Broncos safeties say they’ll be good to go for Super Bowl

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The Broncos defense has dealt with many injuries at safety this season and that continued in Sunday afternoon’s AFC title game.

Darian Stewart injured his knee in the third quarter and T.J. Ward aggravated an ankle injury in the fourth quarter, forcing both men to the sideline for the rest of the game. The Broncos, who have already placed Omar Bolden and David Bruton on injured reserve, adapted by playing cornerback Chris Harris at safety at points, something he said he’s never practiced after the game, but they’d obviously be better off with the safeties in the lineup.

The news from the locker room was good on that front. Stewart said, via the Denver Post, that there is “no question” that he’ll be ready for Super Bowl 50 and Ward also said that he would be in the lineup against the Panthers in a little less than two weeks.

Denver emerged from the 20-18 victory over the Patriots without any other serious health concerns, leaving the safety spot as the one to watch once injury reports start getting released next week.

9 responses to “Broncos safeties say they’ll be good to go for Super Bowl

  1. Poor Payton…. anyway Denver needs to talk to the Commish to make sure Hochuli refs the game otherwise the Denver D will get crushed. Lord knows their feet hardly touched the ground because they spent most of the game hanging off the Pats receivers.

  2. Brady couldn’t do anything until the final couple of drives when Denver was down to their 5th and 6th string safeties, one of whom was picked up off of Twitter. Brutal year of injuries at the position.

  3. These Broncos are the 2001 Ravens. i wish the media would acknowledge that more. The Ravens made the SB because of their defense that overcame the deficiencies of the QB. That is the 2015 Broncs and i don’t want to hear about how Peyton had great drives or key RB handoffs because Trent Dilfer had a fantastic SB game and no one credits him so why should Peyton be credited for anything?

  4. Denver nearly blew the game with all their stupid penalties. Brady & Co. politely declined the gift and now they’re going to watch the SB on TV. *Duh*

    Funny game moment: I laughed out loud on one Brady sack when the Ref came rushing in while Brady was sitting on the ground. It almost looked like he was asking Golden Boy if he wanted him the throw a flag for him.

  5. Surprised TJs ankle was bothering him. Thought it might be his neck because of the way he missiles himself at receiver’ s knees and helmets…he is no doubt one of the dirtiest players in the league.

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