Jerry Jones is surprised Cowboys have gone 20 years without a title


If you had told Cowboys owner Jerry Jones while he celebrated his third title at Super Bowl XXX that he wouldn’t have his fourth title by Super Bowl 50, he wouldn’t have believed it.

Jones admitted that he figured the Cowboys would have sustained success over the last two decades, and he wouldn’t have expected to be sitting here in 2016 wondering when his team will finally get back to the big game.

“Well, I saw how we got there for the first three that I was involved with,” Jones said at the Senior Bowl, via the Dallas Morning News. “I’m the most surprised person in Mobile, or the country, that we haven’t been back to and competed in a Super Bowl. But I know firsthand that you can go from the outhouse to the penthouse, and I’ve experienced it. Consequently, that fact has always driven me to know that it’s just around the corner. There’s a pony in here somewhere.”

Jones has expressed a lot of confidence in his coach, Jason Garrett, and his quarterback, Tony Romo, and their ability to get the team back to a Super Bowl. But when you’ve gone 20 years without getting to a Super Bowl, something has to change. Maybe the Cowboys need a better general manager.

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  1. Wasn’t it a little more than 20 years ago when Jerrah pushed Jimmy Johnson out of the organization?

  2. You have the most talented (on paper) team in the NFC East.

    Your QB got hurt and you did not have a plan B.

    Have a plan B and you might get to the playoffs.

    Problem is you think Super Bowl. How about walking before you run ?

    Your Romo will last 3,4,5 more years is typical no plan B stupid. He might not play again.

    You break the same thing 3 times, those of us who have done that are here to tell you it gets worse and never better.

    Plan B might be plan A.

  3. Best article title this season….I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

    I have clearly given JJ too much credit for intelligence all these years. I always just figured he was blinded by his own hype to see how bad the franchise is under his ownership….but now I know without a doubt he is an idiot.

  4. Jimmy Johnson was responsible for those last three wins.
    (That includes the third win after he was gone.)

    Jimmy Johnson is a ‘football man’.

    Jerry Jones is NOT a ‘football man’.

  5. Jones needs to look to Foxborough to see how it is done. Consistency. No meddling from the ownership. Having quality people in place that know what they are doing.

    The lack of self awareness Jones has is amazing.

  6. When the loss of one player takes your record to the outhouse something is wrong with your coaching.

  7. In a perfect worls, the best any team can hope for is one Superbowl win every 32 years. Any team can win the Super Bowl any year, it’s just poor management that keeps them down.

  8. Jerry, there’s three things you had then, that you don’t have now:

    1. Jimmy Johnson to find and coach your players
    2. A talented roster stock-piled by the Herschel Walker trade
    3. Little to any impact from the salary cap (at that point in time)

  9. And think just how much worse they’d have been over that stretch if they hadn’t totally lucked into some undrafted QB named Tony Romo. Jerry was burning first round picks on the likes of Quincy Carter so you can only imagine what they’d have looked like without Romo falling out of the sky.

  10. Thinking about how long the Oilers/Titans have been in Tennessee. They arrived in 1997. During this entire span, the Dallas Cowboys have won two playoff games. I repeat: TWO.

    America’s team? Heck, they’re not even Texas’ team.

    Props to Houston,
    Titans Fan

  11. don’t fire good coaches…..

    Don’t draft your own players…..

    Leave the play calling to the coach (you did not fire…….

    Stay off the sidelines……

    Keep your intentions private and don’t express frustration in public……

    Learn from Mr. Kraft how to run a good organization……

    Then it won’t be a big surprise!

  12. Well, it’s not hard to figure out for anyone who was paying attention. Landry laid the foundation on which Johnson built championships. In 1993, Jerry pushed for the salary cap and free agency. In 1995, he stupidly signed and way overpaid for Deion Sanders, a cornerback the team didn’t even need. The result was that in 1996, due to Sanders’s cap hit, sixteen veterans drafted and developed by Landry and Johnson fled in free agency. In other words, overpaying for one player hollowed out the team. And that talent has never been replaced. It’s just been one bad draft, one stupid coaching hire, and one failed free agent signing after another. The Cowboys haven’t won a divisional playoff game since.
    Frankenstein is not the name of the monster. It’s the name of the mad scientist.

