Chargers will play in San Diego in 2016, may move to L.A. in 2017

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The Chargers are still the San Diego Chargers. But they may become the Los Angeles Chargers in a year.

Owner Dean Spanos announced today that the team is staying in San Diego this year, but he also announced that an agreement has been reached with the Los Angeles Rams that would allow the teams to share an L.A. stadium if a new deal can’t be reached for the Chargers to remain in San Diego beyond 2016.

“Today I decided our team will stay in San Diego for the 2016 season and I hope for the long term in a new stadium,” Spanos said in a statement. “We have an option and an agreement with the Los Angeles Rams to go to Inglewood in the next year, but my focus is on San Diego.”

Spanos said his preference would be to remain in San Diego, but only if the city agrees to a stadium deal that the team finds acceptable.

“This has been our home for 55 years, and I want to keep the team here and provide the world-class stadium experience you deserve,” Spanos said. “Everyone on both sides of the table in San Diego must now determine the best next steps and how to deploy the additional resources provided by the NFL.”

So the San Diego Chargers remain for one year. And perhaps only one year.

97 responses to “Chargers will play in San Diego in 2016, may move to L.A. in 2017

  1. Spanos, no one is making you leave SD. You can have a world class stadium there, just build it yourself.

  2. “We have an option and an agreement with the Los Angeles Rams to go to Inglewood in the next year, but my focus is on San Diego.”

    Sounds like a great opening line on a sales brochure for season tickets.

  3. WOW

    As an exhausted Chargers fan, this is about as good of news as we could ask for at this point.

    Let’s hope they can make a deal happen in SD now.

    That’s where they belong.

    Sorry I said so many bad things about you, Dean!

  4. Oh please stupid we arent. the deal with the Rams was way out of line and your going to stay in San Diego because you cant make a dime off Kronkes offer.
    San Diego has you in their pockets now.

  5. Interesting statement. He makes it sound like he wants to stay in San Diego because he actually cares about the fans there.

    I highly doubt that. He doesn’t give a crap about the fans – this is a leverage play on the city of San Diego because he has a back-up plan in place now.

  6. Dean Spanos: Crawling back to SD to fleece the fans for one more season, then headed to LA to be second fiddle to the Rams. What a guy.

  7. All the talk of attempting to stay in San Diego is just talk, an attempt to trick gullible fans into actually showing up for the 2016 season. He’s gone in a year.

    Honestly, I don’t know too many people in San Diego who are falling for this. Most of them have already mentally and emotionally checked out as far as the Chargers are concerned.

  8. Charger fans in San Diego should remain optimistic and not act like petty, butt-hurt children. Go and support your team this coming season. There is a great chance they won’t be going anywhere.

  9. With the usual AFC West suspects and some of the most boring NFL teams that one can imagine (Browns, Falcons, Colts, Texans) and the Panthers, the Chargers should set a new low for NFL attendance for the coming 2016 season.


  10. Just update the stadium you have. I live 10 minutes from Jerry World and I wish he would have just modernized Texas stadium. I liked that stadium better.

  11. If Charger fans are like immafu, you can say goodbye to your team and visit them up north of you. And, lay off the Rams. St. Louis city and county folks sent them away.

  12. I wonder what kind of deal from the city of San Diego that Spanos would find ‘acceptable’? $1 billion in taxpayer money for the new stadium? Free land to build it on? Zero taxes for the lifetime of the team? Just a few little things.

  13. LA only needs (wants) one team and that’s the Rams. Sounds like a power play to get the city on its heels and parlay the threat into a new stadium. They were never going to leave people. Wake up.

  14. So he couldn’t make the deal work for this year, he is moving the team to LA period. He is throwing the whole, “my focus is San Diego”, , is to get people to the games next year. I wouldn’t spend a dime on that team either. The fans are just going to finance his move next year. Sorry San Diegans.

  15. Charger fans in San Diego should remain optimistic and not act like petty, butt-hurt children. Go and support your team this coming season. There is a great chance they won’t be going anywhere.


    Well said, sir.

  16. It’s too bad that the Midwest failed to support another team, although that is kind of typical of the St. Louis market.

    Los Angeles has the best fan base in the country.

    There’s a reason why Guggenheim is banking billions off of the Dodgers, and there’s a reason why the Buss family is banking billions off of the Lakers. Smart owners invest in Southern California, and it pays them back tenfold.

