Lane Johnson on moving to left tackle: That’s what they drafted me for


The Eagles announced a six-year contract extension for tackle Lane Johnson on Friday and initial reports peg the deal as being worth up to $63 million with $35.5 million guaranteed.

A further perusal of the contract will uncover how full those guarantees are, but it’s a pretty good chunk of change for a right tackle under any circumstances. That leads to thoughts about Johnson flipping over to the other side of the line, which is something he did when Jason Peters was out with injuries in 2015.

At a press conference on Friday, Johnson said he expects to wind up on the left side at some point during the life of the deal but that Peters is still the right man for the job in the short term.

“I think moving forward that’s what they drafted me for,” Johnson said. “Honestly, Jason Peters is probably the best tackle of all time, one of them, him and Walter Jones in my opinion. Having him here, he’s taught me so much and Im just going to continue to do that until that time comes. We have a good relationship. Jason’s my friend. He knows what the deal is, but whenever he’s healthy I still think he’s probably the best tackle in the league. Moving forward, all those decisions will be made but for right now I think he’s good where he’s at.”

Coach Doug Pederson said that he wants Peters back at left tackle next season. He carries a cap hit of just over $9.7 million for 2016 and it goes up in the final two years of the deal along with the amount of money the Eagles would save by parting ways with him.

8 responses to “Lane Johnson on moving to left tackle: That’s what they drafted me for

  1. The Eagles should try to get one more good year out of Peters. Look what happened when they unceremoniously dumped Mathis and Herremans just to save money. If he can stay healthy, Peters can still perform at a high level.

  2. Johnson played like a stud when they put him at LT. I don’t know why Chip didn’t keep him there, especially with JP hurting.

    This signing means that one day, the LT position will be Lane’s. But Pederson’s raving about JP wasn’t a smokescreen or a lie. A lot depends on JP’s health and his willingness to slide to guard if he can’t shoulder the load at the more crucial LT position. But he’s not out the door just yet. No need to jump to conclusions just yet.

  3. Peters is an Eagle for another year atleast, keeping Lane the highest paid RT until JP either retires or is cut/restructured to play inside as a pulling G. Both are extremely athletic, Hopfully Lane can learn some more from JP&get close to his dominance in his prime. If that happens, the birds are in good shape. Tra Thomas&Jon Runyan, then Peters&Lane great stuff. For those who think Lane can’t play LT watch the Dallas game and his pass sets on Hardy.

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