Broncos choose to wear white in Super Bowl

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Like two years ago, the Broncos are in the Super Bowl. Like two years ago, the Broncos are the home team in the Super Bowl.

Unlike two years ago, the Broncos won’t be wearing their orange jerseys during the Super Bowl.

Via the Associated Press, the Broncos have chosen to wear white in Super Bowl 50. G.M. John Elway explained the decision in simple terms.

“We’ve had Super Bowl success in our white uniforms,” Elway said.

They’ve had equal success in their blue uniforms, winning one to cap the 1997 season in blue and one to end 1998 in white. But they’ve struggled in orange, losing to the Cowboys (1977), Washington (1987), San Francisco (1989), and Seattle (2013) wearing the blend of red and yellow.

And so it’s likely more about not wearing orange (0-4) than wearing white, in which the Broncos are 1-1, the jersey color when losing to the Giants in 1986.

To the extent that any of this matters (and it doesn’t), the Panthers may welcome the chance not to wear white. Twelve years ago, they lost their only Super Bowl appearance in white jerseys.

72 responses to “Broncos choose to wear white in Super Bowl

  1. Color don’t matter. It’s about performance. Just bc you choke against better teams doesn’t mean it’s bc of the color. We’ll see if you win this time, which I highly doubt it bc Kam is super man.

  2. And the Panthers have a black mascot (a black panther named Sir Purr), while Denver has a white horse mascot named Thunder. Black QB with personal swagger vs. White QB with no swagger. Black Uni’s vs white uni’s. The story line is already unfolding.

    It shouldn’t happen, Peyton, Cam, Ware, Stewart, and many others on both sides are cool people and great for the NFL, but the story line will unfold nonetheless because some can’t accept what’s good for them isn’t necessarily everyone else’s way and personality.

  3. Guess they want Peyton’s grass-stained jersey to go to the HOF as the winning-est regular season QB and the losing-est post season QB.

    That’s OK, the Panthers can wear blue or black. I’m sure Cam will make a good choice, matching his shoes. Wonder if they’ll base on wins & loses? Somehow I doubt it.

  4. jchipwood says:
    Jan 25, 2016 9:44 PM
    What’s the Patriots gonna wear……oh never mind

    One-trick pony.

  5. As a Panthers fan, I know they’ve had the most “playoff success” in whites.. But the Black on Silver is one of the best looking uniforms in the NFL.. And they’re 0-1 in the Super Bowl in the Whites..

    They’ll look boss in the Super Bowl with the Black on Silver.. Yeah baby!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. I could be wrong, but the Broncos blue jerseys are considered their “alternates” and I’ve read that alternates are not allowed as an option in the Super Bowl. Not totally sure… but I read it somewhere on the internet… and that’s never wrong… right?! lol

  7. Denver can’t wear their blues. NFL doesn’t allow alternate jerseys in SB. And for those saying they won their two SBs in home jerseys..the author correctly states that in 98 they beat ATL in their road whites. Jersey color won’t matter in this game. Elway is prob doing it for the fan psyche.

  8. Not only will Broncos be wearing white, but by the end of SB they will be waving the white flag.

    45-10. Ouch!

  9. Man it’s frustrating reading some of the idiots who fire their mouths in here.

    Elway is NOT blaming the uniforms for the previous losses.

    He simply gets to choose, as he is the home team. He decided on white as wearing the orange hasn’t worked out for them. It’s not the fault of the losses, but wearing orange certainly has not helped.

    So he’s choosing white. And then a reporter asked him ‘why?’ And he explained why. He probably didn’t spend as much time thinking about it as you have.

    So to those who spin his words ‘Elway is blaming the uniforms for losses’, you’re spinning like a Hillary Clinton-aide.

  10. pantherfan7780 says:
    Jan 25, 2016 10:53 PM
    How are the broncos the home team? Carolina has a better record and better

    Home team advantage have nothing to do with record. This year is the AFC, next year will be the NFC, last year Seattle was the “home team”, not that did matter though.

  11. They don’t belong in the Super Bowl. NE deserved to win that game. DEN needs crowd noise and luck to perform in a unbiased stadium they will look and perform very poorly

  12. If alternate uniforms are not allowed how were the Broncos wearing blue in their two wins? Just curious, I’m fine as long as Carolina doesn’t wear that hideous teal getup..

  13. Steelers elected to wear white in SB 40 against Seattle. Cue the refs fixed the game jokes. Steelers had won three road games as 6th seed and Cowher liked the us against the world mode.

