CBS, NBC will share Thursday Night Football

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The NFL has reached a deal to share Thursday Night Football broadcasts between CBS and NBC, the league announced Monday.

Under the new deal, CBS and NBC will air five Thursday night games apiece in 2016-2017.

CBS has aired eight Thursday night games a year for the last two years. NFL Network has simulcast those games and had exclusive rights to the others. Under the new deal, NFL Network will have an exclusive eight-game package that includes Thursday night games and late-season Saturday night games in addition to continuing to simulcast the CBS and NBC games.

“We are continuing to make Thursday Night Football bigger and better,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. “CBS has played an integral role over the last two seasons in helping build Thursdays as a night for NFL football, and we’re excited to have them on board again.

“At the same time, we’re thrilled to add NBC to the Thursday Night Football mix, a trusted partner with a proven track record of success broadcasting NFL football in primetime, and look forward to expanding with a digital partner for what will be a unique tri-cast on broadcast, cable, and digital platforms.”

CNBC tweeted that the deal is worth $450 million. A Bloomberg report said CBS paid about $300 million for the eight games it showed in 2014-15.

51 responses to “CBS, NBC will share Thursday Night Football

  1. Thursday football stinks. Get rid of it except the Lions and Cowboys Thanksgiving day games. Just because you make money off something does not make it a good idea.

  2. Worst season of football play and completely scripted outcome. Who cares what they do next season? It has become MLB baseball.

  3. I miss Mike Mayock. HE was a good announcer, way better than any other Thursday night announcer.

  4. I can’t stand Thursday Night Football either. Hate Sunday and Monday Night football too. They should play half the games on Saturday at 1:00PM and the other half on Sunday at 1:00PM. No more late night games and no more games at dinner time.

  5. I like Thursday Night Football. I’m glad it’s here. I don’t like CBS getting any of their games. The last thing we need is Phil Simms announcing more games..

  6. *singing*

    All my fairly-sedate and weary-of-bad-football friends are here for Thursday night!

  7. Thursday Night Football only works for the suits. The product is crap. I do not participate

  8. They need to fix those matchups going into this year. I’m a jags fan and know putting us against the Titans every year is a bad move. I like that everyone gets a home game but scheduling two bad teams against each other on Primetime is set up to be failure. Something like Vikings vs jags would be more interesting especially with the fantasy football world. Save games like jags vs Titans for the fans of the teams for Sunday at noon

  9. They should make Season 18 weeks long .. NOT 18 GAMES!

    Give two bye weeks to each team with one of those bye weeks coming before the Thursday night game.

    If Pats/Jets have week 5 Thursday night matchup they should have week 4 off.

    Seems like simple solution to improve the TNF game quality

  10. “We are continuing to make Thursday Night Football bigger and better,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said

    Um…no. You still have eight games behind the walled garden of cable, just like the previous two years. That’s still eight games of lower ratings, which translates to less advertising dollars.

    That is not the definition of “bigger and better”. Might have been better going with “glitz and glamour” instead, Rog…

  11. Thursday Night Football is awful.

    That being said, I’m happy to NBC in the mix since they have by far the best broadcast in terms of picture quality, broadcast team, etc.

  12. hopefully they just slowly phase out CBS from everything. by far the worst of the 3 networks. and Phil Simms is the dumbest guy on tv.

  13. Waiting for the next News Flash: That injury rates aren’t all that bad for TNF, now that our owner is getting a piece of the pie…

  14. I can do without Thursday night football just fine. I will be anyway since the NFL insists on putting half of the games on a network I will not pay the ripoff cable company more to watch the NFL network (which isn’t worth much anyway).

  15. I hate Thursday night games. The only consolation with this deal is that Phil Simms only sullies the airwaves twice a month.

  16. Is this the alternative solution to the 18 game agenda that Goddell was pushing? Any which way, this an additional $450 million in revenue for the same amount of product. That’s both insane and incredible in terms of a business model. The NFL is unstoppable.

  17. Having teams coming off bye weeks play Thursday night makes sense. Of course, the logical extension to that is having 4 teams in bye and two can play Wednesday night and two can play Thursday. Wednesday night football! Just took your logical, good idea and ruined it, which is what the nfl would envitably do. I wonder how much fox or tbs would pay for the rights to Wednesday night football. 500 million?

