Richie Incognito “anxious” to strike new deal with Bills

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Super Bowl Sunday will mark the one-year anniversary of the Bills plucking guard Richie Incognito off the scrap heap and signing him to their roster, a move that worked out well for both sides.

Incognito got a chance to return to the field after being drummed out of Miami in the wake of bullying allegations from Jonathan Martin and played well enough that General Manager Doug Whaley said Incognito had not looked as good for five or six years. The Bills got that play at a low price due to the lack of other interest in Incognito, something that Incognito’s play will make it hard to replicate in 2016.

Incognito is set to hit the open market and is due for a nice salary bump as a result of his 2015 performance. Incognito said on “The John Murphy Show” on WGR 550 that he wants that bump to come in a new deal with the Bills.

“I’m anxious. I’m anxious to see what happens,” Incognito said. “My goal is to come back and play in Buffalo. I love it there. I love my teammates and I love playing for coach Rex and Greg Roman. I really think that my personality and my hard work approach and physical nature really resembles the spirit of Buffalo. A blue collar town and a bunch of hard working people up there, and they just want to win. That’s my number one goal is just to win and restore the glory of Buffalo. I hope it all works out and I hope I’m back there real soon.”

Whaley called re-signing Incognito a top priority for the offseason. He said the same about left tackle Cordy Glenn while discussing the “restrictive” cap situation the team has heading into the offseason, which likely means that it will take some maneuvering with the current roster before Incognito’s anxiety about a new deal can be put to rest.

24 responses to “Richie Incognito “anxious” to strike new deal with Bills

  1. Oh…yeah….Johnathan Martin…that was the cry baby.

    Wonder what he’s doing these days? Probably working to help abandon stuffed animals find a new home.

  2. I am not a Bills fan, but I hope he stays in Buffalo. He has had his career rescued by the team. I liked to see that rewarded. And if he stays in the AFC East he gets to vent his vengeance on the ‘fins twice a year.

  3. Jonathan Martin aside, Ritchie Incognito has NO place in the NFL, whatsoever;

    don’t give a lick about this PC ‘rehabilitation” crap;

    what he did and the things he said are so far over the line of what he knows deep down inside was wrong Incognito shouldn’t be allowed in an NFL stadium, much less on a team;

    if Incognito knew it was wrong and still went ahead and did it, that makes it two wrongs;

    if he didn’t know it was wrong, that right there should disqualify him from NFL employment just as it would virtually any other job (short of campaigning for president as a republican);

    he is most certainly not a superstar or an athletically gifted talent, so those Dallas Cowboy excuses are out, too;

    maybe one day he and Suh will tangle, and then maybe the NFL will be able to rid itself of two ticking time bombs at once;

    guess so long as you don’t get caught killing anybody while your goons help, it’s alright with the NFL..maybe you can even be a spokesman for them after your overrated playing days are over (almost anybody could run sideline to sideline if they had two 400+ lb. defensive tackle behemoths blocking for them all the time);

    well, it’s not alright with me, which is why i’m selling off most of my NFL gear;

    the NFL needs to reorder their initials to read NLF–no longer football;

  4. Incognito owes Martin for what he did for Incognito. Without Martin pointing out the out of control behavior of Incognito, Richie never would have gotten the counseling he needed to deal with his issues. It was only because of the counseling that the NFL allowed him to return and that when they did he was prepared to act like a mature, responsible NFL player and as such, he was able to show off his talent. We all get to where we need to be on the road that is laid out for us. Fortunately for Incognito, that road led to counseling that helped him deal with long term issues he never was able to resolve on his own. Congrats to Incognito, but congrats to the system that played out to the benefit of everyone.

  5. i bought the gear dirt cheap in the first place…probably from sellers who already knew what i had to learn;

  6. having lived through the 1960s, i quite well know the relationship between rehabilitation and recidivism when it comes to people like Incognito;

    that kind of behaviour doesn’t change just because some doctor says so;

    it’s one thing to think and act that way until you learn from your first encounters things are not what you were taught or believe;

    it’s quite another to carry forth this behaviour over the better part of your career when you see time and again things are not what you were taught and believe, yet you persist in behaving that way regardless;

    like i said before, either he knew better all along but continued to do it anyway on team after team, or he just didn’t care until the league forced him to…and the key word here is forced, because we all know no one can be forced to do anything they truly don’t want to do;

    i’ve seen and worked with great pretenders like Incognito over 30 years on active duty and off;

    rehabilitation only teaches them how to perfect their pretense;

    instead of giving him comeback player of the year, we ought to give him an Oscar;

    but never again a job in what he loves as much as the successful hoodwinking of doctors and others he’s fooled with his pretense;

  7. The bills will always suck, but I digress.
    Are my eyes deceiving me? Did this turd actually say “restore the glory of Buffalo.”? What glory would that be, Richie? Being synonymous with losing and futility? Living in a city that is the laughing stock of the US? The mouth breathers in Buffalo may buy that tripe but not me. Loser.

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