Woody Johnson: Geno Smith has “the ability” if he sticks with it

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When the Jets started camp ahead of the 2015 season, the expectation was that Geno Smith would be their starting quarterback.

That expectation ceased to exist when IK Enemkpali punched Smith and broke his jaw during a locker room altercation that reportedly stemmed from a dispute over money Enemkpali felt Smith owed him. Smith missed several weeks and Ryan Fitzpatrick was successful enough that Smith’s only appearance of the season came when Fitzpatrick injured his left thumb early in a loss to the Raiders.

Owner Woody Johnson said he agreed with the way coach Todd Bowles handled everything involved with the incident and that he didn’t question Smith’s maturity, but that the quarterback had to “think about the way you comport yourself” because quarterbacks are team leaders. He added that “the coaches are pretty optimistic about what he’s learned, his maturity” after a season that went opposite of the way Smith planned and didn’t rule out the possibility Smith could still be more than a backup at some point in the future.

“That’s up to the eye of the beholder, but he has all the skills,” Johnson said, via NJ.com. “It’s a question of what his desire is, and from what the coaches told me and what I’ve seen myself, I think he’s matured a lot. He knows he’s a professional. He has the ability to do it, if he sticks with it.”

Re-signing Fitzpatrick is a top priority for the Jets this offseason. Should they accomplish that and add another quarterback in the draft or free agency to go with Smith and Bryce Petty, Smith may have to show someone else that he’s sticking with it come next season.

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  1. Geno has zero qualities one would want in a QB. His accuracy is awful, he folds under pressure, can’t read defenses, holds the ball too long. He’s not even liked or respected by his teammates.

  2. Geno has improved every year. I cant say that Fitz is actually a better QB. The Jets have 2 good BUs IMO but it is unlikely either becomes a starter. I think a 2nd year under the same OC will help Geno a lot. I also dont believe the Jets need to resign Fitz. Honestly may be best if they dont. This team is not going to win anything this year so blowing money on Fitz instead of resigning guys like Wilk and Harrison would be a huge mistake. Start building for tomorrow IMO. This is a great draft to take QB and OL. Get rid of the Cumbys and Powells that dragged this team down under Rex. Geno is a non issue let his deal run out. I highly doubt going 6-10 with Fitz is all that much better then going 6-10 with Geno. People acting like Fitz is so much better didnt see him play obviously.

  3. The same could be true for Johnny Manziel … but the thing about the NFL is you need to have the Mentalility as well, espcially if you want to have a long successful career. Both players have shown they lack that on varying levels, whether its out partying… or checking your tweets during your interview.

    When you get a QB that has skills and lacks mentality you got players like Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell. At least for Geno he doesn’t have to wear that 1st round draft pick label like many of the others, so is allowed extra time.

  4. Geno is all about Geno. No accuracy, no backbone, not a team guy. Sounds like Woody is getting ready to trade him.

  5. Cutting Geno this year wouldn’t accomplish anything. His salary is less than his cap hit. I also don’t see the need to draft a QB this year either. Re-sign Fitz, keep Geno as the backup familiar with the system, and continue to groom Petty for the future. If the Jets feel like Petty isn’t coming along how they’d like, then next year they can cut Geno and draft a QB. No need to get ahead of themselves when there are other needs.

  6. As a Jets fan, I’m pretty confident in being able to say that Geno Smith, barring an injury to Fitz, will not be a starting quarterback for the Jets. There have been hundreds of quarterbacks in the NFL in years past with great physical skills but lacked the necessary mental skills and who thus just couldn’t make it as a successful NFL quarterback. Geno Smith is just another example of that.

  7. At one point, 4-5 games into his final season at West Virginia, Geno had more touchdown passes than incompletions. Needless to say, it’s been all downhill from there.

  8. They said Rex was clown show. This is big top talk. The team lucked into having this QB yanked away. The only way to learn. Had he played he would have had more int’s than T-hill had sacks.

  9. I think Todd Bowles is a great coach and I wish the Steelers had him. But Woody Johnson commenting on anything AT ALL football related is like asking 99.999% of PFT posters how a television works.

  10. The fact that even Rex didn’t try to poach this guy says a lot. I’m convinced he’d steal Jets locker room towels if he thought it would get a rise out of them, but Geno’s totally safe.

  11. Just another second generational guy that never had to work a day in his life and doesn’t have a clue about football much less any human skills

  12. Sounds like Woody is trying to talk up Geno as if someone else may want him since he has a year left in his contract before he is an UFA… good luck with that Woody.

  13. Geno has one more year in the league and then he will be cut and never heard from again. His last year consists of sitting on the bench and appearing to act interested, which he is not but that’s all part of the little game the Jets are playing called, “Hide your draft busts”

  14. He has for great potential for becoming a Martin Lawrence impersonator as his next profession

  15. “Even though I’m bound to lose it all for you guys each season, I’m still the right man for the job.” – Ryan Fitzpatrick

  16. Translation “Geno Sucks. If I talk him up maybe some team will give us a 5th round pick for him”

  17. Geno Smith will be on one of the following rosters next season: Browns, 49erse, Texans, or Rams.

  18. Geno never had a chance to prove himself. Thrown in as a starter his rookie year, with the worst offensive line ine the league. Give me a break !!

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