Arians says he probably should have sat Palmer in Week 17


Cardinals coach Bruce Arians insisted after the NFC Championship Game that Carson Palmer’s finger injury is not the reason Arizona lost. Nevertheless, Arians wishes he had kept Palmer healthier.

Arians now says he probably should have held Palmer out of the season finale against the Seahawks, to keep Palmer as healthy as possible heading into the playoffs.

Of course, that’s hindsight: Going into that game, the Cardinals still had a chance of overtaking the Panthers for home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. So while the Cardinals now wish they hadn’t played Palmer, there was no way to know in advance that it would have been the better choice.

Arians added that Palmer’s decision to sit out the Pro Bowl is “the right thing to do” because “you don’t need to take a chance with it.” The Pro Bowl has become a game that players skip to stay healthy, and Arians is wishing he’d treated Week 17 that way as well.

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  1. Enough of the damn excuses Bruce… You couldn’t get your team fired up… They didn’t play a full 60 minute game this year… I’m a huge Cardinals fan and could see this coming…

  2. The last six games were won by the home team.

    He was right to put in Palmer in Week 17 for the possibility of home field advantage.

    On the other hand, he was even more right to pull Palmer at halftime of that game, too…what a blowout. It was like foreshadowing or something…

  3. Yeah, the Panthers could have played 10 guys on both sides of the ball and still walked away with a convincing victory. Let’s just give them the credit they deserve.

    Arizona is a good team, just couldn’t put it together when it mattered. Good luck next year.

  4. Whats the deal with Arians? Yesterday, Palmer had no issue with his finger. Today he shouldnt have played in week 17, cant play in the Pro Bowl…………… Man, Arians is really trying to protect him from his wretched Rich Gannon performance,.

  5. You can give Carson Palmer all the time off possible but it wont change the fact that he is NOT a championship QB.

    When he was traded to the Raiders (because he quit on Cincinnati), Bengal fans were exclaiming “watch for all the untimely INT’s”. When he was traded to the Cardinals (because he quit on Oakland), I exclaimed the same thing to Arizona’s fans.

    The Cardinals have loads of talent on both sides of the ball and excellent coaching, too bad the organization doesn’t see that Palmer is the problem.

    I believe that Stanton would of had just as good a year as Palmer did if he had played.

    Maybe they’ll give him a chance next year.

    Arizona deserves better than CP.

  6. This may be just one more “should have” for Mr. Arians – on accepting “Coach of the Year” and being asked about immediate future, Arians said he looked forward to “…dressing in their (49ers)locker room….”(at Super Bowl). How did that work out for you, Sir?………………..Oh!

  7. Forget the finger — he should have sat him to avoid the destruction of the team’s confidence and ego. The Seahawks killed them and ended whatever momentum they may have had at that time going into the playoffs.

  8. Bejesus, Uncle Brucie. No amount of anything was going to help Carson Palmer win. Some just have it (e.g., Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Manning Bros., Big Ben, Wilson, Cam aka AceBoogie aka Superman et al.) and others (Palmer, Dalton Rivers et al.) simply don’t.

  9. A few weeks ago, you had to get in line to talk about what a great coach Arians is and how stupid everyone was to pass up such an excellent hire.
    Best for this guy to shut up and get the team ready for next year, no one cares what you think once you get crushed like that in the playoffs.
    Arians: You have officially crossed into ‘no one cares what you think’ territory.

  10. Arizona got what they deserved too…just like New England.

    Those were the only 2 playoff teams who didn’t try to win in week 17. Every other playoff team played their butts off in week 17. Both New England and Arizona mailed it in the 1st half. They don’t deserve to be in the Superbowl after denying the fans who paid good money to see a professional performance in Week 17.

    I wouldn’t pay to see Brady throw the ball only 5 times and hand it off 20 times in 1 half, just like I wouldn’t pay to see the back up QB for a whole half, when the starter should be in trying to win the game.

