Report: Rams, Chargers at impasse over L.A. move


Here’s a surprise. Rams owner Stan Kroenke apparently is driving a hard bargain with Chargers owner Dean Spanos.

According to Steve Hartman of XTRA Sports 1360 (via, the Rams and Chargers have reached an impasse in their effort to work out a deal that would bring the Chargers back to L.A. as tenants or partners in Kroenkeworld, the new, multi-billion-dollar stadium being built in Inglewood.

Hartman’s information comes from an unnamed Rams official, news which comes only days after the Rams and Chargers issued a statement that the two teams had agreed not to disclose information regarding their talks.

The Chargers have until January 15, 2017 to negotiate exclusively with the Rams. However, the Chargers need to quickly determine whether they will be staying in San Diego for another year or moving to L.A. on a temporary basis in 2016.

It’s possible that the Chargers have decided that it makes sense to spend one more year in San Diego than to rush to L.A., presumably joining the Rams and USC at the Coliseum. Or maybe Kroenke has realized that he should insist on terms so onerous that neither the Chargers now nor the Raiders later will choose to horn in on the Rams’ new turf. Whatever the value of sharing space with a team that would double the inventory of annual NFL games, the Rams presumably would make a lot more money for themselves if they own the L.A. market exclusively.

Even if they simply squat on L.A. for a year or two, they’ll have a huge head start over whoever joins them there.

PFT initially raised the red flag regarding the possibility that the man known in St. Louis as Silent Stan will be as calculatingly ruthless with a potential partner as he was with a hometown he supposedly loves and then left. League sources have expressed optimism that the deal finalized two weeks ago in Houston comes with assurances that Kroenke will be reasonable, and incentives for him to quickly welcome another team to L.A., including for example the immediate ability to sell premium products at the stadium to be opened in 2019.

Ultimately, Kroenke is going to do what’s right for him and his franchise. The best outcome for Kroenke and the Rams could be to own L.A., with the Chargers staying in San Diego and the Raiders staying in Oakland or going to anywhere else but L.A.

For the Chargers, the best outcome could be staying put. With $100 million in new money from the NFL and $550 million in relocation fees that would be avoided by not moving, that’s plenty of extra cash that could go toward building a new venue in San Diego, if Spanos would be willing to surrender on the issue of finagling public money that simply isn’t there to be finagled.

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  1. Apparently one of the sticking points is that Spanos will be required to replace the roadkill on Kroenke’s dome with a suitable replacement. A tough task indeed.

    LA Rams fans you will hate Kroenke as he continues to lead all teams he owns into the cellar. He’s a loser in many ways. Congrats Stanley on making your home state deplore your image.

  2. The Chargers staying in San Diego is simply the best option. Who the heck with money moves out of San Diego anyway?

  3. Just in time for that San Diego season ticket drive. This is scripted people. Think. Huge raider la fanbase. Mark David graciously backs out of Carson. Dean spanos is stunned to find most of his friends are not really his friends but he has some in high places who graciously give him the first la exclusive on the following grounds: Use it to get the best deal in San Diego. Raiders backed out because they know they get into la in two years. Chargers to la makes no sense financially and we all know these billionaires are driven by the almighty dollar. You all have been played if you think the Chargers were ever going to inglewood with kronke

  4. Yes, staying put definitely is the smartest option. Have no idea what the Spanos marketing people are feeding him but the Chargers would be a distant 3rd place team in that market behind the Rams and Raiders, and all the other teams. SD has the Padres, if you really want to call them a team, and that’s it. Big fish in a small pond, or small fish in a big pond Deano, what say you?

  5. Raiders should be the second team in LA. How is this even debatable? They have tens of thousands of dedicated fans in LA and they’re building a big time team. Raiders are a world wide brand. Kroenkes probably scared.

  6. The numbers don’t work for the Chargers. They are worth @ $1 billion and that is the wealth of Mr. Spanos. He will need to finance $550 million to move and $1 billion to be a partner in the STADIUM. If he wants to be part of the total development he will need to finance $1.5 billion for the facilities PLUS $550 million to move. How does an owner with $1 billion take out a loan for more than $2 billion. Kroenke isn’t going to lend it to Spanos. This is a silly dance. San Diego is going to stay while the Raiders are going to need to leverage San Antonio (or Las Vegas?).

