NFL investigation of latest Manziel incident is ongoing


The NFL is investigating the incident that led police to search for Johnny Manziel over the weekend.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told that an investigation “is ongoing” into an incident that involved Manziel and his ex-girlfriend.

Manziel has been investigated over incidents with a girlfriend twice recently. In October police in Ohio responded to a complaint that Manziel struck his girlfriend. Over the weekend police investigated what they called “an altercation.” Manziel was not arrested or charged in either case.

But even if Manziel avoids both charges and NFL discipline, his name is in the news for the wrong reasons. And that may result in the Browns deciding that he’s more trouble than he’s worth. The Browns seem ready to cut ties with Manziel regardless of how the NFL’s investigation concludes.

72 responses to “NFL investigation of latest Manziel incident is ongoing

  1. I’m far more curious which NFL team is going to pick up Manziel next. It’s probably the Cowboys, but I hope it’s like the Packers or something.

  2. Hope this kid’s 15 minutes don’t end with him face down somewhere. He needs more than just rehab

  3. If he were to sign as a backup somewhere, he’d be like Sweet! No more spotlight! Redeye to Vegas time!

    There’s no chance this guy is still in the league in two years.

  4. Does there ever come a point where maybe, just maybe, these 2 drama seekers should just be left the hell alone? Nobody’s been convicted. Maybe an aggressive relationship is just their thing. We hAve a right to those you know without losing our jobs.

  5. I have a cat that looks just like Manziel. The resemblance is uncanny. The only way I know it’s not JM is my cat loves football and hates alcohol.

  6. The same way the Colts injury report fiasco is ongoing?

    Or the same way the Peyton Manning (and a few Packers) HGH investigation is ongoing?

    Bet we hear about the Manziel outcome first.

  7. Well at least they have his name, address and other stuff for the NFL investigation forms on hand. It’s not like they’d be starting one up from scratch with all that to fill out…

  8. Any team that would hold onto him or sign him is out of their minds. His on field ability is not worth his off field shenanigans. That being said, if someone (cough dallas) were to be dumb enough to sign him (if released), it would be especially funny to watch that slow motion train wreck continue.

  9. This kid is keeping the Browns in the news the week before the Super Bowl. Some teams/owners would LOVE that. Sadly.

  10. This incident, is yet another confirmation that Johnny /Billy / Richard? is destined to be a reality TV star and not a NFL QB.

  11. He’s went from burning bridges behind him to lighting them ablaze as he approaches. What team is going to want his drama? What’s the over/under on him next missing time either for an arrest/suspension or another rehab trip? 6 months?

  12. He will always have his silver spoon. Football or not he seem to be an entitled brat who does whatever he wants with no regard to any consequences, his own or others. If his family hasn’t stepped in yet, then it’s time to do so. If they have, he’s a lost cause.

  13. JM is a joke anyone who gets blessed like he is and takes it for granted shouldn’t get any more chances. Greg Hardy and all the rest need to just be removed from the NFL. They need to go back to the real world and see how hard life really is. They get millions of dollars and fans that worship the ground that they walk on and they just throw it all away. There are millions of people that are struggling everyday that would give anything to be in their shoes. I am tired of all these gifted athletes being idiots I don’t care what team they are on even if it is my team I am just done with these morons!

  14. The guy is doing everything he can to get released from the Browns so he can sign with the Cowboys. The Browns should keep him around and bury him on the practice squad next season until he either shows a commitment to the team or some return trade value for wasting a first round pick on him.
    If nothing changes with his attitude, it will only be a matter of time until he pulls another ‘Johnny’ at which point they should suspend him.

  15. Here’s betting it will be a short investigation since this happened in an area where he is still considered relevant and the police will mysteriously say the investigation is closed. Once again, Johnny Entitled can be Johnny Behaving-badly and then be Johnny Get-Away-With-It.

  16. whosennext says:
    Feb 1, 2016 3:19 PM

    Does anybody believe the NFL is really going to do anything to this loser?

    They might if he actually gets involved in something other than juvenile behavior or some he said-she said situation.

    Meanwhile, scumbags like Von Miller and Greg Hardy are given all sorts of chances.

  17. There are plenty of teams still interested in the football aspect of the NFL. Unfortunately, the commissioner isn’t one of them. Manziel is likely to get blackballed.

  18. I remember like it was yesterday, when manziel and his mother were walking into radio city music hall for the draft, he made his now infamous dollars sign, I knew then hs priorities were screwed up and he’s done nothing but prove that right, he is a thoughtless, selfish loser who more than likely will never get it. a me first a-hole.

  19. loumann says:
    Feb 1, 2016 3:34 PM
    I hope the guy who drafted him is unemployed

    Currently yes, unless you count the homeless person as well 🙂

  20. He’s under contract for two years. The money is guarenteed. Keep him and put in on the practice squad. Or wait until his girlfriend gets him injured each year and IR him.

  21. They won’t cut him, they will look for a return on there investment, even if it’s only a seventh round pick.

  22. Awww, he’s just a kid. Doing things kids do. I mean, didn’t we all have police helicopters search for us at some point when we were his age?

  23. “The Browns seem ready to cut ties with Manziel regardless of how the NFL’s investigation concludes.”

    And just how do you know this enough to speculate?

  24. I used to think he was an immature loser glory boy, but now its pretty clear that he needs some heavy duty medical and mental health help.

  25. He just needs to go away. No one is interested in him anymore, and clearly the only answer is rehab for a long time. He is what he is, and it’s not going to change until he wants it to.

  26. Whether he is charged or not he is in the wrong place doing the wrong thing at the wrong time…. He might get some more slack if he was a better player. One of these days these dumb GM’s and personnel people are going to understand publicity and stats in wide open college offenses do not always translate to the NFL well..

  27. Wow, he just might be the biggest, over-hyped first round bust of all time.
    JaMarcus Russell
    Ryan Leif
    Bryan Bosworth

  28. This poor soul needs help. Lets hope he gets it. He’s not going to get it in Dallas either. He is another Ryan Leaf for sure.

  29. jonwill57 says:
    Feb 1, 2016 5:10 PM

    Wow, he just might be the biggest, over-hyped first round bust of all time.
    JaMarcus Russell
    Ryan Leif
    Bryan Bosworth

    I don’t think he was over-hyped. There were plenty of people that said he had bust potential.

    He’s certainly no Matt Leinart, Akili Smith, or Todd Marinovich.

  30. Here’s what the Browns should do. Wait for a couple more instances where Manziel “shows his leadership”, then trade him to Dallas, the “leadership” capital of the world!

  31. If his name was Peyton Manning, they’d be tripping over themselves to sweep this under the rug.

  32. Manziel reminds me a little of bad-boy Bobby Lane of the old Detroit Lions. Only difference – Lane was really good, even hung-over or playing drunk.

  33. Trade him to the Cryboys for Hardy. Seriously, how much did either contribute to their respective teams?

    Each team could use the other guy’s skill set.

  34. I’d like to see him go to the Patriots.
    Belichick would straighten him out and make him productive.

    Ha ha, just kidding. Belichick wouldn’t touch him even if he was a average NFL QB.

  35. He has a definite invisibility complex probably because not only is he an elite athlete, but also comes from a wealthy family. Whatever his talent didn’t bail him out from am sure his dad’s money and influence did. So many people saw only dollar signs and fame- it’s like disciplining a bar of gold at that point.

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