Stephen Gostkowski: “I lost the game”

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Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski blamed himself after today’s 20-18 loss to the Broncos, saying his missed extra point early in the game came back to haunt his team.

“I feel like I lost the game. I feel sorry for myself, but I don’t expect people to feel sorry for me,” Gostkowski said, via Michael Whitmer of the Boston Globe.

No football game is ever won or lost entirely on one play, but it certainly was costly for the Patriots: If Gostkowski had made that extra point, New England only would have needed him to make another extra point at the end of the fourth quarter to send the game into overtime. Instead, the Patriots had no choice but to go for two, and they failed to convert.

The miss was Gostkowski’s first missed extra point since he was a rookie in 2006. The miss snapped an incredible streak of 523 consecutive extra points Gostkowski has made. He’s not the only reason the Patriots lost the game, but he sure did miss at an inopportune time.

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  1. No, the porous offensive line, a QB afraid of any contact, and a complete lack of non-Gronk offensive threats lost that game.

  2. Belichick lost the game when he didn’t take the field goal with 6 minutes left. He obviously didn’t hear me yelling at the tv.

    The NE defense was playing great. They had a greater chance to get the ball back again and win the game.

  3. I’m confused.. does this mean we’re not going to see the Patriot vs. Packers Super Bowl that the two most annoying fan bases in sports have promised us for almost a year?

  4. Belichick lost the game when he forfeited away home field advantage and ran 20 straight inside handoffs in Miami.

  5. Sometimes you’ve got to give a nod to the other teams Defense. This was one such time. Denver punished TB for most of the day.

    Defense wins championships!

  6. Your allowed to cheat. You do cheat and still can’t win. Pathetic. Not your fault patriots didn’t cheat hard enough. Maybe Brady’s 2 ints had something to do with it.

  7. You didn’t have to say Gostkowski. I’m sure Gisele will throw you under the bus and get you fired just like she did Welker. It’s the P.O.P. and she will lash out on you. I’m sure she wont blame her QB hubby for now being able to come thru in Denver 2-7 lifetime and 0-3 in playoffs. Pats fans you had all your players today and the refs gave you calls so man th F up and take it like a man

  8. Pats should have kicked FG instead of going for 4th and 1&1/2. 1st guess by me. There was just about 8 mins left. Overall, great fun game to watch!

  9. This is the beginning of the end for tommy and that team. HE lost the game. Phillips came up with a game plan and brash tommy and the terrible coaching staff could not make adjustments.

  10. the better team (barely) won today. manning did enough to not lose the game.

    Expect another SEA-DEN type of SB. DEN will be playing a team that has an O-Line, a very good one to go along with a great defense.

  11. The Broncos tried their best to hand that game to NE, but their noodle armed QB couldn’t make it happen. I wonder if they will cut him.

  12. Unless you were supposed to kick extra points AND block DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller, then no, you didn’t lose the game.

    Von Miller called it before the game. “You said [he gets the ball out in] two seconds? Sometimes I only need one.”

  13. Denver deserved to win today. They certainly were the better team. However make no mistake neither the Broncos or the Patriots would be able to handle Carolina.

  14. How about Denver won the game . The fact that the Pats had a chance to tie the game was unbelievable, Denver outplayed them most of the game. If you choose to kick a FG you can’t assume anything thereafter. If there’s any “blame” it would be due to not having a better game plan.
    Have a feeling though that Carolina is going to smoke the Broncos.

  15. You might have done, but Tom Brady was hit so many times he had no clue where he was throwing it. We all know if he gets hit he doesn’t like it, and the Denver defense was on him all night long.
    That defense was terrific, and Tommy had no answer. Bye bye New England at least we don’t have to listen to anything about you anymore this season.

  16. Best kicker in the game. Had made some insane number of consecutive XPs before missing this one.

    You didn’t lose it Ghost, the Broncos D won it. They played great.

  17. Denver was the better team today. Should have kicked the FG, but Denver D made one more play than we did. Congrats Peyton. We’ll be back…with a better line, I hope.

  18. He came closer on the PAT than the OL on most of their blocks.

    He also rallied back pretty well. Didn’t let it get in his head, and kit a couple of field goals.

    tough loss, but Gostkowski had a real small part in it.