    West Coast = Best Coast

  17. “Hi Mr… I’m calling on behalf of the San Diego Chargers to see if you’d like to renew your season tickets. We’ve got a lot of exciting moves on the horizon! Hello? Are you still there?”

  18. Not a fan of the Bolts, but I hope they stay in SD. This would allow the Raiders to move back to LA. Now everything is back to normal in the world with the Rams & Raiders playing in LA. Makes me want to break out my 80’s records and reminisce about the good ole days.

  19. Midwest failed to support a team? By not paying millions in taxpayer money to a billionaire? Kroenke was leaving no matter what. He bought the land and hell or high water he was building a complex there. So this has zero to do with support and more to do with an entitled jerk throwing a tantrum until he got his way.

  20. Three way staring contest between the teams that has Goodell’s incompetence all over it. This is going to be epic even by his standards.

  21. If Florio is right that Spanos may be better served saving the $500 plus million relo fee and taking the NFL’s $100 mil to stay in San Diego, maybe Kroenke has asked Spanos to play along so that he doesn’t have to negotiate with the Raiders.

    It’s not a stretch to think Kroenke would be hesitant to invite the Raiders in, who don’t have the finesse, suave, or marketability for LA, especially at the top with the Davis family (Which is why they left in the first…er..second place.) Let’s face it, the Raiders really are suited for Oakland.

    So perhaps now the Chargers and Rams do a little filibuster slow dance until the Raiders resolve their situation. And then, once that happens, the Chargers can announce that they’re staying put and Kroenke gets LA to himself.

    That’s assuming Spanos has already decided he doesn’t want to move, which in my mind is a huge leap. But this is a possible dynamic.

  22. I’d tell the owner an the team to take a hike,,we wanna move but come an support us before we pull the floor out from underneath you,,go piss up a rope Chargers

  23. Yeah! Cause I’d much rather watch Nick Foles and the most corrupt coaching staff outside of new england and is the dormat of their division play football than a team where the quarterback led the league in passing! and they usually contend for a playoff spot! oh wait…

  24. More extortion from an NFL owner. Their only loyalty is to the almighty dollar, not to the fans.

  25. It is great that the Chargers are staying in San Diego in 2016. We all need to band together and vote yes for the June referendum. I will personally be voting yes to save the Chargers and to preserve our culture and traditional.

  26. When I read into it… he probably doesn’t like the Rams deal but wants to use the possibility as leverage for a San Diego stadium. If the Rams partnership was good he’d leave now.

  27. Philip Rivers, Keenan Allen, Danny Woodhead and the boys are probably relieved that they won’t be moving this year. There is a chance they won’t be moving ever.

  28. Charger fans R-E-L-A-X … Spanos’ wealth is basically the $1B or so that the Chargers are worth … unlike Kroenke he is not seriously wealthy beyond that … Spanos would have to finance the $550M relocation fee … plus another $1B for his 50% share of the Inglewood Stadium, unless he simply wants to pay Stan rent which would be on Stan’s terms ie exorbitant

    Bottom line is Spanos can’t afford to go to LA unless it’s strictly on a 2nd class tenant basis … his best option is a new stadium in DT San Diego where some public contribution can be justified as part of a redeveloped SD convention center … Spanos and the NFL will put enough (60-70%) into the project to get it done as the LA Chargers option is in reality not that financially attractive to Spanos or the NFL

  29. Mr Spanos needs to update his business model. He should build his own stadium and own it. He should own the parking, concessions, hotels and surrounding infrastructure. If he does, he will make another fortune and have a successful team. Taxpayer funded entertainment venues fail because of the inherent conflicts between the public good and private enterprise. There is no need for any taxpayers to subsidize any NFL team. Own it. Build it. Be successful. Put a quality product on the field and offer a high quality game day experience. Just don’t think there is any reason to shortchange schools, fire departments, police departments, and care for seniors to subsidize a billion dollar enterprise.

  30. Remember Spanos is cheap above all else. The relocation fee is $550 million. He knows this could go towards a new stadium in San Diego. He’s buying his time on purpose folks.

  31. OK, San Diego, someone get some gonads and tell Spanos that the stadium won’t be available to the Chargers in 2016. They watch him squirm! He’s playing hardball with SD, so why doesn’t SD play hardball with him?

