Oakland mayor wants to renew lease then focus on new stadium

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As the 49ers prepare to host the Super Bowl, the Raiders aren’t preparing to do anything because they don’t know where they will be.

Oakland, meanwhile, is preparing to try to keep the Raiders over the long haul.

Appearing on KTVU on Sunday night, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf explained that the goal is to secure a renewal of the lease for the Raiders at O.co Coliseum before then focusing on negotiations with team owner Mark Davis that would lead to a “permanent, beautiful home for those Raiders” in Oakland.

At a time when taxpayer money is scarce for stadium projects, Schaaf mentioned only that “limited public tools” would be available to assist the process.

On the question of whether the Raiders’ flirtations with various other cities were more about leverage than finding a new home, Schaaf didn’t show her hand. “We’re waiting for Mark to explore his options, which he absolutely has the right to do,” she said.

But a hint of skepticism emerged when asked how she felt about the news that Davis was exploring the possibility of a stadium in Las Vegas. “I have spent the whole year as mayor looking at pictures of a stadium in Carson,” Schaaf said, in reference to a much-hyped project that failed to secure league approval.

Schaaf said that the team’s preferred $900 million Oakland stadium “can be done.” In the end, however, the question will be whether Oakland can or will do enough to make Davis ignore other options elsewhere.

Or, ultimately, whether the Raiders and the NFL will take the best deal they can get in Oakland, with talk of moving the team aimed merely at making the best deal even better.

48 responses to “Oakland mayor wants to renew lease then focus on new stadium

  1. Since 1980, this team has relocated twice and has filed more lawsuits than the number of points the Panthers will score on the Broncos next Sunday in the Super Bowl. Mark Davis, it’s time to end these little games with these other cities, take the deal in Oakland, and call it day. Commitment to Stabilty. Stay in Oakland.

  2. Problem is that Oakland holds little leverage, and Davis is no fool – signing a lease could legally lock the Raiders to their current stadium with no real guarantee of a new stadium for the length of the lease. It would be dumb of him not to look at other serious options, especially Las Vegas, Portland, St. Louis, even Honolulu if need be. But it’s obvious that Oakland is not truly making an effort to keep them, just one too many teams in the bay area.

  3. Las Vegas isn’t Carson, stadium probably going forward with or without NFL. Adelson, Roski, Wynn, UNLV, & public all ready to step up for $1.2 billion project

  4. I’m hoping that the Raiders stay in Oakland for the long-haul but I’m not optimistic. Because I firmly believe that Son-of-Al does NOT want to remain there. Of course, if he could get a free ride from the city then he would preaching about how much he wants to stay…and come to think of it he did actually try that transparent act the last few years before Schaff told him that there would be no massive taxpayer subsidy. Son-of-Al could easily finance a new stadium if he were willing to sell part of his share of the Raiders to an investor but apparently he’s not willing to part with any part of the toy which he was lucky enough to inherit from his father.

  5. The focus should be on the acquisition of Big John Football to get the interest of Oakland.

  6. The smart thing for Davis to do would be to use Santa Clara. It’s there, with a brand new locker room waiting for his team. Heck, he could even just go for a couple of years while he explores his long term options. Be less stubborn, Mark.

  7. With the Carson plan destroyed and forced out of LA by StanK, the Raiders & Chargers are no better off than they were BEFORE the relocation meetings!

  8. As a Raider fan, it’s time for Mark Davis to get this deal done.

    They Mayor has started up negotiations again. It’s time to let the past talks go and concentrate on the current. The NFL is giving you $400 million towards a new stadium in Oakland. You are nearly half way there.

    Corporate boxes will generate money. In a new stadium, you can ask and get more than is coming in now. The team is finally on an uptick. Whatever the Raiders are worth today, will follow the trend of the NFL, and be worth more in the coming years.

    Other owners are paying for their new stadiums with loans. You can do the same.

    Oakland fans have supported the Raiders despite 13 years of futility. Reward them.

  9. I’m sure Mayor Schaaf would love a long term lease before working on the stadium deal. That would put the Raiders in a horrible negotiating position. If you’re a fan of them staying put and don’t like public funding this would be a great idea.

  10. Man I love seeing the NFL over a barrel. The city knows the Raiders have no options. The league is trying a futile attempt to make it look like Las Vegas is an option. The Raiders are crying poverty to squeeze a free stadium out of the city. These owners make billions every year. Time to pay for your own buildings of greed.

  11. Raiders should move into the 49ers stadium for 2016. They will have nice facilities, can honor the Season Tickets of their existing fan base and negotiate with all cities, including Oakland while being in a first class stadium instead of a rundown baseball stadium.

  12. Spoken like a true politician: “Sign here, give me what I want, and in the future you’ll get what you want.” Until things “change”.

