos are already known for, according to a long time Bronco fan and ex-player.

    But would the Broncos and their fans consider it fair play for the Patriots to hit and bear-up Manning and Osweiller with a bunch of late hits as well?

    Who would you bet on getting knocked out of the game first on a series of late hits, Brady or Manning?

  55. The Patriots pass rush can be ferocious. Look what they did to Hoyer. If Denver take cheap shots at Brady he won’t be the only. QB taking hits.

  56. gtodriver says:
    Jan 23, 2016 8:44 AM

    Sounds to me like Kanell wants to duplicate the NFC Championship game of the 2009 season.
    Let it go already….quite a few Vikings choked that game away!!!

  57. Kanell’s not lying. Gotta set the tone early. Make Brady feel the pass rush. Jam the receivers to disrupt the timing and bring extra rushers and get Brady out of the game.

    My man Belichick can’t complain either. That’s how he beat Joe Montana when he was DC of the Giants, by knocking Joe out the game.

  58. There will be 2-3 flags against the Broncos regardless if they hit Brady legally or not. That’s the Patriot way!

  59. Not a bad idea, hit him every time he throws, the refs will not call a late hit every time and it will disrupt Brady’s timing. As pats fans all know winning football is about taking advantage on how the games are officiated and bending the rules to your advantage. Classic Belichick.

  60. I totally agree with Kanell – The cheap shot that Amendola did to a defenseless Kansas City player was worth a game suspension. And now he is crying about the penalty. The Patriots have taken cheap shots and are known Cheaters. Hate to say it but they deserve massive payback. I hope that Denver knocks Brady hard and often.

  61. Does Kanell realize that the Broncs also have an aging and even more fragile QB? It’s like hockey. You cheap shot our goalie, we’ll go after your 10x harder.

  62. Yet another problem with cheating rears its ugly head…when you are serial cheaters like the Patriots & the league consistently lets you get away with it by imposing wrist slap penalties…others want to cheat when they play you & suggest things like this.

  63. selfpromotingqb says:
    Jan 23, 2016 7:08 AM
    The Patriots should do the same thing to Manning

    No they shouldn’t. Then Kubiak will have to put a QB in the game that can actually stretch the defense. If I was a Pats fan, I’d want to Manning to play. This isn’t the prime Peyton Manning

  64. I’ve never seen so many headlines that are intended to give the Broncos an edge. Last year the president of the United States showed even he is a pats hater by using the 11/12 balls reference that was also the product of a pats hater. Why doesn’t the NFL media just get together write a book called ‘How to beat Tom Brady for Dummies’

  65. as long as it is within the rules I have no issues with some really good hard hits on Tommy Boy, it will rattle him and get him out of his comfort zone which makes Brady alot more beatable. However for Kanell saying to hit after the whistle is just flat out wrong.

  66. If you listen just once to Kanell on ESPN, you will conclude that he isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. If they hit Brady after the whistle, what does he think will happen to Peyton?

  67. The funny thing about this is that, in theory, the NFL should now notify their officials after the week of trash talking by the Broncos and now a former Bronco to tighten up the calls. Kind of like they did with the Steelers and Bengals. The first late hit to Brady should be an ejection, since it is obviously premeditated. However, we have seen that the league is really not interested in “integrity” and will instead officiate the game much like the WWE officiates it’s Wrestlemania main events. That way, we will all have something to talk about for the next two weeks instead of the actual Super Bowl.

  68. Nothing but class out of Denver: hit brady late, gronks a cheater, brady’s a crier. But yeah, remember everyone it’s the Boston fans that are wrong with the sports world #justahater

  69. you can bet your life manning will tell the donkey’s before kick off that this is his last game unless they make the super bowl. the donkeys will be so jacked up when they hear these words it could inspire them to victory. an hgh injection for manning and low blows to gronk’s knees and a few timely cut blocks to destroy patsies attackers are a plausible scenario. besides that the nfl does not want brady in the super bowl after deflate gate , so a few timely flags vs the patsies will be thrown in crucial moments of the game to screw them. all of this could really happen.