  7. Putting 4 teams in California is crazy enough, but putting two in LA is just plain nuts. LA has shown it has trouble supporting a single NFL franchise, and they want to put two there? Come on man

  8. Spanos and the Chargers are about as welcome in LA as Donald Sterling, Frank McCourt and another year of drought.

  9. I think Stan is bluffing with an 4 high on the river. Who needs who? Stan gonna sit empty with 1.8 billion dropped into his pipe dream. Negative cash flow won’t last too long unless fans want to pay 1000 bucks a ticket for a game.

  10. Gee I pity the billionaire in his battle with the other billionaire about screwing over the city they currently play in. (pops more popcorn)

  11. Kronke knows the Chargers will never be anything in LA. Of course he wouldn’t mind the Chargers paying for half of it.

    The NFL needs to do what it can to make sure SD and OAK stay in their cities. To rip the heart out of another city to give LA another team it doesn’t even want would be really sad.

  12. . Of course if spanos can’t work out a deal the city of San Diego has him in his pocket then and can play hardball. So he is between a rock and hard place. I bet kronk is asking for the moon.

  13. between USC and possible 2 NFL teams…

    the LA coliseum turf will be terrible. there won’t be enough downtime to regrow it, and it will be persistently bad.

  14. No way does Spanos have enough money to split the costs with Kroenke. The Chargers may want to consider moving to St. Louis, where the government is willing to pony up money to build a stadium. That’s the way Spanos likes to do business; get the public to help subsidize his income.


  16. Makes no sense for the Chargers to move to LA. Stay put or move elsewhere such as St. Louis, San Antonio, or Las Vegas.

  17. The more it becomes about the money, the less I care about the NFL. I can see Sunday afternoons coming where I don’t watch any games and if I catch highlights on TV, so be it. if not, no big deal. Billionaires paying millionaires to play for them while the taxpayers have to help pay for these “playgrounds” and PSL’s and ticket prices push the long time fans out of their season tickets isn’t worth it anymore.
    My give a ~hit tank is nearing empty.

  18. I have no sympathy for Spanos, who reaps what he sows. That tool deserves to be forced to stay in SD until he no longer owns the team. I sympathetic to the poor fans who have to put up with his garbage though.

    And enough with the LA doesn’t support teams talk. St. Louis is the city who failed to support a team. The only reason why the Raiders and Rams left is their owners wanted new stadiums, and they had suckers in St. Louis and Oakland waiting for ’em.

    The Dodgers and Lakers have the best fans in baseball and basketball.

  19. Wisconsin77 says:
    Jan 25, 2016 10:31 PM
    Putting 4 teams in California is crazy enough,
    Why? Four teams for MLB, four teams for NBA, three teams for NHL. I see no problem with four NFL teams, its been done before.

  20. Spanos just figured out that the numbers don’t work for him anymore. He was counting on owning 50% of a stadium, and getting an enormous bump in his franchise value. Now he can’t afford the increase in cost for the bigger, better development, along with the re-lo fee. Going into L.A. after the Rams do lessens the increase in value he will get by being the second team in town.

    Someone mentioned it above, but Spanos is better off spending the 100 Million from the NFL, and adding the $550M re-lo fee to it, and renovating the stadium in SD.

  21. “For the Chargers, the best outcome could be staying put. With $100 million in new money from the NFL and $550 million in relocation fees that would be avoided by not moving, that’s plenty of extra cash that could go toward building a new venue in San Diego.”

    Thank you! That’s what I’ve been saying all along! The Chargers are better off being a BIG FISH in a smaller pond that’s SD than trying to become a guppy in the Pacific Ocean here in LA.

    If they can partner by spending $1.5 billion and another $550 million in relocation fees, then they don’t need “billionaire welfare” in San Diego. Get with the city, build a retractable roof multi-use stadium and bring another Super Bowl back to SD.

    Chargers, love the one you’re with. Moving here to LA would be a DISASTER of magnanimous proportions~especially if the Raider occupy SD with your departure.