  13. The one common thread running through those 20 years – Jerry playing GM. He hates the fact that the only success he had was with Jimmy Johnson.

    Jerry likes to think of himself as a “football guy”, but he’s proven to the world he isn’t. The only person that doesn’t get that is Jerry.

  14. This was a really bad year. BUT, Jerry (and Stephen) seem to be figuring it out and have actually built a pretty nice team. Jerry has given the team stability by sticking with Garrett, who, although he’s still not a top 10 head coach, has learned and improved over his years. Jerry is not as bad as a lot people like to make him out… but yeah, it’s been a painful 20 years as a Cowboys fan.

  15. But I know firsthand that you can go from the outhouse to the penthouse, and I’ve experienced it…

    …must be why he keeps the team in the outhouse all the time…just waiting for lightning to strike again…

  16. The older you get the faster time seems to go. So it has been twenty years where does the time go? Better figure it out because in another twenty years you might not be around.

  17. I’m fairly sure there has been one, and only one, constant throughout this period, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  18. It’s clearly a problem of JJ’s. JJ let JJ go in favor of JJ, what JJ didn’t realize was that JJ was infinitely more talented to be a GM than JJ. Now JJ will never admit that firing JJ was the single worst decision that JJ ever made (and he’s made many). One wonders if JJ never messed with JJ, if both JJ and JJ would have won a few more playoff games and maybe a SB or two. Fire JJ, then hire JJ.

  19. Well let’s review the checklist:
    1) Fool for a GM
    2) Sock puppet coach
    3) Glass QB
    4) More sizzle than steak
    5) Inmates running the asylum
    6) Leadership
    7) Allocation of cap space
    8) Run of JJ
    9) Run of the Tuna
    10) Front loaded roster

    Well there’s 10 things you’ve done that absolutely should have paid off right there. Yep, we are all surprised they failed to produce a ring too.

  20. Jones will never have another team in the Super Bowl because he can’t get past his own stupid ego. He is a terrible general manager and is not much of an owner either. Pro Football Talk likes him just like Wrecks Ryan because they are always good for and idiotic quote or two. Ride’em Cowboy!

  21. We all know (except for Jarrah) the definition of insanity. But just for those who haven’t heard, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.
    Hang in there, JJ. Stay the course.

  22. Jer Ruh Jones like SaTAN Kroneke knows how to make money. They just don’t know how to make winners on the field.
    And on many levels if it makes money for them I really don’t think they care about the on field product.

  23. Twenty years sitting behind a huge desk in a magnificent office with a Cowboys roster sheet and the upcoming free agents for that season on another. Sitting there daydreaming about who you can convince to take millions of your dollars to play on a mediocre Cowboys team, all while pleasuring yourself with thoughts of the likes of the Kevin Hardy’s of the world leading you to another championship season.

    Who’d of thought twenty years could be so easily occupied?

  24. You’re the owner Jerry, stop being the GM, Scout, Coach and Asst. Coach and you might have a chance.

  25. The more Jerry Jones talks, the more convinced I am that he made his money not through great business skills, but because he’s just some squint-eyed redneck from Ar-Kansas that just happened to find oil underneath his outhouse.


  26. Cowboy fans aren’t surprised the team has gone 20 years without a title, especially when a snake oil salesmen Jerry Jones is running the circus and thinks he’s actually a GM that can evaluate talent…HE CANNOT!!

  27. So that leaves 21 other franchises in the same boat as the cowboys. While its always fashionable to write these silly stories and even funnier to read the dumb-ass comments, most of the league is in the same boat. Where was New England, or Seattle, or Baltimore or Green bay or New Orleans or Indianapolis or St Louis or Tampa in the 20 years prior to the Cowboys last title?? Right you got it—nowhere!!

  28. It’s been mind boggling to me how all the Cowboys fans annually talk as if they are perrenial winners. They are still living in the old millenium. Nothing special about them at all

  29. You shouldn’t be surprised, Jerry. You’re a terrible GM. I hope somebody who knows how to scout talent is with you in Mobile. (Not that you’ll listen to him.)