  70. Kanell should know better than to publicly state what is obvious to both teams. Of course we all condemn this behavior. At least publicly. Fact is if you are not cheating you are not trying. Thumbs down all you want, this game is extremely difficult and demanding. Once you get to the end, you do whatever you can get away with for a ring.

  71. As a Pats fan I agree, couldnt hurt to give the team 30 extra yards. Or probably more than 30 since Brady likely will complete the passes he was hit after.

  72. Admit it: it’s what everyone except Pats fans have been thinking. I hope they take the advice.

  73. Just tells me how dumb ESPN is. Where do they find these guys. I know that is how FSU won all Thierry games.. but this is the NFL.
    On another note think Roger disapproves..I doubt it. The last thing he wants is Brady with another champipnship.

  74. I am not a pats fan but I will say this Brady hands down is the best to ever play athletes today even from 10 years ago are bigger and faster he plays with a team that is over matched almost every game along with Manning the positively best game managers ever you are spouting jealousy and hate if you think this guy had to cheat to beat your team you know that just sit back and watch these 2 sunday you will never see it again

  75. Danny who? Can’t beat ’em, cheat ’em? Same cowardly technique as shootin’ a guy in the back.

  76. I remember that game very well, amazing ending. The Pats had a lot of injuries, were playing in Denver. They end up winning on a Brady touchdown drive as time expired after Belichick took an intentional safety for field position. Arguably one of the greatest calls in NFL history. I hope we get a game that compelling on Sunday in the final Brady vs Manning matchup. (All the more reason not to call for illegal hits….)

    As for Danny Kannot, I don’t remember anything remarkable about his performance that day. He had a career 51% completion rating, and it looks like he’s on track for that with his commentary.

  77. @billswillnevermove

    I can vouch. Boy! can I vouch.

    This is fishing in the same pond as Bountygate – which we all know was another NFL witch-hunt.

    But the idea, that you’d come out an announce to the world that you plan on breaking rules?

    Just like Chris Harris talking about hitting Gronk in his knees.
    SOOO much chirping and trash talk coming from a Kubiak coached team and nothing but praise (and Jr. High humor) coming from the NE Patriots.

    Yet you continuously hear haters calling new England a classless organization.
    Astronomical reaches are common when trying to find fault with the Pats.
    You people look quite idiotic trying to do so.

  78. Does he really think that’s going to work (unless they injure him)?

    Brady may whine a lot, but what’s lost on most of these dimwits is the fact that the dude is tough as nails. Do they think he’s going to quit?

    I’m starting to feel sorry for Denver. They sound terrified. The players, the media, the fans. It wouldn’t shock me if The horse bucked the flag chick off, and hightailed out of the stadium on Sunday.

  79. I had to read the article twice to fully believe that it match the headline. I get the underlying tone asserting that the Broncos need to be physical, but his word is clearly very poor.

    Honestly, I think hitting Brady late is going to piss him off, not make him cower. Besides won’t that sort of reckless disregard for the rules get someone ejected?

  80. Kanell played his college football at Florida State. He played in the NFL for 6 years (Giants and Falcons) compiling these impressive statistics ; 43 Games: 31 TD: Ave passing 119.3 yrds per game. In a September 14, 2012 article in Complex Magazine, Kanell was ranked 43rd in a listing of the 50 Worst QBs in NFL History. Another fine example of the current ESPN misfits!

  81. It’s the officials that need to set the tone, not the players, so this goes for dirty players of any NFL team. Eject the bastards from the game & stadium immediately. That will put a stop to any nonsense.

  82. I love all the name calling from the Pats fans….man you guys are still butt hurt about the loss to Denver!!!!! Almost as bad as the Steelers fans!!!

    That just made my day……thanks

  83. And…it also seems like he’s saying that the only chance the Broncos have of winning is to hurt Brady,because they won’t win with Manning. Sad.

  84. I guess Danny Kanell has been hanging out with other erudite “impartial” football “pundits” – like Mark Brunell and Jerome Bettis. What a fool.

  85. “Broncos should hit Tom Brady after the whistle,” says Kanell. Uh…no. That’s illegal, unsportsmanlike, and unfair. Play by the rules or don’t play at all. The Patriots are the organization that cheats all the time. The Broncos don’t have to emulate their lousy example in order to win. Denver has an excellent defense that can nullify Brady and Belicheat. There’s no reason to hit Brady after the whistle. Want to stop Brady, Denver? Then keep your offense on the field most of the game so Brady can’t get his hands on the ball.

