Hue Jackson’s talked to Carson Wentz, but not Johnny Manziel

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Browns head coach Hue Jackson hasn’t even talked to the first-round pick quarterback on his own roster, but he’s met with someone who might be the next one.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Jackson has already spent time at the Senior Bowl with North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, and came away impressed.

This just starts the process of getting to know these young players,” Jackson said. “It’s just phase one of the process. It’s just good to be able to talk to as many guys as we could. It was good to talk to him and find out a little bit about him and I’m sure I’ll get an opportunity to find out a little more as we go. . . .

“It’s always hard when you’re sitting in the stands watching these young guys, but he has a lot of the characteristics that you look for. Again, it’s just so early in this process and until you can really study them and get to know them will you really be able to make a sound judgment.”

Of course, the Browns have spent plenty of high picks on quarterbacks lately, without finding an answer previously. And while Jackson said he’s reached out to a number of his new players, Johnny Manziel wasn’t “in the first batch.”

It seems apparent he might not ever get around to it, despite owner Jimmy Haslam saying the relationship between the team and Manziel could still be “fixed.”

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  1. Cleveland Browns, where first round draft pick quarterbacks career go to die…Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Johnny Manziel. Wentz is probaly hoping not to get picked by the Browns.

  2. Manziel’s future in the NFL will be determined in the coming weeks, based upon how he decides to handle himself. (Even though it’s pretty much a given that he’s rode one too many ducks in a pool to be a “model” QB). Whether it be in CLE or elsewhere.

    He’s gotta know that Brass is sizing up College QB’s.

    If literally not a single leader in the Factory of Sadness has spoken to Johnny, then the writing really is on the wall.

    Talking to some college prospects before even speaking with your “highly talented” screw up artist of a QB, is a kick out the door by NFL standards.

  3. The most important needed traits in a quarterback are that the team feels they can trust him and believe in him to lead them in the right direction. Can anyone really truly believe that at this point in time, that the Browns team and staff could feel this way about Manziel?

    Coach Jackson, really is in a position where he must look to find someone that has these traits and solid quarterback skills for the team. Him looking at talent here is simply a no-brainer.

    That is not to say Manziel may not still get a shot to ‘fix’ himself. I am sure the Browns’ team and staff would love to see that for professional and personal reasons. Ultimately though the staffs’ jobs entail them putting the team’s goals in front. Right now that means looking at QBs to be sure.

  4. Jackson is another huge mistake for the Browns. He got run out of Oakland because he started acting too “imperial” as if he owned the place and was above everyone else. When he finds out he answers to a GM and owner it is not going to end up well.

  5. Hue is not accustomed to visiting bars, strip clubs or rehab facilities, so, he hasn’t run into Johnny Goofball.
    If/when Johnny comes up for air, Hue will likely give him some advice that he can carry with him to his new job…hint: it involves fancy cars…not owning/driving them, but, driving/parking them.

  6. There’s no law saying the first contact has to come from Jackson. If Manziel were serious about wanting to keep his current job he’d call up Jackson and try to demonstrate some level of maturity. Instead, videos of him tearing up the bars in Dallas.

  7. Wentz might present the Browns with an opportunity to move back a few picks for more assets and STILL get the QB they need. Haslam is blowing smoke hoping for a 4th or 5th round pick for Manziel….probably won’t happen, if teams wait the Browns will end up cutting bait.

  8. Actually the article is from Mary Kay Cabot, so soundinging like 8th grade girls talking is not far off.

  9. It funny Brown fans spend all their time whining about JF and his problems putting him down every chance, Yet clamor over the prospect of Josh Gordon s return. Yet Josh has been suspended by the league
    For breaking the law. Yet everyone including media wants to give him another chance. I wonder why?
    Maybe you hypocrites out there can help me out.

  10. Coach, I suspect it’s a couple of things. One, he’s been gone so long we’ve sort of forgotten about him. Two, his last problem was a drink on a plane when he thought his ban was over, so it’s not like he was found dead drunk in a ditch. Third, and perhaps most importantly, he seems to have been out of trouble for a year and keeping himself in good shape. So, yeah, there’s some optimism. MAYBE, he’s hit bottom and realizes what it’s going to take to stay in the league. And if he is, then that’s just like getting another first rounder.
    As for JF, so far he’s simply shown himself to be unreliable. He’s in the same position JG was in a year ago; he has to prove he’s ready to do what it takes to be an NFL player. If he stays clean and out of trouble, if he shows he’s ready to commit to football and not partying to excess, if he’s honest, and if he shows up ready to play, he’ll be fine, too.
    No hypocrisy here, just timing, some hope and maybe some wishful thinking.

  11. Bluecat,
    I appreciate the respectful way you replied. Did Cleveland Browns fan call to be done with Gordon during his troubled times? Or did they support him, and call for patients. If it was the latter ,then why not the same for Manziel?

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