Panthers aren’t blinking this week, up 34-7 in third quarter

Getty Images

The Panthers managed to get through the third quarter without collapsing.

Then again, it’s early yet.

The Panthers are about a quarter away from a date with the Broncos in the Super Bowl, up 34-7 on the Cardinals after an impressive start to the second half.

While they gave up two quick touchdowns out of the break last week against the Seahawks, the Panthers were able to grind away the clock to open the second half this week.

Their first possession took 7:10 off the clock, so even settling for a field goal was not the worst result, considering the time they took away from the Cardinals.

But then Cam Newton started doing Cam Newton things, converting a third-and-10 run and then diving in for a touchdown to punctuate a 12-yard run, which might be enough of a difference.