Falcons say no decision has been made on Roddy White’s future

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Falcons receiver Roddy White had a rough year in 2015: Among all the receivers in the NFL who started all 16 games, White had the fewest receiving yards, with just 506.

As a result, there’s almost no chance that the 34-year-old White will be back in Atlanta in 2016 unless he’s willing to take a lot less money than the $4.5 million he’s scheduled to make. But Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff has not made a decision on releasing or retaining wide receiver Roddy White, the franchise’s all-time leading receiver who had a dramatic statistical drop off last season.

Roddy is still under contract here,” Dimitroff said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We are in the process here of looking at, as you know, we are talking about the changes in the organization on the personnel side. “We’re obviously very focused on what is going to happen with our personnel. We are smack, dab in the middle of that. We haven’t made final decisions on anyone as far as moving on from people or moving on from people or re-doing contracts right at this moment.”

The Falcons may not have made a final decision, but there’s no way they’ll keep White on his current contract. If he’s not willing to take a pay cut, his days in Atlanta are done.

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  1. “If he’s not willing to take a pay cut, his days in Atlanta are done.” says the GM wannabe that stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night…

  2. He’s a goner. Great player in his prime but that ended two years ago. He’ll latch on somewhere (Tampa maybe) for a year or two then ride off into the sunset.

  3. “Best Falcons receiver ever”


    He already holds franchise records in single season yards and is over halfway to career records in targets, receptions, yards and TDs.

    Roddy is the soul of the team and leadership like that is not easily found but $4.5m is a steep price for pay for a leadership.

  4. I heard Droppy wanted to reach out to the falcons for a new contract but his alligator arms were too short.

  5. Roddy can still play. It’s the QB whose giving the games away. A Jags fan stuck in ATL, I have season tix and can tell you that I’ve watched Roddy stand in pasture-sized open spots while Matt runs in circles looking to force the ball to Julio or check down. Sometimes he’ll throw to the TE.

    It’s not Roddy’s fault and $4.5 ain’t too much to pay him. He’s more than a leader.

    He also could use some Tony Gonzales styled work on the jugs machine, though, this offseason.

  6. I’d love to have him in Philly on a 3 year contract that’s backloaded so he’d be cut or retire after 2 years.

  7. If Roddy goes then go after Leonard Hankerson. He has shown he can get the job done when healthy & not dropping the ball.

  8. I’d rather have Roddy than Dimitroff at any salary.

    Roddy’s drop in production was Kyle Shanahan’s fault, not Matt’s or Roddy’s. He may take a pay cut but he will stay in Atlanta and retire a Falcon. The city of Atlanta loves him and would love to see him join the organization on a coaching level after his playing days are over.

  9. As a long time Saints fan, I have great respect for Roddy White as I did for Steve Smith when he was a Panther. I do not like either of these guys, but respect them, just as Falcon/Panther fans probably respect Marques Colson.

  10. bleedgreen says:
    Jan 29, 2016 10:05 AM

    I’d love to have him in Philly on a 3 year contract that’s backloaded so he’d be cut or retire after 2 years.
    Not a chance. Didn’t we just get rid of Austin Miles? And Riley Cooper is still there too. If anyone, I prefer Jason Avant, if it’s going to be an older WR that won’t cost much.

  11. Ravens will gladly take him at the right price. Ravens need leadership like his.

    However, he should stay in Atlanta. He deserves to stay there if numbers can be worked out.

  12. jddirtybird21 says:
    Jan 29, 2016 9:27 AM

    Stays or leaves. Respect to him. Best Falcons receiver ever


    Idk…. Andre Rison was pretty good during his time there.

  13. thebigtuna2 says:
    Jan 29, 2016 10:48 AM

    Falcons will release him, my Browns will pick him up on a 3-year deal w/ probably like $10 mil guaranteed. Just another year of football in Cleveland.
    WR 1 – Dwayne Bowe
    WR 2 – Roddy White

    Very underwhelming and non-threatening duo.

  14. Roddy White can only play us zone coverages. He cannot out run my grandmother. No ability to separate vs man coverage. His days are over. You Atlanta fans are living in the past. That’s why your a 8-8 team. Go get some players to go with Jones and Freeman.Give the organization a chance to have success.

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