  22. Use common sense Spanos, save the 550 million and add the 100 million towards a new stadium in SD. The city of LA has stated it doesn’t want the Chargers and LA really only needs one team.

  23. (rich) white people problems…..who is going to get outrageously rich versus obscenely rich.

    My only interest lies with how a team or teams in LA affects TV blackouts…..will LA fans be forced to watch the Rams or Chargers in lieu of matchups of good team ? NFL Sunday Ticket should get a boost if that happens…..

  24. LA is clearly unsympathetic about the Chargers moving here and does not want to see the Raiders here ever again. That’s what the polls show, and Kroenke knows it.

  25. Spanos should reach down deep and do everything is his power to try to get a stadium deal done in San Diego. If no progress is made by late March, then he should look to move to St. Louis, San Antonio, Las Vegas, or Birmingham. Spanos can do a ticket tax, sell, PSLs, or get corporate backing to close the funding gap, if there is one.

    If the Raiders come knocking on the door, San Diego should tell the Raiders to get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Don’t be surprised if the nfl-San diego-spanos are engaged in secret negotiations (Nfl wants to be in San Diego and wants the city in the super bowl rotation) to get a deal done with as little public Financing as possible all the while the Rams raiders and Nfl are simultaneously negotiating to allow the raiders to share with the kronk. Rams get a two year head start to rebuild a fanbase before the raiders come in and potentially dominate (yes raiders own la not the Rams). The billionaires know raiders Rams makes the most money for the league. Not Rams alone. Not Rams chargers. Rams raiders in kronk land. All the other stuff happening now is posturing for deano and to allow secret negotiations to happen

  27. BTW…Chargers need to get to LA while Demoff is still Prez and Fish is still coach. As long as those 2 boobs are in charge the LA market is still up for grabs. They are terrible at their jobs.

    HEY LA…are you ready for some .320 winning percentage football!

  28. Dean isnt a business man. He is way out of his league with everything at this magnitude. He is just showing is inability to be a success on a national stage. Dean sell the team. Stop embarrassing yourself and your dad. And your sons dont have any idea of what they are doing. They are to sissy like to ever be a success.

  29. The best chance for football to succeed in Los Angeles is for the city to get behind ONE TEAM! The NFL should have awarded Los Angeles to the Rams only!! The league should give the Raiders and Chargers extra help with getting new stadiums in their own cities.

  30. Homeboy is loaded. Kroenke doesn’t need to or want to share the LA market or his dream stadium and have to deal with a co-tenant and rival. Therefore, he doesn’t need or want Spanos or the Chargers. My guess is the powers that be in the NFL double-crossed Spanos by giving him hope that Kroenke would be reasonable with him.

  31. Kroenke wants LA all for himself, and will back stab anyone to insure that. The whole lease thing with the Edwards Jones Dome-the $700 million upgrade proposal from the Rams was a “poison pill” offered knowing that the city could not afford to close the Dome for the time required to upgrade it. He will make Spanos or Davis jump through flaming hoops before he lets them into Inglewood. Goodell and the NFL made a deal with the devil, they just dont realize it yet. Enjoy the Rams LA-remember-you root for the team, not the owner! That’s what they told us in St Louis. And if you think I’m wrong, or just bitter then Google some of Stan’s deals, including some with his family. The guy is RUTHLESS.

  32. davew128 says:
    Jan 25, 2016 11:24 PM
    Why? Four teams for MLB, four teams for NBA, three teams for NHL. I see no problem with four NFL teams, its been done before.


    NFL is nothing like MLB or NBA markets. They are much bigger. Yes, you are right it has been AND IT FAILED MISERABLY!

    What makes you think it is going to work this time? No state is big enough to support 4 NFL franchises, especially with a city with so many fair weather fans like LA.

  33. Why am I not surprised? What does Kroenke gain by having the Chargers be his partner? He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who wants to be sharing anything. He wants to control all the development and the revenues derived from it. Besides do the Chargers really want to be the number four football team in LA after Rams, Trojans, and Bruins?