    If I’m Mark, I sign a one tray deal to stay at the O.co, see what happens with Spanos, and then head to Vegas if Oakland can provide the land I’m looking for.

  13. So in other words….. ” we will pretend we want to renegotiate after he renews the lease and he loses all his leverage. Then we can continue to ignore the stadium issue”

  14. I would love to see the Raiders stay in Oakland because thats really where they belong. Unfortunately I don’t think the city is all that interested in making an effort to keep them. If they have to move Vegas just feels like the right spot. The money that would come with the move would be great for the Raiders. Add to that the stadium that would be built would make jerry world look cheap because Vegas does everything in excess and it always seems to work

  15. Raiders options:

    Carson City: Chargers hold all the Cards. Raiders bid was soundly rejected.

    Texas is out. Jones has the swag to keep the Raiders out with his influence over certain other owners. Remember, this isnt 1981 when you could flip off the NFL, move and sue them. 24 owner votes are required for relocation along with a 500M relocation fee.

    San Diego. Really? Moving from a 50 year old stadium to a 49 year old stadium with a fan base that won’t go to home games?

    Oakland. Really? Staying in a 50 year old stadium, the worst in the NFL, with a fan base that won’t go to home games and a city that laughs at the Raiders attempt to beg for money?

    Las Vegas. Fat chance. This is prime territory for a team that knows what it’s doing financially. NFL owners would never approve. They want ownership/team that is an ATM machine. That is not the Raiders who make most of there money selling trinkets to Raider Nation.

    Santa Clara. Yes. This stadium was built for two home teams. Raiders could keep their first name, Oakland season ticket holders (are there any?) could keep there seats. Raiders could keep their practice facilities. Unfortunately, Marky Mark refuses to be a subtenant to the 49ers. Hey Marky Mark, the Raiders have always taken a back seat to the 49ers, even now. Wake up and smell the coffee. You want new digs, this is it.

  16. O.com stadium is an armpit of a stadium. Has been for decades.

    The Raiders (and I’m not a fan) should get a new stadium. The Mayor is just trying to keep her votes by getting them to stay with a hopeless promise. As long as the NFL and it’s owners allow, move to L.A. or Las Vegas if you want.

  17. Oakland Raiders: make sure whatever stadium you play in, that you carve out a baseball infield right in the middle of the playing field to remember the good times.

  18. As a die hard Raider Hater, it would be nice if they stayed in Oakland, just so that I can travel to the Bay and watch them play my boys every year.
    Mark Davis, should sell, this team to someone who’s more savy a business person than him.

  19. You down voters don’t realize that the Alameda County taxpayers are STILL paying for the renovations made in the mid 90s when the Raiders returned back home (LA rightly refused to give Al a free stadium).

    The best bet would be for the city to give developers/ Davis a sweetheart deal to renovate the land around the coliseum into a multi use site with shopping and restaurants. The location is ideal as there is a major freeway and the BART train right there. GET.IT.DONE. Just don’t’ make the taxpayers give a billionaire a free lavish palace.

  20. 1. Oakland can’t afford enough police, let alone help fund a stadium.
    2. The fact that the owners picked a shovel ready project for LA where the owner is footing the bill should be shoved in every team’s face from the city they are trying to extort.
    3. Economic studies show the city loses money by helping pay for the stadium. Owners should pay for them.

  21. On YouTube, I have proposed that all Federal elected officials be locked into a chamber and forced to listen to “You Talk Too Much” by RUN D.M.C. on a continuous loop for an hour, because I’m sick of all their talking while they do nothing.

    I’m thinking the same thing should be done with all elected officials of San Diego, St. Louis and Oakland, along with RG1 and the 32 owners.


  22. If the Raiders had a run of futility like they had in the latter Al Davis years and the Reggie painful rebuild, a stadium in Vegas would be half full. In Raiders down years, the visiting fans would probably outnumber Raiders home fans, especially when successful cold weather teams visited. Raiders would be as reliant on travelers for their “home” fan base, as the visitors would be. It would be one of the worst home field advantages in pro sports.

    I was at the Raiders game in Oakland in 2014 when the Raiders were 0-10 playing the Chiefs and the crowd was ELECTRIC. This for an 0-10 team… Mark Davis himself commented on how great the fans were. This in the face of total futility. Raiders in Vegas at 0-10 playing the Chiefs? That stadium would be taken over by Chiefs fans looking for a quick trip to Vegas.

    I have noticed most people supporting the idea of the Raiders in Vegas are fans of OTHER teams. Yeah, you would enjoy the idea of a weekend in Vegas to watch your team play the Raiders. Talk about a lousy home field advantage.