    Turnabout is fair play, isn’t it?

  32. It’s almost like Spanos has to decide whether to do something excremental, or get off the pot.

    More great leadership from the man who came up with the plan to make Arnold Schwarzenegger governor, and fired Marty S. in favor of keeping A.J. Smith around for another 7 years.

    The NFL should force Spanos to sell his team. He isn’t rich enough to get what he wants, so he causes trouble instead. What a whiner.

  33. Don’t buy it, Charger fans. Of course he is going to kiss up to San Diego now; he can’t afford to have an empty stadium in 2016.

  34. So what happened to all the SD fans who swore they were done with the team and Spano? He’s staying put for now so does that mean you’re a SD/Spano fan again for at least a year?

  35. Not a Chargers fan, but I don’t care for how the owner acted towards San Diego.
    I’m going to enjoy seeing Spanos ripped off by Kroenke.
    I hope the Chargers do poorly in LA.

  36. How stupid, bring two teams to the most overcrowded, heavily polluted, non sports city in the US. LA is for celebrities and weak people that relocate there because they handle snow and cold weather. The beaches suck there, the water is freezing, everything is ridiculously expensive and the people there are all loons that can’t drive.

    What a terrible decision this is the NFL repeatedly fails in that dump city of LA and they are bringing two teams there now, insanity!

  37. One thing good I can say about SD is they do have a GREAT tailgating culture. I’ve gone there 3 times from LA to watch my favorite team play them over the last 15 years and the tailgating was always my favorite part.

    We got the Rams now though so I won’t be going there anymore. Fill up your stadium with your own fans now.

    Looks like we’ll be breaking out the Carne Asada and ribs at the Colliseum and Inglewood from now on.

  38. Watching Dean squirm is more fun that watching his team on the field. Please stand firm San Diego; no public money subsidies.

  39. Once again Spanos is telling the citizens of San Diego to give him corporate welfare or he’ll leave. My suggestion … let him walk.

    The line, “but my focus is on San Diego …” was said because the city’s Mayor threatened that if Spanos wasn’t serious about staying he shouldn’t expect the city to do him any favors. Spanos’s focus is his own bottom line – doesn’t matter to him where the Chargers play. He’s a businessman first and foremost.

    He thought the Carson deal was his ticket to a gravy train. Now he’s just weighing his options. If San Antonio or Austin offer him a free stadium he’ll leave San Diego in a heartbeat.

  40. City of SD, call his bluff – let him move. Stadium in IngleWatts will be half-empty for Charger games (only 1/3 empty for Rams) and he’ll take a financial bath.

    Or, he won’t. Spanos isn’t stupid, he’s just trying to use LA as leverage. He may ultimately accept whatever offer SD comes up with and stay put. Will be fun to watch play out.

  41. wow what a bunch of crap…don’t fall for it people of SD…let them go….the owner doesn’t really want to be there…he is just using you…

  42. If Spanos is smart he makes it work in San Diego.
    If he moves to LA and the Raiders move to San Diego the Chargers franchise is dead. Who would support them? That’s right nobody.

    I think Mark Davis forced his hand and he realizes his only chance to survive is to stay in San Diego
    So San Diego don’t budge you have the upper hand

  43. Charger Fans: Please go to the games and support your team!

    (Spanos needs some extra $$$ to pay the relocation fee next year)

  44. If the stadium is a dump; well, you have to decide how much the city/county/state should contribute to a new one. If you think its zero- that’s foolish.. I have a lot of roads and bridges that I don’t use and I still end up paying for them as well as education, nursing homes and the like. Money creates money and this is a community investment on what your town to look like as well as the corporate headquarters you attract….. Just what is the deal with so much hate with this stuff. I don’t think anyone like this guy getting rich but he is already rich. He doesn’t owe you as fans for gosh sakes.

  45. Heaven forbid the billionaires build their own stadia. We wouldn’t want that, how would they be able to hold a population hostage for a new one in twenty years when the first one is no longer “state of the art.”

  46. if charger fans are smart then you will not buy tickets for a team that is only here until the new stadium in la is ready. send a message that no matter how much you love the chargers you are not going to make the owner any richer off of you.

  47. headwoundharry says:
    Jan 29, 2016 6:26 PM
    Poor Marky Mark Davis. Never had a clue about the fine art of relocation negotiation. Marky, your milk and cookies are ready.

