Rams acknowledge possible Chargers partnership


The Chargers have struck a deal to partner with the Rams in Inglewood, if the Chargers decide to leave San Diego. The Rams have acknowledged the arrangement in a statement released by owner Stan Kroenke.

“The Los Angeles Rams have reached an agreement with the San Diego Chargers to join us in the new Inglewood Stadium, if they choose to exercise their option to relocate within the next year,” Kroenke said. “We look forward to partnering with the Chargers in Inglewood, but the decision of course is Dean’s to make.”

The decision will be based on whether the Chargers can work out a deal to stay in San Diego. If they can’t, the Chargers will be heading to L.A.

If they can, the Raiders then will acquire dibs on making the move.

12 responses to “Rams acknowledge possible Chargers partnership

  1. The NFL and Roger Goodell are so scared of team being in Las Vegas that they literally tripled their offer to Dean Spanos. Basically a free stadium in San Diego after the city pays for the rest.

    Chargers fans can thank Mark Davis lol

  2. Chargers need to stay in SD the Raiders need to stay in Oakland. The NFL has what it’s wanted for 20 years. Now they need to take some of that new found wealth and help the Raiders and Chargers stay where they are.

  3. As a Charger fan since 1968, I’ve lost so much respect for the Spanos family in the last year.
    On one hand, if they do a 180 and start negotiating with San Diego in good faith, I can accept Dean Spanos, etc., again. But my fear is that they are deceiving Charger fans (going through the motions, pretending to try to get a stadium built in San Diego) so that fans will cough up more money on 2016 tickets…because if we know that they”ll be the “Los Angeles Chargers” in 2017, most of us won’t spend a dime on the club this year.

  4. This is impressive. The NFL owners have managed to put a team in to the LA Market, yet still keep LA as a negotiating/leverage ploy for other teams like the Chargers and Raiders who want their locales to build them a stadium. Let’s face it: we fans, and our loyalty to our teams, don’t really matter.

  5. San Diego fans should just not spend anything on the Chargers. $300 million from the league and potential $550 million from that scumbag and the city…barely a dent. That should be fair to the people of San Diego but once again a greedy owner thinks the city should pay to make him even more money. Just goes to show these owners are nothing better than carpet baggers.

  6. L.A. does NOT need the Raiders to make the move again. It brings nothing but trailer trash and gangbangers to the park. When they were in L.A. even the Raider players would not let their families come to the games. That being said Oakland has given them nothing but sellouts and they don’t deserve to lose their team AGAIN!

  7. I wouldn’t call it a partnership, just two teams playing their home games at the same stadium.

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