  86. Man, the Donks and former Donks have exuded a ton of class all week. Manning must be quietly ashamed. You should have gone to the Titans, Peyton, and finished up back in ol’ Rocky Top. You’re not going to win it with Kubiak and these goons.

  87. The Broncos and any team coached by Jeff Fisher are consistently the dirtiest teams in the NFL…. chop blocking and targeting knees. Now Brady and Gronk must survive 60 minutes…..protected by officials and a league hell bent on making sure NE fails. Seems fair
    Great league Roger.
    PS….ESPN waiting on instructions who to slander

  88. Danny Who?? Between Ed Hochuli officiating this game, Broncos players wanting to hit Gronk in the legs and morons like Danny Who calling for the Broncos to hit Brady after the whistle…it’s a wonder the Patriots will have any chance at all to win this game!

  89. That is the strategy of a loser, if that’s what they need to win, they are in big trouble. That is the equivalent of hitting him in the hotel parking lot on his way to the team bus. also disgusting and criminal, as most have pointed out here.

  90. Not surprised at all to hear Kannel make such a comment. If you ever want to be bored to near tears tune in to his radio show with Ryan Rucillio. Rucillio is about as condescending as they come and paired with Kannel and his constant drivel. Let’s just say that since the WWL parted ways with Cowherd their radio lineup sucks. Lebatard then Rucillio/Kannel followed by Bomani Jones. Insufferable. I have reprogrammed my car radio to the local Top 40 station. I would rather “do without” than listen to that lineup.

  91. That is a crap comment. Just like the NO – hit Favre deal a few years back. But I will say this -certain quarterbacks should be hit late and all the time. Those are the Quarterbacks who run the read option. These are the guys who use the dont touch the quarterback rules and then use the play fake to run the ball. Of course I am talking about guys like Newton, Wilson, Kapernick, EJ Manuel etc. These guys fake you out and then run downfield and slide. They whine when they get hit in the pocket but yet pull a 360 and run downfield and slide. There is a big difference between a quarterback who can escape the pocket such as Romo, Cutler or Rodgers than those I mentioned previously. Everytime they run the read option and hand it off, the Defense should send a guy after them and pound them to the ground even if they take a roughing penalty. It wouldnt take too many of those and they would slow that stuff down. Those guys should not be protected the way that regular QB’s are.

  92. Did this guy ever play for a Saints?

    You want to condone cheap shots to facilitate winning….. I mean really….

    This isn’t a video game, this is real life.

    Get real Kanell.

  93. FIre Kannell.

    ESPN has a MNF contract with ESPN.

    THis compromises their potential for ratings if superstar players get bounties sent out on them.

    Arrest Goodell.

  94. gtodriver says:
    Jan 23, 2016 8:44 AM
    Sounds to me like Kanell wants to duplicate the NFC Championship game of the 2009 season.
    It worked in 2009 for the Saints and most of the hits were within the rules. I think often people take a play or two and turn it into a whole game.

    Look going after the QB is a choice that teams make many pass defenders are sacrificed to bring blitzes that are after-all designed to “HIT THE QB”.

    We see it here in N.O. a lot especially since the Saint’s offensive line has been garbage last 2 seasons. The Saints were killed a lot in games where teams make it a point to blitz and hit the QB. The thing with that is if you have a QB with a quick release you can get the ball out which
    a.) a WR/TE/RB can get behind the blitz in that nice pocket that forms between the blitzers and DB’s;
    b.) a quick releasing QB gets more calls because he is letting the ball fly that split second quicker that makes a defenders hit look that much later resulting in calls;

    Going after a QB is a choice teams make. I myself wouldn’t try it VS. Brady play in and play out he will likley burn them. If you pick your spots early and hit him it might work but your going to have to bring 4 defenders and play that pass they have.

