NFL disputes report of non-cooperation with MLB, USADA in Manning probe


On Tuesday afternoon, ESPN reported that the NFL declined an invitation to work with Major League Baseball and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency in connection with an investigation regarding the Al Jazeera reporting linking multiple pro athletes to PEDs. On Tuesday evening, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello denied the claim.

This is wrong,” Aiello said on Twitter, linking to the ESPN story. “NFL has worked with USADA & MLB from the start.”

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy separately told the Associated Press that the league has coordinated with other agencies in a “comprehensive” investigation of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, whose wife allegedly received HGH meant for use by him.

The league is likely speaking out given criticism regarding the differences between the handling of Manning’s situation and the #DeflateGate investigation and internal prosecution of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. And Patriots fans who already are eyeballing the two cases for any and all possible disparities will be quick to point out that the NFL moved quickly to dispute an erroneous ESPN report about Manning, which the NFL never directly disputed an erroneous ESPN report regarding the PSI levels detected in the New England footballs at halftime of last year’s AFC title game.

90 responses to “NFL disputes report of non-cooperation with MLB, USADA in Manning probe

  1. To all the Cheatah fans rushing over here to bash Manning:
    Give it up. He’s just better than Brady. 3-1 better, to be precise. Better luck next year. 🙂


  2. No need to waste millions: just one query: Peyton, you have not denied that Ashley had HGH shipped, so can you give a reason for her use? Failure to answer with at least some supporting documentation must be taken that you “more probably than not” cheated.

  3. It is too bad the NFL bungling up even the most basic of tasks will result in both of these great quarterbacks having tarnished reputations.

  4. OH so the NFL wants to run its own biased investigation instead of giving the control of the investigation to the anti-doping agency, make a lot of sense from fuhrer Goodell. Seems unfair treatment as the NFL backs noodle arm Manning who miraculously threw for 55 tds a year and a half removed from a broken neck. HGH> deflated balls.

  5. Here is how Peyton can be aquitted by the NFL = All he has to do is say that the HGH was for the Teams footballs and there are no NFL Rules against footballs receiving HGH injections.

    ESPN Mortensen, Chris Carter & Mark Brunnel will all believe him and speak highly of Peyton’s concern for healthier footballs because they reduce concussions.

    Peyton receives the Nobel Peace Price and Obama is present for the ceremony.

    After the ceremony they all get travel to NYC Appellate Court to unanimously agree that Tom Brady cheated = some how, some way.

  6. Roger is gonna take New Englands 2nd round pick because they may have been generally aware Manning was using.

  7. The Mortensen report from last Jan. is still posted on the ESPN site – but Greg Aiello did not comment. Instead he let the incorrect data carry on for months even though the NFL had the real numbers which were very different.

    Per ESPN:
    “The investigation found the footballs were inflated 2 pounds per square inch below what’s required by NFL regulations during the Pats’ 45-7 victory over the Indianapolis Colts, according to sources.”

    “We are not commenting at this time,” said Greg Aiello, the NFL’s senior vice president of communications.

  8. Mmm, not exactly. The league was quite a bit more active than simply refusing to dispute the psi allegations. They planted the information to begin with. Unless it comes out that someone from the league office was a source for the aljazeera article it will never be apples to apples.

  9. Pats fans have to come to grips with the fact going after or even nailing Manning, won’t make Brady any more guilty or innocent.

  10. Oh,they don’t want to collaborate. God forbid ,they may find that Peyton juiced his way back on to the field. That would absolutely ruin the wonderful storyline that may or may not play out on Feb, 7.

  11. Hey Greg Aiello, come clean with deflategate and the psi numbers from last year’s scandal, before adding the word “comprehensive” to the other words (i.e. integrity, independence, transparency) the NFL practices its twisted semantics on.

  12. Wait, you can’t have it both ways. If the league blew it last year with the handling of misinformation re: Brady, they now have a chance to do it right this year by correcting misinformation. How can anyone who isn’t a Pats apoologist (cough Florio cough) find fault with the league taking corrective action based on previous missteps?

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Maybe they don’t teach that lesson in New England schools.

  13. When you can’t throw the football for 15 yards in the back yard to your Brother, then put up 55 TD’s months later. WOW!!!!! No one can dispute that. We all want Manning to be clean, but how about a fair investigation by MR Integrity Goodell. Let’s get mr independent investigator Wells on the case. There are so many NFL players not just Manning, using or have used HGH. ex Clay Mathews , MR HGH James Harrison has made his entire career on the stuff.Every team has players using this stuff. We just want to know if Manning is the only player in the Country, to have it shipped to his house, on several occasions without using. No way he and Serena Williams have the same fivehead.

