Police searched for Manziel with helicopter

Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel may have felt a little like Ray Liotta in that weird final half hour of Goodfellas.

Via Mark David Smith of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth police have issued a statement indicating that a helicopter was used to search for Manziel following whatever it was that happened between him and a female on Saturday morning.

The report indicates that a “possible assault” occurred, but that the potential victim (who referred to Manziel as her ex-boyfriend) was not cooperative. The helicopter search apparently resulted from Manziel’s ex-girlfriend’s concerns for his well-being and an inability to locate him through “cell phone numbers associated with him.”

Although no arrest was made, it’s another alarming example of possible misbehavior from a guy who continues to make one bad decision after another. While the Browns surely hope that they can trade him to another team, at some point the only responsible thing to do will be to cut him.

131 responses to “Police searched for Manziel with helicopter

  1. So Manziel gets the OJ Simpson reaction from the police? This developing story will entertain us all throughout the entire off-season. Get your popcorn and peanuts!

  2. Is the Cut him, Before or after the Year suspension
    for repeated violations?
    Whats the difference between a bud and a Budweiser?
    Manziel doesn’t deserve the NFL.

  3. Browns SHOULD cut him and put him in in-patient rehab right away for his own well being.

  4. The Johnny Manziel story has now gone past the point of surreal. This kid needs considerably more than just rehab

  5. “While the Browns surely hope that they can trade him to another team, at some point the only responsible thing to do will be to cut him.”

    Hold out for Jerry. He is built for the Cowboys.

  6. Sad to read about on all fronts. The guy seems to be really struggling. Nothing absolves him of his actions and must be held accountable, but anyone with an understanding of alcoholism/addiction knows the desperation one finds at the end.

  7. People will do anything to get out of Cleveland… They (Johnny & his girl) probably are staging this stuff to force his release. He has to get to the open market before RG3. The race to wear the star is on!

  8. I am getting to the point that I feel sorry for him. He needs to find a way to keep this kinda stuff from happening to him.
    He is getting close to committing professional suicide where no one will touch him because of his antics.

  9. She couldn’t get in touch with him because he was practicing. Improving his talent. That’s why he is Big John Football.

  10. At first I thought he was a total dbag. Then when I thought he was serious about getting his act together (moron I am) I was actually rooting for him to succeed. Now, just get rid of this entitled bum once and for all. He’s a total joke and doesn’t even deserve the 5th and 6th chances to get it right.

  11. Previously I thought the Browns should just cut their losses and dump this guy. But if this is what he does to a team he begs to draft him, then they give him millions of dollars… I hope they sit on his rights, keep him away from the team, and fine him every time he messes up do conduct detrimental to the team.

    Don’t cut him and let him go sign or play elsewhere. Ruin his career more than he already has.

  12. Yall love to hate this kid…still hasnt been arrested, failed a drug test, or gotten in any real trouble…bunch of old guys hating on this kid for being just that, a kid. Let him live!

  13. Cleveland should have built Modell a new stadium and they would have had Belichick as coach and Ozzie as their personnel man.

    Cleveland is getting what it deserves.

  14. Wasn’t it reported this week that maybe Cleveland ownership wasn’t quite ready to move on from Manziel after all? So Johnny figured he’d go out and tie on a good one, just to be sure they don’t have any big ideas of keeping him around.

  15. If you stop and think about it, this same girl keeps calling police then never co operates. Maybe just maybe a little drama queen. You know women do crazy shiiiit to. Just sayin. She says he supposedly did this but does nothing. Now he supposedly assaults her and she does nothing. Time for the kid to find a new lady. Like I said just sayin

  16. lgw91s says:
    Jan 30, 2016 3:02 PM
    Can you imagine the ratings on a Johnny Manziel reality show?

    I feel people that pay attention to sports to keep tabs as much on Reality shows….. BUT the way he is going tgat might be his only source of income…. I can’t imagine JaMarcus Russell gets asked to much for doing guest appearances.

  17. Johnny deserves a Kardashian. Match made in heaven.
    Seriously, they should consider placing him on suicide watch and his family or friends, should take away his gun(s) and his drugs.
    I expect that this is not going to end well.

  18. I wonder if the police would use a helicopter to search for me if someone was concerned about my well-being and I don’t have a history of being a tool.

  19. No special treatment here. I’m sure if I was the subject of a police aerial search in a suspected assault on a female, I wouldn’t have been arrested either.

  20. This is just Johnny Goofball’s attempt at an opportunity to play a real life version of “The Longest Yard”.

  21. It’s amazing how blind most writers are to Manziel’s potential true strategy. He very well might be trying to sabotage the Browns asking a high price in a trade by making himself seem a lost cause. Sashi Brown is probably going ballistic over these games…

  22. Dear girlfriend/ex-girlfriend: If you have to call the police on a man–he pushed your head into a window or he’s gone nutty and requires a helicopter to be located–it’s time to cut all ties with that man.

    Dear football team: Follow rules for girlfriend/ex-girlfriend.

  23. Sorry don’t get it. So when you are a NFL qb and don’t answer your phone in the middle of the night, you should:
    1) get arrested (with eventually charges dropped )
    2) get cut by your team
    3) called a lot of stuff by public opinion

  24. Sounds like there might be a reality show brewing, if no football career. I’ll bet this “girlfriend” is a real winner.

  25. Belichick will sign him, everyone will call him a genius and say Manziel is just a low risk high reward signing.

  26. The Donald Trump of football.

    Only 2 questions remain: 1) Who will play Johnny in the made-for-TV movie and 2) Why do neanderthals keep blaming the female victim?

    The Donald Trump of football.

    Only 2 questions remain: 1) Who will play Johnny in the made-for-TV movie and 2) Why do neanderthals keep blaming the female victim?

