Joseph Randle arrested in Texas

Getty Images

Off-field issues helped cost running back Joseph Randle his spot on the Cowboys roster last season and he’s landed in trouble again to kick off the offseason.

Randle was arrested early Monday morning in Irving, Texas near the home of his ex-girlfriend. Irving police said that Randle went to her home hoping to get some sleep before driving back to his home in Kansas. Per the police, Randle “was not welcome there” and residents called the police.

When the police arrived, they found an outstanding warrant for speeding and Randle was arrested.

Randle was arrested in 2014 for shoplifting and again in February 2015 after an argument with his ex-girlfriend. Criminal charges were not filed in the case, but the NFL suspended Randle for four games under the personal conduct policy in November. Randle was already gone from the Cowboys at that point and he may have a hard time finding another door into the league this offseason.