Chargers players to San Diego fans: Every game better be sold out

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Shortly after the Chargers announced that they will remain in San Diego for at least one more year, Chargers players gave San Diego fans a message: You’d better support us.

Chargers outside linebacker Melvin Ingram and wide receiver Keenan Allen took to Twitter and wrote that if San Diego wants to prove it deserves the Chargers, the fans should buy up every ticket.

“Staying in San Diego 4 another year..Every home game better be sold out..Charger blue everywhere Fans got what they wanted Now come support,” Ingram wrote.

Added Allen, “So it’s looks like we are going to be in San Diego for another season. The stadium better be packed. The fans got what they wanted. Now let’s see sell outs every home game! And not the other teams colors!”

That did not go over well with Chargers fans, who replied to the players on Twitter to say they’ve been loyal to the team for decades. Replies included:

“We’ve been supporting for over 50 years, bro. Stupid tweet.”

“Just send out another tweet and apologize dude. That was stupid and if you don’t get why fans have been mad…different story.”

“Might be kinda cool if y’all win more than 4 games though I mean if you want fans to show up.”

“Do you know how tone deaf you sound?”

It does sound tone deaf, especially when the truth is, selling out every game won’t keep the Chargers in San Diego. The only thing that will keep the Chargers in San Diego is the community agreeing to spend more taxpayer money on a stadium. If the city won’t do that, this will be the Chargers’ last year in San Diego.

156 responses to “Chargers players to San Diego fans: Every game better be sold out

  1. i hope SD tells the chargers to take a hike and enjoy the schadenfreude of spanos being at the mercy of landlord kronke

  2. Bitter much? Better vote bros and dudes. Trust me, being all tough and stuff then watching your team roll out is humbling. We got a second chance and got a new stadium built as well. Sad to say, but that’s the way pro sports are now. But hey, you do have a nice beach and Balboa Park is pretty cool so there are a few things to do besides football…like the Padres.

  3. I hope know one shows up. The NFL TV contracts provides enough shared revenue ($225 M) for a team to be profitable without any local ticket sales. The salary cap ensures this (~ $100 to ~144 M). a few teams in the league can continually operate with many unsold seats without a care.

    This is the dirty secret of the NFL: local fan support is not necessary for a team to exist. kroenke knows this and put a crappy product on the field to drive fans away so he could blame lack of support to justify his move — while still making money!!

  4. The national reporting on this has been absurd.

    This is the single most productive day in regards to progress and cooperation in regards to moving in the right direction on getting our new stadium in San Diego and the media reports all doom & gloom.

    Not a single article about the meeting that Dean called. He asked Mayor Faulkner and City supervisor Ron Roberts to come to his HOME and talk about moving forward in San Diego in building a new stadium that will keep the Chargers home for at least another 30 years. Take note, Fabiani was not present at this meeting and when asked what his future role is in the process his reply was simply “No comment.” Did Dean finally fire him? Didn’t even mention Spanos’ admitting he would be interested in the Mission Valley site if we moved forward with a citizens initiative there, of which the Mayor agreed to as well to not have to go to a vote and protect against litigation.

    Kevin Acee spent HOURS today (and why was he even on our airways, he doesn’t do radio) playing “patchwork” being an effective cheerleader in repairing the Spanos Vs. fans relationship. It was really good to be honest.

    I just wish PFT wouldn’t report everything from a “Pro L.A” standpoint. Cmon guys, this is a HUGE deal to us San Diego Charger fans. We’re always the underdogs… Please give us a fair shot (media wise) to save what is SO insanely important to us as fans. The San Diego Chargers are part of my DNA. We just want a fair shot.

  5. 51% of us think that the other 49% should help pay for a stadium in our city that none of us really want to go to because it’s better to watch it on tv so that the wealthy owner and NFL tax exempt non profit organization can make a little more money while we get to be so proud we have a team called the chargers that play here for 8 sundays a year. Because we can’t like a team from some other city that would be crazy. We better pay up and make everyone else in SD do the same

  6. Multiple times in the past few years the Chargers have had to use the silent count at home because there were so many fans of the opposing team in the stands. Sorry Charger fans. The players are right.

  7. Hillarious. Punks who get paid millions to show up on Sundays making demands of the people who pay their ridiculous salaries. San Diego should refuse to provide security at Chargers games.

