Thomas Davis: “I fully expect to play” after broken arm

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Apparently, there is no question about whether Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis will play, such that there was.

Via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Davis told reporters today that he was recovering nicely after surgery to put a plate and “11 or 12 screws” in his broken right arm.

“I fully expect to play,” Davis said.

That’s no surprise considering what the 32-year-old linebacker has gone through already, having rehabbed from three torn ACLs to play at his highest level yet. Davis earned a Pro Bowl invite this year, the first of his career.

But now that he’s this close to achieving an even greater goal, he’s not going to let something as simple as a broken arm hold him back.

16 responses to “Thomas Davis: “I fully expect to play” after broken arm

  1. That was a strange play when his arm was broken.
    I guess the ball carrier thought Davis was going to go low on him, as he jumped as if he thought he could hurdle him. It looked like he was going to kick him in the chest, then bent his leg at the last second, catching Davis’ arm between his shin and Davis’ chest plate.
    It looked like a move from the movie The Last Boy Scout.

  2. That’s cute, but no. Don’t be stupid and do more damage then come back years later and sue the team for negligence.

  3. TD is a beast. If you haven’t seen him play, you are in for a treat. He and Luke are the best LB duo in the league.

    And lets be honest, Luke is the BEST LB in the league right now.

  4. Several years ago, Steve Smith played 3 weeks after almost the same exact injury. They are making a special cast with a steel plate to protect him. TD is a beast and isn’t going to miss the Super Bowl. He may not play every down, but Shaq and AJ will fill in just fine! #KeepPounding!

  5. His body, his decision if medically cleared to play. That said years later Gronk continues to wear padding because of further injury caused by coming back too soon. Man, never know if you’re going to ever get another chance to play in the big one, I can’t say I don’t blame him if he chooses to play. Then again, no shame if he doesn’t.

  6. That is a BAD MAN!

    Thomas Davis has come back from 3 ACL tears, playing at an elite level. You actually think after all that rehabbing, adversity, and tears that he wouldn’t play in the superbowl from a broken arm? Yeah right, dude didn’t do all of that to sit in the biggest game of his career. TD is the epitome of KEEP POUNDING!!!

  7. Hope he knows what he’s doing. Remember what happened to Gronkowski when he came back too soon after a break.

    The presence of the plate creates vulnerable stress points at either end of the plate. The section of bone with the plate becomes stronger than the bone at either end. So, if he comes down too hard on the arm—basically with it outstretched and palm down to cushion a fall—with the huge mass and all the energy behind it, it’s easy to snap the bone at either end of the plate. That’s what happened to Gronk after his first break—the freak one on the PAT.

    That means a second, possibly worse, fracture. If the break is a displacement too close to the elbow or wrist joints, it’s a tough injury to come back from.

    But Gronk came back from his two breaks pretty effectively. So no reason Davis wouldn’t either.

    For the Super Bowl, if he can handle the pain, it’s worth it.

  8. ……my question is this to Thomas Davis…ARE you sure you will be just as effective or EVEN BETTER playing in this game as opposed to letting your replacement play?( who played well by the way) Don’t you think Kubeick & Manning are taking notes and drawing up plays were the run and send WR’s right past to the RIGHT of him? …& see if he can tackle with the busted arm? If he misses any tackles that result in TD(s), he was selfish and not a team player. We’ll see…should be fun to watch.

  9. You are all suckers if you think this guy’s playing 13 days after getting a plate and 12 screws in his arm.

    You can’t shoot up a broken arm. He’s not going to be able to push, pull, grab or tackle with a broken bone in his arm.

  10. Serious respect to a truly tough guy, but it will be like playing with 10.5 guys on the field. Too much at stake.

  11. He won’t be able to do anything with a broken arm. One less thing for the broncos to worry about.

  12. I thought the Panthers were a lock to win. That linebacking tandem has been killer all season. Now I think the Broncos have a chance to test the weakness created by TD’s injury. And yes, it will impact him if he plays. Its going to be a mistake to put that guy on the field. I hope they realize that.
    Now Panthers will only win by two touchdowns.

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