Todd Haley told people he wasn’t interested in head coaching jobs


During the recent coach-hiring cycle, seven teams hired without interviewing a former head coach who ran one of the most dynamic offenses in the league last year.

And that’s apparently because Todd Haley chose to not participate.

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Steelers offensive coordinator “told people he was not interested in any head coaching jobs this year and so there was no publicly stated interest in him.”

While there might be reasons for teams to not be interested in Haley as a head coach going back to his 19-26 record with the Chiefs, it’s hard to argue with the job he’s done with the Steelers.

Certainly they have personnel, but he’s kept Ben Roethlisberger and friends running at a high level, through a ridiculous amount of injuries. And many coaches have learned from mistakes in their first jobs and come back and done that a second time.

Whether Haley’s not ready to jump back in the pool, or simply didn’t get interest from a place he wanted to go, he’s staying put. And staying in Pittsburgh with the cast of talent he has may do more to help his stock than interviewing for a job in some dubious situations this year might have.

30 responses to “Todd Haley told people he wasn’t interested in head coaching jobs

  1. Failing at a bad team hurts your career more than staying on as a coordinator on a good team. Not a fan of Haley as a person but as a football guy he made the right choice.

  2. Haley was an unmitigated disaster in KC, alienating many players and members of the coaching staff.

  3. Maybe Haley understands the Peter Principle and doesn’t feel like leaving a good job in Pittsburgh for a disaster in Cleveland or San Francisco. Head coaches don’t get fired because they built such amazing teams that you can’t miss with them.

  4. The Steeler offense is on pace to break the record for consecutive playoff games scoring 18 points or less.

    It’s not really Haley’s fault though. They don’t call him Small Ben in Big Games for nothing.

  5. Haley was a terrible head coach for my kc Chiefs. Who starts their new head coaching job by calling out and dismissing one of your top players (Brian Waters). It was so bad, he couldn’t even get anyone halfway decent to replace Weis as OC. He Sucked.

  6. Some guys are meant to be coordinators and not head coaches. Todd Haley is near the top of that list.

  7. Once the Steelers win their 7th Superbowl next year, he will still probably stay on just so he doesn’t miss out on the 8th Superbowl the following season.

  8. Arians had just a much talent. Just a far worse offensive coordinator and a much better head coach. Haley is a far better offensive coordinator and a much worse head coach. Worked out perfectly for both sides

  9. As HC for KC, his offense put up a whopping 7 points against the Ravens. As OC for Pitt, he improved to a breathtaking 15 points of offense in last year’s WC beatdown. This year’s sweep was also impressive. Please, Tood. Stay in Pittsburgh. We need you!

  10. Haley is garbage, people see the yards but where are the points? He is lucky Big Ben makes him look good! I wish he would have left for a new team. I’m not sure what the Steelers see in him.

  11. More coordinators should realize that is what they are good at. He was TERRIBLE here as HC and was lucky to get a shot at OC with such a good franchise again. Think he’s intelligent enough to realize he might not get that opportunity again after another failed attempt as HC.

  12. He only needs to look at the Marc Trestman situation – he was hired as head coach for an ok team, and made them worse. After that, the only job he could find was coordinator for the most anemic offense on arguably the worst team in the NFL.

  13. Some coaching are solid OC ‘s and DC’s but not very good Head coaches. for example Josh McDaniels 11–17 (.393) , Romeo Crennel 28–55 (.337) . And I think that is also the case with Todd Haley 19–26 (.422)

  14. As a life long Steelers fan I never really liked Haley and I hope he moves on sooner than later

  15. Crown- Crappy Ravens were 2-0 against your Steelers. Love the rivalry, some I’m not knocking ya- can’t wait for August

  16. Todd Haley is very similar to Josh McDaniels up in NE. They’re both very good coordinators and should stick with that. Being the head coach has done neither of them any favors.

  17. Looking beyond the success he’s had, Haley seems
    to be have found a situation where he is having fun
    and is enjoying coaching again. Can’t speak on
    what went on in KC, but looks like he is enjoying
    his time in Pittsburgh.

  18. Teams want to interview Haley to find out what his game plan was against the Ravens this year so they can do the exact opposite. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a case where a PO eligible (just BARELY) team was so powerless against a 5-11 team with a 4th string QB. LOL.

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