  19. Bill Belichick lost this game. Always take the points, but I guess he was playing checkers to Kubiak’s chess. 😉

  20. Every time you miss an extra point, it often comes back to haunt you. So, yes, he lost the game between 2 equal teams and HOF QB’s. Sad that football players win or lose often because of soccer kickers.

  21. BB, the world’s smartest coach, and practically unbeatable because of it – according to the sycophants who drool over his every action – had as much to do with this loss as anyone. Couldn’t figure out how not to leave his tackles hanging and goes for it on 4th down when he had plenty of time to hit the FG and get the ball back.

  22. Carolina will KILL this team.

    However, Denver is still the “pot” capital of the US.

    “Peace Brother”…….

  23. It’ll be interesting to see how NE handles the off season and the draft. They took away the 1st rounder from the cheating scandal, similar to taking away a 3rd rounder when they cheated in 2007.

    They always field a good team though so never count them out.

  24. Best kicker in league & love tour accountability – not your fault, it was in the 1st quarter and you made both your FGs. Very proud of Pats, but Denver deserved win. It was “their” type of game and it would have been great to force OT to see what would have happened.

    Only small-moderate 2nd guess I had was not kicking FG with 5 1/3 left, otherwise very proud of team and being Pats fan. Can’t win the SB every year. With health and very good draft we can be back next season.

  25. The Pats coaching has been sub par this year. A lot of questionable decisions made. I cannot remember a year where there were so many dumb play calls made, whether it was going for it on fourth down, kicking onside kicks, not trying to build any sort of run game, post coin toss decision making, playing super conservative before halftime, just seemed like there were so many more times than normal, that made you scratch your head and go WTF? But all in all it was another fun year to be a Pats fan. Gostkoski is one player on the team that is money, picked a bad time to miss his first extra point in ten years, but it happened a lot this year. Good change by the NFL, definitely added more drama to the kicking game. It wasnt your fault, It was Denvers defenses fault the Pats lost. They brought the heat and the Pats could not stop it.

  26. He didn’t. Nor did Brady.

    Let’s say he made the extra point. Denver certainly wasn’t going to just try to run the clock out knowing Brady and company only needed a touchdown and (a relatively easy) extra point.

    Making it changes their strategy. The Patriots as a whole lost it. There are no moral victories in the playoffs.

  27. TheWizard says:
    Jan 24, 2016 7:14 PM
    Belichick lost the game when he didn’t take the field goal with 6 minutes left. He obviously didn’t hear me yelling at the tv.

    The NE defense was playing great. They had a greater chance to get the ball back again and win the game.

    Isn’t that the same drive that Brady’s intentional grounding call didn’t happen when the ball was 2 yards short of the los and he was well inside the tackle box?

  28. Considering the point in the game where he missed the kick, I don’t agree. Now Blair Walsh missing with no time left on the clock from 28 yards to win the game, do that and you earned the right to say you lost the game, Shank you very much.

  29. The kicker missed an xp.

    If he’d of made it anything could have happened.

    Including a Broncos roll on scoring making it like 31 to…less.

    Broncos were more prepared. Better team advanced. The NFL’s right again. yup

  30. No way did go Sadowski lose the game. Denver played a little better today. The PATS are a,world class team, as obvious by some haters. The New England Patriots will be one of the top teams vying for the Super Bowl next year.

  31. Broncos were the better team tonight. SG has been a rock all year. Not his fault. The better team on any given Sunday won. The Broncos D was the best unit on the field tonight. I wonder who the Pats will play in next year’s conference championship?

  32. Belichick lost the game when he didn’t take the field goal with 6 minutes left. He obviously didn’t hear me yelling at the tv.
    I agreed with that call at the time We needed a touchdown at some point.
    Simply this: Physically outmatched by the Broncos D Line.

  33. The Pats O-LINE lost the game. They should have run the ball more and coach Bill should have known the game was getting away from him. I’m surprised they didn’t make adjustments.
    It’s ok though. They tried and lost.
    It is what it is.

  34. The so called greatest of all time couldn’t complete 50% of his passes. Considering he rarely throws beyond 10 yards, 60% is pathetic.

  35. Be honest. When Gronk caught that 4th down pass and NE scored everyone was thinking that FN Brady was going to do it again. Completely outplayed and yet there was Brady. Hate him all you want but ya’ll we soiling your drawers and you know it.

