Alex Mack doesn’t rule out a return to the Browns


Two years ago, the Jaguars signed Browns center Alex Mack, restricted at the time by the transition tag, to an offer sheet that gave him the power to void the deal in 2016. The Browns exercised their right to match the deal, which means that Mack soon will have to decide whether to take $8 million to stay with the Browns or go elsewhere.

Mack, who risks undermining his market value by possibly suffering an injury in a meaningless Pro Bowl, addressed his situation in Hawaii. Via Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository, Mack told that he hasn’t ruled out staying with the Browns, due to the changes the team has made this offseason.

“It was good to leave the season, take some time off and let that all shake out,” Mack said Thursday. “Really happy they got everything handled early and they found their guy. They’re getting a staff together quickly. It’s going in the right direction. I think they’ve got good things going in the right places.”

Mack could void the deal and then sign a new one with the Browns, using interest that another team may have in him as leverage to get Cleveland to give him more than he’s currently due to make. And if he thinks he can make more that way, he should do it.

As always, fans praise owners for making shrewd moves, but then call players greedy for trying to do the same thing. Mack, 30, should get every penny he can while he can get it, from whatever team wants to give it to him.

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  1. They should play the Pro Bowl under the rules of the future, which I expect to include no touching above the shoulders or below the thigh. Teams could wear Steelers-type bumblebee uniforms designating allowed target areas.

  2. Alex Mack has always given his all for the Browns. I don’t see that changing in the future. I believe he will stay in Cleveland and help his team turn it around.

    The Browns NEED to sign him and Schwartz (RT). They don’t need any more holes to fill.

    Meanwhile, I can’t blame him or his agent in trying to maximize whatever they can get for him.

  3. It is no surprise if Mack wants to stay.No other team will pay his big contract especially with him coming off a bad year.

    If Mack is starting at center next year that would be a big setback on turning things around. There’s a chance Cam Erving may bulk up a little and be the kind of center needed to compete in the AFC North. There is no chance Mack will be anything more than a soft teddy bear.

  4. He will be a Redskin in 2016. DC wants him bad and he would be the perfect type player McCloughlin wants and Mack would become a Redskins Hog Legend!

    The Whole Redskins nation and Captain America Kirk Cousins will recruit him and he will leave the factory of saddness the hell that is being a brown behind to snap to Captain America!

    I really Hope the Redskins land Mack, end up luring a free agent Megatron to pair with DJAX, a starting caliber slot wr, draft and FA seems to fill these needs
    a starting caliber wr’ing playmaking tight end to pair with J-Reed,
    a Top-Notch Starting Right Tackle (i would love the redskins to somehow trade for cheap Tackle Joe Thomas,)

    a starting upgrade at DE and Nose Tackle, (Holi Ngata maybe, to pair on and off with Pot Roast at NT,)

    A Starting tommyknocker MLB like James Laurinitus and a freak but smart MLB leither in the draft or FA.

    The Redskins need a Starting Corner either in FA or the draft.

    the redskins need to replace both saftey spots and one ball hawk and one skull crusher i would love to fill in FA, trade and or the Draft.( Maybe trade for Kam Chancellor cheap he is a McCloughhan player) and or Harrison Smith both and we would dominate.

    DC also NEEDS A BriN mITCHELL TYPE PR AND KR and i believe matt forte is FA. SIGN A PASS CATCHING SPEED SCAT RB like forte, sproles, or a mcfadden type rb bc despite alf morris being a true DC Warrior he doesnt fit this Offense.

    I would be in Heaven if in 2017 we draft Stanford RB Christian McCaffery as he is the prto-type back for this team and reminds me of a white marshall Faulk mixed with Ed James.

    I think the Redskins need to build a offense that caters towards developing “Captain America” QB Kirk Cousins by adding plays and schemes and systems and looks to the offense building into and combining the current Gruden Offense with a super fast no huddle system along with a wco system and also combined with styles of offense the pats run( two te sets and no huddle), the packers run(a no huddle wco) , the saints run( a wco mixed with fun and gun and air coyrle) the rams greatest show on turf type offense and parts of the Oregon supersonic chip kelly offense .

    I think adding these aspects , systems, and plays to the current offense would make it be build for Captain America’Kirk Cousins skills and abilities and help develop him into a dominant QB maybe elite. He has the brains and the skills best suited to run these with his great accuracy, super quick release, football iq and arm strength.

    heck ppl knock Captain America Kirk Cousins but he is way better than anything RGTurd could be. Cousins Throw’s a 92MPH football. ppl that think rgTURD is a starter doesnt know football or the facts

  5. Not only should he void it and use all leverage to get all he can, he should leave that town.
    Joe Thomas should join him as well.
    Time to quit being losers, staying there will only continue it.

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