Troy Aikman thinks Jerry Jones will sign RGIII or Manziel


Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman believes Jerry Jones is eager to make a high-profile move at the backup quarterback position.

“I believe, as I sit here today, either Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffin III will be in Dallas as a backup,” Aikman told

It’s easy to see Jones making such a move: Jones loves flashy free agent signings to excite the fans, and a former first-round pick and Heisman Trophy winner from the state of Texas would certainly qualify. It’s also easy to see why Jones thinks he needs to do something at the backup quarterback position: Over their last 36 games, the Cowboys are 17-5 with Tony Romo and 1-13 without him.

Griffin will be available this offseason because Washington will release him instead of paying his $16.2 million fifth-year option salary. Manziel will surely be available as well because Cleveland is tired of his off-field act.

Of course, Jones wanted to spend a first-round draft pick on Manziel two years ago, and the football people in the organization, as well as Jones’s son Stephen Jones, persuaded him not to make that pick. Will the football people again talk Jones out of making a splash this offseason? Or will Aikman be right about RGIII or Manziel heading to Dallas? That will be one of the most interesting questions in the NFL this offseason.

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  1. If the Cowboys had drafted Manziel, they would have been 4-12 this year if Collins would have been a good enough replacement for Martin…

  2. Just say “no” to Johnny Clipboard. The concept is to UPGRADE the back-up QB position – Billy Manziel can’t even be counted on to roll out of bed on time.

  3. Well, RGIII is just simply bad. He’s probably not any better than Cassel or Weeden. Manziel may still be able to play, but he’s a total headcase with apparently zero sense of responsibility, or self control.

  4. Looking back maybe Jerry should have drafted Johnny. Clearly he has struggled off field but he has never been suspended and he is head and shoulders above the current backups. Would Johnny have won a handful of games as QB of Dallas. I think there is little doubt about that. Cowboys probably make playoffs if the had Johnny. As good as a guard may be he can’t do what Johnny may have. As a Browns fan I don’t believe it is 100% the Browns release Johnny, more likely they hold out for a draft pick.

  5. Both RGIII and Manziel are “Damaged Goods” (i.e., too narcissistic). I would seek out/draft a college QB who has the best TD/INT ratio (i.e., good decision maker) over a minimum 2-year collegiate career. E.g., Brandon Doughty (WKU/Senior): 3 TDs vs. LSU (2015).

    2015: 48 TD/9 INT
    2014: 49 TD/10 INT.

  6. he’ll sign Manziel…and Manziel will hurt someone in Dallas within a year and be gone…Jerry is not a smart football person…RGIII is the only choice here

  7. Griffin will probably sign with a team where there’s an open competition to start.

    Manziel is a joke on the other hand who will likely be out of the league in two years. But what else do you expect from Jerry?

  8. Jj only cares about jersey sales and the money that can be made in the preseason.
    Jj will never win

  9. kissmysandwich says:
    Jan 27, 2016 9:10 AM
    Well, RGIII is just simply bad. He’s probably not any better than Cassel or Weeden. Manziel may still be able to play, but he’s a total headcase with apparently zero sense of responsibility, or self control.


    Griffin is better than Manziel and it isn’t even close.

  10. At this rate everyone will forget about Al Davis’s nutty moves his last few years. Jerrah is taking it to the next level.
    RIP Al – Godfather of Raider Nation.

  11. kissmysandwich says:
    Jan 27, 2016 9:10 AM

    Well, RGIII is just simply bad. He’s probably not any better than Cassel or Weeden. Manziel may still be able to play, but he’s a total headcase with apparently zero sense of responsibility, or self control.


    Yeah…. I’m no RGIII fan, but when healthy, he probably would be better than Cassel or Weeden…

  12. It would make sense for Jerry to bring in Manziel from Cleveland. After all Manziel is Ryan Leaf version 2.0 and Jerry had Ryan Leaf version 1.0 on his team after the Chargers got rid of him. Maybe this time the Jerry will get it right when it comes to polishing a turd.