  36. powersnatch0102 says:
    Jan 24, 2016 7:13 PM

    No, your arrogant coach who went for it on 4th down instead of kicking a field goal, did.
    Thought the same thing when the choice was made and still believe it now.

  37. Belechick lost the game when he went for it on 4th down instead of kicking a chip shot field goal with 6 minutes left in the game. They were down by 8 at the time. Kick the field goal there and the TD at the end wins the game.

  38. The kicker was only part of the reason why New England lost. Brady got off to a slow start, and his offensive line played TERRIBLE. Bill was out coached by Wade Phillips. Bill made the bad decision to go for it on 4th down when he could have gone for a field goal. Then it wouldn’t have come down to a 2 point conversion at the end. He’s got one of the best kickers in the league. The way Denver’s defense was playing, there was a better chance a field goal would have been successful than for the offense to pick up the 1st down.

  39. No, Shady lost it. Things even out. If you cheat, you get cheated. It was the Deflator vs. HGH Boy.

  40. #1- You didn’t lose the game, your o-line did. #2- Michael, MANY, many, many games have been lost on one play. Put aside every OT game, the list is too long to print even if you own a Kinkos.

  41. Not your fault. Field goals and a touchdown would have won that game. Oh well… You win some, you lose some.
    Looks like the Panthers will face the Broncos. It will be interesting… Hope it won’t end up like Hawks- Broncos SB. The Panthers looks pretty solid right now. Well rounded team.

  42. They had two chances to make field goals that they passed up and went for it on fourth down and whiffed both time. Three points would have won the game. Blame it on Belichick’s hubris.

  43. Brady was THIS close. All he needed was 25 seconds to run the balls to the locker room and deflate them, and this would have been in his pocket.

  44. That miss might have played a factor, but where exactly was the Patriots running game ? It wasn’t exactly a secret what they doing when the formations had no running backs in the backfield.

  45. thebeeper says:
    Jan 24, 2016 8:55 PM

    Scott Norwood is smiling from ear to ear right now


    Scott Norwood missed a Super Bowl winning kick.

    Gostowski missed a convert in the first half.

    Not quite the same.

  46. Brady didn’t play great (for him) but that was hardly what happened today. He was running for his life as Denver collapsed every pocket in no time at all and their coverage was tight all game. The Denver defense won this one, and Manning didn’t give it away. All that, and the Patriots still had a chance to tie it with a 2 point conversion. They’ll be back next year just like always.

    Hats off to Denver tonight.

  47. FoozieGrooler says:
    Jan 24, 2016 8:43 PM

    It’s called karma Stephen.


    It has nothing to do with karma if someone misses a kick. Based on your logic of karma against the Patriots they wouldn’t have won 4 Super Bowls and been to the last 5 AFC championships. It’s just a missed kick. Denver outplayed the Patriots.

  48. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Jan 24, 2016 8:19 PM

    Well Patriots fans, looks like you CAN’T win it all once they start looking a bit more closely at the footballs, after all.


    Yeah…. that’s it for sure.

  49. steelerfan63 says:
    Jan 24, 2016 7:21 PM
    When you cant cheat anymore,you are just an average Coach,Qb,and team.
    odd that your team hasn’t won it since your team doctor left cause of some improper drug issues?

  50. The Patriots didn’t lose because of dumb mistakes… they got beat by a team that out played them. Hats off to Denver.

    They have to finish the job now. Making the Super Bowl and losing the worst possible way to end the season despite the fact it happens to one team every year.

    Not fond of Denver, but hope Peyton goes out on top. Watching Cam, it’s going to be tough.

  51. thebeeper says:
    Jan 24, 2016 8:55 PM
    Scott Norwood is smiling from ear to ear right now

    That has to be one of the weirdest comments I ever read. But that’s how exaggerated every Patriots failure has become. A missed XP in the 1st quarter of a AFC Championship game is now considered worse than a game losing missed FG with no time left in the SB. Because… it’s the Patriots

  52. Missing an extra point in the first half never, ever, can be said to have lost a game.

    A poor offensive line facing an excellent defensive line, however, will frequently do so.

    A QB making a number of poor throws, including INTs, also frequently loses games.

  53. Bronc fans – Pats fan here.

    Congrats – you beat us. No excuses, when it had to be done you did it, we didn’t.

    Good luck in 2 weeks -you’re gonna need it.

