Thomas Davis having surgery on broken arm this morning

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Even with a broken arm, Thomas Davis vowed he wasn’t missing the Super Bowl.

And he’s apparently having surgery this morning to make sure he has a chance.

Davis’s wife posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram this morning, showing the Panthers linebacker in a surgical cap. So unless it’s just a weird fashion choice, he’s getting his arm worked on, likely to install a plate to protect the broken bone.

Davis alluded to the possibility last night, saying that if his condition was simply a pain management issue he’d play in two weeks against the Broncos.

And now, the guy who has come back from three torn ACLs to become the Panthers’ spiritual leader has one more thing to overcome.

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  1. Now that’s a man. When TO came back from a broken ankle to go for over 100 in the Super Bowl (too bad his QB didn’t take it as seriously), that was something else. If Davis is back wreaking havoc in two weeks? I’ll buy his jersey.

  2. guy is a beast and would be unreal if he plays in the SB with a broken arm. Carolina will win by a couple TD;s as the Broncos have no offense.

  3. I’m a surgical nurse. The plate does not “protect” the broken bone. It merely holds it together while the bone heals. Moreover, although the plate is fairly strong, the screws are only screwed into relatively soft bone, and won’t hold under too much stress. He would be risking a serious non-union or malunion of the fracture if he comes back too soon (i.e. 2 weeks). This is probably what happened to Romo.

  4. Tore his ACL 3 times in a row, I think hell be fine to play with the arm on a limited snap count. That D needs him. Go Carolina

  5. With everything he has gone through already just to stay in this league as long as he has, I really hope this works out for him and he can play.

  6. Appreciate the insight of the nurse above. It might be a bigger concern if TD was a young player, but he’s already said next year is his last. That man didn’t go through three ACL rehabs to sit on the sidelines in the Super Bowl. If he can get medical clearance, he’ll absolutely play and he’d play even if he was told it would end his career. His entire career had led up to this game. Even if he can’t go full bore, I hope they can patch him up well enough to at least get him out there for some snaps. Maybe play him on obvious passing downs and try to limit his exposure to heavy contact stuffing the run.

  7. Hopefully he plays and hopefully he doesn’t injure it worse. No idea how bad of a break it is. It would be tough after all of his seasons under the belt to miss this opportunity.

  8. What a sad moment wrapped in the greatest emotional high for this franchise. One of the guys most responsible for them getting here, may not be able to give his full share this time.

    After what he’s gone through, it’s almost tragic, if he doesn’t get to play. As a Panthers fan, I am not optimistic. Knowing that coach Rivera is a pragmatist, who will not jeopardize TD’s health, nor hurt the team, simply because he wants to play. SEE: Jared Allen

    Granted TD at 60%, is better than most at 100, he never leaves the field, so it hurts anyway you view it. I’m sure they will make the right decision.

    Details on the actual fracture, would help.

  9. I understand that it’s the Super Bowl and he will be retiring soon, but life doesn’t end when he retires.

  10. stealthjunk says:
    Jan 25, 2016 10:35 AM

    While I admire the effort, I hope people keep his long term health in mind before letting him onto the field.

    Why would they start now?

    It’s pretty clear that the NFL doesn’t really care all that much about player safety.

  11. With his special kind of heart, something like a broken bone won’t keep him from earning his well deserved ring.

  12. My question is, Where are the Panther’s team doctors on this one? Shouldn’t somebody step in and rule that the consequences of re injury are so catastrophic that the team will not allow it? I realize that he wants to play but sometimes the team needs to take over the final decision in the best interests of the player.

  13. I think some of you are way overblowning a broken arm in terms of long-term effects We aren’t talking about a concussion or spinal issue. If he re-breaks the arm it’s not like he’s going to be a vegetable or crippled for life, he’d probably just need another surgery to fix it again.

  14. One of my favorite players in the nfl and I’m not a panthers fan. I remember following his story from college to the pros in the book the nfl draft. Christ cantu is another guy featured in the book who I’ve respected throughout his career. Thomas is tough as nails and I believe he was a safety at Georgia who hit like a truck. Then I don’t believe they were site of he had the speed to be a safety or the size to be a linebacker. Just goes to show you that the heart can’t be measured. This guy is the epitome of a professional and I wish nothing but the best for Thomas and really hope to see him play in sb 50.

  15. If this guy doesn’t get hurt, I honestly feel Carolina would’ve won by 60! He plays like a monster on the field and wish him luck in his rehab! Good luck Peyton, if he plays he’s coming for your a$$!

    Niners fan pulling for an NFC Super Bowl winner, go get ’em TD

  16. Part of the reason why Kuechly is as good as he is superb coaching from Rivera at the LB position, but he has had the best mentor in Thomas Davis right next to him for 3 years

  17. I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head who came back from THREE ACLs. No question in my mind this guy would go out there on bloody stumps. One tough hombre right there.

  18. I have high confidence that if his playing will further harm himself, Rivera won’t let him in. He did it with Jared Allen this week and he’s done it before with Cam when Cam had the rib fractures and car accident at the start and end of last season.

    I hope TD will be able to play.


  19. Mmack66:
    It’s pretty clear that the NFL doesn’t really care all that much about player safety.

    Next you’re going to tell me that moving the kickoff up ten yards wasn’t about safety but Goodell squeezing in more automatic commercial breaks after every kickoff and score.

    If the NFL wants to address safety they need to get serious about PED testing…for all teams, not just one.

  20. As a Cowboys fan in NC (been for 45 years) that pulls for the Panthers when not playing my Boys since they were my Dads team and they are the home team I wanted to say GRATS to the Panthers and their fans and wish them and TD and Jared Allen and all GOOD LUCK and hope those two mend and can safely play in the Super Bowl! Dad passed in October and only got to see the start of this season, but I hope he is looking down smiling! Go Panthers!

  21. rogergoodellisatwat says:
    Jan 25, 2016 2:21 PM

    Next you’re going to tell me that moving the kickoff up ten yards wasn’t about safety but Goodell squeezing in more automatic commercial breaks after every kickoff and score.

    If the NFL wants to address safety they need to get serious about PED testing…for all teams, not just one.

    If they were serious about player safety, they wouldn’t let a couple bozos go at it all game like they did in the Panthers/Giants game.

    They also wouldn’t let a quarterback, that was picked up off the field, literally looking like a rag doll, stay in a game.

    They would also flag and fine every hit to the head of any player, regardless if he was a “runner” or not, or whatever other ridiculous criteria they use.

  22. News Flash. You can play with a broken arm in a cast if you want to bad enough. However, you don’t have surgery if you plan on playing. It makes the arm even more delicate while healing…

  23. I have a lot of respect for Davis, but really wanted to see AJ Klein play a lot in the game. He’s from my high school and was coached by my brother in youth football. It’d be fun to watch him be a big part of a championship.

  24. Didn’t players commonly play with broken arms in casts back in the 80’s and 90’s? Seems it was common to see back then.

    Good luck to TD. Talk about “tough as nails!”

  25. Sending prayers and hugs to you, TD, for a speedy recovery!!!!

    Don’t forget….you have one more trophy to hoist!


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