  13. …….they should sign BOTH and then have a Dr. Frankenstein operate on Manzel, RGIII & Romo and make a perfect QB. Romo’s brain…RGIII legs…and Manzels…ahhhh….scrape the Manzel part…..nothing he can offer.

  14. What has Manziel done in the NFL besides complete a couple long passes to Travis Benjamin and get embarrassed by the Bengals in his first career start? RG3 clashed with Shanny and Gruden a bit but was a productive QB before Shanny made him play on a torn ACL. He had a great rookie year. I don’t see why sign Manziel over him. Both are from Texas, but rg3 will have more suitors and have a chance at the starting job. Jerrrrry is gonna stick with Romo so Manziel is likely more affordable.

  15. Who didn’t love Robert his rookie year?? What he did to Dallas on Thanksgiving was a thing of beauty. However, I think RGIII is too fragile to play in the NFL–like Bradford. He also seems like he wants to do his own thing on the field instead of listening to his coaches. Should be interesting. I love Kirk, so I do wish Robert well. He deserves a second chance. As for Johnny, I’d say he should just fade into the sunset.

  16. Manziel is still the best thing to happen to Cleveland in the last two years. If not for him there would be ZERO reason to cover The Browns on a national level because WE SUCK.
    Pettine had no idea how to lead a football team and nobody on that team respected him (notice how ZERO players stood up for him when he got fired?).
    Truck Stop Jimmy Haslam has made some mistakes as an owner, but getting rid of Johnny Manziel would be his biggest mistake yet as her is his “meal ticket’ to having ANY media exposure at all.
    The local media honks are here in Cleveland for a reason… because they can’t find jobs in a bigger market because they have no talent and all walk in locked step.

  17. Which Re-Tread will Dallas choose?
    The one trick Pony in RG3 that is a non factor after the Knee injury took his wheels, or the Never Was
    Frat Boy whose talent level was better than most College players but not the Pro level?
    RG3 has shown he is willing to be a backup and his attitude has changed. IF he can get the run first mentality out of his system, he may develop into a decent QB. He has the arm. Plus no draft picks are involved. Cleveland Owns Johnny Manziel for 2 more years, to get him someone is going to have to pony up
    a 2nd round OR a 3rd and 4th for him. Otherwise Johnny Football becomes Johnny Bench!

  18. lol at all the Cowboy fans who made fun of Griffin. I can’t wait to see how my Cowboy friends spin a RG3 signing after they talked so much smack about him the last four years.

  19. I can see trying to salvage RG3. Not Manziel.
    Manziel on a minimum contract, to see if he can mature, which is doubtful.

  20. Jones doesn’t care about character issues, so he would definitely be interested in Johnny Busto.
    But if he’s smart — and he isn’t — he’ll sign RGIII instead. At least RGIII has talent, which is more than Johnny Busto has.

  21. lefflerman says:
    Jan 27, 2016 9:14 AM
    As a Browns fan I don’t believe it is 100% the Browns release Johnny, more likely they hold out for a draft pick.

    Um………no. Established starters in this league get traded for 7th rounders. What on earth do you think any NFL franchise is going to give for Johnny Manziel?

  22. The Cowboys are irrelevant right now and there is a super bowl coming up, yet here we are talking about Jerry Jones. Now you know why he does crazy things. He just likes to stay in the headlines. Weird dude. It’s sad because the Cowboys have good fans and used to be America’s team. This guy probably spends more time looking in the mirror than he does thinking about winning.

  23. ninerfan81 says:
    he’ll sign Manziel…and Manziel will hurt someone in Dallas within a year and be gone

    Well, Manziel does suffer from the disease called Affluenza, and being in Texas, he’d get away with it.

  24. As much as I like Wentz, we need defense more than we need offense. If Romo played half a season in 2015, Dallas would have been in the playoffs.

    Jalen Ramsey, RB, DLine

  25. RGIII can produce, IF he has the protection of a decent Offensive Line – – – otherwise, he’s an injury statistic.

  26. I’d like to see RG become a long term project somewhere. He finished his rookie year with the league’s 4th highest passer rating. He hasn’t done well since but I can’t help but think he can still be a good QB somewhere with enough time and the right coaching.

