Team Irvin holds Pro Bowl halftime lead


Well, the Pro Bowl hasn’t been boring.

There was a successful fake punt, and then there was touchdown catch overturned by replay. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie intercepted a Derek Carr pass but fumbled on the return. A.J. Green and DeAndre Hopkins have made highlight-reel catches.

Team Irvin has made most of the big plays and holds a 28-14 halftime lead. Geno Atkins tweeted during a second quarter drive, so it’s apparently not that serious.

Team Rice had a chance to tie it before the half but didn’t score, then gave up an 80-yard touchdown drive capped by a 2-yard touchdown pass from Teddy Bridgewater to Darren Sproles.

Russell Wilson has thrown for 164 yards and three touchdown passes.

Stay tuned, if you’re brave.

15 responses to “Team Irvin holds Pro Bowl halftime lead

  1. This is NOT a PRO bowl.

    This is a second rate product with second rate players.

    End the misery – give out participation trophies to players and cancel the faux bowl.

  2. I have to give them credit in that they changed the format looking to see this become a competition type of format…..just not sure they can get there, but this isn’t it……

    I vote to go back to NFC vs. AFC and give a modest stipend to participate with a HUGE bonus for the winners’. Including extra incentive bonus pay for stuff…..

  3. Why fake punt…the punter earned the right to punt.
    Same with 2pt conversions…

    No one cares about the kickers anymore…

    A sad day in the illustrious history of the Pro-Bowl. If they keep leaving the kickers on the bench who will watch?

    Who I ask you?

  4. Teddy Bridgewater threw a touchdown pass to Darren Sproles in the NFL’s version of the “All-Star” game. That’s all you really need to see to know this game is a complete joke.

  5. I love football and this is great mindless fun….don’t have to swear at calls just enjoy the game…anyone complaining has a problem that none of us can help..too bad.

  6. noffy32
    Jan 31, 2016, 8:42 PM CST
    Conor. No whining. This just isn’t football.
    What do you want? Blitzing? Hard hitting over the middle? Helmet to helmet hits?

    It’s an exhibition game for fun. They can’t play full speed like other sports. Even the nhl doesn’t allow checking in their all star game.

    Nobody gets hurt. That’s what matters. I’ve still seen great passes. Great catches. Great athletes showing off some skills. And great fun.

  7. By the way. NHL needs to man up as well. Stay with the skills competition.

    As to the NFL.
    Half of these players are 3rd string. Even the top players new this was a joke. The Pro Bowl wasn’t meant to be an exhibition. It was meant to show off why your the best.

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