  8. My wish was for the chargers to leave this year so we don’t get punish another year by lies and bad football play.

  9. the players are likely just doing what the organization asked them to do. Blame the Charger organization for this mess not these two young men who were likely asked to tweet this at the fans and figured they should because the boss was asking.

  10. The Chargers have already said they’re leaving after the 2016 season. The stadium should be near empty if fans there have any self-respect.

  11. Would love to see the fans of San Diego throw a collective middle finger to the arrogant, money grubbing NFL by NOT showing up for every home game.
    How beautiful it would be to see a stadium full of empty seats.

  12. It was stupid to say because it’s something Charger fans just don’t do, they don’t sellout.

    The only time there’s a sellout there is due to the support of the visiting team. Like it or not, everyone knows that.

  13. Wow, SD fans are getting used by the team owner to help him extort a new stadium, now the players are dumping on them. Typical rich jerks. The fans deserve better treatment from people who want their $.

  14. that perfectly illustrates the disconnection between the fans & the League.

    The fans & the host city are taken for granted because of their general blind loyalty toward the team, despite the fact that the League/franchise/players regularly vascilate between “loyalty to the team” & “it’s a business” arguments, whenever it’s most convenient for them.

    Screw ’em!

  15. Yeah, I imagine this didn’t go over to well in SD. As a fan of another team, I get what they are saying here, but it’s misguided in the extreme and way out of touch. The Chargers leaving in SD has nothing to do with “fan support.” It has to do with non-fan support! It’s about money for the stadium, and absolutely nothing more.

  16. Wow! Just wow! Spanos has to put his tail between his legs and crawl back to SD for another year because he couldn’t come to terms.

    Now he wants fans to believe he’s giving them another chance. You can always tell the business men that inherited the business and the ones who started it.

    Sorry chargers fans.

  17. The sad thing with all this is that being a tenant in LA will still make Spanos more money than staying in SD – unless a 1bn stadium was 2/3rds financed by the city.

    I’m sick of hearing about teams moving to LA. Been hearing it for 20 years. Glad it’s almost over… and yet… I heard San Antonio moving talk the second those owner meetings were over a couple weeks ago!

    Scumbags. I just wish everyone would tell them to go take a hike when they ask for public assistance. You run it like a business, you pay for it yourselves!

  18. The fans should stay away from these extortionists.

    No city or state should be giving a penny to the league for a stadium. Let these greedy scumbag billionaires pay for their own stadiums. They can easily afford to do so.

    Not only are there the vast profits of the league itself, now they’re making additional billions from shadow ownership of the daily fantasy gambling sites and still want to extort stadiums from the taxpayers.

    Screw the nfl and its greed

  19. If the formerly Chargers faithful had any balls they would be driving around San Diego picking up every “For Sale” sign you can find and putting it in every grass and landscaped area around the stadium.

    Screw the owner and the players. You want support? Win the Lombardi trophy once in a while and stop coasting thru your season after you lose a few games.

    No fans in the seats In 2016….cost that owner and all owners money with revenue sharing……

  20. If this keep up, not even SD will want the Chargers. Ownership has done a great job creating a team that no fan base wants. Players starting to mirror that.

  21. It’s pretty simple: pony up for a new stadium or lose the team. Here in Minnesota we faced the same situation and ended up building an amazing stadium that opens this fall. It was a joint effort between the NFL, the owners (the Wilf family), and the taxpayers. Our Vikings are now here for the long haul. I hope San Diego will follow suit=–but if the city doesn’t build a stadium, and soon, their team is gone. It’s how things work in the NFL these days. You want a team? Accommodate it or lose it.

  22. It’s like telling fans to sell out your jersey right after signing your franchise tag. Sign the extension that’s been on the table for months, then fans will give your jersey some love.

  23. Broncos are looking forward to another sweet December game in San Diego. I’m booking my tickets now.

  24. So Chargers fans are being told by their team’s players that they need to fork out hundreds of dollars to support a team that can’t wait to move out… Wow.

  25. Yeah, if I lived in San Diego and was a fan, I would boycott. The only reason they (Spanos) wants to sell out every seat would be to make as much profit as possible in their last year to help build the new HQ near LA.