    Last shot on 2009 NFCCG the Saints did hit Brett Favre a lot but what never gets brought up is as grate as #4 is he held on to the ball far, far too long trying to force plays in that game. It’s why he got hit so many times. Brad Childress should have altered the plan and used quick in out passing towards the sidelines. It would have spread the Saints out, got the Safties and LB’s off more to the sides vs. right over the QB and opened up more lanes for Adrian Peterson. Childress failed to adjust and let Favre keep being Favre.

    So if your playing a competently coached team that is not going to hesitate to change the entire game plan just blitzing the QB all game is not going to work. If you face a QB that holds on to the ball (which Brady doesn’t nor do any of the top 3 or 4 QB’s) and a coach that is going to stick to what his team does best then by all means keep doing the same thing and bash the QB.

  95. Typical ESPN hire.
    Btw, does he “like” get paid “like” when he uses the word “like”. “Like” how old is this guy.

  96. joker65 says:
    Jan 23, 2016 7:16 AM
    “Kanell sucked as a player and he sucks as a commentator. Hes like a poor mans Trent Dilfer.”

    Isn’t Trent Dilfer already a poor man’s Trent Dilfer?

  97. Just because he played a couple crappy seasons in Denver doesn’t make him a voice for the team or fans. He has always been a joke. This is more proof. I don’t think any real fans or players are hoping for anything dirty.

  98. A guy who wants to ignore head injuries, take cheapshots as a way to send a message and admittedly spanks his children (see his comments regarding Adrian Peterson). He seems like a really great human being.

  99. The ole moe Howard seems to work for Denver, maybe they should do that too.

    It’s always fun on ESPN to watch these goofballs like kanell rise in the ranks until they get comfortable then hear them open up and start saying the most idiotic things imaginable. The network is a joke.

  100. Yup. Give the Patriots offense 15 yards and a first down. Sounds like a can’t miss strategy!

  101. well, I’m certain the league will look into this bounty-like discourse and take appropriate action to preserve the integrity if the game

  102. I think Kanell is confused because the only way he could pick up 15 yards on a passing play was to get a rough the passer penalty.

  103. They do need to get to him though and with him real easing the ball quickly. There is a high probability that there will be a few penalties. If the Broncis five BRADY time, the game is over. With Gronkowski pushing off all game, it’ll be hard!!!

  104. Text messages from ” the deflator” prove Brady was cheating. I hope he does get knocked out the game. It would only be fair in the big picture of things.

  105. I’ve always thought, especially come a round or so into the playoffs when QBs are so vital, is that at some point one player will just have a screw loose and physically assault a QB blatantly intentionally, with the purpose of injury. Or, at least a flagrant foul for a late hit or hit below the knees, without apology.

    So, at worst he gets ejected and a $500k fine. Can appeal a suspension and play the next game (SB) and instead sit out game 1 next year.

    Small price to pay for your team making it to the SB because the other team had to bring in a guy who gets 5% of the snaps all week and all season.

  106. I am a Dolphin fan living in Buffalo. Lots of reasons to hate the pats , but for all of you that hate Brady, ALL of us would love to have him on our team. Any of you experts that call him a baby, you would give all of your under inflated balls to have him on your team and if you can’t admit to that, then really , who is the baby?? Like it or not he is the best QB of all time. Too bad he didn’t play for your or my team!! Once he’s gone, the pats will suck but until then , just be thankful that you were able to watch the best at the position during your lifetime.

  107. This is actually EXACTLY what I would expect coming from Danny. He says all these things to call attention to HIMSELF. It’s no different that a heel on pro wrestling. That’s what he’s doing. His on-air “personality” is like a wrestling bad guy. Does it on everything he’s on: SportsCenter, College Football Live, etc.

  108. Kanell’s morals are repugnant. Kanell is arguing for the Broncos defenders to not only cheat on purpose, but to do so in a violent way that puts a vulnerable player at tremendous risk.

    Could there possibly be bigger stain on the 2015/16 playoffs season (the NFL’s 50th in the Super Bowl era) — than to have a flagrantly late and illegal hit knocking out a Hall of Fame legend ON PURPOSE?

    Kannel sounds like the kind of guy who would embezzle the 401Ks of his elderly clients, if the penalty were sufficiently low, rationalizing that, “If I score $15,000,000 and hide it offshore – who cares how much it screws anyone over as long as I’me out of the can in 3 years?”