  54. From Carolina’s perspective it will be quite easy: Just study up on Super Bowl XLVIII and attack that Denver Oline.

    No need to sack, just shrink the pocket, put up your hands and give Manning a good lick here and there.

    With a poor offense that Denver defense won’t be able to sustain 4 quarters of pressure.

    Otherwise, Carolina’s inexperience, and wide-eyed dopiness will be its undoing.

  55. Im shocked at all the calls for the FG. Its not like scoring a TD would have just closed a gap. They took those chances presented to tie the game! Just couldnt convert. Josh and Bill lost this game. In Miami. And today, 1st play from scrimmage, empty backfield? No one even pretending to establish the play action pass? Who would hire Josh after this game? Oh by the way, put someone on Von Miller – or hard count him? He was timing the bob of the centers head prior to snap in the shotgun, all game.

  56. Pretty sure the NE Oline lost the game.

    Look at the boxscore.

    4 sacks and 20 QB hits allowed.

    20! I have never seen that on a stat line. That’s something you expect in a Jags boxscore.

    Twen-tee QB hits. Holy crap!

  57. No look at the film. Your holder held the ball wrong. It was at an angle when you kicked it and not straight up. It was doomed for failure when you kicked it.

  58. We all knew going in that the Pats had pretty much no run game. I knew that the O line was a patched up mess of guys playing mix and max with injuries galore so I suspected it could be tough today with those two elements missing and it was.
    Still a valiant effort by the Pats. They never gave up and I can see them at the top next year with the talent they have and people healthy.

  59. No, Belicheck and McDaniel did by not giving any help to Vollmer.

    It would also be mistake to overlook Brandon Lafell’s performance. They had to resort to using their fastest running back to get deep because Lafell sucks.

  60. I’m pretty sure the Patriots lost this game, as a team. Some questionable calls by Bill, Brady was erratic at best and never felt comfortable, the Line was destroyed by an elite game plan and pass rush.

    I was happy with the defense in general, but you have to give credit to
    The Broncos. Peyton came out hot and didn’t make big mistakes late when the Pats D clamped down.

    Brady still looks good enough to play at a relatively high level, but it’s painfully obvious we need some change. Gotta get healthy and improve the offensive line, and maybe think about getting another legit offensive weapon. Cannot play one dimensional ball like that and expect to win against elite defenses.

    Great season, always fun to watch regardless of what everyone else says. Good luck to the Broncos next week, hopefully you guys can slow down the freight train coming out of NC

  61. That has to be one of the weirdest comments I ever read. But that’s how exaggerated every Patriots failure has become. A missed XP in the 1st quarter of a AFC Championship game is now considered worse than a game losing missed FG with no time left in the SB. Because… it’s the Patriots

    sorry but kickers do not lose games, they simply win or dont win a game…Norwood didnt lose a game, he simply did not win it. Gost did not lose this game, as I can respect him for taking the blame… that is what an honest athlete does, whether true r not…

    Like that Super Bowl many years earlier, the game was not lost on 1 play nor was this.

  62. As a Panthers fan, reflecting back on this matchup, I’m salivating.

    Ohhh Denver, how shocked will you be when Ted Ginn and Philly Brown put 40 points on your vaunted Defense?

    Poor Peyton, not going out on top, having to settle for 1 Super Bowl ring.

    Ahhh, just messing around. I thought it was sad at the end of the matchup when I saw Peyton having extra long messages w/ Tom and Belichick. Almost like he was saying it was a pleasure to compete with you over the years.

  63. I don’t want anyone to feel like Denver deserved to win this game today. Poor missed point, poor O-Line. New England beat themselves. 99/100 NE wins this game. I feel like a trash franchise and organization are moving onto a game they have no business being in. You can’t blame Brady for a banged up Offensive line that couldn’t react to the snap accordingly. I hate to see Carolina roll in the super bowl but that’s what’s going to happen against a very poor Denver team that has no business being in the Super Bowl.

  64. The loss is on the team. They couldnt handle denvers defense. Brady had a great year and is still one of the top quarterbacks in the league but I think hell be the first to admit he threw his fair share of stinkers in that game. Its really on team and Belichick. That extra point miss did hurt though.

  65. His team would have won if Belichek would have kicked and taken the points instead of going for the first down.

  66. Fred says:
    Jan 24, 2016 7:13 PM
    No, the porous offensive line, a QB afraid of any contact, and a complete lack of non-Gronk offensive threats lost that game.