    Good Riddance (as a fan)

  26. Lower the ticket prices so everyone can afford to go and maybe you will sell out every game.

  27. The NFLPA should really make an effort in educating their members. These guys sound so dumb in thinking the Chargers moving is because of a lack of local ticket sales in a destination market. There is so much money being made by the owners & league office, if the union was more aggressive and educated the players wouldn’t just be a line item and they could be making more money during and post career.

  28. Team needs new owners and players who have a clue. These guys deserve the Dobsld Strrling/ Clipperr treatment in LA – word: Clippers moved to LA from San Diego and spent over 25 years as utterly irrelevant- as would Chargers in LA

  29. Remember those last few home games in Cleveland after it was announced that the team would move? How the attendance sucked and all the local sponsors pulled their support?

    Get ready for a whole year of that.

  30. Bump on the tweet about winning more than 4 games. Who really cares if you are gonna be there fur another season? I wouldn’t show up if I knew u were leaving.ike u guys are doing the fan base some favor. Get over yourselves.

  31. Unbelievably stupid tweets by the players. But, they weren’t signed to play based on their toweing intelligence. Hope season ticket holders(if any exist) go out of their way to sell their tickets to opposing teams’ fans and any Charger fans either sit perfectly quietly or boo the team after every play.

  32. They don’t like a road atmosphere at home. It’s understandable they get upset when Steeler or Packer or Bronco or Raider fans take over the stadium. If Charger fans want to keep their team demonstrating support for them isn’t an unreasonable ask.

    From an owner standpoint he’d probably like to be in a market where all the tickets are purchased. Selling out home games wouldn’t hurt their chances of keeping the team.

    I’m a Lions fan, that stadium sells out regardless of product. Rams and Chargers fans need to look in the mirror on this one, these teams wouldn’t move if the money was right to stay.

  33. NFL has the status of a non-profit organization, it’s a $10 billion + a year industry & is tax exempt. Build your own damn arenas, the people are tired of the yearly threats of “build it or we will move” at the taxpayers expense is, sickening

  34. “The fans got what they wanted.”

    Chargers fans have never got what they wanted.A Superbowl ring.

  35. No wins; no support. It’s entertainment. You don’t pay for bad meals, you don’t pay for bad movies and you’re sure as hell not going to pay $100+ to see your team get the crap beat out of them.

  36. Looking forward to going to Qualcomm stadium to see the Raiders play the Chargers again. That game against San Diego is like an extra home game for the Raiders.

  37. What ignorant tweets by the players…how about putting a product on the field that will have people clamoring for tickets? Not many people are gonna pay the asking prices for tickets to watch an underachieving team.

    The same applies to getting a new stadium. This is not a build it, they will come world..once the new wears off, if the product on the field is not good, people will not be in the stands. The sports leagues seem to think money trees are everywhere, just waiting to be

  38. The fans are not the problem. When the product on the field sucks it’s hard for a working man to spend $500 to bring a family of 4 to the game. If anyone or any of the players doubts how much passion we as fans have have they should ask Rivers how loud was the stadium the first time Eli Manning came to play. Or ask Rivers or call LT and ask how the stadium was rocking when LT broke the TD record against Broncos yes the Broncos everyone was taking about how many bronco fans have been at the games. NOT WHEN WE HAVE A GOOD TEAM!!!Or when they would come back from an away game and over 10,000 people showed up to greet them at the training facility. I don’t want to hear about how the San Diego fans are Fair weather fans. If you put a winning product on the field we will come. It’s hard not to sell out tickets to visiting fans who are willing to pay way over face value so they can come and enjoy our weather and watch the game. The only time we sell off the tickets is when the team sucks on the field. I’ve been to a game in Green Bay. Great time great fans but the fact of he matter is that there is not much else to do outside of going to the game. You can’t compare.

  39. I agree with all those who tell the NFL to take a hike when it comes to having taxpayers fund new stadiums.State and local Governments are swimming in red ink now and can not afford to subsidize billionaires who show no end to their greed.I love to see an empty stadium and see how the media tries to explain it.This is entertainment and many of us can take it or leave it….period !….especially in San Diego where the ave. temp is 72 degrees all year long !

  40. Not gonna be easy to sell out games–have you seen their home schedule for next season? The usual divisional opponents + Jacksonville, Tennessee, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, and Miami. Yeeouch! Good luck with that.

