Fitzgerald out, Hilton in for Pro Bowl


Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald seemed fine on Sunday night. But he’s injured, as far as the Pro Bowl is concerned.

The Colts have announced that receiver T.Y. Hilton will replace Fitzgerald, who won’t play in the Pro Bowl due to injury.

Whether injured or “injured,” it makes sense for Fitzgerald to skip it. The game is meaningless, presenting an opportunity to be injured when otherwise not injured.

It’s the second straight Pro Bowl appearance for Hilton, who joins safety Mike Adams and cornerback Vontae Davis as replacements for some of the many Pro Bowlers who have bailed in the past 24 hours.

9 responses to “Fitzgerald out, Hilton in for Pro Bowl

  1. Over 1000 receiving yards this season while playing the majority of games with a quarterback who couldn’t throw the ball deep.

  2. No player should go to the Pro Bowl. after the BS calls and more important NON calls this year were pathetic! in the first 3 minutes of the Cards game Palmer got slapped on his helmet once, a facemark another time and neither called. Around the same time Norman of Carolina Speared Brown dead center in the back like a freak coward. The whistle had been blown, the play was dead and Brown was walking. Newman tool aim lowered his head aimed and bam, NADIED HIME, could have permanently injured him or at least it slowed his game. Shows me OBJ(both should have been suspended) was forced to deal with him and this type of play. Sad norman with that talent has to do that. Newman should have been gone for hitting a defenelsae players between whistles. No excuse NOT to eject. AZ lost this game. Palmer could not hold on to the ball. It floated, he fumbled and gave up a bunch of points. That hit to the head and to brown were sad considering “Professional” players her. Just because you became bette than the Seahawks does’t mean you have to do what they do as well. Norman should have been ejected or suspended from the Super Bowl game. HORRIBLE CHEAP SHOT. 1-3 players in the NFL over the last 50 years would have done that. You lost to Seattle two seasons ago because they intimidated you. So you had to do it back. Sad way to win. But win is a win right. Not how you play but who wins. No I in team but a M and E in MonEy and faME.

  3. Pro Bowl is not a competition, it is a brand and a marketing tool for the NFL to sponsor a party for those who write the checks. Vacation and xtra pay check for players willing to play touch football.

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