  34. People who think LA can’t support 2 teams are hilarious. LA is the 2nd biggest media market. A larger share of revenue from stadiums comes from corporate sponsorship. Between the local hospitals and large international business they have that more than covered.
    The new stadium is at a convenient spot to draw fans with money from the San Fernando Valley to Orange County.
    The reasons the Rams and Raiders left 30 years ago had mostly to do with terrible stadiums, bad owners and St. Louis and Oakland having to bribe them away from LA.

  35. The Carson plan was never going to work. The Chargers and Raiders would have to pay 1.7 billion for their stadium plus 550 million each for the relocation fee.They dont have that kind of ready cash. Tell Iger and Carmen Policy to shove it. Don’t mess with Stan.

  36. Ok, maybe I am missing something here, correct me if I am wrong. But what Stan was going to move this team no matter what, he didn’t try to screw the city of St Louis. The city (politicians) came up with a last ditch effort to make it look like they were trying to help the citizens. Again the Rams were going back to LA no matter what. That is why he was “silent Stan” in St Louis. This was his whole plan. I hate la la land, but that is the Rams home. Stan, like him or hate him, is doing this with his money. Sure he could have raked St Louis for money, but then every one (y’all) would have complained that he used taxpayer money. The lease was up at the Jones Dome, he moved his privately owned business to his personal property.

  37. The league really dropped the ball on this one and they didn’t help find solutions for the Raiders need for a stadium plus they’re pushing the chargers into kronkeworld. It’s despicable and or lazy if you think about. Plus they took forever to solve it. Theyve been talking about LA for years and years. Now the Raiders and the chargers have to scramble. The only one who came out a winner was $40 billion man kronke. Thats sad man.

  38. Spanos is not welcome anywhere. If I were him, I would seriously consider looking for buyers and disappear forever from the NFL. Fans in San Diego will rejoice if the Chargers stay put, but will never forget what Spanos has been trying to do in the last few years, and will remember it when it will be time to vote and he will not get a single dime of public money to help build a new stadium.

  39. I think it’s ultimately best if the Chargers stay in San Diego, and really if the Rams could be the only team to move to Los Angeles. They were LA’s team for almost 50 years, they still have fans in the city, and it will be best if they get a chance to rebuild that relationship by themselves. LA can be a Rams town, I think that’s the formula for NFL success there. Fire Jeff Fisher after next season, get your franchise quarterback in order, and make a run at the NFC West.

    Failing that it’s better if the Raiders move back. The Chargers just don’t have the fan base in LA to justify it, the Raiders do. The Bay Area fans are loyal to their Raiders and it’s a shame to see them lose out, but I’d rather see the return of the LA Raiders than the San Antonio Raiders.

  40. Don’t trust a man who was willing to walk away and completely trash his hometown that was willing to build him another stadium. This guy is ruthless and he only cares about one thing, money. There is no doubt he wants LA to himself. The league has no power over him since they have already given him everything he wanted while breaking their own bylaws to do so.

    Also Dean, be a real leader and stay in San Deigo. You have a ton of money already, do what’s right and keep the team where they belong.

  41. Stan does not want to share and the rest of the owners see Dean and Mark as financially very weak and really cannot play in the multi-billionare game of the modern era. The Spanos family has a major financial crisis in that clearly they do not have the $360M that they need in San Diego to stay home, they surely don’t have the $550M they needed to move to Carson and they don’t have the $550M relocation + the $450M (have of the construction costs for LA, almost the entire value of the team) and they have a looming inheritance tax issue when Alex passes away given that 90% of the family wealth is in the team. If Vegas will take a bet on both the Charges and Raiders being sold I would run to that book and lay down a bet. Look for something to happen on this very quickly in my view.

  42. California has 40M people.
    So, yes, they can support 4-5 NFL teams
    if they have the facilities.

    Kroenke is a real piece of work.
    LA will be sorry they have to deal with him
    after a few years.

    Raiders had the same deal 15-20 years ago:
    NFL gave permission for Raiders to build a stadium in the same place Hollywood Park/Inglewood.
    NFL wanted Al Davis to share LA with an
    expansion team that became the Texans
    when Davis refused.
    Davis got mad, refused to share LA with another NFL team and then moved his team back to Oakland.
    What an Idiot!!

    Now, we have this mess.