  14. If the Manning investigation takes as long as the unwarranted “deflategate” did, Manning will be retired and the NFL won’t be able to punish him. Keep an eye on ESPN, because there will be more from the World Wide leader in lies.

  15. Does anyone know how to make a request for the NFL to launch an investigation? I would like to ask that they make sure the Denver Broncos are in compliance with the 2015 salary cap. It’s not unreasonable to suspect they may be in violation.

  16. This will be the end of Roger the Liar…

    “The partnership offers obvious benefits for both MLB and USADA. MLB gets USADA’s institutional knowledge of the doping world, along with the quasi-governmental agency’s extensive contacts with law enforcement. USADA gets to participate in an investigation that involves the nation’s most powerful sports leagues, neither of which is under its jurisdiction.

    Both bodies will be watching to see how aggressively the NFL pursues its investigation, however. While MLB gained a reputation as a zealous pursuer of PED users through the Biogenesis saga, the NFL has been widely criticized in anti-doping circles as not doing enough to fight the issue.”

  17. Florio, you hate Manning so much, you are a worthless journalist, not even a journalist, just a hater.

  18. So only hours later the league denies a report it doesn’t like.

    Yet for months left the lie of a Mort report out there.

    Goodell’s National Integrity League

    Goodell is vile

    Goodell and his cronies must go

  19. The NFL is just trying to keep a lid on it until after the superbowl and Peyton’s retirement.

    After he retires, they will let it fade away as they can’t punish a retired player and definately do not want to tarnish Peyton’s legacy whether it Peyton tarnished it or not.

  20. First, let us consider the source, Al Jazeera. I’m not sure anyone should take any action at all, based on what Al Jazeera reports. This isn’t a news organization it is a propaganda spreading system. What a joke.

  21. its okay to put in the article that the erroneous ESPN reports were based on information obtained from “league sources”

    I’ll say it again, as long as sources of false information are protected, there will always be sources of false information

  22. O.K. Roger, let’s see how you deal with this one.
    Denver tried buying the SB against Seattle but Manning was imbarassed, Now you’re boy (PM) with the lowest QB rating in the league is headed back to th SB with the HGH stain on him.
    The harder the Shield tries to get the ring for PM the more the league looks like the keystone cops.
    Go Panthers.

  23. The thing is that it doesn’t matter if he did it or not. The punishment floor is 4 games for a false accusation. If he actually did it, they’ll probably need to give him the chair.

  24. I wanted the league to investigate whether Manning took HGH. That being said, the timing of these”reports” seems curious. After last year’s Super Bowl drew record ratings with deflategate, it almost seems they want to create traction for higher ratings again. After all, Herr Goodells salary is tied towards revenues. Why not create a narrative that increases ratings and $$ in his pocket? I mean it’s tough to get by on 35-45 mil a year nowadays.
    So will they take away a couple of picks from the Broncos too?
    Can’t trust anything coming out of Park Avenue. In fact their should be an investigation like they did with FIFA.

  25. I have to say, I have lost almost all interest in NFL football. I come from a football family – husband played from pee-wee through college, 4 sons played from pee-wee through college and now I have 4 grandsons playing. We love football. But now most of our family doesn’t even watch NFL games anymore because of the way the league has become with the corruption, refs deciding who wins the games and Goodell’s obsession over taking down Tom Brady. We have spent $0 on anything NFL this year.

    That all being said, I am disgusted with the way the league office handles themselves with investigations, discipline and fairness. They have ruined the game for a lot of people (and I bet there are a few out there who agree with me) and I find that the games on Sundays don’t hold my attention anymore. Please get rid of Goodell and bring back real football for us fans that truly love the game and not all the soap opera drama that has become the face of the league.

  26. The NFL made no attempt to correct the erroneous PSI levels. To this day some ignorant posters believe the erroneous PSI levels, not the real PSI levels, which were to be expected given the Ideal Gas Law
    What is more ignorant is the fact that the NFL executives apparently slept through 5th grade science class and never knew about the Ideal Gas Law.
    Give the Pats back their draft picks!! There was no tampering!

  27. 11 out of every 12 NFL team owners are corrupt

    Will they ever enforce their own bylaws that says a commissioner MUST be a person of unquestioned integrity?

    Every reporter should ask every owner if they think Goodell – who has perjured himself repeatedly – has “unquestioned integrity”

    That should be good for a laugh

  28. They have themselves in the same situation as last year. If Manning did it it is a 4 game suspension and it won’t happen until after the Super Bowl.

