Thomas Davis practices with a cast on his broken forearm

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Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis has been saying since he broke his arm in the NFC Championship Game that he’ll play in the Super Bowl, and he took a big step toward that today.

Davis was a participant in the Panthers’ first practice of Super Bowl week, at San Jose State.

Although Davis has a cast on his right arm and had surgery last week to put pins in the arm, the team has indicated all along that Davis should be able to go.

Panthers running backs Jonathan Stewart (ankle) and Mike Tolbert (knee) also participated in today’s practice, and from all indications the Panthers are healthy and ready to go heading into Super Bowl Sunday.

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  1. I hope he plays a great game. Thomas Davis still being in the league, due to past injuries is a testament to his drive, commitment and advances in modern medicine. Players NEVER know when and if they’ll ever get to a Super Bowl so I don’t blame him for at least hitting the field to see if he can give it a go.

  2. Kudos to Davis. There are also a lot of fans from (or used to be from) Kimberly, WI, who hope to see Klein get some meaningful playing time on Sunday.

  3. Panthers fan since the first season in 1995 here. My favorite player of all time. Walter Payton Man of the Year last season for his incredible work off the field, coupled with his amazing production between the hashes after overcoming adversity makes him a roll model for what an NFL player should be. We are lucky to have him.

  4. That’s what I call “selling out” for his team and teammates. The ultimate sacrifice. Not sure I’d play with a serious broken arm, but one can appreciate his commitment. Think about ham and eggs. The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. While not potential death for him, his desire to play in the biggest day of his professional football career and believe he can play at the highest level is to be admired. He can rest and heal up after the game, and with his level of commitment that just could be as s Super Bowl champion.

  5. TD’s determination to be the best on and off the field is unmatched. He should be the next statue at BOA stadium right beside Sam Mills.

  6. He had pins put in his arm? Wow. I can’t imagine but it sounds like a crazy thing to do. I broke my arm and was water skiing two weeks later but it was only a hairline fracture of my radial bone. We wrapped the cast in cellophane but it got pretty funky.

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