    You could not be more wrong Harry.
    Mark Davis scared Spanos back to San Diego
    Mark Davis played Spanos like a violin

  48. I think they are staying. I also think the NFL knew this and also really only wanted 1 team in LA, which is why they approved the Chargers over the Raiders as the “second” team to move. The Raiders would’ve left Oaktown immediately if they were approved to move.

    The Chargers now have the leverage they need with the city of SD to get a stadium built. They have the NFL’s approval to move and a a place to go, thanks to this deal with the Rams.

    In the end, I bet the city/team make a deal and they end up staying in SD.

  49. Charger fan…”Mr. Spanos & Chargers, should I spend another year on this relationship is it going somewhere?” Chargers…”yes baby, just buy your season tickets, jerseys and I’ll be here for you…I promise…”

    When a woman in her mid 30’s dates, she asks the question is this going anywhere…will I marry this man?

  50. It’s obvious Spanos and team want to stay in SD and LA is only a backup plan if all else fails.

    But love how Smith spins it to say what he wants to happen when it most likely never will.

  51. “I want to keep the team here and provide the world-class stadium experience you deserve”

    He wants the stadium and all the profits, just not the bill. Sounds fair.

    If I were a Chargers fan, I wouldn’t buy anything, tickets, gear, etc. Let the team rot, then move to L.A..

  52. “He doesn’t owe you as fans for gosh sakes.”

    And by golly, the fans don’t need to fund his new stadium, which he, and he only, will profit from.

  53. “Midwest failed to support a team? By not paying millions in taxpayer money to a billionaire? Kroenke was leaving no matter what. He bought the land and hell or high water he was building a complex there. So this has zero to do with support and more to do with an entitled jerk throwing a tantrum until he got his way.”
    And this is exactly how St. Louis got the Rams, how Baltimore got the Ravens, how Indianapolis got the Colts etc. so it’s time to stop blaming L.A. for losing their teams, and put it where it belongs.

  54. May indicate that there are at least new and hopefully talks regarding a stadium. Maybe the power play is working a bit.

    Either way, I hate the idea of two teams in LA. I don’t even like NY having two teams, but at least NY is 100 times the sports city that LA is.

  55. Have to say after reading all these comments. I believe LA fans are so full of themselves. You have a team. congratulations. Leave it at that and be happy. Other cities don’t deserve to have their teams leave so LA can have multiple teams.

  56. Petty, butt hurt children?

    Have you any idea how much money, time and emotion 8 games cost? And to spend it on someone who doesn’t reciprocate.

    Like another guy said, Dean needs to move on so San Diegans can too.

  57. Things could get even uglier if a stadium referendum does pass in June. As I understand it, the NFL ruled that the Chargers could extend their option to move to L.A. for another year if public financing is approved by the voters. So if a referendum does pass Spanos could have until January of 2018 to make a decision.

    I honestly don’t see how a referendum would pass though. Spanos’ actions have made too many fans and San Diegans angry.

    The city should make a one year lease of Qualcomm to the Chargers conditional on Spanos agreeing to build and pay for a new stadium in S.D.

  58. Fordmandalay gets it. The mouth breathers like to blame LA fans for refusing to pay for Georgia F’s and Al Davis’ stadiums, when it is really unrelated to the fans. So, when I blame St. Louis residents for losing its 4th pro franchise, the mouth breathers suddenly get all huffy, lol.

    It’s time for the mouth breathers to learn that Southern California has supported more teams than almost any other state in the US for the past 30 years. And if they refuse to admit it, then I am going to troll them into embarrassment by blaming the cities of St. Louis, Indy, Kansas City, Seattle, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Cleveland, Milwaukee, etc for all losing pro sports franchises.

    Man, the people in those hovels just don’t like sports, most likely due to some major character flaw, LOL.

  59. These owners don’t exist to be altruists and operate non profit social services.

    If his franchise is worth $3-4B in LA vs the $1.5B it is currently playing in the 2nd oldest stadium and the City of SD after 15 yrs of dithering isn’t helping to offset the balance then who wouldn’t move?

    When you are looking at $B’s in additional revenue potential fan and city loyalty only goes so far.

  60. In 1981 the Saints fans wore bags to express their disapproval with the owner. The bagheads basically forced him to sell and ran him out of town. It’s time for Charger fans to do the same. Or they can just sit there.

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