  27. I think Griffin has a chance to revive his career and become a decent NFL quarterback. Manziel was never a decent fit for this league. Arena ball, perhaps, or the CFL.

  28. I can see Jones signing RGIII if he wants a successor to Romo. Griffin would be cheap, and as long as he lets his play do the talking, there’s nothing to lose by signing him.

    On the other hand, if Jones signs Manziel, the only thing that tells me is that he’s more interested in keeping the Cowboys in the headlines than he is in winning.

  29. Say what you want about RGIII but at least he has shown he can produce in this league over a sustained period of time. With Manuel not only do you have to worry about getting him to produce you have to worry about the everyday struggle to keep him sober.

  30. cafetero1075 says:
    Jan 27, 2016 9:02 AM
    And that’s why Cowboys will never win. They are about headlines, not winning.

    Sounds just like my Bills….

  31. These guys have too much baggage to be on the same team but I continue to wait for somebody to commit to the read option and take the logical step of signing a 1A and 1B fully planning on both of them playing. The starter is never going to make it through a full season so the smart move would be to plan from Day 1 for the second guy to play. You could even trade them off during games like some colleges do.

    But in the NFL the starting QB is this mentally fragile flower who plays every snap until he’s carted off the field at which time the barely-prepared backup gets stuck in the game. Meanwhile there are guys at other positions expected to do a great job in random spot situations. You’ll never hear anybody say the nickelback’s confidence was shot by him not being in on the early downs.

  32. In fact, during his entire ownership of Dallas, Terrell Owens and Deion Sanders are the only two flashy, big name guys Jerry has ever signed. That,s two in 27 years if you want to do the math.

  33. I’d like to see RGIII get a shot to develop under a good QB. If for no other reason, to see what he has left. Pretty sure Dallas isn’t the best place for that to happen.

    As for Johnny, I think it’s an uphill battle for him. He just hasn’t proven to be very smart.

  34. RGIII will end up in Arizona backing up Carson.

    Bruce Arians will be what the Dr. ordered for Griffin … remember the QBs Bruce has helped develop … Peyton, Ben & Andrew. He has the touch with young QBs.

  35. RG3 isn’t going somewhere else to be a backup and Dallas is notorious for taking players with huge character flaws.

    RG3 is more likely to end up somewhere where he can start NOW, ie. Texans or Eagles and Manziel seems the more likely candidate in Dallas.

  36. Neither Manziel nor RGIII fit with the Dallas offense. Running qbs backing up Romo? too different style to fit the offense.

  37. As a Vikings fan its scary to think how close we came to drafting Johnny Football.

    But lets be real. Put Johnny behind that O Line in Dallas and give him Dez, who knows? Sometimes it IS the system (Randy Moss in MN vs Oakland vs New England) as just one example. At this point, I hate to say it, but I’d probably sign Johnny. I honestly think its the bigger upside.

  38. Jerry Jones, “We’re gonna get Manziel for pennies of the dollar…”

    Stephen Jones, “Dad, EVERYONE else in the organization thinks RG3 is a better option…’

    Both simultaneously, “Let’s get both!”


  39. Hopefully RGIII.

    The reason I state this is not only does he have far superior tools, but….

    I don’t think anyone besides Dallas would touch Manziel.

    Who wants a drunk, liar, unaccountable QB whose arm is mediocre, decent but not top end speed, and has played like absolute crap on the field?

    He had six games this year where he attempted at least 24 passes (five with at least 31 passes) and only threw for over 200 yards TWICE in those 6 games. The one time he threw for over 300 yards, his team lost 30-9.

    When Manziel is kicked out of Cleveland, he probably thinks he can get a gig in Dallas.

    Well if the Cowboys get RGIII, then maybe not.

    Guy has floated on the idea that someone will keep giving him a million chances. It would be some hilarious comeuppance if his fallback plan in Dallas doesn’t exist.