    Not my kind of person – and I would not want that person employed anywhere near me or anyone else for that matter.

  109. Just a ex Denver punk who knows they can’t beat the patriots straight up. No the Patriots won’t do this to Manning because they want him and his noodle arm to stay in the game.

  110. “He’s right. The Dolphins did it in Week 17……”

    Strangely, when the much better Chiefs did it in the Divisional round last week, it didn’t affect Brady at all.
    Could it be that the Pats were missing half their skill players against Miami??

  111. I see Brady not the only crybaby. At least Kanell knows what happens to nfl qbs who get hit. He sounds like a guy that wants to win not get a participation trophy.

  112. No need for cheating, the refs will some how once again make the biggest impact on the field.
    Its a sad statement when the opponent you “fear” has a whistle and a yellow flag. Only in the NFL are officials a house hold name. This tool Hockuli thinks Sunday is his time to shine, when in fact we shouldn’t even know his name.

  113. I hope they take this idiotic, stupid advice.

    In a game against Manning and a tough defense like the Bronco’s there’s nothing TB/BB would like more than a couple free first downs and being 30 yards closer to the end zone.

  114. I agree completely.

    That being said, at this point in time, they won’t be getting Brady off his game. It would only fire him up more.

    But I like the mentality.

  115. SMH.

    Go Bills forever and hate the Patriots but come on man, you just can’t say that over the air.

    Do the Broncos really want their statue, I mean QB, taking late shots? Bellicheck would respond in kind and love it.


  116. worldizending says:
    Jan 23, 2016 7:11 AM
    Here is another way too look at intentional late hits. Cheating !

    But cheating only matters when the Pats engage in it (in particular when they are falsely accused of so doing).

  117. Kannel is obviously an idiot. How stupid do you have to be to make a statement like his? Too bad. If he actually had half a brain to begin with he probably would have been a good quarterback.

    Just goes to show even tards get jealous.

  118. So then the Patriots knock out Manning.

    And then with 6’34” Brock, standing in the pocket, he launches a long TD and he watches it land in teh hands, the Pats maul his knee from the side, knocking him out.

    Then the Broncos knock out Jimmy G.

    It’s just not that hard to do it blatantly. Anyone could do it. Hell, Tennessee could do it to New England.

    What about Last Boyscout style?

  119. Bradycheat deserves to get hit on every play, regardless of when an official might blow a whistle. If the league isn’t going to punish him for cheating, then the players on the field should.

  120. He should, like, say “like” a few more times. He’s, like, a professional broadcaster and stuff. Like, totally professional ya know? I can, like, totally see why they, like, hired him.

  121. When Kanell was at QB, opposing team coaches always had the same thing to say to their defenses before hitting the field against him:
    “Remember guys, just focus on stopping the run. If we can do that, the game will be ours.”

  122. “The quarteback must go down and he must go down hard.”

    The late, GREAT Al Davis knew.

    Hit him hard and hit him often.

    Playing through the whistle is just another form of gamesmanship- much like filming signals from places of the field that were deemed illegal and tampering with footballs.

    I hope to see Brady making his poo face and on his back for most of the game. Before or after the whistle, it makes no difference.

    Go Raiders

  123. Haha ! The Pats are in everyone’s head, even fool ESPN announcers. They are obviously in the heads of the Donkeys. This game will be a butt whipping from the start. No one is more focused than Brady and BB, or more jacked up , you can thank Goodell for that. Now the donkeys have fired up everyone else on the Pats. Peyton will be yanked at halftime, Pats win 34-10, it will never be a game, and you donkey fans know it

  124. “I love all the name calling from the Pats fans….man you guys are still butt hurt about the loss to Denver!!!!! Almost as bad as the Steelers fans!!!

    That just made my day……thanks”

    The game is tomorrow, Einstein.

  125. I’m no Pats or Broncos fan by any means, but that was a very inappropriate comment to make as a sports commentator. While it could be true that it might be the only way they can beat the Pats, saying they should do that is wrong.

    As a fan of the sport itself who cheers for several teams, I want to watch a good football game played within the rules without controversy to determine who the better team is.