  11. Everyone calling this whining needs to go back and listen to the press conference. They asked about Palmers finger and he answered. Even the 5 min thing BA was saying it was his own fault for letting it get to him. He said it probably didnt effect the team, just himself.

    BA has had nothing but praise for the Panthers, but if someone asks him a question he answers truthfully. Hell I wish Whizenpunt would have been humble enough to admit that he did something wrong or would have done something different? I just dont see how that is whining?

  12. So much for the tough guy, gunslinger, risk is my middle name, my way or the highway coach of the Cardinals.
    Dude is now “get off my lawn” guy.

  13. I’m starting to lose a lot of respect for Arians. I got the impression he was a good coach and solid individual. Since this loss, he’s coming off as a whiner who tosses blame around. Not cool.

  14. But what does “Jerruh” Jones have to say about this? After all only his opinion counts and he knows what’s best for the NFL. Thus the success of the Cowboys…

  15. “Seahawks v Panthers was the real superbowl.”

    I agree 100%. That was the Panther’s toughest postseason opponent. The Panthers will blow out the Broncos 29-3(ish).

  16. I love when he was saying after they beat up on the packers the first game that if they came back they would be too black and blue to play. Ya his team will still have sores in the fall from the Carolina beat down. Hey areiens how many interceptions and fumbles does an AZ QB get before you yank him. Answer never.

  17. Hold it. Is this the same Bruce Arians who arrogantly proclaimed that he “plays to to win” after escaping the Packers, now says he shouldn’t have played to win that Seattle game? Was he actually playing to win the Carolina game? Arians has such a feel-good story, too bad he’s ruining it by talking.

  18. Remember Carson Palmer pelvic thrusting earlier this year…Reality just pelvic thrusted in his face…he is awful!!!

  19. Am I missing something here? What injury did Palmer sustain in the one half he played in week 17? bruised ego? wounded pride? hindsight tells me Arizona probably should have pulled themselves out of the NFC championship game. Cry Babarians should wear a different hat and glasses package. I hate that combo…although I’d be cool with it if he carried a saxophone on the sideline. could play the blues.

  20. Maybe Hue Jackson will trade three Browns draft picks to get Palmer to Cleveland and solve Arians’ problem.

  21. That’s said about Palmer… How many more rings does Petyon have than Palmer??? One..How many more rings does Marino have??? None…How many does Tarkenton have??? None…… Look the guy blew it but doesn’t take away that he’s an above average QB…

  22. This guy is going to talk himself out of a job it appears!
    Hey coach never mind credit to the Panthers! I will do that for you on a job well done that most said wouldn’t happen!!
    #keeppounding! #SB50baby!!!!!

  23. Looking back it seems that thrashing by Seattle week 17 at home was the beginning of the end. Carolina may have actually ended their season last week but I think Seattle mentally ended it a few weeks earlier.

    Next year Seattle goes back to the top of the division. AZ can’t hack the pressure.

  24. Palmer has been a whiner since Pitt knocked him out of the playoff gm 10 yrs ago. Arians is overrated. These two belong on the golf course together – which is where they are, now.

  25. Football fans are the most fickle of all sports fans.

    One bad loss and everyone is jumping off the bandwagon and running to the other side. With that kind of mentality no wonder teams change coaches so often.

    It reminds me of a typical sales organization. “I don’t care about your long positive track record. What have you done for me today?”

    Bad decisions (or at least ones that are regretted) are made by everyone. So, until you are perfect go back into your cave and contemplate your navel.

  26. Arians needs to quit making excuses for Palmer’s ‘suck’. Carson did what Carson does……end of story.

  27. Man he comes up with a different excuse every single day…Man you loss deal with it learn from it and comeback next season more determined…

  28. least he admitted the entire loss rests on Palmer, GG, he somehow managed to play worse than Wilson and make a pedestrian team like the Panters look really good.. sheesh

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