    He’ll be fine, he’s rich.

    Maybe him and Michael Sam can start their own football league. We’ll call it…

    The Zoolander Football League for players who like to drink, quit, and just aren’t any good and stuff.

  40. Wouldn’t sign RGIII for Cowboys. While very different QB’s in most ways, RGIII and Romo are very similar in how easy they break.

    Putting both those dudes on same roster pretty much guarantees the third-stringer is going to start games sooner than later.

    In other words, after all the money and contracts, Kellen Moore is still QB actually playing by week six or so.

  41. I can actually see Romo and RG3 on the Dallas sidelines, both of them leaning up against a bench, in full body casts, with their numbers painted on the front of their chests.

    The O-line would just carry them in and out of the game when they were needed……very Monty Python-like!

    Jerry just loves to tell everyone that his broken players are all ready to play!!!!!

  42. I would say yes, this makes perfect sense in a vacuum. But my money is on those 2 guys fighting out a QB competition in Houston, not backing up Romo.

  43. If they sign RG3 it should be under the assumption he is a tear down rebuild. Johnny is more football ready but what is the huge question is the guy is a circus who puts himself ahead of the team with his job and future on the line he couldn’t not party for a couple of weeks. I’d rather a guys who is giving his all than I guy partying his future away.

  44. Please make this move, Jerry Jones……
    It has been a true pleasure to watch JJ sink this franchise lower and lower each and every year…. And now this – Johnny Manziel (or RGIII) and Jerry Jones together…..??

    I can’t even DREAM that big….it virtually guarantees another decade of mediocrity from this “fabled franchise”….. KEEP IT UP JERRY – You will have a competitive Arena League team in no time at all….. (and a lot of empty PSL owned seats in that oversized/overpriced pleasure palace of yours….)

  45. Aikman may be right but there are two other considerations.
    RG3 still has a massive inflated ego. He still believes that he is among the best and just had lots of bad luck with injuries and lousy teammates and coaches at the Redskins. He will expect to be the starter wherever he goes and he will expect to be paid accordingly. Johnny Manziel is a very high risk venture. He is a party boy and a probable train wreck wherever he lands.

  46. The best bet is to draft Goff and let him sit and learn behind Romo, provided he lasts that long in the draft. I fear that the Brown will get Goff and ruin him as they have every single QB they’ve drafted.

  47. freedomofspeechyesway says:
    Jan 27, 2016 9:11 AM

    As a non-cowboys fan I love the possibility of either.


    As Browns fan, I love the possibility of JFF ending up in Dallas, or Seattle, or San Fran, or any of 28 other cities…

  48. I am so tired of Jerry! If he signs either of those clowns I will drop the Cowboys and become a Raiders fan!! At least they are trying to build a winning team the correct way.

  49. Ha go ahead and sign RG3, I would honestly pick him over Manzel. At least RG3 will help the community, and he won’t be a huge distraction. From a Redskins fan, who’s met RG3 a few times, he’s a great guy. But I will not be a fan anymore just because he plays for Dallas. And I hope we get to play him next year in a Cowgirls jersey.

  50. Wonder if he’d make a run at Sam Bradford or Kirk Cousins?

    Those guys would make more sense, as an eventual replacement for Romo, but would be a lot more money.

  51. jjackwagon says:
    Jan 27, 2016 5:00 PM
    With all the concussions that Aikman has had. I seriously doubt he thinks much at all.


    Maybe, but he could have full blown dementia and would still be smarter than Michael Irvin.
    Irvin babbles more than a stuttering auctioneer.

  52. The joke and failure that is rg3 will not last much longer as this will be his final season any team will put up with his “let me talk to the media at my own media presser to say that i am the greatest qb in the nfl” but even Tom Brady blew him off and talked to Cousins.

    Even Bill Belecheat told Gruden that he was starting the WRONG QB WITH RGTURD STARTING.


    even with a top notch oline rgTURD still stinks it up………. #BIGJohnFootball is already a much smarter QB than the bad joke that is #RGtheTurd.