    Totally mismanaged.

  29. NE haters are now also class A hypocrites.

    If your QB and team’s name was dragged through the mud, hung out to dry by the NFL and BSPN for the better part of a year, you’d all be on here defending it against the slings and arrows landing from all directions from every insult-slinging, soap-box preaching, holier than-thou-keyboard-jockey that frequents this site.

    You’re double standards are laughable.

    Meanwhile, the fact that the NFL cannot seize control of an investigation like this (such as they did with operation frame-the-Pats last year) underscores how much more serious the allegations are against HGH head and co-conspirators involved…read Ashley Manning, Guyer Institute, etc.
    This series of alleged offenses transcends the reach of NFL and proceeds into serious criminal Charges, well beyond the obvious fact of cheating an entire league of NFL teams, players and fans.
    If he’s found guilty of any charges then the “VACATE” stamp will be all over EVERYTHING he has accomplished since returning from his 83 surgeries prior to joining the donkeys


  30. Every time I see an article that begins with “NFL Announces” or “NFL Disputes” etc etc, I chuckle. Nothing the NFL says can be believed…nothing. Serial liar Goodell has turned the NFL into a corrupt organization and is ruining professional football. Too bad…it used to be a fun sport to follow.

  31. I wonder is it’s going to go like this:

    After SB50, Peyton retires. Then the NFL says “We are not investigating Peyton Manning as he is no longer in the league.”

  32. Comparing deflate gate to this issue is ridiculous. Deflate gate happened within the operational authority of the NFL. Medical records are protected by law and therfore the NFL must proceed with great caution. Perhaps if the NFLPA would get on board they could test for HGH in an effective manner otherwise players will be able to get HGH lawfully or not and never be caught.

  33. Go ahead PEDton* defenders tell us that PEDton’s wife needed HGH from a shady source tied to Balco for fertility treatments. We all need s good laugh. 🙂


  34. The Al Jazeera story was about over reaching to become relevant. No wonder they are folding up their US tv broadcast and going home.

  35. What I would like to know about the 11 of 12 lie is…and I’ll go right ahead and say it… did people in the NFL front office make big bets on the Seahags last January to win the Super Bowl and therefore created this distraction?

    Now THAT is worth investigating. Would explain a lot actually about the difference in the way the league is handling these stories.

  36. ” I’m not sure anyone should take any action at all, based on what Al Jazeera reports. This isn’t a news organization it is a propaganda spreading system. ”

    You don’t have the slightest clue about them.

    Al Jazeera has journalists in prison in Egypt, Syria and other muslim countries for exposing human rights abuses of the regimes. The have won at least a couple international awards as a news organization.

    Its more valid in some ways than the news corps in the US which bury stories negative to their corporate advertisers and politicians who they supposedly support.

  37. His son is 4 years old which would put the time that his wife was on HGH around the same she was pregnant. Anyone know why a pregnant woman would be on HGH?

  38. It is amazing how quickly 345 Park Ave can refute something that does not suit their agenda yet even when practically begged by NE’s counsel to get the correct PSI numbers out they simply let it sit out there and drive the dialogue for months.
    Surely just a coincidence, ’cause integrity.

  39. Somehow I knew this would turn into a Patriots thread. They just can’t let go of their loss. There must be some nefarious explanation for why “the greatest evahh” failed. So salty, those tears. 🙂


  40. cs-lewis says:
    Jan 27, 2016 9:49 AM

    why is the MLB involved?

    because the Al Jazeera report included several MLB players. and some Packers players too. This isn’t just about Manning.

  41. @fishman518 says:
    Jan 27, 2016 8:40 AM
    I watched Star Wars on Peyton’s forehead last weekend. The 3D is amazing….Cheater!
    Where have you been for the past 20 years? His forehead has always been huge!!!

  42. Dirty filthy doping cheat.

    After the Panthers whoop this guy in the SB he will retire in disgrace.


  43. philyeagles5 says:
    Jan 27, 2016 12:44 AM

    HGH should be legal.

    Not until it is created in America, in a controlled and safe environment and regulated strictly by the FDA.

    But we all know that many athletes – and this appears to be true here too – get it from the black market outside of the country. Who knows what they are really injecting into their bodies.

    So until that happens… no it shouldn’t.


  44. Would you expect him to say yes Im a Juicer ??

    His head and Jaw have gotten Square Just like Sly Stallones,who admits to HGH use.

    After 2011 he comes out and set every record and goesto the super bowl. Plays like super man.

    Then they Start testings for HGH and he plays like a chump.

    His brother says he will never play again. But wait.