  126. I remember that game in 2003. Brady threw a sweet TD pass to David Givens at the left pylon to take the lead, and then Kanell sealed the game with in interception.

  127. It’s the AFC championship game. Time for Talib to wuss out with a minor injury like usual.


  128. If I’m in the Patriots locker room, and hearing this, I’m taking shots at old man manning. This is actually a bit ridiculous.

  129. gr365 says:

    Kanell has CTE.. The thinking part of the brain isn’t working correctly!
    Like, you need a brain to have CTE and like, obviously this moron doesn’t like, have one. Like.

  130. proudchowdahead13 says:
    Jan 23, 2016 2:05 PM

    What will probably happen is the Broncos hit Brady late and get 15 yards. Patriots hit Peyton in revenge, Hoculi ejects Patriot player


    unlikely. Belichick’s teams have never been like that. The only revenge he allows is on the score board.

  131. Isn’t that just great. A scrub QB who couldn’t hold Tom Brady’s jock says the Broncos ought to cheap shot him.

    Kanell was worthless as a QB and he proved by making these classless comments that he is stupid, too.

    No wonder the quotes came from Awful Announcing. Sounds to me like Kanell should be their #1.

    Like, Kanell should shut up and go ride a Hovercraft in traffic.

  132. Pregame dribble.

    Pats are 3-4 over the last 7 games.

    Broncos will win 24-21

    Denver’s number 1 Defense will send the cheaters home from Denver again, just as Denver did in the 2013 AFC Championship game.

    Manning has owned Brady in head to head AFC Championship games the last 10 years. Fact!

  133. “I totally agree with Kanell – The cheap shot that Amendola did to a defenseless Kansas City player was worth a game suspension. And now he is crying about the penalty. The Patriots have taken cheap shots and are known Cheaters. Hate to say it but they deserve massive payback. I hope that Denver knocks Brady hard and often.”

    So your point is that cheap shots are cool with you as long as it’s the Patriots on the receiving end? This is called cognitive dissonance. Google it.

    Amendola should not be suspended for a single UR penalty. That never happens. Ever.

  134. It’s how the Saints got past Brett Favre and the Vikings – they hit him late and often. People should have been thrown out of that game immediately. It’s not cool and I don’t want to see the Broncos doing that kind of thing.

  135. Before Amendola’s horrible cheap shot, don’t forget Wes Welker’s illegal pick on Talib, putting Talib out of the 2013 AFC Championship game.

    NE fans like to think their team is invincible. History proves they’re not. Remember the ’06 AFC Championship game against Peyton when Brady with a minute to go to mount a comeback is intercepted at the Indy 40 yard line to end that game with a 38-34 loss.

    NE, having one of the best QB’s of all time, and best coaches of all time, getting an annual Division pass having zero Division competition, has vastly underachieved. NY Giants shut NE down in 2 SB’s, and until Seattle self imploded with a faulty, crazy play call in last years SB, NE didn’t win a SB in 10 years. 1 SB in 10 years does not make a “dynasty.”

    This years NE is very beatable, and they’re facing the games best defense. Lets see how Denver handles Amendola and Edelmann, both keys to the game.

  136. selfpromotingqb says:
    Jan 23, 2016 7:08 AM
    The Patriots should do the same thing to Manning


    Ordinarily i’d agree with this statement but in this case, the Patriots have a better shot at the W with Peyton in the game. The 2015 version is horrible. #retirealready

  137. This is what you get when have Goodell goons reporting at ESPN, and this is supposed to be Goodell’s version of “integrity” in the NFL. He is a fool. Kannell was a lousy player, and is even worse as a commentator. I really hope the Pats are listening to all of this, and they go out there Sunday … and utterly destroy the Broncos. This is the Patriots way. Then they can strum their nose at Goodell the appropriate way.

  138. “There’s no way to hit a player late and not risk injuring him.”

    But most all of them result in no injures.

  139. skawh says:
    Jan 23, 2016 3:42 PM
    Before Amendola’s horrible cheap shot, don’t forget Wes Welker’s illegal pick on Talib, putting Talib out of the 2013 AFC Championship game.
    Welker was playing for Denver at the time. Typical seahawks fan, clueless.