  43. Spanos is the issue.
    Hopefully Stan shuts him out of LA and he has to go crawling back to SD.
    Well played Silent Stan!!!

  44. What a mess the St Louis Rams have become. How does a nicer home in LA make the owner a better organizer of success at winning NFL games, let alone titles?

    LA needed no NFL teams for 20 years and now needs 2?

  45. If the Chargers pass on Inglewood, the Raiders will swoop in.

    The Rams fan base is in their 40s and 50s. The Raiders have a younger and more diverse fanbase. The Raiders will draw more than the Rams if they both play in Inglewood.

  46. Spanos has made his own problems; here’s why:

    1. He won’t trust in the market place that his team has been in for decades; get off the money and build your own stadium and stop asking for the public to fund it. We won’t. But if you build it, we will come. No doubt. Trust your fan base!

    Like the old saying says, ” If you build it, they will come.”

    From the movie, “field of dreams” 🙂

  47. What if …
    municipalities “just said no” to the extortion of stadium money? Then only the big cities would get teams, and maybe 2 teams like potentially LA. Would that be more profitable for the NFL than having teams spread out?
    Let the owners move where they like and play hard ball with each other, it’s their franchise and interest.
    The municipalities should all stop contributing money.
    Let the owners and NFL and PSL holders and investors finance the stadiums.

  48. This is the U$A people, money is first priority, last priority and everything in between. Money and power are the only 2 things driving these decisions. If you think any NFL owner gives a crap about the city, state, fans, etc. you’re naive.

  49. This is a disinformation game. The numbers don’t work for the Chargers or the Raiders. The one year “negotiation window” is designed to try to pressure San Diego push through their new stadium plan (vote this summer). The leaks will keep coming trying to paint the situation as both hopeful and dire for San Diego while the Raiders will have the same chit in one year. Fortunately the Raiders have San Antonio as leverage right now.

  50. There’s no reason for the Rams to be accommodating to the Chargers. That was the risk all along of Spanos going all-in with the shaky Carson plan trying to oppose the Inglewood deal.

    So, there will be just a single team in LA with it being the team the league didn’t want to move. What else did you expect from Roger Goodell’s NFL?

  51. I like the Chargers to Las Vegas. I’m pretty sure the NFL doesn’t want it because of the whole legal gambling thing, but “Los Vegas Chargers” has a ring to it. And imagine what a Super Bowl weekend in Vegas would be like…

  52. I find it amazing how many people are complaining about Kronke. He is a businessman and the NFL is a business. Like it or not, he has been brilliant. He cornered the market, and unless the deal is in his favor, why would he share. He is actually willing to fund the stadium himself. No public money. People should be praising him for this. And yes, I am a Rams fan.

  53. “Wait a sec, it’s not really called Kroenkeworld is it? Please no…”

    Hahaha no. Like every other stadium it will be named after the highest bidder on the naming rights. Money talks.

  54. Seriously? He will “do what’s right for him and his franchise”? He has shown no interest in doing what’s right for his franchise. He does strictly what is right for himself…..and the rest of the world be damned.

  55. One of these teams could be heros if they move to LA. Take the 100 million from the NFL, negotiate on good faith with the city, and get a new stadium built. Raiders, I’m looking at you.

  56. LA fans , I know you are in love with the King Of California ( Stan) , you think he is your savior . Wait till you get a load of this organization. Winning is the last thing they are concerned with. He is concerned about one thing ………$$$$$$ and he will take all you want to give him. Wait till you see the prices of PSLs. Ticket prices ,concessions ,parking and any other thing he and the NFL can gouge you for. All for a team that will not win. ( See STL , Denver and England ) The fans in those places HATE him and the attendance show it. He was voted the third worst owner in the NFL. Spanos should think long and hard about getting into a deal with him and Demoff. Davis is suited much better for the job. All he has to do is say yes sir anything you want sir. The King of California will get what he wants. Anyone that comes up against him will lose. He has the NFL backing to do whatever he wants. He is the most powerful owner in the NFL . Its all about money and he has enough to get what he wants. I feel bad for the fans in SD and Oakland. They just want a football team they can enjoy on Sundays ,just like STL wanted.

