Browns adding ex-NFL RB Rock Cartwright to staff

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The Browns are adding former NFL running back Rock Cartwright to their coaching staff as a quality control coach, ESPN’s Adam Caplan reported Monday.

Cartwright, 36, had an eight-year playing career with the Redskins, Raiders and 49ers.

The Redskins selected him in the seventh round of the 2002 NFL Draft. New Browns coach Hue Jackson was the Redskins running backs coach in 2002.

In addition to having a really cool football name, Cartwright had six career rushing touchdowns and two receiving touchdowns. He worked as a coaching intern with the Steelers during last year’s training camp.

17 responses to “Browns adding ex-NFL RB Rock Cartwright to staff

  1. I liked the little guy when he was with the Redskins. It turned out he was a decent kick returner as well. Good luck, Rock. Do good and next year come back to the Redskins…

  2. I wonder if this means Cleveland is taking a running back in the draft. They need to improve their running game to give their crappy QBs a chance.

  3. Congratulations to Rock Cartwright on the new position but you know what I found most interesting about this article? Hue Jackson spells his first name Hue and not Hugh. I always assumed it was the latter.

  4. Perfect guy to be a quality control coach. He’s the kind of consummate football player every coach wants on a team. Not very talented but does his job perfectly and gives his 100% every time he’s on the field.

  5. theghostofottograham ,

    It’s basically the entry level coaching position. They are usually the people breaking down the film for the other people on staff. Also, I think they do mundane things on gameday like count how many players are on the field, make sure players and coaches stay off the field during the game, etc. The NFL is just like any other office workplace. There are tiers and job titles. Their most important 16 work days are just extremely more stressful than most jobs.

  6. I’m Cartwright!!! Man Florio, a huge Seinfeld fan, blew it with this one!! Thought the picture would be Costanza in the Chinese restaurant for sure

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