  41. I’ll tell you one game that will definately be sold out, when they play the Raiders. And it will be filled with Raider fans.

    You should have listed home game opponents in the article. It will be easy to see which ones will be sold out due to the visiting team.

  42. How bout you put a winner on the field, these sport teams won’t 100% support but don’t wanna do their part and put a worth watching product on the field

  43. The players should forget about reminding the fans to do their job! Without the fans they would my be paid well! Also, they should take it upon themselves and put in a winning season!

  44. As a Lions fan I have no stake in this whatsoever but as someone pointed out above Ford Field is sold out for every single home game and aside from a couple recent seasons we’ve been absolutely terrible for most of my life. I think these players come across as idiots but there is a lot to be said for fan loyalty and that’s very obviously lacking in San Diego. I always hate to see franchises relocate because I know that it sucks for their fans but can you really blame the guy for wanting to leave a market that doesn’t support his team?

  45. Charger fans to Charger players: Please leave now and don’t let the door bump you in the ass as you go. Clear case (as one of many) of the NFL getting a big head.

  46. Qualcomm Stadium is half filled with the opposing team’s fans every Sunday. It’s been that way for 30 years. Of course, when the Chargers move to the stadium in Inglewood the ratio will only get worse in favor of the visitor.

    This has been a ridiculous fact absent from these discussions. It makes me wonder if any NFL officials have actually attended a game in San Diego in the last 3 decades. I’m not exaggerating. Everyone who has ever attended any Chargers game knows this.

  47. Apparently these Charger players didn’t go to college on academic scholarships.
    Can’t fix stupid…..

  48. 1. These players need to get a grip on reality. How can you call out the fans with a straight face when you are coming off a 4 win season? Everyone KNOWS they are leaving. Now after the best choice is to wait 1 more season (presumably because kreonke has Spanos by the balls and he needs more time to negotiate) they are trying to stir up butts in the seats by leaking “productive negotiations”. It’s almost sad really. Spanos will still make millions without a sellout due to revenue sharing so it’s a total money grab.
    2. I really don’t understand why Charger fans are so hysterical about them leaving. They aren’t moving to London or Toronto. They are moving less than 2 hours away. Are you really ready to bankrupt your city at the expense of a billionaires arrogant requests of a new fancy stadium? You guys can’t be fans of a team that is honestly still within driving range? Look at teams like Buffalo where 35% of their season ticket holders are Canadien. They literally have to cross the US border and deal with customs every game. Not to mention the other 20% that drive from Rochester and Syracuse. If you are all so passionate a 2 hour drive would be nothing for you AND LA can fit the bill so your city won’t see a tax hike.

  49. why would any smart person do that? you want the fans who have proven loyal over the years to spend their hard earned money to support a team and owner who have already said they are leaving town? it would serve them right if nobody showed up!

  50. One year’s customer support numbers will have absolutely no impact as related to the adults’ decisions as to the long time future of an enormously valuable business. If there was a sincere effort to keep the team in SD then there would be an effort to drum up support for multiple years that included seat licenses.

    The home market now becomes the ‘plan b’ pawn to negotiate the details of ‘plan a’ which relates to leaving for LA.

  51. This is the standard playbook for NFL teams that want to move. Spread rumors they will, then blame fans for getting upset and not coming to the games. If these players truly card about staying, they would win a SB Major League style to make it impossible for the team to flee. But we’ve all seen how that’s been going.

  52. Reality is that there are only a pationate few that actually support a team. The rest will spend a little bit of money colors but that has now become a zero sum game. If I bring the family to a game then I can’t afford cable for for whole year. Sorry kids, you stay home. But we will still have fun. I’ll wave to you on the jumbotron.
    Nothing new there. History is a poor teacher because the students never change. Sad there won’t be anything to pass down to the grandkids as there used to be.

  53. Without a lead-pipe cinch agreement in place before say, July 2016, for the Spanos family to stay in San Diego long term, Charger fans would be nuts to support this team in 2016.

  54. Not smart for city/state govt’s to subsidize football stadiums. SD citizens should give the Chargers a giant middle finger.

    A smart owner, doesn’t need taxpayer money: Robert Kraft took no public money and still created Gillette and Patriot Place (an outdoor mall, finance & medical offices.)

