Panthers “don’t really care” if it’s Peyton Manning’s last rodeo

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After the Broncos beat the Patriots last Sunday, a microphone on the field captured Peyton Manning telling Bill Belichick what many people have been thinking all season.

Manning said that this might be his last rodeo and, as his brother Eli pointed out this week, winning the Super Bowl would be a pretty good way to go out after a long career stuffed with accomplishments. The possibility that Manning will ride off into the sunset after Super Bowl 50 will make him a sentimental favorite for some people, although you’re not going to find too many of them in Charlotte.

“We don’t really care if this is his last game,” Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert said, via the Charlotte Observer. “He’s played what – 18, 19 years? He’s had enough, you know what I’m saying? It’s our turn.”

Tolbert’s teammate Tre Boston had a similar take on the possible end of Manning’s career a week from Sunday and employed pizza to help him make his point.

“So if a man has the last piece of pizza in the world, are you going to take that last piece?” Boston asked. “One of y’all got to live! One of us has to win, and I’m not trying to lose. It’s you and that one man. You gonna live or not? I’m trying to win. I don’t care who you are.”

It would be odd to hear anything else from the Panthers when faced with the question of how they’d feel about beating Manning in his last NFL game. They’d be much too busy celebrating with the Lombardi Trophy to give much thought to what the other team’s quarterback might be doing in September.

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  1. I think the Panthers are heavily favored, but it would be kind of funny for them to lose, and ” last piece of pizza in the world” comes up later 🙂

    I hope for a good close game (not a blow out), may the better team win.

  2. I think we’re overlooking the most interesting part of this whole story. Peyton Manning has been playing in the NFL since 1998, and just now we find out that this whole time he thought a football game was a rodeo.

  3. As a patriots fan I want to see Peyton go out on top, he deserves more than one ring. Good luck to him in gonna miss the Brady manning rivalry

  4. Manning = definition of class
    Newton = definition of classless

    I have never in my life seen an athlete that is that attention hungry. Cam, lots of people don’t like you because of the way you act and are ALWAYS trying to get attention, not because of your color.

    Go Broncos

  5. intrafinesse says:
    Jan 28, 2016 11:48 AM
    I think the Panthers are heavily favored, but it would be kind of funny for them to lose, and ” last piece of pizza in the world” comes up later 🙂

    I hope for a good close game (not a blow out), may the better team win.


    Peyton Manning sending 100 Papa John’s pizzas to the Carolina Panther would be worth listening to all of the annoying “ride off into the sunset” commentary.

  6. As a Broncos fan, I wouldn’t expect to hear anything other than that from Carolina. Just because it’s his last game, are they supposed to throw in the towel? Lay down to let him go out on top?

    Please. Nobody is given anything like that- championships need to earned. If it turns out it is indeed his last game, then they can reflect on that afterwards, win or lose.

    May the best team win (my hopes are that it’s Denver), and hopefully we have an exciting game to watch.

  7. Denver vs Carolina 2012 score: 36-14 Denver

    Manning only had 1 TD
    Cam had 2 INTs, a fumble, and was sacked 7 times

  8. Manning is lucky to be there. Always has a cerebral edge on the field, but his on field execution is in the bottom half of NFL QBs at this point. Game manager at best, defense carried this team more than Seahawks’ did Wilson last 2 SBs. His awful season underscores how dominant the Denver D has been.

  9. Win or lose, by this time next year Manningface will be running a string of Papa John’s in the Southeast….

    …and as for toppings, HGH is $0.99 extra.

  10. Careful Mike !
    Dont wake a sleeping Giant !
    As a charger fan i know Ron is not liking this comment
    And mike will be told probably
    I wish all luck
    But not seeing how the panthers should be so favored
    The panthers might be the better team
    But the broncos defense is in another level
    Panthers try to say they go conservative
    But i think their defense gets tired from all the coverage duties by linebackers
    And they have no real pass rush from the outside
    Not sure whats gonna happen but
    Think the broncos are getting slighted
    Offense sells tickets but defense wins championships
    Wouldnt be surprised if broncos won this late
    Like a 27 -24 with most of the scoring by panthers in first half
    And broncos in second

  11. Peyton Manning always demanded more money than Tom Brady. He wanted the money more than he wanted to win. I guess $30 million a year doing commercials wasn’t enough for him. So the Patriots had good defensive players while the Colts were cutting guys and signing minimum salary players to start. No wonder he only has one ring.

