Les Snead says Rams have to look at every avenue for a QB


Rams General Manager Les Snead has already declared an open competition between quarterbacks Case Keenum and Nick Foles for next season.

And while that might underwhelm fans in Los Angeles who haven’t seen a pro quarterback in 21 years, Snead’s also doing his best to keep fans from thinking a first-round savior is on the way.

Snead told Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times that he can’t rule out using a high pick on a quarterback, but was quick to point out some mid-rounders who have had success lately.

You definitely have to prepare that you might do it,” Snead said. “Sometimes with QBs we’ve seen some very successful ones go in the second round, and the third round seems to be hot of late. I’m thinking of Russell Wilson. I’m thinking of Kirk Cousins [fourth round].

“So the thing about the draft is, because it’s become a nice entertainment segment, . . . there’s so much attention on the first round, especially at the QB position, that sometimes the third-round QB, it’s ‘Oh, he’s a third-round QB.’ But the long story short on all of that is we’ll definitely scout QBs, and we’ll definitely look at the trade market and free-agent market.”

As to the in-house options, Snead said that restricted free agent Keenum wasn’t leaving town: “We’re not going to let him go somewhere else.”

He also scuttled the notion that Foles was too expensive to hang onto as a backup, saying: “The answer from a salary standpoint is, yes, he’s easily keepable.”

But it’s clear that the Rams need an answer there, and they can’t rule out any possible avenue for finding one.

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  1. The Rams should not draft a quarterback. The opportunity to strengthen the team with three picks in the first two rounds should not be squandered on a QB to sit the bench. A third round was used on Manion last year, Keenum played well in his opportunities and Foles played great then played lousy.

    Draft a wide receiver and tight end on offense and then probably use one of the high picks on defense because they likely can’t keep all of their free agents.

    Keenum beat Seattle in Seattle and had a nearly perfect quarterback rating against Tampa Bay. Fisher likes what he sees in him and with Manion and Foles to backup a case for foregoing QB in the draft is defensible.

    This team is a good wide receiver away from the playoffs.

  2. Rams just drafted an effing qb in the third round and he’s not even mentioned! Sean Mannion! As a lifelong rams fan, one who prayed they’d take teddy Bridgwater or Derek Carr with one of their two first round picks a couple years ago, I feel like we’ll never have an freaking quarterback.

  3. Rams need to draft a HC! They’re taking that tired, losing act back to LA. In 3 years, the novelty will have worn off, the team will still be bad, the new car smell faded and the stadium will be 75% occupied.

  4. Honestly, the coaching staff has been holding back this team for years. Remember the offense didn’t improve when the Rams switched to Keenum, the offense improved when they fired the Offensive Coordinator. Keenum just the starting QB du jour when he was fired.

    Any other coach with Fisher’s dismal record would’ve been fired. Not to mention he has full roster control.

    At least the Eagles opted to stop making the hole any deeper. The Rams just keep digging deeper with Fisher.

  5. It’s not a coincidence this regime has failed to develop a QB. There best bet is to obtain a qb who is NOT a system guy, which is rare to find ala Steve McNair. This defensive oriented regime canot develop QBs

  6. That would be cool!

    >>madnova says:
    Jan 29, 2016 11:03 AM
    It would be kind of funny if the Rams signed RGIII and he was effective for them.

  7. .
    The Rams have to be the worst run organization in the league. They’ve just had multiple years of multiple first and second rounders, yet they’re a perennial 8-8, trotting out Case Keenum to battle Aaron Rogers and Russell Wilson.

    Jeff Fisher, the media’s love child, wins again.

  8. If they had to do the drafts over again, Russell Wilson and Cousins would be first rounders. Pre draft evaluators get it wrong all the time. Aaron Rodgers would be the #1 pick as would Brady. RG3 and Manziel would be 7th rounders as they suffer from the Heisman bust curse.

  9. I watched the Indy Super Bowl from 2007 yesterday.

    Only players left Manning, Tillman and Freeney. Looking at the starters it was like a blast from the past. Many forgotten names.

    Manning already had 9 years in the NFL.

    To not look for a 12 to 15 year QB is stupid. Waste a pick. So what?

    Odds are 50/50 it’s a waste anyway, might has well shoot for the fences.

  10. PS

    I will NEVER understand the love for Jeff Fisher.

    Tom Coughlin is a two time SB champion, borderline HOF coach who is unemployed.

    Yes, TC and his team made some larger than life mistakes this year but at least he wasn’t 8-8 every year forever and ever and ever and ever…

    Fisher will get another 5 years because of the new town. The guy just keeps stepping in it…

  11. “This team is a good wide receiver away from the playoffs.”


    An offense ranked in the 30’s is not a receiver away from the playoffs. But if you want Case Keenum to be your QB, enjoy another 4th place finish.

  12. They shouldn’t limit themselves to Avenues. They should also be checking Boulevards, Lanes, Courts, Places, and Highways. Pretty much get any guy off the street that you can to join into the QB competition.

  13. I hope the Rams management understands that in addition to a shiny new playpen, they’re going to need some sizzle on the field to compete for the entertainment dollar in LA.

  14. “Sometimes with QBs we’ve seen some very successful ones go in the second round, and the third round seems to be hot of late. I’m thinking of Russell Wilson. I’m thinking of Kirk Cousins [fourth round].”

    Says the guy who passed on both these guys multiple times. He has no idea what makes a good QB. LA (!!!) needs to fire this guy and coach 7-9, only then will their be progress!

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