Vince Young arrested for DWI

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A decade ago, quarterback Vince Young had it all. Fresh from a Rose Bowl performance for the ages, Young rocketed to the No. 3 spot in the draft and landed with the Titans.

Young would become the 2006 NFL offense rookie of the year, and he’d land on the cover of the 2008 Madden game. That September, things started to unravel, with a bizarre incident on a Monday night that prompted concerns Young may harm himself.

He’d remain with the Titans two more seasons before being jettisoned in a purge that also sent coach Jeff Fisher packing. Young would land in Philly after the lockout, coining the unfortunate “Dream Team” after he signed to serve as the backup to Mike Vick.

Amid tales of legendary cash-burning (including a $5,000-per-week habit at the Cheesecake Factory), Young thereafter bounced around the league, from the Bills to the Packers to the Browns, never again appearing in a regular-season game and eventually stepping away (involuntarily) from the NFL. The fact that his phone didn’t ring as the Colts scraped guys like Josh Freeman from the bottom of the barrel shows that it’s as over for Young as it is for Tim Tebow.

Two years removed from his last stint with an NFL team, Young has been arrested for driving while intoxicated in Austin, according to FOX 7 in Austin. The arrest has been confirmed by the authorities, but no details are available just yet.

Here’s hoping Young gets it together now that football is clearly in his rear-view mirror, even though at age 32 he should still be playing.

52 responses to “Vince Young arrested for DWI

  1. Take that doubters! You all thought this guy would never make news on Conference Championship Weekend. He showed you.

  2. That’s unfortunate. Maybe watching Cam Newton having the career Vince thought he would have as dual threat NFL QB and lead his team to the Super Bowl made him have a few too many and make yet another bad life decision.

  3. He’s just not very bright. And another completely over-coddled player due to his talent who does not understand reality.

  4. I am not siding with Young at all, he is an idiot off the field. However did have great physical tools and had a 31-19 record as a starter. The guy that was throwing him under the bus was an overrated coach in Jeff Fisher. Should he be a starter in the NFL now? No. Should he have been given more time with the Titans and the League. I don’t see why not. Locker obviously didnt work out after Adams dropped him and Fisher. Hes a complete moron and I hope he gets everything together but I am truly surprised he didnt get much of a shot after TEN and even his “Dream Team” years.

  5. Vince was obviously very talented…and he knew it. His ego grew to be unmanageable with all the early successes and accolades.

    He quickly grew full of himself and uncooperative at Tennessee. No one close to him was able to talk sense to him.

    He needs a steady hand to guide him and I hope he finds it.

  6. Congratulations. You win the “Backing into the Lede” award for 2016. The competition is hereby called off.

  7. vince – what great potential..but apparently dumber than a sack of hammers.

    still I look at some of the losers the NFL teams have at Qb ( carson palmer among many others) and wonder why he didn really make it ??? ( blackballed like tebow ..).

    but he is thru now- semi broke. you have to wonder why he was not smart enough to take $5 mil and put it in a Vince onkly account at Chase – let it earn 3 % and he would still have a little money left from NFL- now he has nothing and a DUI.

  8. Damn. $5k per week? That’s $260K per year, or more than I could ever dream of blowing.

  9. $5000 per week?!?! How is that even possible? Is he buying dinner for the entire restaurant? If I drop $50 at Cheesecake Factory, I walk out feeling like I am going to explode.

  10. Vince Young scored a SIX (6) on the Wonderlic test. That’s fine for a running back or a defensive back, but not the QB. The University of Texas should be ashamed and investigated for academic fraud.

  11. Some people are addicted to money n luxury, once more work or less money comes into play they get really messed up.

  12. Let me get this straight. Some of you are actually blaming Jeff Fisher for his current troubles? Wow… Some of you have a very warped version of taking responsibility for your own actions.

  13. Vince Run!
    Never a good QB, just played in Big 12 and ran against terribly constructed defenses (Carroll).
    2006 Offensive ROY, 9 TDs – 17 INTs, what a joke.
    Still 1st or 2nd best Big 12 in NFL with Tannehill, meaning his conference has been truly terrible for 20 years now.

  14. Anyone who blames Jeff Fisher, or anybody else, for Young’s issues is an idiot.

    Vince Young ruined Vince Young.

  15. I was pretty sure he’d be a bust coming into the NFL. Played in a simple college offense where he could run a lot. Run first QB’s seldom develop a good grasp of an NFL passing offense. Vick is another example. I don’t value a QB’s ability to run unless he can pass too. Cam Newton is a top 10 passer. His running is good too.

  16. Sad story. Great college player. Even if he couldn’t play QB, you’d think he could play another position. I’m still rooting for this guy to get it together. He’s still young enough. He has talent. He won a lot of NFL games.

  17. I am by NO means a Tim Tebow fan, but geez, you just can’t resist any temptation to throw in a dig at the guy, can you? What the heck did he ever do to you?

  18. Think he watched Cam and began thinking what could have been for him while sucking down the gin n juice too much.


    I could easily believe that this is the truth of the matter. It’s sad and tragic. Hope he can pick it up from here.

  19. Has he declared bankruptcy yet? If a $250K per year cheesecake jones is any indication, it won’t be long.

  20. Still remember all the “experts” saying that his hometown Texans passing on him and ends up on a rival division team will haunt the Texans for over a decade, now that is as hilarious as the patriots game yesterday

  21. pete2112 says:

    Let me get this straight. Some of you are actually blaming Jeff Fisher for his current troubles? Wow… Some of you have a very warped version of taking responsibility for your own actions.

    It’s the new generation.

    And if I was going to make it rain, it would be at da scrip crub, not the cheesecake factory.

  22. “Jeff fisher ruined vince young.” ~ ctiggs

    I’ve heard this line off and on for five years now, and not once … NOT ONCE … have I ever heard anyone say HOW Jeff Fisher supposedly ruined Vince Young.

    So I ask again … What does that mean? Ctiggs? Anyone? … Bueller?

  23. Even if Jeff Fisher ruined Vince Young (whatever that really means), Vince is a grown man and it’s time to move on with life which should have happened the day he wasn’t on an NFL roster.

    It’s a pretty sad world we live when a lot of you fans (nuts) blame everyone else for the things some of these professional athletes do off the field that get them in trouble. I’m actually surprised no one blamed Goodell for all of Vince Young’s issues.

  24. Opened the story, expecting to see all the “what a bum” comments, and was not disappointed…

    Good thing you’ll always have your alma matter, Vince…

  25. The guy is going to have a hard time with life. He can’t play football for a living, and he’s probably close to being out of money from his NFL days.
    I heard a radio interview of him here in the Bat Area when the 49ers were in line to possibly pick him.
    My only thought was, this guy is as dumb as a radish. Seriously. I’ve never heard a person being interviewed on radio that was dumber.
    I honestly have no idea what he could possibly do for a living.
    It’s a shame.

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