  57. Spanos should just keep the Chargers in San Diego now. He lost out on L.A. to Kroenke and his billions so why go there under Silent Stan’s terms? That 25% of revenue from Orange County is now gone and L.A. doesn’t want any part of the Chargers anyway. Go back to where your fanbase is and try to work something out in San Diego with the extra funding from the league. You’ll be No. 1 there instead of signing on to be the Clippers of the NFL.

  58. Agree Spanos doesn’t have the money to play. But here’s a fact that I haven’t seen reported much lately: in 2007, Al Davis sold a 20% stake in the Raiders for $150m to a group of guys who started one of the largest hedge funds in the business, guys who together could come up with dough to either finance the move, or maybe buy the team from Mark. And lots of money in LA interested in owning sports teams, like Guggenheim with the Dodgers or Disney.

  59. jmethane says:
    Jan 26, 2016 8:34 AM
    Wait a sec, it’s not really called Kroenkeworld is it? Please no…


    I’m still voting for “Enosville”.

  60. “Chargers to la makes no sense financially and we all know these billionaires are driven by the almighty dollar.”

    Not true. By the time they become billionaires, most folks are driven by ego. And ego is what will make Spanos leave SD.

    The league will step in on this. They won’t let Kroenke price-gouge Spanos. It’ll all work out.

    Then my Raiders can storm into SD and take it by force. Maaaaannny Raiders fans in SD. It’s the best possible outcome for us. Nobody wants to have to deal with Kroenke for the next couple of decades.

  61. I hope the Chargers and Raiders tell Kroenke to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. And what would make it even more sweet if if LA doesn’t support the Rams. Couldn’t happen to a bigger carpetbagger than Kroenke.

  62. I think the name should be The King of California Palace. Stan could sit on a throne , wear a crown and everyone could kiss his ring as you walk through the gate. Spanos or Davis could stand behind him holding his cape and scepter. Demoff could throw rose petals as he walks to his throne. LA fans could bring bags of gold to lay at his feet. He could lean over and whisper to Roger its good to be King.

  63. The Chargers can get public funds in their home market and aren’t that popular in LA. The Raiders can’t get public funds in their home market and are quite popular in LA. Stan Kroenke would be better off and probably wants a tenant instead of partner he wants the lion’s share of rewards.

    The NFL really should offer the Chargers a little bit more money to stay in San Diego and encourage the Raiders to be a tenant in LA, they would jump at the opportunity.

  64. the Chargers should simply stay in San Diego–the people there love the team and I dont know why The NFL is even letting them leave at all–after all they are making great money already–MAKE THEM STAY

  65. Spanos shouldn’t be allowed to own an NFL franchise with all the penny pinching nonsense he’s pulled over the years. He may have won a Super Bowl with the talent he’s let go and allowed that bone-headed GM of his to chase out of town.

    Chargers can move to London for all I care. Give them some Any Given Sunday looking jerseys and call them the Monarchs or Prince Edwards.

  66. Haha, the funniest thing about this article is that Steve Hartman is the source. I love Steve’s enthusiasm here on the local radio but nobody in SD thinks anything he says holds water. If I not mistaken, for a month or two he was suggesting that the Chargers were the team that was going to move to London.

  67. Say what you want about the Detroit Lions, we have one of the most stable ownerships in the league, what does a Superbowl win in St Louis really mean to the fans there? They have been dumped twice in my lifetime by greedy owners. I will take the Ford family over all the rest of the greedy owners. Licensing fees charged to fans to be season ticket holders. Not in the D.

  68. The truth is that the LA Raider fan base scares the city of LA and the NFL. Unfortunately for them, we aren’t going to leave. You can bank on LA Raider fans taking over the LA stadium if/when we play the Rams or Chargers. Best case senario is the Chargers backing out and Raiders taking their spot. Mark needs to lean on Stan due to lack of assets and Stan needs Mark so he can have it his way.

