NFL to go back to Roman numerals after Super Bowl L

Getty Images

The NFL didn’t want to deal with the ugly implications — or the design flaws — associated with hosting Super Bowl L.

So even though Emperor Roger Goodell decreed this one Super Bowl 50 to keep the citizenry from mocking him and his glorious game, they’re apparently going back to Roman numerals for good after this one.

According to Bruce Newman of the San Jose Mercury News, the league is “very committed” to returning to the old way of identifying the Super Bowl starting next year with Super Bowl LI in Houston.

“They’re part of us,” NFL creative director Shandon Melvin said of Roman numerals. “Such a strong icon for the game. We just wanted to do something a little different for once.”

Right. As opposed to “L” as in left.

Melvin was tasked with finding a way around it two years ago, and said the big L had several issues.

“L immediately brought up so many negative connotations,” Melvin said. “It’s very asymmetrical. And three-quarters of the letter is negative space. It’s like, what do you do with this thing to make it look attractive? I’ll take an X any day of the week. Or any other letter for that matter.”

The process of picking the image they settled on was arduous, with 73 different designs being looked at before they realized the bold Arabic numeral was the one they’d stick with.

But only for a year, at which point they’ll start with an L for the next 39 years. Which, if you think about it, makes them kind of like the Browns.