Philip Rivers takes a pass on Pro Bowl invite


Well, this helps explain Tyrod Taylor being a Pro Bowler a little bit better.

According to Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers passed on a chance to play in the all-star game this weekend.

Rivers, who was the fourth alternate, cited personal reasons for taking the game off, after he missed it for injury last season.

He and his wife just had an eighth child in October, and since they can’t be quite sure where they’re going to be living this fall, the overseas trip lost a bit of its charm.

Of the six quarterbacks initially picked for the game, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger and Cam Newton are already out, with Derek Carr, Eli Manning and Tyrod Taylor replacing them.

And until they show up in Honolulu, we’ll wait to see if Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and Carson Palmer follow through. There’s still time for Charlie Whitehurst to earn the nod he so richly deserves.

34 responses to “Philip Rivers takes a pass on Pro Bowl invite

  1. No way Brady is playing. It’s been a decade since he played in a Pro Bowl and there’s no way he’s playing this year after the beating he took yesterday.

  2. The Pro Bowl has always been a joke and while moving it to before the SB helps fill the gap a little better and is a good way to try out rules or computer systems.

    Tyrod Taylor is a Pro Bowl QB who is next Theodore Bridgewater?

  3. Don’t knock Tyrod … the crazy Bills fans get all upset. Play along and pretend he’s a top QB.

  4. Hawaii is considered overseas?
    You can’t take a train or drive there so, yes, getting there you do fly over water.

  5. its a game for the youngers guy in the NFL, who all all still on their rookeies deal, and want to go party in Hawaii.

    No way do the guys who already got the big buck contracts go.

  6. Whitehurst is a bit of a joke, but Hasselback getting a nod for the yeoman’s work he put in for the Colts this season isn’t all that outlandish considering how low the qualifications have dropped.

  7. Rivers is a top 10 QB stuck in a bottom 5 franchise. Poor guy knows playing with all that talent will only ruin the reality of his team/ownership.

  8. Russell will probably be there again with his teammates, cliff-side, trying to figure out what went wrong this season.

  9. “Well, this helps explain Tyrod Taylor being a Pro Bowler a little bit better.”

    Yes, that and the fact that Tyrod was a better all around QB than (Cry me a) Rivers was in 2015…

  10. 13arod says:
    Jan 25, 2016 2:50 PM
    They couldn’t have done Brees Matt Ryan bortles or bridgewater wtf..

    They usually try to replace players within the same conference, so in think that’s why they didn’t go Brees or Ryan.

    The NFL also has to be embarassed gojng through the top of 5 QBS in each conference and getting denied so we probably won’t be hearing about those invites that are declined.

  11. If I had eight kids, I’d take any vacation I could get.

    “But honey, it’s a business trip. I have to do it.”

  12. Who even watches the Pro Bowl anymore? I think last time I watched it, Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders were still playing ball. You know, back when football was football.

  13. I’m sick of seeing articles and comments dismissing Tyrod as a pro bowler. Check the stats…7th in the league in passer rating, 7th in qbr, 7th in TD/Int ratio, 550 rushing yards and an 8-6 record. Should he have been in the top 6? No but he sure as hell deserved to be an alternate and history has shown there are usually at least 4 qb replacements. So if you want to call T2 the 10th best qb in 15-16, that’s fine but he deserves to be in the pro bowl.

  14. Tyrod Taylor a replacement ahead of Blake Bortles? Pure nonsense, even if Taylor was much better this year than anyone could have expected.

  15. “toddm1016
    Jan 25, 2016, 2:50 PM EST
    Hawaii is considered overseas?”

    Not sure if you’ve ever seen a map, but you do cross an ocean to get there.

    So. Yeah…

  16. C’mon Jax4, yes Phillip has eight children, all with his WIFE. Comparing Rivers to Crow with what going on 12 kids with 10 different baby mama’s is ridiculous. Pretty ignorant statement by you just to be heard!!

  17. This game is a total waste of time for all involved, especially the fans. If they really want to do something for the players, then give them all an all expenses paid family trip to Wally World.

    When will the NFL finally “get it” and dump this ho-hum event?

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