  55. Does the Owners of Qualcomm have to let the Chargers play their. I would leave them homeless knowing they will leave in a year possibly. If you are leaving, leave now!

  56. He should have just given all of San Diego the middle finger. It would have been the same effect. Talk about being out of touch with your fan base. This is the type of thing that has driven people away from the NFL.

  57. Yeah, Chargers fans… You need to support your team better, because once a team leaves a particular city, they won’t ever get a shot at another franchise. It’s over.


    Your friends in L.A., Cleveland, St. Louis and Baltimore

  58. They “got what they wanted” by default. If I was a Charger fan I would not give one dime to an owner that is stuck with me, not one that wants me.

  59. Here is a lesson learned from being a browns fan.. Only sell out the home last game of the season and tear that motherfrackin stadium to the ground. Rip out your seats, tear down the banners and leave them.. That’s what we did!

  60. Spanos and the Chargers are like the butt ugly girlfriend threatening to walk out on you and demanding that you still love her (even though she’s leaving anyway). Yea, right, let’s choose that!

  61. I’m sick of hearing about teams moving to LA. Been hearing it for 20 years. Glad it’s almost over… and yet… I heard San Antonio moving talk the second those owner meetings were over a couple weeks ago!
    Yup, now that L.A. is taken, San Antonio is going to be the new threat that owners will use to extort their cities with for the next 20 years.

  62. How can we sell out games when 25% of our season tickets are bought up by ticket brokers in LA to be sold to to visiting teams fans?
    And how can we sell out games when our team is marketing directly to opposing to come to San Diego to se an away game(remember the steelers game last year?)

    California in the winter is a destination. These teams fans come out for the week, go to sea world, the world famous zoo, the beaches and the gaslamp. They are the ones spending $15 for a drink and $5 for a freaking churro at the stadium.
    The NFL, the Chargers, and the city of San Diego could care less about out of town teams fans coming to games….the only ones that complain are the players, and they are too ignorant to realize that’s where all the $ that pays for their huge contracts come from.

    It’s going to be the same thing in LA ya dummies. It’s not ever going to change.

  63. I will not knowingly give Spanos ONE NICKEL. However, if the stadium issue ever comes to a vote here in SD, I will give Spanos one thing: My NO vote!

  64. 12brichandfamous says:
    Jan 30, 2016 7:13 AM

    I hope know one shows up. The NFL TV contracts provides enough shared revenue ($225 M) for a team to be profitable without any local ticket sales. The salary cap ensures this (~ $100 to ~144 M). a few teams in the league can continually operate with many unsold seats without a care.

    This is the dirty secret of the NFL: local fan support is not necessary for a team to exist. kroenke knows this and put a crappy product on the field to drive fans away so he could blame lack of support to justify his move — while still making money!!

    I guess you didn’t add the roughly $100M per season a team can take in from ticket sales and their cut of parking and concessions. Yes, there are “family business” teams like the Bears, Giants, Steelers, Chiefs, Raiders where their money was made from the team itself over multiple generations. But many of these owners are in major debt for their portion of the stadium financing as well as buying the team in the first place. An extra 100-wide a year does in fact help keep the books on the right side of the ledger for many teams.

  65. It will be a lame duck year. They are leaving and have told the fans to kiss their a.. This player is just letting the fans know how the team feels about them. It’s a sorry situation all around. They will find themselves playing in an empty stadium. The SD Chargers are no more. The owner doesn’t have money (by NFL standards) and should just sell the team.

  66. As a resident of the Cleveland area and Browns fan since childhood, I’ve heard this song before. A city that could not graduate half of its high school students spent $350M plus interest to build a POS stadium on valuable lakefront land.
    That POS pays no taxes to the city, is used a maximum of 12 times annually, and remains a drain on the city’s coffers.
    One generation after Nancy Reagan, we need to Just Say No to corporate welfare.

  67. Every Chargers season ticket holder should be taking their annual dues and instead of purchasing tickets, construct or upgrade their man-cave at home with a top notch flat screen, comfy couch and wet bar. They’ll enjoy the experience more than visiting the “Q” and it will likely cost less.

  68. Wow, those players are morons.

    How in the hell can this be happening all around you, defining your existence and the future of where you will be living/playing… and you simply are oblivious to the defining points of contention for the situation.

