Sashi Brown wants to see clear commitment from Johnny Manziel


The Browns are trying to create the impression that they possibly will keep quarterback Johnny Manziel, and Johnny Manziel is making it hard for them to sell it.

In the wake of the emergence of more Manziel party videos, Browns executive V.P. of football operations Sashi Brown made his expectations for the quarterback clear while keeping the team’s plans for him obscure.

“The thing for him obviously is to demonstrate to teammates, to our fans, and to folks in the building that this is going to be the most important thing in his life,” Brown said at the Senior Bowl, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Although Manziel’s behavior suggests that he doesn’t view football as being the most important thing in his life, Brown won’t slam the door on Manziel staying with the team.

“I think absolutely he’s a got a chance to be here,” said Brown. “He’s got a chance to be here. . . . Johnny’s got a new coaching staff that I’m sure will be watching closely in Hue Jackson and Pep Hamilton and he’s got that opportunity. He’s certainly got the capacity and it’s just on him to do it.”

Brown specifically declined to address rumors and speculation that Manziel will be traded.

“We haven’t made any decisions on it one way or the other,” Brown said. “Like I said, we’re not going to panic and we’ll sit down and have an opportunity to talk to him. Right now, our focus is getting our coaching staff and our personnel staff together, certainly coming down here and being able to watch and meet some of these young guys, who a number of them are probably going to be on our roster.”

It would be a surprise if Manziel ultimately is on the roster, in large part because it seems like he doesn’t want to be. And if/when it becomes clear that the Browns feel the same way, it will be difficult if not impossible to swing a trade for him.

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  1. Timmy T-Bag Tebow, Michael Sam and now this guy.

    Why does the football media pay any attention at all to these guys who were good in college but then fail and somehow end up as overrated losers in the pros?
    Why not wait to see if they make it and are good before giving them any attention?

  2. His word isn’t worth anything so why bother taking him at it?

    Remember he went to “Rehab” it was either he felt he needed help… and failed…. which DOES happen, or what I feel is more likely is… he thought people “needed” to see him want help Either way it isn’t worth it. Even when Johnny does care enough to give his word, Billy Manziel winds up undoing everything he did…

    Everyone wanted to compare him to Wilson, but maturity has shown those guys are light years apart one is a professional and one isn’t anywhere near… and even IF Manziel winds up maturing to the point Wilson has…. The Browns don’t have the time to wait for him to get there… move on and get rid of the headache.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the anonymous cell videos of Manziel gettin’ down have been orchestrated by Manziel and posse body doubles ( maybe with a little help from Jerry Jones.). The Browns appear to be trying to drive up Manziel’s value ( Oh he could be the starter; we’ll see) , but wait. Now we have MORE leaked cell-phone videos. Oh Johnny…you are such a joker on your way to Dallas.

  4. Just look at the pictures and watch the videos. Big John Football is clearly committed. Big John Football. Oh yea!!!

  5. Does anybody really think Manziel can fully commit himself to football?

    Sashi and Hue should ceremoniously cut this drunk (and Bowe and Gilbert) and actually set the tone for their shot at returning the Browns to respectability.

  6. Boom. Sorry Cleveland fans. Trying to keep s bag of crap like Manziel around tells you all you need to know about Sashi Brown and the Hue Jackson hire. If Cleveland were smart, (which they are not), they would allow Hue Jackson to do his thing and move on from manziel.

  7. It already seems as if the Browns feel that way. All Sashi is trying to do is set up some team to think they won’t so they’ll trade a half a ham sandwich for him. A ploy that I predict will fail miserably.

    Manziel is intent on wasting his God given talents and does NOT have the desire to put in the effort necessary be an NFL QB. He prefers to party & drink and he will not change.

  8. It’s very simple. If the Browns say they don’t want him and are looking to trade him, they get offers of kickoff tees, used ball bags and a 5-man sled in return. If they say he has a shot to make the team and they want to keep him, the offers start turning into draft picks.

  9. I loved the movie Groundhog Day.

    I want to see the Browns draft yet another QB in the 1st round. I want to see him be a bust after 2-3 years and then …

  10. Someone is channeling their inner Ryan leaf self. Hard to admit a million dollar investment might have been a mistake. It opens the door to the whole investigative process to get JM there to begin with. Makes management look bad. Harder still to keep trying to “work” to resolve and make productive as part of the team. Failure makes management look good because they tried. But it does not overcome the original bad decision. The Browns are now the penal system for JM to try and rehabilitate him and the fans are paying the bill (his paycheck).

  11. Stick him on IR for a couple of seasons. Saves a roster spot and you get the same return as releasing him. Call it an in-house suspension.

  12. If I were the Browns, I would keep this kid and make him run scout team without the red jersey on. Then, make him inactive for every game. He’s not making that much and he’s acting like a little kid who is pouting. Giving him his release or trading him to Dallas just rewards his idiotic behavior. I have been a big Johnny fan in the past (bought 2 homage shirts) but he’s a complete joke. Let him rot on the bench and hopefully he parties to the point where no team wants him.

  13. Keep him on the roster in case he decides to be an adult. Otherwise, he’ll either wind up suspended or you can just have him inactive every week as the 3rd quarterback. He’ll garner nothing in trade value and the upside is too high to just throw away.

  14. They’re just trying to position themselves to trade and get some value for Manziel. I can’t see Jackson wanting to deal with the constant headaches the Manziel circus creates.

  15. Of course the Browns are going to “act” like they’re going to keep him. Drive up the cost to trade for him.

    No one is that stupid. Well, after reading some of the
    comments, maybe a few are. :/

  16. Billy Manziel must be wondering what he has to do to get fired, which means I think we have another episode coming down the pipe.

  17. A lot of you get it now. Manziel is a spoiled child, used to getting his way and lots of attention. How do you handle such a child? Give him a “time out” on the bench, or as someone suggested, put him on the IR with a non-football injury. (addiction?)

    Let him sit and stew about it all. DO NOT give in to his childish behavior! Do not trade him, or worse, cut him. That would only enable this bad behavior.

    At the very least, sitting him for the remainder of his contract, would make him soft, fat, slow, and completely degrade his timing and football skills. Then he should be just right for Jerruh and his Cryboys.

  18. Manziel the football player might be one of the top 5 backups in the league. Definitely not starter material as he was beat outright in competition by Brian Hoyer and Josh McCown and both outplayed him in regular season but the fact is the kid could probably be a great NFL QB if he actually wanted to be.

    Here’s my thing. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to put in the work to be an NFL QB but if you look at his body of work you really don’t HAVE to use him as one. The guy ran for 80 yards in two quarters against the Kansas City Chiefs and has the most yards rushing for a QB in Cleveland Browns history. He might not be an NFL level QB but he’s proven that he’s definitely an NFL level running back.

  19. If Manziel wanted to stay, he’d have made a statement on it by now…. He’s adept at social media. He knows what everyone is saying…. If he hasn’t try to quash it, that means he doesn’t WANT to quash the perception…. He wants out.

    He quit on his team in the last week of the season.

    He won’t be on the team… All of this is just lip-service to get the highest bidder to give up something….

  20. @TionyBot – You may be right in your post. He probably wrote Cleveland off – 1) because of Pettine – if he stayed and 2) because if Pettine was fierd, the nw coach might even have a stronger desire to get rin of him. Still, not the best way to conduct yourself if you want to continue playing elsewhere. A sure sign of immaturity.

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