  14. Thats good. I think i can speak for just about every Broncos fan who would love to see them win one in Orange.It’ll be a tough ask…but then again…it’s the superbowl. Not gonna be a 3-13 team that you’re playing lol.

  15. Bad move! They should wear blue! They won their two Super Bowls wearing blue!
    Wrong. Wore white in SB33, and won.

  16. Red and yellow? Are you talking about the Chiefs or what? Can you post a picture of Denver wearing “the blend of red and yellow” you speak of?

  17. Everyone predicting a blowout has obviously not watched a single bronco game this year. The whole reason Elway got rid of loser fox was to make a tougher team that will “go down kicking and screaming”. I’m not going to be so arrogant (like new englanders) to say there’s no way the Broncos lose, but I will say they will NOT be blown out. Uninformed nfl fans can be the worst. Smh.

  18. timotheewhealon says:
    Jan 25, 2016 11:16 PM
    I could be wrong, but the Broncos blue jerseys are considered their “alternates” and I’ve read that alternates are not allowed as an option in the Super Bowl. Not totally sure… but I read it somewhere on the internet… and that’s never wrong… right?! lol
    Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer said the same thing – that alternates aren’t allowed, so the Panthers can’t wear their blue jerseys (fine by me, because the blue & silver isn’t a good combo).

    Athletes are a superstitious lot. Carolina will have the option of wearing either silver or black pants, but it will almost certainly be silver, because our 2 most recent times wearing the black pants – the NFC playoff game vs San Francisco in ’13 and the last time we played Denver during the 2012 season – we got our butts kicked.

  19. sdcharger123 says:
    Jan 25, 2016 10:44 PM

    This is basically gonna be Super Bowl 48 all over again.


    You’re right, the #1 defense is going to destroy the #1 offense.

  20. I wonder what the odds are that this is a low scoring affair? #1 Offense vs #1 Defense but Denver can score and the Panther’s defense is good as well. This should be a good game. Personally, I’d like to see a last second win. I don’t have a dog in this fight, so its all entertainment for me.

  21. They had success in the SB when they were cheating the salary cap. And only when they were cheating the salary cap.

  22. Probably more about making the Panthers wear something other than white. Reminds me of the old Cowboys thing where teams would wear their other jersey to force the Dallas to wear their dark jerseys, as though it had some mystical powers.

  23. The Broncos played well enough to beat the Pats, but if it wasn’t for some questionable decision making by the coaches, the Pats would probably be going to their 2nd straight SB. I think the Panthers are going to annihilate the Broncos. They only managed to score 3 pts in the second half on Sunday, and that’s not going to be enough to stop the Panthers. Congrats to the Broncos, and Peyton Manning, I wish you the best, but I’m afraid that you don’t have the weapons to beat Cam Newton and the Panthers.

  24. jchipwood says:
    Jan 25, 2016 9:44 PM
    What’s the Patriots gonna wear……oh never mind


    Unless you are a Panthers or Broncos fan then The Patriots are going to wear the same thing as your team. In fact…..the same thing your team has been wearing every postseason game for decades.

  25. There’s one tangible effect it could possibly have. A study from many years ago showed that teams wearing dark colors, like the blacks worn by the Steelers or Raiders or Bears, tended to be called for slightly more penalties than teams wearing white or lighter shaded uniforms, like the Houston Oilers’ powder blue or Miami Dolphins’ aqua. This was presumably due to an apparent psychological effect, making those teams seem more aggressive to the referees.

    Personally, I wish all teams wore their whites at home, like the Cowboys do. For whatever reason, teams prefer their snazzy colors. Except the Broncos, because they bring back bad memories of being smoked in Super Bowls.

  26. Good decision by the Broncos. I think it will put the team in more of a mindset that this is a road game and they need to step up their game.

  27. I dont follow the Panthers very much but I know their only loss was on the road this year. So if Denver wears white, they get to wear their home jerseys, where they are 10-0!! Seriously this game is going to be all about whether Denver can stop Cam. If not they are screwed, Peyton put up 20 on New England’s worse D and with Brady having an awful day. Carolina’s defense is much better and if the pocket collapses on Cam he will run.

  28. This is just another example of the league pandering to weak armed Pay Us Back Manning….The Panthers dominated and had the BEST RECORD in all of football, it should be THEIR choice, I actually heard John Clayton on radio say he was “comfortable” or “content” that Peyton gets to play in another Super Bowl when there are so many others that deserve a chance and won’t blow it…..Why does everyone feel sorry for this chump? Glad its the last one…And I’m not fan of either team….

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