    John Football will land in Dallas as he is a Jerry Jones type player and while the me me me world that is RGTURD is the type the cowTurds love.

    BOBtheTurd is just not smart enough to be a back-up in Dallas let alone overcome all his learning disabilities and refusing to change habits and be a team player to be a starter in Jason Garret’s Offense.

    RGTurd would be one of the worst players to try to fit in that systems.

    Manziel however rough around the edges is almost a clone of Tony Romo’s Skill set but faster and more agile something that RGTurd has completely lost and will never get back!!!

    Give it one more failure of a season before the joke of a pro qb that is #RGtheTurd will be over in the NFL and he will go disappear going insane out of the spotlight LIKE HE DESERVES!!!!

    #RGTURD is just that a TURD that cant read a defense or make progressions.

    i bet it will come out during FA that at least one team will refuse to sign RGTurd bc of his unjust me first priorites, him putting blame on team mates and his lack of understanding of the qb position and of offensive schemes.

    Along with thinking he is a starting qb will rub teams the wrong way forcing him to sign in cleveland where he will end up out of football after one or two more injury plauged seasons as a back-up.

    RGTURD is complete joke of a qb and of a role model. he is only about his horrid joke of a brand.
    RGTurd will never get it right he is just like his hero and mentor JaMarcus Russel.

    Captain America Kirk Cousins will sign a 4 year deal for 13 million a year plus incentives.

    MACK will be a Redskin in 2016. DC wants him bad and he would be the perfect type player McCloughlin wants and Mack would become a Redskins Hog Legend!

    The Whole Redskins nation and Captain America Kirk Cousins will recruit him and he will leave the factory of saddness the hell that is being a brown behind to snap to Captain America!

    I really Hope the Redskins land Mack, end up luring a free agent Megatron to pair with DJAX, a starting caliber slot wr, draft and FA seems to fill these needs
    a starting caliber wr’ing playmaking tight end to pair with J-Reed,
    a Top-Notch Starting Right Tackle (i would love the redskins to somehow trade for cheap Tackle Joe Thomas,)

    a starting upgrade at DE and Nose Tackle, (Holi Ngata maybe, to pair on and off with Pot Roast at NT,)

    A Starting tommyknocker MLB like James Laurinitus and a freak but smart MLB leither in the draft or FA.

    The Redskins need a Starting Corner either in FA or the draft.

    the redskins need to replace both saftey spots and one ball hawk and one skull crusher i would love to fill in FA, trade and or the Draft.( Maybe trade for Kam Chancellor cheap he is a McCloughhan player) and or Harrison Smith both and we would dominate.

    DC also NEEDS A BriN mITCHELL TYPE PR AND KR and i believe matt forte is FA. SIGN A PASS CATCHING SPEED SCAT RB like forte, sproles, or a mcfadden type rb bc despite alf morris being a true DC Warrior he doesnt fit this Offense.

    I would be in Heaven if in 2017 we draft Stanford RB Christian McCaffery as he is the prto-type back for this team and reminds me of a white marshall Faulk mixed with Ed James.

    I think the Redskins need to build a offense that caters towards developing “Captain America” QB Kirk Cousins by adding plays and schemes and systems and looks to the offense building into and combining the current Gruden Offense with a super fast no huddle system along with a wco system and also combined with styles of offense the pats run( two te sets and no huddle), the packers run(a no huddle wco) , the saints run( a wco mixed with fun and gun and air coyrle) the rams greatest show on turf type offense and parts of the Oregon supersonic chip kelly offense .

    I think adding these aspects , systems, and plays to the current offense would make it be build for Captain America’Kirk Cousins skills and abilities and help develop him into a dominant QB maybe elite.

    He has the brains and the skills best suited to run these with his great accuracy, super quick release, football iq and arm strength.

    heck ppl knock Captain America Kirk Cousins but he is way better than anything RGTurd could be. Cousins Throw’s a 92MPH football. ppl that think rgTURD is a starter doesnt know football or the facts

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