    I just don’t know how some people are that stupid.

    It just proves that many of these morons are in their own little bubble.

    Thanks for ‘keeping it real’.

  69. fstpstr says:
    Jan 30, 2016 10:53 AM

    Yeah, Chargers fans… You need to support your team better, because once a team leaves a particular city, they won’t ever get a shot at another franchise. It’s over.


    Your friends in L.A., Cleveland, St. Louis and Baltimore


    You do realize you just named four cities that got another chance.

  70. Stand up San Diego!!!! VOTE YES in June for the stadium initiative!! I will be voting YES myself!! Then let’s all come out to Chargers games and show the world San Diego is a true NFL town.

    Once a stadium plan is approved and the shovel is in the ground, all this relocation talk will go away. It gets down to getting an up to date, modern stadium.

  71. Spanos does not want a free stadium. Out of 1.1 billion, he just needs 350 million of help. Maybe just 250 million with the additional help from the league. It is time to roll up our sleeves and get this thing done!!!!!!

  72. “We’re staying one more year then dumping you, so prove your gratitude to us”? The entire Chargers org should be ashamed of this debacle. Either stay or go, but just shut up. And yes, I live in and pay SD taxes.

  73. Well if you’re asking fans to show up then we’ll ask the same…Allen better get at least 10 touches and 100 yards a game and Ingram better get a sack every game. Oh yeah, they better play in all 16 games this year and if they make it to the playoffs, they better play their asses off.

  74. The put up or shut up is just nonsense. None of this is about the average fan (like most of us) buying tickets as a show of “support”. The money it costs for us to take our families to a game is only outrageous to us. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the real money – TV and private boxes and luxury suites.

    Spanos’ bottom line doesn’t depend on (or care about) how many or what color jersey the fans are wearing on gameday. It depends on whether or not the residents and politicians of SD want to hand over millions of dollars to a very rich man so that he can build some shiny new private boxes and luxury suites that he can sell to other very rich men.

    Put up or shut up time is when it’s time to vote on whether or not to hand over the millions. I’d call his bluff, vote “no (way in hell)” and stay home and watch on TV like millions of us do as it now anyway.

  75. We’ve spent the past fourteen years getting dumped on by the Chargers and Mark Fabiani, and in one day we’re supposed to forgive everything while there’s still an agreement to be a tenant in Kroenkeworld next year?

    I. Don’t. Think. So.

  76. Chargers have been in SD since 1961. Won their one and only championship in 1963 as AFL champs. They have made the playoffs 5 times, 5 times! I’d say San Diego fans have been more than loyal. Most fan bases would have loaded up the moving vans themselves and offered to drive that stinking organization anywhere else. They played their first season in LA. Seems appropriate they end up in the city that doesn’t give 2 bleeps if there’s a team there or not.

  77. Just based on reading these comments and also the article it seems like the relationship between the team and the fans is really beyond repair. I think the Chargers leaving is probably what is best for everyone at this point.

  78. ….San Diego and Coronado are one of the most georgeous areas of the USA…they don’t need the Chargers with one of the mist vile and ugly owners of the NFL. Let this sorry excuse for a owner leave & take the team….and watch in amaznent how quick another team fills the void. San Diego will have another team with a much better owner by 2018.

  79. The players are right, they actually want to stay in SD. But then again, it’s obvious the bosses don’t care about anything but money so I wouldn’t buy tickets if I was a charger fan either. Too late, damage is done.

  80. mdintino1420 says:
    Jan 30, 2016 11:45 AM
    Spanos does not want a free stadium. Out of 1.1 billion, he just needs 350 million of help. Maybe just 250 million with the additional help from the league. It is time to roll up our sleeves and get this thing done!!!!!!


    if the nfl really wanted this they would easily find the 350 million. just baselessly fine my team some more for a cpl psi and youre on your way.

  81. I’ve always responded well to a millionaire telling me what I needed to do with my meager income!

  82. Not a Chargers fan, but if I was I would be crowdfunding a boycott via kickstarter, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The fans need to organize and show the team, owner, players and league that this behavior is 100% unacceptable.

  83. The Chargers got voted down, they didn’t have a change of heart. San Diego would be doing good to ban the Chargers from city. Let them know what it feels like to have a team without a city.

