Carson Palmer prepares for first career road playoff game with bad finger


Last Saturday night, Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer didn’t seem like himself. Comments from coach Bruce Arians suggested that the gravity of the situation — Palmer had never won a playoff game — played a role in his failure to throw the ball down the field. There also could a physical component to it.

Albert Breer of NFL Media reports that the team noticed accuracy issues in the divisional round arising from a dislocated finger Palmer suffered in the regular season.

“If fair to say Palmer’s finger’s been a little more of an issue than he’s let on,” Breer writes, adding that it has looked better in practice this week.

Palmer originally injured the finger in Week 15 against the Eagles, and an initial adjustment to his throwing motion caused soreness elsewhere.

Whether and to what extent the pressure of the moment was an issue for Palmer is something that won’t go away as the Cardinals move to the next round. After getting his first career playoff win, Palmer now faces not only his first conference title game but also, amazingly, the first road playoff game of his entire career.

Drafted way back in 2003 and now 36 years old, Palmer has never faced a hostile crowd on in a single-elimination setting. With the Bengals, he appeared in two playoff games, both losses and both at home. With the Cardinals, Saturday night was his first postseason appearance.

Whether finger or brain or some combination thereof, it makes sense to keep an eye on Carson Palmer today. As he gets a late-career shot at a Super Bowl appearance in Charlotte, will he let it fly — or will he shrink in the moment?

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  1. Hoping Palmer and everyone else is at the top of their games today. We are down to the 4 top seeds and these should be great games, having them decided by injury or officiating would be seriously disappointing.

  2. Hey at least Palmer’s still playing when the Red BB Gun is nowhere to be seen.

    Hoping for a Pats vs Cards SB

  3. If Carson is off target like he was so often vs. the Packers last week, the Cards are in trouble. However, if he’s on his game, the Cardinals’ outstanding receiving corps should be able to dominate the Panthers’ depleted secondary.
    Carolina’s D line and LBs will make yards on the ground very difficult to come by, so if the Cardinals are going to win this game it will likely depend on Carson’s accuracy and his O line’s ability to keep the pocket clean.
    On the flip side, I have no idea how Arizona’s defense will match up with Carolina’s offense. Should be a very good game.

  4. The NFL powers that be are contemplating who should win this game. As super bowl profits should be maximized…it’s a no brainier that the Pats win, and I think the power shakers are leaning towards Carolina,as cam brings the punk essence… In the end, no matter how much your heart bleeds for your team, it all about money..

  5. Cards med team and trainers need to perform their magic; this is the NFC Championship, one win away from the SB; with a chance to go to the Game, Palmer will be ready and accurate.
    Cards D has to make Panthers one dimensional, pick your poison, think if you shut down Olson hit him off the line disrupt the route; rough up Ginn he’ll cough it up; stopping their passing game will be drive killers.
    Turnovers the key, like Cards D esp Bucannon (fumble recovery)/Peterson (int for TD) to be the difference makers. Cards 31 Panthers 19

  6. Andy Dalton. Just as good as Carson and 10 years younger. I love the way things turned out. Laugh all you want about his playoff resume, but it took Carson 13 years to win one. Heck, Peyton took 6 years. Dalton has played 5 years and missed the 2015 playoffs.

  7. @ religionisforidiots—-man you are still crying about the field? Get over it, your she hawks are toast. Now stand aside while your division rivals get laced too.

  8. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Jan 24, 2016 10:25 AM
    He’s as lucky as the Panthers that he’s playing that team. They should be playing the turf this Sunday, that’s who won last week.

    Yeah, can totally see that. What with only one of the teams having to play on it, the Hawks ‘only’ netting 400 yards and ‘just’ 55 total points scored.
    Why is it 12’s can never seem to accept they lost and tip their cap to the team that beat them?
    A little respect goes a long way

  9. It’s definitely the finger. Sometimes the ball would come out and the velocity wouldn’t be there so it would just dip. Or on the release some would be slightly off target, easy passes at that. But it wasn’t always that which makes me believe it is the finger. He’d have a good pass, then a bad one, and so on.

  10. Once again, Carolina cheats their way in to the playoffs. Last weekend they had the fields sod replaced , before the game against Seattle. No wonder, Seattle they were slipping’ and sliding during the first half.

    So beware Arizona fans, because they probably found another way to cheat your team. I am a Cards fan this weekend, and whoever is playing Carolina during regular season..

  11. superbowlchampsbengals says:
    Jan 24, 2016 10:18 AM
    And another pick 6 by Carson “quitter” Palmer.
    And he was right to quit on that pathetic franchise or he’d still be staring at 0 career playoff wins.

  12. junkmtb it’s call trust but verify.

    Change their turf before big game. Obviously that means nothing to folks who have no morals or ethics. But everybody deserve to know who the low life scum are. As the sports casters said, nobody wanted to face Seattle, so they found a way to cheat. This is some of your pay-back, and hopefully you will get more later. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @jhuber: Seattle would have lost to Minnesota if not for a missed field goal. Maybe Seattle lost to Carolina because they were not the best team.

  14. j huber says:
    Jan 24, 2016 1:27 PM
    Change their turf before big game. Obviously that means nothing to folks who have no morals or ethics. But everybody deserve to know who the low life scum are.

    Giants guy so no dog in the fight. That was hardly the equivalent of Shula surreptitiously ordering the field uncovered for the Mud Bowl. The field was in tough shape from some brutal weather conditions and the annual Belk Bowl followed by the Bucs game a few days later finished it off. It would have been unethical not to resod. They resodded before last year’s playoff game too.
    Like an earlier poster noted 12’s are notoriously whiny losers

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