  28. For Hue Jackson’s sake, I hope Jimmy was just rying to drive the little bit of trade value he had left up when he said that relationship could be fixed. Also, anymore people want to put the cape on for him and claim he’s just a “kid” who needs time? Come on down Robert Griffin.

  29. Is Manziel really this stupid or is there something more sinister going on here? Tyler Seguin intentionally shot his way out from under Claude Julien by constant immature behavior. He needed to get away from Julien and his system that would stifle Seguin ‘s talents, stardom and earning power if he continued his career under Julien. It worked, the Bruins caved, Seguin was traded and immediately blossomed into an NHL superstar. Manziel seems as if these escalating incidents are a response to the Browns not getting rid of him. Honestly, what narcissistic star athlete would want to spend his career with the Browns, when he believes he is destined to lead America’s Team? The Browns are a disaster to begin with, and that is not going to change. Also, hypothetically, if a player had the exact same career success with the Cowboys vs. having it with the Browns, there would be massive advantages in so many ways by spending a career in Dallas. The Browns have now been pushed to the brink and will have to cut ties soon. Some team, very possibly Dallas, will take Manziel, and if you see an immediate 180 in his behavior and his commitment to being an NFL QB, you will know it was planned. Manziel did not have the power to control his destiny on draft day, unlike the slimy way Archie Manning dictated where the careers of his sons began. Manziel is now very possibly scheming to control his career direction with the only real means he has available. Then, again, it may all be just what it looks like on the surface, that Johnny Manziel is a complete idiot!

  30. So his ex couldn’t get in touch with him(note: this is the enabler chick that crashed his rehab, takes him to clubs and likes to throw down), calls the cops because she can’t get over that he dumped her and now Manziel is wrong? If you dudes really do follow his antics you’ll see one common factor…this woman. Crazy ex-girlfrends are real, that’s why they are called EX.

  31. Hi everyone. Welcome. Here we are again at our weekly meeting of Threw It All Away For Nothing Anonymous.

    Who’d like to go first this week, Jamarcus? Ryan? Aaron? Johnny?

  32. While that might just be the greatest, most appropriate photo ever, I was immediately reminded of the following equation:

    Johnny Goofball=Paul Crewe.

    Goodnight now!

  33. You can’t tell me the Browns researched his background.

    I know they’ve already fired most everybody, but if the guy responsible for that oversight is still around, whack him.

  34. And meanwhile the NFL leaves 550 million in public financing on the table in St. Louis but this jack wagon is still an NFL employee while Stan Kroenke steps over the dead bodies in St. Louis while heading to LA.

  35. Geez… Where are this guy’s freaking parents. Says a lot about them as well. Guess he could use the “affluenza” excuse.

  36. this is cool., nfl season is almost over and this is the gift of laughter that keeps on giving, week by freakin week.

  37. Errr: rxcuse me people. But what exactly did Manzeil do here? Cut him? Release him? Trade him? What did he actually do? Other than attract paparazi and cameras like Elvis. We have really been reduced to catching this guy drinking beer. And calling that news!

  38. A horrible case of affluenza this young man has. Keep him in Cleveland, put him on the practice squad and if any player or coach fields a question about him, fine them for conduct detrimental to the team.

  39. I wonder if his brother his home stirring the pasta sauce while he goes to meet with his Pittbsurgh people. Babysitter better not call from the house phone…..

  40. Using a Helicopter for a POSSIBLE Simple Assult is a GROSS WASTE OF OUR TAX PAYER MONEY!!! Had this been a Non Celebrity there would no Helicopter!!! Someone should be Held Accountable Other than Johnny Manziel! No Proof that he did anything!

  41. Whats he got to lose? He knows daddys money has his back. He was set for life when he was born. No surprise here.

  42. A lot of people jumping to conclusions with little information available. What is he alleged to have done?
    Searching for him w/helicopter….did they get his number(s) from her and try to call him themselves before sending up the searchers? He probably just didn’t want to talk to her.
    It seems a lot of drama caused by the one who will say just enough to get the ball rolling and then refuse to say anymore.
    He keeps putting himself in bad situations, though, and definitely needs to start surrounding himself with better people.
    I’m no Manziel fan, but the rush to judgement in this “incident” isn’t fair.

  43. When Johnny and his girl make up, he’ll sing the Buck Cherry song that he always sings to her and all will be better, for a little while…

  44. What exactly did Johnny do wrong? I regularly don’t show up to work and when I do, I do a very sub par job. And if i’m being honest, , it’s not a good Friday night if a police chopper doesn’t follow me home. What’s the problem?

  45. 100% behind the Buckcherry reference, but, yeah, there’s more to this than what we’ve read here. If Johnny Quest has any real cajones, he’d get out in front of this thing, and fast.

  46. Just go to rehab again, that’s the only possible answer to this. He’s a ridiculous human being, who can’t get himself together without professional help. I think everyone is sick of reading about him.

  47. This is rediclious there’s no reason to search for somebody with a helicopter under the curimstances of this situation, anybody stop to think maybe he didn’t wander his phone because he’s sick of a the scrutiny that he has to face due to the overwhelming amount of people meddling in his personal affairs, everybody needs to put their microscopes down and let Johnny live his life, he’s in his twenty a how many if you can say you where a perfect polished person at that age? I bet not one person can say that

  48. Only one doing more drugs than Johnny Football is Peyton Manning…

    In a statement Manning’s wife said that Peyton took off with her stash of HGH…

    The Denver Police Helicopter located a giant forehead 2-3 miles high floating above LEVI Stadium in Santa Clara…

    Johnny said he didn’t do it, so we will have to take him for on his honor and word… He didn’t do it…

    In other news Chris Carter’s Fall Guy Franchise has been approved by the NFL and ESPN…

    GO BROWNS!!!

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