  12. the NFL does. so Carolina needs to get up by a lot, not let the zebras become a factor.


  13. Unless the Broncos are illegally over the salary cap, I expect the Broncos to lose by their usual 3+ TDs.

  14. As Belichek said, and I am certain many agree, underestimate Peyton Manning at your own peril. I could just as easy see him lighting the Panthers up with 4 tds as tossing 4 picks.
    As for a blowout by Carolina, I see the same fans predicting one for the SB as were predicting the Pats would blow the Broncos out last week. How did that prediction work out?

  15. Broncos kept Edelman in check the whole game, Gronk for 3 quarters, gave up 44 total yards rushing, not to mention bash Brady almost every down.

    You Panther fans really saying Ginn or Brown are better than Edelman?

    or Olson better than Gronk?

    Panthers will be lucky if they score 10 points the entire game

  16. Everybody knew after that horrible KC game that this could have been Manning’s last season (heck everybody even thought that the KC’s game was his last game), so I don’t know what the big deal is.

  17. It’s be a shocked if Carolina wins, only because if the NFL – Death Star at 345 Madison Avenue wants the fairy tale ending to Peyton’s career, by golly they’ll have it.

    Just like their felonious poster child, Ray Lewis

  18. Manning is playing with house money. If it wasn’t for cheating by using HGH, his last rodeo would have been a few years ago.

  19. It was clear in the Pats-Broncs game who the NFL wanted to win. The Panthers are going to be playing against two groups next week: the Broncs and the refs.

  20. Let’s say Manning starts the game….tosses a few picks and is benched for Ossweiler while the Broncos are losing. If Ossweiler comes in and wins the game, does Peyton claim this as a win to pad his stats?

  21. Shut up and be good winners Panthers. The team and their fans should look at Seattle … and do the opposite.

  22. I don’t Manning “deserves” another SB win just because he has had a great career.

    He should have taken advantage of other opportunities he had during his career. He squandered them.

  23. May the Panthers smack the horsies around the field come Super Bowl day. Send egghead to retirement with another embarrassing superbowl loss

  24. You poor pats fans really don’t have anything else in your lives do you? There’s always an excuse parroted by the same 5 people with multiple IDs. The pats never get outplayed. It’s always the refs. Or the head office. Or the injuries. Or, or, or. A little advice, use aluminum tape to mend the tears in in your jiffy pop headgear, duct tape doesn’t stop the voices.

  25. …..I like Peyton and think he’s been GREAT for the game, but if the game ain’t rigged, the Panthers will prevail. The whole season they have had nothing but swag, and folks…you can’t beat swag. …….Eli retires with the most SB rings in the manning family…sorry Peyton.

  26. “Let’s say Manning starts the game….tosses a few picks and is benched for Ossweiler while the Broncos are losing. If Ossweiler comes in and wins the game, does Peyton claim this as a win to pad his stats?”

    The answer is yes. Peyton gets credit for the win. Just like Brock got credit for the win against the Chargers. Win goes to the starter.

  27. Peyton’s performance in the AFC Championship was mediocre at best. It was pure defense. Their only way to play or win was to stop Tom Brady. They know it and you should too. I’m sorry to tell you that the Panther’s O line isn’t decimated the way the Patriot’s is so…Denver is going down. Sadly, it’ll be another blowout starring Peyton. We all know Peyton did HGH. Come on. I don’t really care but don’t act pious about him. Go Panthers.

  28. “It ain’t over till it’s over.” It remains to be seen if Peyton Manning will bid farewell to football after Super Bowl 50 win or lose. Stay tuned to the Broncos Channel.

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