    No one cares what you say or think.

  140. It used to be teams policed themselves. I remember the Chiefs prize rookie defensive lineman Dorsey got to throw exactly one uppercut before six OL teamed up to put him in traction.

    Nowadays, the penalty for cheap shots is a flag, not a wheelchair. The perpetrator is free to maim again.

    So yeah, it’s just good strategy in today’s NFL to go after anybody and everybody.

    Goodell wanted a “cultural” change to football, he got it. I hope he’s happy.

  141. What he’s also saying is that the refs are much more likely to call fouls on the visiting team, and the home team is likely to get away with a lot more hits, clutching, grabbing, holding, etc. Look for the Pats receivers to be mauled just before the ball arrives, with defenders letting go then claiming they made a clean play. My concern is the refs will let that slide for the home team, but not the visitors. I’m also concerned about holding on both sides of Denver’s lines, as well as the knee shots, horse collar tackles, etc which are tradition in Denver. That’s what Elway’s means when he says they play “tough.” The Patriots will need to keep their wits about them, and keep laying straw on the Camel’s back, one at a time.

  142. I respect Kanell’s ability to make the NFL and play for six seasons. Its starting to seem, If you were in the NFL for any time that makes you eligible for a talk show!

    Check out his stats:

    -Games: 43
    -Games Started: 24
    -Quarterback Record: 10-13-1
    -Yds: 5,129
    -Int: 34
    -Qb Rate: 63.2

  143. The Saints got all the way to the SuperBowl and won it with this approach. Sure, there’s an asterisk next to their name in the record book, but heck, why not just try to murder the other team’s qb. Personal fouls are peanuts if the other team’s QB can’t play.

  144. Brady has already proven that this stuff doesn’t work. Brady has gotten these calls numerous times and will burn the opposing team for giving up the penalty.

  145. skawh says:
    Jan 23, 2016 2:38 PM
    Pregame dribble.

    Pats are 3-4 over the last 7 games.

    Broncos will win 24-21

    Denver’s number 1 Defense will send the cheaters home from Denver again, just as Denver did in the 2013 AFC Championship game.

    Manning has owned Brady in head to head AFC Championship games the last 10 years. Fact!
    Well the Donks went 5-4 their last 9. 2 wins in OT vs depleted teams….Your Hawks finished strong, the Chiefs had won 11 straight. None of that matters once the play offs start. Those werent the 3-4 Pats out there last week. And they aren’t the 2013 version either and more importantly,neither is Peyton.
    The other time Peyton won it was 38-34. Pats were in control until injuries/fatigue on D. Another poster put that game on Brady because he “failed” to go 79 yards for a TD with 54 seconds left with Bug Eyes Caldwell as his best option. That’s how high the bar is set for Brady, 34 points in a loss,,,choke by the QB obviously…

  146. Kanell sucked when he played, and he sucks when he tries to comment on the game as well. Stupid idea, supporting attempts to injure, and I’m a Giant’s fan.

  147. Dumbest idea ever lets hit the GOAT and piss him off even more than he already is this whole season. Maybe he”ll light the defense up for 600yds.

  148. There are a huge number of morons here who know nothing about football.

    At no time can you COVER DEFEND tomasina brady. The princess is too good at finding open receivers.

    Kannell is so right – you must punish tomasina and we know she hates getting hit – and the more you do it, the more she whines and starts to make mistakes.

    The key here is that tomasina cannot do enough damage in the first quarter if you give him a couple of 15 yard penalties – you must be committed to driving the waife into the turf and commit to removing him from the game. This is not dirty – it is up to the Cheaters’ offensive line to protect him and if you get a chance to smash him after he releases the ball – do it. I am not saying go for his knees – I’m saying level him – don’t launch – just bull rush him and if two defenders can’t stop until they impact him, oh well.

    Interestingly the tactic of hitting the QB often also neutralizes Cam Cheating in Carolina – that ginger hates getting hit and you can rattle him easier than tomasina.

  149. This strategy has been employed by teams playing the Patriots almost every weekend since 2001. People have claimed that Brady doesn’t like to get hit, yet, he gets up. He gets hit, he gets up, he wins, rinse, wash,repeat.

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