Bills G.M. says he’s “absolutely” looking at top quarterbacks in draft


The Bills have previously expressed confidence in keeping Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback, and he’s about to play in his first Pro Bowl (for whatever that’s worth any more).

But neither of those things will preclude them from using a high draft pick ta the position if the fit is right, according to Bills General Manager Doug Whaley.

“We’ll do it because if you look at it, unfortunately we have two quarterbacks on the roster and both of them are entering the last year of their contract,” Whaley said, via Tyler Dunne of the Buffalo News. “If it presents itself, it makes sense and it’s a guy we like, and we believe in, absolutely.”

Taylor initially signed a three-year deal with the Bills, but it voided to two when he became the starter at hit playing time benchmarks. The other one Whaley was referring to was EJ Manuel, and it’s unlikely they’re thinking about using the fifth-year option on his rookie deal to lock him up past 2016.

So without extension talks for Taylor, the Bills can’t afford to cross any options off, though they remain hopeful Taylor can take another step.

“If I would’ve told you guys the Buffalo Bills would’ve had a quarterback in the Pro Bowl, what would you say?” Whaley said. “Exactly.”

What we’d say, mostly, is that the previous statement says more about the Pro Bowl than it does Tyrod Taylor. But given the options, the Bills are certainly glad he’s there at a reasonable rate next year.

24 responses to “Bills G.M. says he’s “absolutely” looking at top quarterbacks in draft

  1. Look at the Pro Bowl QB’s: Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr, Tyrod Taylor, Jameis Winston.

    None of these guys are top 10 quarterbacks.

  2. I’ll tell you this … Tyrod Taylor is FAR better than any quarterback my team had during the decade between Steve McNair and Marcus Mariota. The Bills should extend his contract ASAP or risk losing him or breaking the bank.

  3. So instead of nurturing the only guy to come along in 20 years that might finally be “The Guy”, the all time record holders in major league professional sports for going the most years without a playoff game will instead try to beat Taylor down in order to resign him on the cheap. Meanwhile our schmuck coach will continue to hire incompetent family members for the circus this franchise has become…..

  4. Forgot the exact numbers but in the last 12 years it’s something like the Packers (with Rodgers) have drafted 10 qb’s and the Bill’s have drafted 4! hmmm….,

  5. The Pro Bowl is a joke. Has been for a while. If it wasn’t held in Hawaii the players wouldn’t go.

    Play the super bowl the week after the playoffs and the pro bowl the week after that. We don’t need all the hype anyway. Besides, then you could actually have the best players from all 32 teams play in your pretend football game.

  6. I can’t help but think that this is a “well, DUH!” question and answer.

    Unless you already have one of the 5 or so *elite* grade quarterbacks, your answer should ALWAYS be “yeah, we’re looking at the top tier quarterbacks” and “if the fit is right and its a guy we like and believe in”.

    EVERY key spot on your roster should looked at with the idea of “is this rookie we’re drafting better than someone we have?”

    Right now – the Bills have a QB who is pretty darn good – but not great. I like Tyrod Taylor, but I would have no issue whatsoever if the Bills moved on from EJ.

  7. With that Pro Bowl on his resume Taylor’s agent is going to lobby for him to be the next $100M man. Would be smart for them to find an actual QB before spending that.

  8. You guys have got to stop putting an insult in every time you mention Taylor going to the Pro Bowl. By most stats available, he played like at least a top-10 QB, maybe even better than that. I get it that it sucks that there is only one remaining original Pro Bowl QB, but if Taylor had been a bit more of a known commodity and/or the team had finished higher than 8-8, there’s a good chance Taylor would have made the original roster. The Pro Bowl needs to be fixed, no question, but Taylor making it this year is far from its biggest problem.

  9. I like Tyrod BUT being so small and light, I am afraid one big hit will break him. I prefer a pocket qb like a Brady or Peyton. Hoping we draft a good qb in the draft who can learn under Tyrod for a couple years before starting. And please cut EJ Bustuel asap!

  10. The bills will always suck, but I digress.
    Nothing like the GM coming out and saying his QB sucks and he’s going to be looking to replace him the first chance he gets. This is exactly why the bills will always suck. Losers.

  11. Let’s be honest, when you pick at 19 do you think you’ll get the guy over desperate teams like San Fran and Cleveland? It’s not likely. Whaley has said that he thinks that they’ll need a 1 1/2 year process until he thinks they’d be ready to start. Far more likely is getting a project QB who they can stick in there instead of EJ.

    Taylor isn’t elite, but when you talk about accuracy, yards per attempt and the TD to INT ratio, and then his ability to pick up third downs with his legs and force the defense to keep guys to contain him, he’s quietly putting up Russel Wilson numbers. And this is his first year as a starter.

    I’m not upset at the idea of doing your due diligence on the top QB prospects, but I’d much rather see the Bills spend their top picks on fixing the defense, upgrading the line, or giving Taylor another WR so he doesn’t have to keep throwing to Watkins in triple coverage.

  12. Bills need to make upgrading the kicking game a high priority…and the linebackers. And safeties. And the right side of the O-line. And the D-line. And the receivers beyond Watkins. And they have zero depth at QB after Taylor.

    And it’s cold and the snow won’t melt until June.

    Besides that it’s all good in B-LO

  13. Taylor IS a top 10 QB. He’s ranked 7th. As a first time starter. With every skill player injured. You wrap this guy up. He has the best long ball in the league. Teams will be fist fighting for him. Sign him NOW!!!

  14. we have our first smoke screen for the 2016 draft

    bills will take a guy no earlier than the 3rd and then only if they think its a value pick…..whaley learned from buddy’s mistake with EJ, never reach on a player or position in the draft

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