    Something tells me no one would show up to support the Spanos Chargers.

  84. So a lame duck franchise’s players want the fans to pony up knowing they willl be leaving no matter what next season. I don’t think that is responsible for players to say such things. If I were a fan of that team I wouldn’t pay a dime to see a game next season. Why would I want to go see a team that I loved and cared about that I know would be leaving. That team would be dead to me.

  85. The culture of behavior in an organization comes from the top…Keenan: open your mouth after being in the league for ten years…And Ingram: Did I miss your selection to the Pro Bowl?

  86. Ya and the guys who are yelling formyou to buy up those tickets, live in neiborhoods most couldnt afford. Theynjust dont get it and they dnt have t. They dont need you. They are all stars baby. If i was in sd, i would tell the pols not one dime of taxpayer money for a stadium. We did that here in minny.

  87. Player saved a few letters on twitter using 4 (for). But set himself up for that comeback of amount of games won.

    Winning works best to get fans to draw. Even more so in nice locations.

  88. LA took the same stand as San Diego. No taxpayer money for a new stadium. So the teams left town. Now everyone is cheering San Diego for for not giving in as their team is poised to leave town. But LA is labeled as “can’t support NFL football”?

  89. I’m an SD native and HAD season tickets for over 10 years. I’m over it. If greedy spanos wants a stadium he can pay for it and I’ll support the bolts 100 percent. Otherwise he can beat it. I’m happy to go over to the dark side and root against them.

    Arrogance is unreal for such a poor franchise. We are talking about the chargers not the steelers or Cowboys.

  90. How about you 2, insufferably, arrogant losers,
    winning a few games first!!!

    As much as I loathe the Raiders, STUPID comments like that will drive me to support them, just to spite YOU!

  91. This is why I loathe Twitter. It’s so easy to come off like an ass when you don’t mean to.

    Like Nick Hardwick said, they’re just younger Chargers players that haven’t experienced how amazing this fan base can be. They were drafted into the organization during possibly one of the worst times in Chargers history with the relocation, bad coaches, below average teams, not making the playoffs multiple years in a row, etc. When there are a lot of things to do in Southern California, you have to win to sellout games. They would have to be pretty naive to think it would have been any different next year in LA.

  92. all the “road teams” who visit San Diego any given week should protest against a Chargers’ move. I mean, the Broncos, Raiders and Chiefs get 9 home games every year, sweet deal!

  93. And let’s be real for a moment: a large portion of season tickets were bought up by brokers many years ago. And brokers sell to opposing fans by and large. People who plan a vacation to one of the nicest places in America to get out of their craphole of a town and catch their team while they are there.

  94. Decades ago, after losing their one and only Superbowl, Spanos conned the city into buying ALL of the empty seats.

    What did the city get in return? Spanos cut, traded or demanded a salary reduction of his players. Poor Stan Humphrys got his arse handed to him because he had no line, nobody worthwhile to throw too.

    Yes, San Diegans have longer memories than the Spanos have ethics. The city tax payer, tired of providing welfare to another multimillionaire who, and this would be funny if it wasn’t so sad, made his money in construction in northern Cali., isn’t willing to pay for a playground where only the well to do, and those hard core fans, willing to mortgage their futures, can afford to attend.

    Want a sold out stadium? You have. Want a stadium full of home town fans? Try winning more, (no, I’m not directing that to the players) The Chargers’ average ticket price is $84.55, which is a hair above the NFL average of $84.43.

    All told, the price for a family of four paying for parking, food and drinks, etc., is $478.19, which is a hair below the NFL average of $479.11. The Chargers are the 16th most expensive of the 32-team league. The Chargers’ total tops that of the Seattle Seahawks, last year’s Super Bowl champion, which $472.10.

  95. Oh yeah!! “We are going to hang around one more year and give you another year of crappy football, so you BETTER show up and support us right before we take a big dump on ya’ll and leave after the season!!”

    Why would anyone go?

  96. If San Diego city officials were smart, they would reach a stadium deal without a referendum. This would be faster and construction would begin sooner. The referendum will be on Election Day in Novemeber, not June. I am not a big Spanos fan, but I love the Chargers. When an entire city can get behind a football team, it is something special.

    When the mayor and Spanos have shovels in their hands for the groundbreaking ceremony, this will all be over.

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