  18. So, is it 5 more Thursday night games to NBC, over and above the two Thursday specials already in their existing contract (Kickoff and Thanksgiving)?
    Or does NBC pick up only three more Thursdays to max out at 5?

  19. I see the argument for both sides of this topic. I personally like TNF, but also believe a lot of the arguments against it hold water. With the exception of the Thanksgiving day games, I can take it or leave it.

  20. I wonder if NFLN will have their own crew calling their 8 “exclusive” games or if it’ll be CBS/NBC announcers? Just as long as it’s not Phil “We Talked About” Simms.

  21. Simulcast? I was only able to watch a couple games on Thursday. The rest were NFL Network, one was the Cards/Vikings which was a really good game.. and I live on the Minn. Border it wasn’t blacked out.
    Face it the NFL Network failed to gain enough of an audience. The League would secretly LOVE to charge
    every person that watches Broadcast games.
    But Boxing proved in the late 80’s, when they put it on PPV it the sports fan base collapsed, and Boxing still hasn’t recovered.
    PPV Super Bowls are just around the corner.

  22. How about this if TNF sucks. Don’t watch! But the complainers got to complain. I like watching div rivals I don’t usually see during the season. I love football and if all the games came on at 1 or 4 pm Sunday, I can’t pay attention to other potentially good games when my fav team plays the same time. It’s only 3 days a week jeez! Sorry but the few who cry on PFT don’t matter.

  23. intrafinesse says:
    Feb 1, 2016 2:13 PM

    I miss Mike Mayock. HE was a good announcer, way better than any other Thursday night announcer.

    I couldn’t agree more. Mike actually knew what he was talking about and could explain different concepts throughout the course of the game.

    This vastly differs from Phil Simms, who once said he hated throwback uniforms because it made it harder for him to tell who the players are on the field. Here’s a clue Phil – the names and numbers on the back of the jerseys don’t change when throwback uniforms are worn!!!

  24. So who is producing the broadcasts for the NFLN-exclusive games? CBS only aired the first half, but produced all of them, using CBS tech crews and broadcasters – they even kept the CBS logo on the screen for NFLN-exclusive games. Do CBS and NBC alternate production of the NFLN games, or does one of them get the honors?

  25. Thursday football games should be the season kickoff game and Thanksgiving only.

  26. Any less time having to listen to CBS is fine by me, although TNF is low on my priority list. Jim Nance talking about the Masters while Phil Simms complains about how QB’s should never be hit is tiring.

  27. This is terrible news for those that think Al Michaels should retire, yesterday. Now we suffer through two games a week of him being so far behind the play it’s embarrassing. Check out the Lynch run against the Cards last season when he butchered the call. Embarrassing. And he does it more often than not these days.
    He was awesome in his prime but sadly for those of us that watch, he has become perhaps the worst of all the current “big 4”, over the last few years.

  28. I agree with psubeerman.
    Thursday games should only involve two teams that just had byes.
    These guys playing on 3 days rest/ prep is an awful formula.
    We don’t need 16 Thursday night games. Weeks 4-12, or whenever byes occur, could be followed up with a Thursday game – it would be easy to schedule for billion $ Corp. Cureent format is hurting the game. For fans and players alike.

  29. Games pitting 2 horrible teams against each other:
    Phil Simms and now Chris Collinsworth as analysts:
    Nike “color rush” uniforms:

    I see nothing wrong with TNF.

  30. Slowly moving more games back to free TV. I’m sure there was a MASSIVE dropoff when crap teams played late in the season on NFLNetwork. Even if the teams suck, if i stumble across them on network TV I would watch. But I never, ever, go to NFLNetwork because it is a terrible station. So they never get accidental eyeballs.

  31. This idea of bad football on short rest is just a phony talking point for lazy media pundits. Each team has to play the Thursday Night game on short rest only once over the course of a season. Due to the structure of the entire NFL schedule, most of the TNF games are not at the level of the late afternoon Sunday games or the Sunday Night games. If the games are placed in their proper perspective, they are fine. I certainly prefer these NFL games on Thursday over the D-list college games that are telecast by ESPN on Thursdays.

  32. Appreciate TNF. Too long of a wait for football between Monday night and Sunday afternoon.

  33. Proving once again player’s safety isn’t a concern of the NFL. Thursday night games are too soon. So they are rotten games.

  34. I hope everyone realizes this means NBC is only getting 3 more games since they already were broadcasting the Thursday Night game of week 1 and the Thanksgiving night game.

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