  69. ‘ Haha, the funniest thing about this article is that Steve Hartman is the source. I love Steve’s enthusiasm here on the local radio but nobody in SD thinks anything he says holds water. If I not mistaken, for a month or two he was suggesting that the Chargers were the team that was going to move to London”

    Couldn’t have said it BETTER !!
    Steve Hartman , aka : ‘Hater Hartman’ being the ‘source’ of this supposed ‘news’ is a joke !!
    Anyone in So Cal KNOWS Hartman last got a ‘scoop’ at the local Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors ?!!
    What’s next, a ‘breaking news flash’ from Vic the Brick Jacobs ??
    Hahahahaha !!

    There is NO WAY that Stan Kroenke is EVER going to agree to let the Hoodlam ‘Raider Nation’ Fans or Team to bring their crime-filled fan base into his new palace. It may still be located in ‘Ingle-Hood , CA. ‘ but Kroenke and the NFL are doing everything they can to move the Ghetto out of town ASAP. Just look what happened to the Skid Row District when the Lakers and Clippers moved to STAPLE Center , if you have any doubts. Chargers will get their new stadium with local funds and taxes and Raiders will be next in line to extort funds from the No Cal residence and build a new stadium. Mark these words !! I’m thinking maybe the Alcatraz Island Raiders ???

  70. I do not understand why the NFL, the media and others keep referring to Dean Spanos as the owner of the San Diego Chargers ? When ii is a known fact that his father Alex Spanos is still the controlling partner with 69% interest in the San Diego Charger team and the complete association ? With that much interest in the team, I would think that Alex Spanos would have the final say so, about what did or did not take place and if the team stayed or moved from San Diego, that is my opinion . Love to hear if anyone else agrees or disagrees ? IMHO, I believe that there is much more to this whole mess (the San Diego Chargers moving ) that is going on behind closed doors that the public does not know about. Wishing everyone everywhere a very nice day where ever you may be.

  71. I keep wondering why some business owner or owners have not stepped forward with a proposal to buy the San Diego Charger’s team ? It is my understanding that the price tag does not change unless the team moves out of the city of San Diego ? My reason being, all of the talk in the media and even on the internet is about the price of the San Diego Chargers going up only, if and when they move the team to LA. Nothing has been said or even mentioned ( that I know of )about if the Chargers remain in the city of San Diego. So why haven’t any of these Billion airs or million airs stepped forward to buy the San Diego Chargers unless they know something that the public does not know ?

  72. Really??? The Kroenke /Spanos deal isn’t going well?? Kroenke isn’t playing nice with Deano???
    Who didn’t see this coming??
    The Raiders weren’t chosen for L.A. for 2 reasons, 1. Mark Davis didn’t have enough money Kroenke could bilk out of him. 2. The Raiders are an exciting up and coming team who would have made his team look bad.
    Now it’s being said The Raiders will pounce on San Diego if the Chargers vacate. Spanos now has 2 issues to worry about, he’s kind of surrounded. Spanos needs to tuck his tail in and go back to San Diego and get a deal done with them.
    The Raiders?? All is not lost, they would be next in line for L.A if the Chargers back out. Kroneke doesn’t want them there nor the Chargers really, he wants L.A. all to himself. One way or another Mark Davis is going to get the money needed to get a stadium built in Oakland , the NFL wants them to stay put in Oakland, they already earmarked 100 million towards that effort, I think they can and will up that figure to narrow the gap in financing needed to get the ball rolling.
    Spanos will see, that spending a little more of his own money in San Diego is a far better deal than any he will get with Kroenke.
    L.A Rams, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, that’s the way it was and is the way it will be.

  73. When the NFL gave Kroenke the thumbs up, all power was transferred into the hands of Kroenke. He can buy both Mark Davis and Alex Spanos with his net worth, so they aren’t even needed to complete his vision for Los Angeles. What’s more is he’d be giving up potential market share if he were to accept either team into the Los Angeles market. So, why offer them a good deal? No reason.

  74. The Raiders and Chargers are not moving because neither owner can afford the $550 million relocation fee, plus splitting costs with Kroenke. Put that $$$ into a new stadium for Oakland and San Diego!!! The mayor of Oakland is the dumbest woman in the world. She has no clue of the importance of football. This being said, if the Raiders moved into Levi Stadium, that would not count as a relocation and the team would remain in the Bay Area.




    Maybe Mark Davis will make enough dough over next 3 years to join the Billionaires Club!

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