  30. The 4-11 record for 2015 is the Cowboys’ worst season since a 1-15 showing in 1989, the year Jerrah bought the team. The Cowboys have only had 3 seasons in their 56 years of football where they won fewer than 4 games – 1960, 1988, and 1989. Think about that for just a moment. That means this is the 4th worst season in Cowboys’ history and all three of the seasons below it are the epitome of “rock bottom”. The year the franchise was born, the year Tom Landry was shown the door, and the year Jimmy and Jerry took over and tried to clean everything out and start over. Unfortunately we have an owner who thinks he is a GM and Jerrah is not a GM. His Super Bowl wins were engineered and Coached by Jimmy Johnson and those days were Great but long gone. Romo’s time in the sun is fading fast without the support a real GM would have provided, an adequate replacement and future QB to fill in as needed. Getting a backup veteran QB cheap without the necessary tools to complete that mission is all on Jerrah and his horrible dead CAP money burden, terrible judge of player talent, terrible trades, and terrible contracts. Jerrah’s time in the sun appears done and he could at least bring in a good GM to set the Cowboys on their next run at glory!

  31. Record in those 20 years:
    162 wins, 158 losses.

    Three playoff wins (all in the Wildcard round).
    Eight playoff losses (4 in Wildcard round, 4 in Divisional round)
    Zero conference championship appearances.

    Overall record: 165 – 166

    “#America’sIrrelevantTeam” is right.

  32. Think about it, the moron Jery Jones trades with the Lions for Roy Williams, hires the coach that was 0 and 16 for the Lions as his D.C. And hires Linehan as O.C.! That says it all.

  33. This just shows why Jerry Jones is clueless as an owner. He doesn’t realize he is the reason they haven’t won a super bowl in 20 years. His stupid trades, free agency signings, coaches hired and talent evaluations is the indicator for a losing organization. You have to feel story for the city of Dallas to have to put up so long with this inept owner.

  34. The people that get the most hole-in-ones are usually the ones that hit the green the most.

    Similarly, the NFL teams that win one or two championships in any given decade are usually the ones that win their division and advance in the playoffs most years and eventually they find a way to win a few.

    Dallas has won 5 divisions in 20 years and 3 playoff games.

    By comparison, the Steelers have won 9 divisions and 15 playoff games to end up with 2 Super Bowls.

    Dallas just haven’t been consistent enough.

  35. and the steelers were beating the cowboy’s asses up and down the field in the SB that year, 1995…until neil ‘dumbass’ odonnell giftwrapped the game to the overrated cowboys………

  36. Cowboy haters in 3…2….oh, I’m too late. Seeing how the Boys make more news than even the Super Bowl contenders just proves it. Cowboys are, and still will continue to be America’s Team.

  37. To say they haven’t been back to the super bowl is giving the Cowboys more credit than they deserve. They haven’t even been back to the NFL championship game and have only won 2 playoff games since ’96. Their overall record since their last super bowl, including playoffs, is below .500. What jimmy Johnson and the Hershel walker trade has built Jerry jones has torn asunder. If he could have just kept jimmy happy who knows what they would have accomplished. Jimmy may have decided to coach a few more years and then taken over as the personnel guy. They could still be winning.

  38. We’re all surprised Jones is still running the show, since he obviously has no clue what he’s doing.
    As a Cowboys hater, I am very glad he is, though!

  39. I don’t understand the pony reference at all. Does he often have ponies in his office? Was that part of another conversation that he just threw in there? This is very confusing.

  40. And Cowboy nation keeps pouring their money into this dry hole………Jerrah isn’t the idiot!

  41. Had it not been for the Vikings, who foolishly
    gave away their future in the Heschel Walker trade,
    then the Cowboys SB drought would have been 40 yrs.

  42. That’s because he still believes that “his guy” Tony Roamo [sic] is going to take Dallas to The Big Game.

    “Dream on… dream on… dream on… hey…” – Aerosmith

  43. Just keep him propped up like Bernie from Weekend at Bernies once he goes. NFL fans will miss his deep insight and “management” skills.

  44. I’m not sure what GM move that Jerruh has done that would have him dreaming of success over the last 20 years. For every positive move he has made (by mistake), he has intentionally added worthless character players who have sabotaged two decades of effort.

    The Dallas Rump Riders are the NFL joke because even Danny Snyder in Washington admitted he didn’t know jack and hired a real GM.

    I hope Jerruh lives for 20 years more and continues his amazing ability to produce losers.

  45. He’s got what he asked for when he booted Jimmy Johnson out. Control. And the results speak for themselves.

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