    His wife gets HGH after having twins. ( illegal and no denial)
    Bob Kravitz from Indy Star Gets HGH from Same Clinic.
    because he is old .
    Charlie Sly recants but his supposed lies still prove to be true,
    Slys Partner closes his clinic after story breaks. Why ??

    So there is enough to be at least generally aware that Manning is a cheater…

    NFL to Judge on Brady. We have no Evidence.
    yes Im a Pats Fan.

    So you that say Manning wouldnt or couldnt need to be drug tested. He was fading and needed an edge for the last rodeo

  45. Some jealous Owners along with the NYC/NFL/JETS office went ballistic on Brady with ZERO EVIDENCE of any Rule violation, over natural air pressure drop (0.5psi) due to cold temps.

    Just imagine the Rabid Uproar and Lynching would of taken place if Tom Brady & Gisele attended this Guyer Institute and Gisele had HGH shipped to her home.


  46. Goodell and the NFL are going to do everything they can to prop up old noodle arm to make sure their golden boy’s image doesn’t get tarnished. Here is a funny stat whenever referee Ed Hockulee refs a Peyton Manning play off game guess what Peyton’s never lost hmmmm who was the head official in the Pats game? Why Mr. Hockulee, gee I wonder who is going to officiate the Super Bowl any guesses? Sure the NFL is cooperative with the US antidoping agency and MLB and Peyton’s forehead isn’t big. What a bunch of liars, I’m sure it’s common practice for most pregnant women to be injecting HGH, well if you lived in the old East German republic and you were a female Olympic shot putter it was. Mr. Overrated Manning should go down in history for what he is, a selfish, egotistical, me first player who would throw his first born under the bus to protect himself. No glory here or accolades just a washed up has been who couldn’t hang up his cleats when he should of because he couldn’t stand the fact that he wasn’t even the best NFL QB in his family #Elihastworings.

  47. patsfan=jealous hater

    This makes me laugh. What are Pats fans jealous of? We have the best QB of all time and he isn’t going anywhere. Yea, it stinks we came up short this year but so be it – onto 2016. You really think we are jealous of Peyton Manning and/or the Broncos? Peyton has 1 SB ring and a .500 playoff winning percentage. Believe be, there is no jealousy. We just want want fair treatment for all players. Remember it was RG who said more probable than not being generally aware of ball deflation (which we now all now never happened) was akin to PED use. HGH is a PED – where is the investigation?

  48. Just imagine the Rabid Uproar and Lynching would of taken place if Tom Brady & Gisele attended this Guyer Institute and Gisele had HGH shipped to her home.

    Just look at the Guerrero story. The NFL had no problem with it and it still became a big story.

    And yes – if BRady was guilty of HGH use I would be all over his case just as harshly as PEDton. I loathe PED cheats.

  49. qdog112 says:
    Jan 26, 2016 10:48 PM

    Pats fans have to come to grips with the fact going after or even nailing Manning, won’t make Brady any more guilty or innocent.

    I don’t think that’s anyone’s point. The point here is inconsistency from the league, and that’s always been an issue with the NFL’s offices. They enforce rules arbitrarily, instead of basing punishments and investigations on past precedence.

    Goodell said that the deflation of the footballs was likened to taking a banned substance and that’s why he wanted Brady suspended for 4 games. But here we have another long time quarterback actually accused of using a banned substance, and there’s no multi-million dollar investigation, no leaks from the league about what they’re doing about it, no false narrative about the player, and they’re very quick to release a statement correcting wrong information this time, unlike with the 11 of 12 balls being 2 PSI under, they didn’t correct that until months later.

    That’s what this is about, it’s about the fact that the whole Deflategate debacle was about “integrity” with Goodell, but now when an accusation comes out about another player, they don’t seem to be nearly as concerned when other players have been suspended for HGH use to accelerate healing (see Rodney Harrison).

    The fans want consistency from the league, which is something they have NEVER been able to deliver.

  50. The league not only did not correct the incorrect readings, but they refused to do so when asked several times by Patriots counsel and said it wasn’t a problem.

  51. “The fans want consistency from the league, which is something they have NEVER been able to deliver.”

    The NFL is consistent = They consistently LIE.

    We do not want consistency from the NFL.


  52. Guys, guys, guys, come on. “It was for his wife.”

    Excuse me, but I just threw up from laughing so hard.

    Manning much MORE probably than not guilty than Brady.

    Much more.

  53. Goodell:

    “Ball deflation is same as PED use.”

    “Ball deflation = 4 game suspension.”

    Manning more probably than not used PEDs.

    Manning should get 4 game suspension.

    Goodell logic.

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