    Brady was hit quite a bit and he had them on the verge of OT. He needs to remain upright to throw the ball. Brady is known to be one of the toughest and most resilient QB’s in the league. That’s why he was able to rally them to the door step of OT. That’s what you get with him. Even when they don’t play particularly well, they play pretty damn well.

  67. You didn’t lose it ,the refs lost it and they probably do it again against Panthers.

  68. Yep the Pats messed up, 4th down they should have gone for FG’s, would have won this game if they had kicked a FG earlier

    I’m no Denver fan but i’m happy as hell the Pats lost

  69. Worst part is no team will be sniffing around Josh McDaniels now after that stinker. We are going to be stuck with him in New England and the last few years of Brady’s career will be wasted. He can’t call a game worth anything, and Brady has hidden that with his talent for the most part. I don’t know why Bill brought McDaniels back, Josh’s loyalty is all I can think of.
    Also, you have to miss Scarnecchia on days like yesterday.

  70. Whilst the mised PAT was a contributing factor, and maybe a 4th-down decision too, the problem was overwhelmingly the Pats’ very patchwork O-line which has struggled hugely since midseason (3-5 in last 8, inc both playoffs), and meant Brady had no time or protection. I don’t like to diminish a great effort from a good Broncos-D, but the porous Pats’ O-line made them look even better. Good game, though, and all the best to Peyton in probably his last game next week.

  71. i wouldn’t just blame yourself, but you helped the cause. Pretty boy Brady played bad the two ints didn’t help but those were caused by pressuring the crap out of Pretty Boy

    Denver’s Defense under Phillips won it.

    Payton played lights out

  72. “I’m confused.. does this mean we’re not going to see the Patriot vs. Packers Super Bowl that the two most annoying fan bases in sports have promised us for almost a year?”

    Nope not this year but those two teams aint going anywhere and will be in the SB together next year for sure.this year they allowed two other teams to get a sniff of the glory by playing poorly.

  73. Just glad we don’t have to hear about the Patriots and packers anymore this year. The most annoying fan base out there hands down. Brady looked scared last night and Erin Rodgers is a little girl.

  74. Why are we talking about him missing when we should be talking about how he shouldn’t have even been attempting the kick in the first place?

    Face it, the Patriots only scored because they got a cheesy unearned gift possession off the Denver running back stopping instead of picking up the ball or swatting it out of bounds. And allowing the Pats defender to scoop up the unearned gift ball.

    The whole thing was a joke.

  75. Struggling offense should have taken what it was given: fg opportunities. Nothing but arrogance with over 6 mins left, to go for a first down with three time outs remaining. Kick it, be within five, get ball back, drive, kick it, be down two, get ball back, drive, kick longer fg, win it.
    Geez I’m good. An offensive line that lets their QB get clobbered over 20 times probably should resign. Or walk home.

  76. The losses to Philadelphia and Miami cost the Patriots home field advantage and are what ultimately cost the Patriots yesterday against a good but beatable Denver team.

    The injuries to Nate Solder and Dion Lewis were also costly. Brady had too much pressure when throwing and NE was not strong on first down. The losses of Solder and Lewis were central to these problems.

  77. There’s that, but the Broncos’ domination up front – three INTs and basically no NE running game – pretty much wound up deciding it.

    But the Broncos will have a lot of problems in the SB with an immobile QB who doesn’t throw all that accurately. This could be a SB48-style blowout.

  78. Brady was sacked 4 times, he was hit 20 times, he threw 3 interceptions, he was beat up big-time, yet he still managed to come within one play of sending the game into overtime.

    After the game he took the blame on himself for the team’s loss.

    Gostkowski missed the 1st PAT after more than 500 straight conversions.

    After the game he took the blame on himself for the team’s loss.

    IOW – “No excuse sir!!”

    See a pattern emerging here? Want to know why we love our team?

    See you next season.

    Denver – congratulations on your win, good luck against Carolina – you’re going to need it.

    Lots of it.

  79. Stephen, you did not “lose the game” for the Patriots. As mentioned above, there are a whole lot of things that the Patriots could have done to make the outcome better for themselves. However, that said, it would have been nice to see the game continue into overtime. BUT, there is no guarantee that the Patriots would have won there. BUT it would have been nice the see.

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