  23. If all Mark Davis cares about is money, he should sell the team. He is 60 years old with no heirs and his team is worth about $1.5 billion according to Forbes. He could create quite a retirement for himself, be able to do pretty much anything he wants. Conversely, him trying to start a major project in a new city and really develop an ACTUAL fan base (not theoretical), would be a major undertaking with serious risks, and it would make the Raiders the one franchise to be a serial mover in modern pro sports history (3 moves in under 40 years). So if it is all about money, then sell and you can be a jetsetter the rest of your life. If it is about Raiders football and an actual football legacy, then getting something done in Oakland is the one real option.

  24. The reason the taxpayers are still paying for renovations from 95′ is the team that lured Al and the Raiders back to Oakland were selling PSLs to pay for it, they told Al they had the number needed 45,000 to get Al to sign the lease. They only actually sold 30,000, which caused a ton of additional interest and Al and the Raiders returned to a place without as much fan support as they thought they had.
    Additionally, the reason the stadium didn’t happen on the Hollywood Park land for the Raiders because the NFL told Al he had to build it for two teams and add a partner in the future, Al refused and looked at moving back to Oakland.

  25. there is one major or make it two major differences right now then comparing Oakland to Carson vs the Las Vegas.

    Las Vegas is building the billion dollar stadium with or without the Raiders. UNLV will play there, along with the UFC fighs, Mayweather fights, concerts, etc….. Second one is Sheldon has the money to build it by himself….He has more money then any other owner in the NFL, and more than Stan Kroenke, and his Wal-mart heir wife put together.

  26. StanK has said he doesnt want Raidernation walking around Kroenkewood vadalizing,stealing,running amuk, and bringing the expierience down for the real people. The NFL will block any Vegas deal. Tenants of the Niners? LoL!
    Texas? The other guy that tells the Raiders what to do, whete to sit, etc., AKA Jerruh Jones, wont let that happen.
    The team is worth maybe 900M. Everyone thinks MD is a billionaire, hes not.the Raiders cant afford to pay a 550m relocate to LA if the Chargers dont move.
    The Raiders will sign a one year deal at the O.
    If Spanos is stupid enough to go to LA, SD would be better than Oakland. The 8m worth of weight machines can be moved easily.
    If Spanos stays, the Raiders got nothing, which is just what the StanK and JJ want, so expect that to happen, a mediocre team that doesnt attract big fish, and plays in the worst stadium in professional sports and attracts the lowest level of life fans. Perfect!
    Superbowl? Hahahahaha! Those days just get further away in the cracked rearview mirror of MDs minivan……

  27. The Raiders are not asking for money, they are asking for the additional land that they were promised. Mark would love to build a new stadium or even refurbish the O. The problem is the A’s have a 10 year lease that prevents the Raiders from doing either. Mark is not looking for a 2billion state of the art stadium, he want’s a 55,000 boutique stadium.

  28. coltzfan166 says:
    Feb 1, 2016 2:49 AM


    Geez these billionaires act like they don’t have any money
    A couple of problems. First off Davis isn’t a Billionaire and couldnt afford to build the stadium on his own, also Oakland cant afford it either.

    It seems to me that they have only a couple options.
    1. Sell the team, which will ensure a re-location.
    2. Move the team to some place that will pay for some or all of the stadium.

    Unfortunately the chances of staying in Oakland are slim to none.

  29. Oakland thinks it has all of the leverage right now. Where are the Raiders going to play this year, if not at the “O?” Can’t go to San Antonio, (Jerruh won’t let ’em), can’t go to LA, (Kronke don’t want ’em), can’t go to Vegas, (no stadium, and the NFL may not let them go anyway). Only option is the “O”, Mark. Gotta sign the lease, and then we’ll talk about the future.

    Well, there is another option right across the bay. Sign a lease to play at Levi’s. Publicly state that you will never play at the “O” again. Then let’s see how much leverage Oakland has. Give them a year without the tax revenue they generate on gameday. Then we’ll see how quick they are to negotiate for a new stadium. Oakland is already losing the Warriors to SF in a couple of years. May lose the A’s soon as well, if they can finally get MLB to deny the Giants emanate domain of the South Bay. Bet they are not to keen on losing the Raiders as well.

  30. If Mark Davis signs that deal, the city of Oakland will just stall again. They are not serious about keeping the Raiders, it’s all lip service. The Raiders have to give up gameday revenue to the A’s for crying out loud! What other NFL team does that.

  31. Oakland fans have supported the Raiders despite 13 years of futility. Reward them.
    Support? By forcing the Raiders to tarp off the stadium due to no ticket sales? Dream on baby! Raider Nations support of its beloved team is causing said team to leave again! Very impressive.

  32. Mark Davis should tell Libby Schaaf to get lost and move to Las Vegas. This has been a problem and a headache for 10+ years. Enough is enough. Rename the team Dragons or Rattlers, as Gamblers would be too obvious. Leave the Raider name at the door.

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