Jay Bromley’s manager says attempted rape accusation “absolutely not” true

Getty Images

Over the weekend, Giants defensive tackle Jay Bromley became the subject of a police investigation in New York City centered on an accusation of attempted rape levied against him by a 26-year-old woman.

Bromley and the woman allegedly connected on Instagram and met up at a Manhattan hotel where she alleges Bromley attempted to rape her after she performed oral sex on him. Bromley’s manager said Sunday, via the New York Daily News, that the allegations are “absolutely not” true and Bromley’s lawyer Alex Spiro sent a similar message.

“We have reviewed the allegations against Mr. Bromley and believe no crime has been committed,” Spiro said, via the New York Post.

Per the Post, Bromley claims the woman tried to “shake him down for money” after performing the sex act. The accuser told the paper that she “threw up” after the act and “that’s when he blew up.” She wouldn’t discuss the attempted rape any further beyond saying she was “really traumatized” by the incident, which reportedly ended with her being thrown off the hood of Bromley’s car as he left the hotel.